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July 2014 Post Totals

StarBase 118 Staff

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As part of the ongoing overview of the fleet as a whole, here are the monthly figures for total posts for each ship. This summary will give you an idea of how active the ship is on a month-by-month basis.

Another ship shift seems to have been met head on with members coming together and separating into two new crews. That, coupled with the second month of simming aboard the Victory (with the second month traditionally being lower in sim count as players settle in) mean that sim counts Fleet-wide are down slightly. We look to August to be the comeback month, as crews dig in and become more familiar with each other and each other’s simming styles.

 July 2014 Post Totals

Our next chart gives the number of sims for each ship over the course of June. The Atlantis made a great showing this month, proving that the crew there has already come together. The upward trend of their simming numbers shows enthusiasm and excitement. Most other ships, except for the newest – the Victory and Columbia – follow not-so-far behind the Atlantis, with averages that do not stray too far from each other. Unlike some months, where some ships turn in far more sims than others, July seems to have been fairly stable across the board.

 July 2014 Post Totals

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