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July plot summary for the Apollo

StarBase 118 Staff

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With the emergency escape pod hurtling towards the USS Aegis, NCC-74323, Lieutenant Williams stopped it from crashing into their shields with a tractor beam, and once it was confirmed that there was a living being in it, they brought it to the shuttle bay.

Once the shuttle with the away team arrived, Faranster ordered LtJG Aidonna Danara, Ensigns Ar’jin and Nyals to go down to the deck to find out what was in the pod. It was quickly discovered it was LtCmdr. Jalana Laxyn, and she was taken to sickbay where she was examined by Ensign Dial before returning to duty.

Laxyn used the Captain’s ready room for reports, and was upset by the actions included in other team member’s reports. Apparently Ensign Damian Rayne, assigned as Security for the team, had not done his job, which allowed the team to be attacked. She was also aware that LtJG Patrick McLeod had to be talked out of disobeying a direct order.

Meanwhile, Williams and LtJG Catrova Torv, and Ensign Chandni Kapoor worked to try to find the virus that Rapture had inflicted on their ship. But, before they could isolate it, the virus deleted all the data on the aliens, their ship and disappeared. The stasis pod became the only reminder of the aliens, which Ensign Ar’jin performed tests on.

After dealing with that, the crew all relaxed at a Bolian painting party that was thrown as a Welcoming party by the Bolian nurse, Dial.

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