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August plot summary for Apollo

StarBase 118 Staff

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The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 was temporarily assigned to the USS Aegis, NCC-74323 while construction was completed on their new ship. With their mission on the Aegis complete, they were recalled to Earth. Once there, they were released for some much needed shore leave. Upon docking at Starbase 1, the crew went their different ways for shore leave, while Lieutenant Commander Sundassa Faranster turned the ship over to the base. After shore leave, the crew was to be reassigned to USS Apollo-A, NCC-71669-A, an Odyssey Class starship. While most of the crew was able to enjoy shore leave, the helm officers were called to the Apollo-A holodeck to get certified on docking the large vessel.

Before shore leave could come to it’s planned conclusion, Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx received a holo-conference from Starfleet Command. Pertainia Prime was experiencing trouble, a possible coup and lost communications with the Federation Embassy. Jaxx was asked to send a ship to evacuate the embassy, and if a coup was happening to evacuate the local government to offer asylum. Jaxx’s solution was to offer up the new ship for the mission, his own Apollo-A. This caused a priority one recall of all crew to be sent out, before they could head off.

Once everyone was aboard, they scrambled to get the ship powered up. Departing Utopia Planitia, the Apollo-A navigated the Sol System and started toward their destination. Now that they are underway, Jaxx could get everyone up to speed with the challenge they have in front of them.

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