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August plot summary for Atlantis

StarBase 118 Staff

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With the recent mission over, the crew of the USS Atlantis, NCC-74682, head back to DS26 for an eagerly-awaited shore leave.

At the Starlight Ballroom, Commander Raj Blueheart hands out promotions to ensigns Gardener, Rai’ow, Foster, Asmara, Scott and Rennyn. To everyone’s shock, Colonel Tyr Waltas of the Duronis II Embassy makes an unexpected appearance at the ceremony only to officially promote Blueheart to the rank of Captain! The Marine colonel then proceeds to mingle with the crew, sharing his wisdom and experience with the younger generation of Starfleet officers.

A few activities have been planned for shore leave. One is a futsal tournament opened to all members of the fleet. The other, a circus event planned by Cmdr. Marcus Dickens – with mandatory participation by all crew members!

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