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[JP] Captain Reynolds & Lt. Commander Tan - Symmetry

Sedrin Belasi

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(( Sickbay, USS Garuda ))

:: A light chemical push. Alleran felt it as a real, physical thing; an intrusion into his sleep, forcing him awake. Forcing him to live. Open his eyes. ::

:: It wasn't truly living with half a mind -- unjoined Trills were perfectly capable at any task they set their minds to, really -- but after years of having two brains, it certainly felt that way. The world was sluggish, dull, and had a strange unrealness to it; as though the dream, and the Otherplace was the reality. ::

:: A shadowy figure stood above him. Alleran's eyes had not yet adjusted to the light. ::

Alleran: Mum?

Reynolds: Not quite.

:: Oh. Through the fog came emotions; strong and raw. Embarrassment was one of them. ::

Alleran: Hey.

::Perched on a stool by his bedside, she smiled at him, an expression worn and ragged around the edges. She looked pale and tired, strands of mousy brown hair falling limply about her face.::

Reynolds: How are you doing?

Alleran: Oh... you know. Stuff. ::he managed a lopsided smile:: Dying.

::She tried to reply, but there seemed no words to express what she was feeling. Instead, she breathed a deep sigh, and nodded.::

Alleran: It's not so bad, really. I dunno. I'd always imagined I'd go in a... some kind of crash. Something dramatic. Lots of fire. Not like this. I don't think anyone really imagines it this way either. Just sort of... slowly fading away, and then one day, falling right over. Not everyone gets a dramatic send-off, I suppose.

Reynolds: ::Quietly,:: No, they don't.

:: He smiled -- strongly, more genuinely now. ::

Alleran: I'm glad you're here. From the academy to the end, huh. There's a... pleasant symmetry to all this. I like symmetry.

Reynolds: It's symmetrical for you, Alleran. Me, I just get to watch another friend die.

::Her voice cracked toward the end, and she looked away, taking a slow, deep breath. Yeah. He had buried friends too. It was never easy. ::

Alleran: Yeah.

::She shook her head, looking back at him and forcing a smile.::

Reynolds: I'm going to miss you.

:: That felt good. To know he was going to be missed. ::

Alleran: I’m going to miss you too. A lot. ::a pause:: And I mean, well... I’ll still be here. Kind of. It’s complicated.

Reynolds:: :She nodded.::I can imagine. I have a hard enough time just dealing with my own crap, let alone a couple of extra lifetime's worth from other people.

Alleran: It would depend on the wants and desires of the new host, although it won’t be just up to them. There’s a whole host of emotions and feelings in there all mixed in together. Sometimes there’s a really desperate need to reconnect with the past host’s life -- something that’s very problematic and fraught with all manner of risk -- and sometimes... well. Sometimes they just want to get away from it all. I can’t promise anything.

Reynolds: Is there anything you need? Anyone I can contact for you?

:: It sounded really stupid, but Alleran had really only one request. ::

Alleran: Make sure you come to my funeral. It sounds stupid, but Marlee -- my previous host -- well, she was something of a bitter workaholic misanthrope, which is easy for me to say now that she’s killing me. Accordingly, well, it was pretty empty when they put her in the ground. Couple of her old students. Some distant family members there because that was expected of them, just boredly waiting for the service to end.

:: She winced. He reconsidered. ::

Alleran: Actually, hell with that. No service. Just a big party. Lots of booze. Fun.

Reynolds: One drunken wake on short notice. I'm sure I can organise that.

:: He managed a little laugh. ::

Alleran: Thanks. I’ll be kicking around for a while yet. Couple of days, maybe, on the outside.

:: She nodded, her gaze dropping. He seemed to remember something. ::

Alleran: Oh. And if the new host gets here, make sure that you check that they’re not crazy first. Who knows who they’ll send this far out. They might not have that many options.

Reynolds: You might not want me vetting potential hosts. ::Her smile briefly returned.:: I suspect none of them would be good enough.

:: That actually made him feel really, so much better about the whole thing. Just the idea that someone was going to look out for him. ::

Alleran: Okay. I know you’re busy. I think I’m good here. Biobed’s nice and comfy. ::he smiled:: Take care, okay? I’ll be back soon... more or less.

Reynolds: Call me, if you need anything. Anything at all, alright?

Alleran: Yeah. Will do, for sure.

::She tried to say something else as she slid off the stool -- a goodbye, perhaps -- but for the second time in short while, words failed her. Instead, her hand found his, and after a brief, firm squeeze, she was on her way.::


Captain Quinn Reynolds

Director of Intelligence

USS Garuda


Lt. Commander Tan

Chief of Navigation

USS Garuda

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