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Colonel Waltas & Captain Blueheart - Wisdom Of The Ages


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((Starlight Ballroom, DS26))

::Raj accompanied Tyr closely as he made his rounds meeting and greeting members of the crew of the Atlantis, proudly showing him off like a kid at bring-your-dad-to-school day. Once everyone had been introduced to and pleasantries exchanged cordially, Raj took the Colonel aside to speak softly.::

BLUEHEART: Can I get you something to eat? ::He looked around to summon a passing waiter.:: There’s plenty of food to go around. You must be tired after your long trip. Or do you prefer to rest and shower first? I can find you a place----

WALTAS::Chuckling:: You’re fussing over me like a mother hen, Raj. This is YOUR evening and YOUR crew. I’m perfectly fine. I’m no conquering hero returning from the front. Just an old friend happy to see his shipmate take the reigns.

BLUEHEART: ::blushing:: You’re my guest of honor. Of course I’ll treat you like royalty! ::He chuckled.::

WALTAS: Well, there are a few things I’d like to discuss privately, once the celebration has calmed down a bit.

BLUEHEART: ::nodding:: That will work too. ::smiling:: Transporters?

WALTAS::Mock offense:: Why, Captain! You know that’s against regulations. Don’t tell me my attitude toward the regs has rubbed off on you..

BLUEHEART: ::laughing:: I’m totally exercising my new privileges here!

::The two officers dematerialized into a storm of particles only to reappear again in the Captain’s Ready Room on board the USS Atlantis.::

((Captain’s Ready Room, USS Atlantis))

::They re-materialized in the Ready Room of the USS Atlantis. Tyr recognized the design, having been on an Intrepid class ship before. He nodded at the decorations and accomodations, all what he would expect from Raj and his tastes. He sat down in front of the large desk.

BLUEHEART: ::moving to the replicator:: Can I get you something to drink?

WALTAS: Ice water, please.

::He returned with the drinks and placed the Colonel’s drink in front of him then realized where the man was sitting. He had been so used to approaching Tyr behind a giant desk, not seeing him in front of one.::

BLUEHEART: I’m not sure I’m comfortable with you sitting there and me over here.

WALTAS::Flatly:: Get comfortable with it. I’m not here to steal your chair. Just to make sure you sit down.

BLUEHEART: Yes, it will take some getting used to, I guess. ::reluctantly sitting behind the desk:: I still can’t believe it. It’s surreal! I mean, I honestly didn’t think the EC was going to pass my promotion.

WALTAS: I may have my disagreements with the way certain things are done, but one thing that is undeniable and unassailable is pure, raw talent and heart. You’re replete with both, my friend. You know you deserve it, ::jokingly:: now shut up and accept it. Just never let those four pips prevent you from sticking your neck out for those who you care about.

BLUEHEART: ::softly chuckling:: Yeah, I’ll remember that. No more second-guessing myself. I’ll always remember every word you say. You taught me well, Tyr. I wouldn’t be Captain today if it weren’t for you. You believed in me even during those times I myself didn’t.

WALTAS::Sipping his ice water before continuing:: You always had faith in yourself, Raj. You just buried it from time to time under emotions and doubt. It was always there. I just helped you let it out.

BLUEHEART: So.. ::putting down his cup of jasmine tea and leaning slightly forward in his seat:: how are you, Tyr?

WALTAS: Well, I can’t complain. I thought I was done and was going stir-crazy on Ba’ku when Fleet Captain Turner sent for me. Offered me command of the Marine regiment on Duronis and a chance to make a difference again. I couldn’t turn it down.

BLUEHEART: And Daisha? Tye and Sanuye?

WALTAS: Daisha…took her courts martial hard. Very hard. Starfleet was her life and she was being forced out. At that point the words of a retired Captain didn’t mean much in the ears of the Federation Council, and stealing a Sovereign-class starship did. She took the brunt of what should have been my punishment.

BLUEHEART: ::downcast eyes:: I’m so sorry to hear that. ::He clenched his fists underneath the desk, angry at the very organization he was duty-bound to serve.::

WALTAS: Tye is his father’s son. I’ve already gotten three disciplinary reports as well as one pleading request from one of his professors to, ::he made quote signs with his fingers:: have him cut that [...]ed lion’s mane of a head of hair”. I nicely replied that if he so much as touched a lock he’d have ME to deal with. He’s a good kid, wears his heart on his sleeve, unfailingly loyal to his friends and fiercely protects them. ::Winking:: Reminds me of you.

BLUEHEART: ::surprised:: Me? I think you just described yourself! ::taking a sip of his fragrant tea, slightly hesitant to coax any further response:: And Sanuye?

WALTAS::Shadow passing over his features:: Sanuye…is still very angry. We don’t talk. I don’t know how he’s doing unless I hear it from Daisha or Tye. He’s very bitter and blames me for Eden leaving. ::Sighing, he sipped his water and looked over Raj’s shoulder out the ready room window:: Maybe he’s right.

BLUEHEART: No, Tyr. We’ve discussed this. None of it was your fault. Some people just need a longer time to accept the hard truth that it was Cmdr Redstone who walked out on you, not the other way around. Give him some time. And if it’s still not enough, give some more. ::He smiled reassuringly.::

WALTAS: Speaking of relationships, how are you and Emerson?

BLUEHEART: ::gritting his teeth:: He can be so infuriating sometimes! Stubborn as a mule and ever ready to explode like a firecracker! ::He rolled his eyes in exasperation.::

WALTAS: Tell him that if he doesn’t shape up I’m going to knock him on his [...] like I did in my ready room.

BLUEHEART: I remember that day like it was yesterday! ::chuckling:: Maybe I should pull some strings and get him to work under your command for six months or so. That’ll teach him to rein in that temper! ::Slowly his smile faded, and he creased his forehead a little.:: You know.. I have to say this or it’ll continue to eat me up inside.. ::pause, sighing:: The reason I wasn’t at the airlock the day you left the Discovery was because I was.. well.. I was never any good at goodbyes. I was also angry over a lot of things and I didn’t want you to see me that way before you left for Ba’ku. I wanted you to take with you only the good memories that we shared, not those of the last few days of the Discovery when there was a lot of anger and confusion and frustration. I’m sorry for that. I just couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye to you then.. I wasn’t ready, Tyr.

WALTAS: I wasn’t ready either. Not like that. It was like taking someone off life support who had a good chance to live. I feel like it was ripped away from me, and I’m sure you felt the same way. It wasn’t how I wanted to end my career, that’s for sure. But I guess that wasn’t the end, after all.

BLUEHEART: I’m glad it wasn’t. I honestly thought it WAS the end, not just for you, but for everyone.

WALTAS: Well, I’m a firm believer in second chances. Things didn’t go as planned when I landed on Duronis though. The previous commander of the Marines was reluctant to surrender command to a “penguin”, as he called me. A fleet officer that moves to a Marine rank. We ah…settled our differences in true Discovery fashion.

::Tyr grinned, knowing that Raj would understand what that meant. He had taken on Hannibal Parker, one of the most feared Marines in the entire Federation and a man twice his size, and both men nearly killed each other.::

BLUEHEART: ::laughing heartily:: I’ve lost count of how many ribs you’ve already broken, Tyr! I don’t dare ask how the other guy fared.

::He grinned, surprised that he found himself missing the infamous fights among the crew of the Discovery. His skills as Counselor and then First Officer was truly put to the test attending to the crew.::

WALTAS: Let’s put it this way-by the end of the fight Captain Turner shot us both with phasers and we ended up in the med ward for 24 hours. But there was an abiding respect gained through the conflict. After we paid our dues and rebuilt the office we destroyed we got to know each other. He’s a good man. Ironically he just made First Officer so now he’s a “shellback”-a Marine that takes a Fleet rank. We’re sort of the yin and yang of the Embassy.

BLUEHEART: Penguin and shellback. The Marines sure have interesting terminologies. But yeah, I agree with you that there is respect to be gleaned through conflict. Sometimes we even discover ourselves through our adversaries. ::slight pause:: Remember Amman? The Ice Queen?

WALTAS: ::Smiling fondly:: She’s rather hard to forget.

BLUEHEART: I couldn’t stand to be near her when we were on board the Discovery. There was a severe clash of personalities as I’m sure you’re aware of. But looking back, I can’t help but admire her. Her unwavering beliefs, her firm grasp of principles, her simple yet effective definition of right and wrong – I can’t bring myself to say now that she was wrong. The valuable lesson I learned from Hsina Amman is to always believe in yourself, no matter if what you’re ordered to do goes against your principles. That will save us from immense emotional conflict. Something that I’m only now beginning to understand and appreciate, having to command a ship and crew of my own. ::pause:: Gods, listen to me! I’m getting old!

WALTAS::Leaning back in the chair, almost (but stopping himself out of respect) putting his feet up on the desk like the old days:: Oh, give it time, Captain. Wait until you pin a fourth pip on a man’s collar who walked onto your bridge as an Ensign. THAT will make you feel old.

BLUEHEART: By the way, speaking of yin and yang, that is a good relationship to have. In fact, balance is key to any form of relationship. Kind of like the partnership we had on the Discovery. We sure made a solid team, didn’t we?

WALTAS::Smiling sadly:: The best. I said it and I meant it. We were the best [...]ed ship in Starfleet. Whether Starfleet knew it or not. But now the Atlantis has a shot at that mantle.

BLUEHEART: ::smiling and blushing:: I’m following your style of command – not the throwing regulations out the airlock bit – but how you treat the crew as family.

WALTAS: Looks like you had a few shakeups as well… Where’s Mitchell?

BLUEHEART: ::smirking:: Mitchell and dress-white functions? I don’t think so. Knowing him.. probably at some bar lamenting his past, or in a shuttle practicing tactical maneuvers. I’ve sent word to him that you’re on board the station though. Don’t worry, he’ll show up when you least expect it. That’s his style. ::He half winked.::

WALTAS: True enough. I’m surprised he isn’t sporting a fourth pip by now.

BLUEHEART: I’ve given up trying to get him to take up a Command role, never mind his Captaincy exam. He’s more than qualified and would make a great first officer, but I respect his decision. Besides, he’s a free spirit. You can’t pin him down with bureaucracy and protocol. But you already know this.

WALTAS: He’d rather be doing warp 9 with his hair on fire, I’ll warrant. What about the rest of your crew? Looks like a good group of people.

BLUEHEART: The rest of the crew is great. Lieutenant Rennyn, the Trill helmsman that you met a while ago? Both Mitchell and myself could swear he’s Eric Lundrigan reincarnated! And our Andorian medical officer, Dr Foster? He’s like.. like.. well, there’s really no one to compare with on the Discovery now, is there, seeing how we never could retain a Medical Officer for long! It’s like a Discovery curse! ::He laughed heartily again.::

WALTAS: And with our unerring ability to get injured we needed them. The EMH got plenty of action.

BLUEHEART: ::laughing again:: Gosh Tyr! We could talk about the Discovery all night long and still not run out of tales!

WALTAS: Yes, we could my friend, but a crew needs its Captain, even during shore leave. You should go be with your family.

BLUEHEART: ::checking the chrono and sighing softly:: You’re right. It’s almost time for the after-party. I’ll be needed. I just hope there are no bar brawls. ::He grinned knowingly.::

WALTAS: Eh, if there are, just make sure they end with the right side winning. Remember that time we cleaned out that Academy bar full of Enterprise crew members?

BLUEHEART: How can I forget!!

::Raj was right, they COULD go on forever. There was a lifetime of memories and stories that could keep both men there for a long, long time. But it was time for Raj to be with his family, and the Ba’ku was growing steadily more sad with the memories that had been drummed up. Before his intuitive friend sensed that sadness, he would take his leave.::

WALTAS::Standing:: I should go, Raj. You need to be with your crew. Go get drunk or something.

BLUEHEART: ::standing up with the Colonel:: Sure you won’t join us for the after-party? We might need you just in case Emerson starts another brawl.

WALTAS::Grinning:: I think you can handle it. Besides, you’re the keeper of this ship, not me.

BLUEHEART: I understand. ::nodding:: So.. ::His face grew sad again over the impending farewell.:: Any last words of advice for a newbie Captain?

WALTAS::Smiling, looking into his friends eyes:: Trust your heart, Raj. Not orders, not regulations, not others’ opinions and definitely not an enemy you know in your heart is an enemy. Trust in yourself and your family. You’ll never go wrong. ::Pausing, chuckling:: But you may end up in the stockade.

BLUEHEART: ::grinning:: Thank you, Tyr. I will always cherish those words in my heart. You taught me all I needed to know about being a Captain and you taught me well. More than any Captain’s handbook ever could. ::He walked around the desk to stand in front of the Ba’ku, his eyes moist again.:: I’ll walk you to the docking bay?

WALTAS::Shaking his head:: I can find my way. If you don’t join your crew soon there WILL be a brawl.

BLUEHEART: Oh, it’s no trouble at all, it’s on the way to---- ::But the Colonel interrupted him and insisted.::

WALTAS::Lowering his voice to a commanding baritone:: Snap to, Captain!

BLUEHEART: Yes, Sir! ::He smirked playfully. Then he extended his hand and shook Tyr’s hand firmly before clasping it in both of his.:: Thank you for tonight, Tyr. ::He touched the fourth pip on his collar.:: I am so very happy and honored to see you again!

WALTAS::gripping the hand tightly:: The pleasure was mine, Raj. ::He paused:: And watch your aft quarter. ::He paused, and turned to leave:: Captain.

BLUEHEART: I will. And perhaps one of these days I may just pay you a surprise visit on Duronis!

WALTAS::Turning to his old friend:: You’re always welcome.

::Raj embraced Tyr tightly, blinking back tears. This time though, they were not bitter tears of a sorrowful farewell, but rather, tears of sweet memories and everlasting friendship.::

WALTAS: Releasing his friend and wiping away a stray tear himself:: Oh, there’s one more thing.. ::Tapping his communicator:: Computer, energize.

::Raj’s old desk de-materialized, to be found in his quarters, and a large desk made of pure, crimson-colored wood appeared in its place. The surface was polished to a brilliant sheen, shining from the starlight in the window. The desk had been modernized to accommodate a Captain’s needs, complete with a pop-up LCARS display, comm terminal, and a weapons storage locker within easy reach. It had been his desk all those years on Discovery, traveled with him on so many missions and was the meeting place of so many private discussions when he took the Captain’s chair. It was only fitting for him to have it.::

WALTAS: I thought you might like it. They were going to scrap it.

BLUEHEART: ::He gasped.:: It’s your old desk! I can’t---- ::shaking his head vehemently:: I can’t! I won’t!

WALTAS: I insist. A Marine doesn’t need something like this. And the wood will last longer than any material Starfleet can dream up. Besides, I like to think a little part of me lives on with you. Oh, and check the drawer. You can hang it on the wall for decoration, but I suspect it’ll be better suited at your side. ::Without waiting for a reply, he tapped his comm badge again:: =/\= Computer, one to transport to Runabout 4. =/\= ::Raising his hand as the beam took him:: Goodbye, Captain.

::When the drawer was opened, the starlight in the dim ready room fell upon a long, slightly curved blade that rested within. The pommel was wrapped in black leather, lovingly crafted by the Ba’ku himself during his exile on Ba’ku. The blade was almost a meter long and held a gentle curve, and was razor-sharp. It shone in the darkness, ready to serve its new master as the blade it was copied from had served Tyr for decades.::



A joint post by:

Colonel Tyr Waltas

Marine CO

Duronis II Embassy / USS Thunder


Captain Raj Blueheart

Commanding Officer

USS Atlantis


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