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June plot summary for the USS Darwin

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With shore-leave behind them and the knowledge that after their contact, the Asavii were now on the way to collaborating peacefully the USS Darwin NCC-99312-A looked to their next mission. With no particular goal in sight the crew of the USS Darwin plotted a course for the nearest proto-stellar nebula.

With the Darwin on it’s way, Captain Reinard was greeted by a strange woman in her quarters. It didn’t take long for the strange women to reveal herself as a member of the Q Continuum. Knowing full well what they were capable of, Captain Reinard was not expecting to find herself and the senior staff instantly moved onto what looked like

Q choosing to keep her cards close to her chest revealed that they were too take part in a game of survival of the fittest in a setting of prehistoric Earth. Bewildered by the situation they were suddenly thrust into, they knew they needed to survive and that in the time of the dinosaurs they were the bottom of the food chain. Once Q left them in peace, Captain Reinard dispatched teams to collect and build the essentials for survival. As the crew split up they knew that playing along was the only choice they had but would the skills they have be enough to outwit and beat Q at her own game or would they be doomed to lock horns with the T-Rex of the jungle to ultimately determine the survival of the fittest.

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