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Lt. Cmdr Luna Walker: "Mindscream"

Ensign Ambrosia Hayley

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((USS Excalibur-A, Bridge - Mindscape- ))

:: Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker looked on in shock at the downed Captain. Everything around her seemed frozen, locked in the moment. It had happened again... which was impossible. She'd followed the rules.. to the letter. She'd ignored her instincts and did everything right... so why was the Captain hurt because of her? ::

Pink Walker: Nice job. I mean this is totally better than doing things my way.

:: Luna looked up to see herself... well the "old" her.. perched on the console. Her uniform was stained and spotted, and was obviously ripped. Mockingly, the pink haired version of herself saluted. ::

Pink Walker: Yep... rules are great. I mean let's count things down shall we? You've lost the respect of your team. I mean who is going to listen to a Chief who says "don't fix that"? And it's been brought to the FO... who was once an Engineer.. so you've burned that bridge well enough. You drove a HUGE wedge between you and Danni James.. much less Mobius...who has the drive to do great things if you'd let him. And what was that other thing... hrmmm... :: She pointed to the downed Captain:: Right.. and you got another Captain killed. Really.. way to go!

:: Her anger and frustration boiled over at the sarcastic, biting comments. Without pausing she lashed out.. catching her "self" and sending her crashing into the center of the bridge. She stalked towards her... not nearly done yet. ::

Walker: And what did you do little girl? You abused the rules and system.. and snuck off to find who killed your father. Which left you so far out of contact that the only way Ben even FOUND you was that the Tal'Shiar thought you'd die after the torture. :: She picked up the still stunned half-romulan and punched her again, driving all of the pain, anger, and self-loathing and sending her once again flying. ::

:: The pink haired officer caught herself so when the crazed chief engineer came to her, she struck first, staggering the blonde. ::

Pink Walker: You let your ship down.. your crew down.. and now your Captain is downed. Don't lie to me... we could have been ready to go... :: She gestured to the still frozen Captain:: THIS wouldn't have happened!

:: She turned back to her opponent only to feel the back of her hand crack against her cheek::

Walker: And what about Captain Nicholotti? You know.. where you worked on repairs to the point you were confined to quarters for several days? And what happened then? That's right.. when she needed a solution.. you weren't around. So to make up for your rule breaking.. she sacrificed herself! And you want to keep doing that? Keep being the "fun" person who no one can rely on?!?

:: The pink haired woman was screaming back now, her voice quickly becoming hoarse from the effort. ::

Pink Walker: Don't you DARE! People ALWAYS relied on me and I always came through! I may have broken rules.. but always for the right reasons! And you know the situation with Dad... I had a lead..

:: A booming voice interrupted the argument.. looking around both noticed a shimmer to the air.. The pink haired woman frowned and held up her hands in surrender.. however temporary. ::

Pink Walker: They need us. Now. This isn't over.. and you'd better get that stick out of your behind. You know what's needed...

:: The other woman rolled her eyes::

Walker: Of course.. miracle solutions delivered just in time. Engineering motto... :: She shook her head:: I can't be like you anymore Loony...

Pink Walker: And I won't let you become Lluneh either... we couldn't survive that... :: She chuckled:: So break the rules again.. make it work anyway.. ::

((USS Excalibur-A, Bridge))

:: She leaned down for a moment, covering her face and wiping the tears out of her eyes before responding::

Walker: I'm sorry, what did you say? And is she....

Lt. Cmdr Luna Walker

Chief Engineer

USS Excalibur-A

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