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The Epic Moments of Star Trek: VOY (10/27)

Idril Mar


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  1. 1. What is the most epic moment in ST: Voyager?

    • "Equinox" makes us balance ethics against the duty to get your crew home.
    • Saving the Borg from 8472 has downsides for others, as Janeway finds in "Hope and Fear"
    • Author Author tries to see if Holograms have rights as well.
    • The Year of Hell shows just how dicey changing the future can be.
    • The Omega Directive hits us with the isolation of Voyager in a big way.
    • Something else? Explain!

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This week we continue our series of epic moment polls with Voyager, the little ship that could.

While Voyager was far from the biggest ship in the fleet, she was one of the most advanced and interesting ones around. The ship was thrown to the other side of the galaxy and stranded, all alone with no hope of resupply, and left to trek 70,000 light years to get home. Exploration, enemies and ethics all played parts in this series, as with any other, and seven seasons worth of them added up to a good number of strong moments that made us think not only about the characters but about our own situations.

Here are a few of my favorite moments. I know there's many more than these, but, if yours aren't on the list, come add them to the discussion!

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