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August plot summary for the Garuda

StarBase 118 Staff

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The crew of the USS Garuda savoured shore-leave after a somewhat traumatic last mission with its fair share of treachery and sabotage. However, things were cute short when they were soon called away on an urgent new mission. This was to intercept the crew’s former starship, the USS Mercury. All were concerned to hear reports that the Mercury had attacked and largely destroyed its escort ship, the USS Icarus. Had the Mercury and its crew turned renegades, or was there some insidious outside influence on all of this?

The USS Garuda raced to the location where the encounter between the Icarus and the Mercury had been reported, only to discover that the crippled Mercury – far from trying to hide, openly hailed the Garuda. However, scans showed no lifesigns whatsoever aboard the damaged science vessel. Two away teams beamed over, under Lieutenant Commanders Calderan and Core, who were tasked with restoring the Mercury’s systems and discover who or what had caused the disaster. Meanwhile, the Garuda received a distress call from what was the Mercury’s jettisoned sensor pod. Captain Egan Manno ordered the saucer section under Lieutenant Commander Mei’konda to remain to assist the away teams, whilst she took the stardrive section, with the paroled Roshanara Rahman as advisor, to locate the sensor pod.

Back on the Mercury, the away teams started seeing strange shadowy figures, who looked like crew they had served alongside in years gone by, and even came face to face with a phantom Lieutenant Sky Blake who simply vanished into thin air!

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