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The Epic Moments of TOS (10/6)

Idril Mar

The Epic Moments of TOS  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite TOS Epic Moment?

    • Uhura and Kirk kiss, the first interracial kiss on TV
    • The Balance of Terror shows a reasoned and logical enemy
    • Let that Be Your Last Battlefield shows that fighting about skin color is just sad.
    • Sacrificing Edith Keeler to save the world from the Nazis
    • The Omega Glory indicts the entire struggle against Communism
    • Something else! Explain!

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This week's poll will begin a series of polls on these moments, starting with the Original Series. Set far in the future, TOS was written and produced at a time of huge social upheavals and stresses in the United States. The Old South was aflame with the Civil Rights Movement, thousands of young men were involved in the increasingly unpopular war in Vietnam and the country was in the existential struggle with the USSR known as the Cold War. Roddenberry's genius was to write commentary into many of his episodes of TOS that made clear his opinions.

What's your favorite?

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It may seem odd, but I chose The Trouble With Tribbles in which the tribbles can identify the enemy when all the technology and clever officers failed to do so, proving that the instinct of the heart is sometimes far better than anything else! :P

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