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August plot summary for Embassy

StarBase 118 Staff

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With a fighter from USS Thunder-A, NCC 70605-A, in hot pursuit of the assassins, the Thunder came face to face with a Zalkonian battleship, which attempted to deploy its “snuff field” to incapacitate the Thunder crew. Subsequently, the Thunder crew, led by Fleet Captain Toni Turner, boarded and commandeered the enemy vessel, and took it to a mysterious moon in Zalkonian space where horrific atrocities were being committed against those who were undergoing the change. Liberating the captives, the Thunder crew stranded the battleships’ crew, and returned to Federation space, where she turned the purloined vessel over to the ZEM to travel to their new homeworld.

Meanwhile on board the Thunder with Lt. Brayden Jorey in command, they pursued a Romulan shuttle into hostile space, encountering a Romulan Warbird. Using a deft bit of diplomatic judo, the Lieutenant not only avoided a battle, but he also recovered three more Zalkonians being held aboard the Warbird. With the mission successful, the Thunder headed to Starbase 185 to meet the rest of the crew for a well earned shore leave.

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