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LtCmdr Sundassa Faranster - Impulse Control...


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(( Botanical Gardens, Deck 12, USS Apollo-A ))

:: She knew she could do the job, if she wanted to. But truth was, if it led her from him, she didn't want to. And there were different aspects of her career, he only seemed to be focused on one part, but before she became his First Officer, she was Assistant Chief Medical Officer, and she liked the job. ::

Jaxx: And you have done so, masterfully.

Faranster: I missed you terribly while I was in Command of the Aegis, while there was a part of me that liked it, it wasn't right without you. I know there will be times when our adventures have to be separate, but what I want, is to have as many of my adventures, be with you. And if that means that I have to take care of the crew and you in a different capacity, I will.

Jaxx: We can talk about that capacity tomorrow.

:: Things always seemed to go fast for them, but she couldn't deny that she felt better near him, than when she was away from him and she wanted him to know that she would do what she could to stay close to him. He was home to her, she had told him that before, but until this conversation, she didn't realize that he thought she might just visit home for holidays and vacations. She supposed that her admitting that she wouldn't push her career in a direction that separated them, would require further conversation. ::

Faranster: Okay.

Jaxx: For now...

:: Sun watched curiously as her uniformed boyfriend, and Admiral moved off the bench, putting his knee in the grass. He said he had a meeting later, although they were going to their quarter's after this, so she could make sure he had to get changed. The following words filled her heart with the same warm feeling she always felt when he told her that he loved her. ::

Jaxx: Sundassa Faranster...I love you, and will continue to do so every day I am alive.

:: Her lips curved upward into a smile, lately she had felt like she was missing a lot, constantly being surprised with something she thought she should have known. But there were the good surprises too, the ones she didn't need to know about beforehand. Even though she was curious why he was getting grass stains on his uniform, she let herself trust his reasons. ::

Faranster: I hope so, because I love you too.

Jaxx: :: Sun watched as a ring was presented before he spoke. :: Will you do me the honor of being my wife?

:: At some point she lost control of herself, because within moments she had her arms wrapped around his shoulders, on top of him in the grass kissing him, it took a moment for her to re-register the scents of the plants around them. She stopped kissing him, and looked down at him, into his dark eyes. Even though it was a public location, there weren't many people on the ship at the time, but she could still feel her cheeks slightly burning. She realized that she didn't actually say anything, just assaulted him with affection. :: .oO While he could, he won't read your mind to know your answer is, yes, you know that. You have to make words, Sun. Oo.

Faranster: I would love to call your arms, home, for all our lives. :: She leaned her head down, touching her forehead to his. :: Yes.

Jaxx: Good. If you said no, I think I might have had a security detail arrest you for attacking a flag officer. ::laughing::

:: Giggling, she moved off of him, pretty sure her dress was going to have some grass stains with the way she moved. Standing up, she brushed her skirt, inspecting to see how bad the stains were, however she could only imagine the back of his jacket. ::

Faranster: Another elemental victory. :: She grinned at him, a joke that went back to the beginning with them, as she pointed to his knee. ::

Jaxx: ::smirking:: Yeah, I think we were due.

Faranster: I usually do well to control my impulses...I would have done the same, if I had a moment to think. :: She paused. :: But if you get any reports of a lilac haired woman, wearing a yellow dress, looking a lot like me, running and squealing through the halls, earlier today... Try to bury them.

:: She couldn't help but giggle some more, it was something she wanted to do in the moment, something she thought she could get away with because of how empty the ship was. Now she was in another mood like that, having tackled Jaxx to the grass before he could even slip the ring on her finger. Now she held her hand straight, giving him the opportunity. ::

Jaxx: There.

Faranster: I am glad we put our quarters last on the tour. :: She smiled at Jaxx. ::

Jaxx: ::smiling:: Yeah, I think this uniform has had it. ::moving toward the door::

:: Sun took his hand again as they headed towards the exit of the Botanical gardens, with their quarters being the next destination of their tour. ::

Faranster: Do me a favor... Don't look at the back of your jacket...

Jaxx: Luckily, I have some uniforms ready in our quarters...for moments like this.

Commander Sundassa "Bright Hair" Faranster

First Officer

USS Apollo, NCC-71669

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