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JP LTCmdr T'Lea,PNPC T'Sara & LT.T'Mihn -Whiskers On K


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((T'Mihn's Apartment ))

:: After her scheduled medical check-up with Dr. Hendon,T'Mihn went to work unpacking her belongings while Ahyel was exploring the place. She had most of her belongings on their places. The feline and the kittens ran all over. At this moment the entire brood were perched on the back of the couch looking out the window chittering at the avian life perched on the balcony railing running the wall outside. The birds tantalizingly out of reach. Tails swishing back and forth, high pitched, clicks, chirps and chatter were easily detected by Vulcan hearing. She grinned, knowing they were starting to settle in and enjoying themselves. Not many wild animals on a starship. She knew if she'd let the cats outside,they'd probably disappear into the foliage and she didn't know how to climb the tall skinny stick straight tree things with the feathery fronds. The thought of being stuck trapped up in one calling for extraction and resulting teasing that would ensue wasn't pleasant.::

T'Mihn: oOI can hear them.."Aaww did the poor little Vulcan get stuck in a twee? "Oo

::She'd never hear the end of it.::

((Outside T’Mihn’s Apartment))

T’Sara: Can I ding it?

:: T’Lea knew what that meant. Every time T’Sara wanted to “ding” a door chime or push a button it meant repeated abuse. It was never just once or twice, and it was always incessant button pushing. Unfortunately, for T’Lea it made T’Sara smile. The added bonus was the rapid button pushing usually annoyed other people so it was also fun for T’Lea.::

:: T’Lea answered her usual reply.::

T’Lea: Ding it.

::And ding it T’Sara did. Again and again and again, and then suddenly she stopped and turned to her mother with curious frown and lopsided tilt of her head.::

T’Sara: Whose door is this and why is we here?

T’Lea: *Are*. Why *are* we here? Lt. T’Mihn lives here and you’ll see why we’re here soon enough.

:: T’Sara made a squinty look at her mother, not liking the vagueness to the answer.::

::Her finger stretched out toward the bell, T’Sara looked back at her mother expectantly.::

T’Lea: Go ahead. One more time.

::What came next was the happiest “DING” sound ever produced by a door chime, and one content little girl.::

::A very rapid, insistent jangling of the door chime that only the very young could achieve, sent the kittens scattering,in full poofed out fur mode. One scrambled up her back hiding in her hair. She gasped, startled,reaching up to feel the tiny trembling creature in her hair. Turning a head towards the door,at the same time letting the kitten sense her calm.::

T'Mihn: A moment.

::She tried to gently remove the kitten out of her hair but he was insistent and sank his teeny sharp claws into her scalp. Preferring the safety of easily attained height and warm camouflage of the big hairless cat's very long head fur The rapid door chime dinging came again. Stifling a laugh. She was glad she hadn't a gong, else the little one would startle all occupants in the building.::

T'Mihn: Ouch. Okay, okay,you can stay up there.:: calling to the door again.:: Coming!

::Gently patting the kitten and giving him a gentle ear scratch causing him to vibrate with a very happy purr. Opening her door to see T'Lea and little T'Sara who was trying to look innocent.::

T'Mihn: ::To T'Lea:: Hello. ::Squatting down to be at T'Sara's eye level.:: And hello.

T’Lea: She likes buttons, and pushing them. T’Sara, this is T’Mihn.

T’Sara: I like buttons too. ::nodding:: Lots. ::at T’Mihn:: Greetings.

::She held up her hand and split her fingers in a proper Vulcan “howdy”, with a little added wave at the end.::

:: T’Lea frowned slightly, noticing a big clump of T’Mihn’s hair out of place… and then she realized what it was. She glanced down to see if T’Sara had noticed.::

T’Mihn: Hello again. ::returning the gesture with a wave.:: I like buttons too.

::Leaning in with a curious Vulcan eyebrow, the little one looked up at T’Mihn secretively.::

T’Sara: Do you know why I’m here?

::T'Mihn, still squatting down, she glanced up at T'Lea, eyebrow disappearing into her bangs,asking a silent query.::

T’Lea: I haven’t told her yet. I thought she might enjoy the surprise.

::And she didn’t want to be pestered by the girl to “go faster” on their journey there.::

T’Sara: Only when they’s good.

::Nodding in understanding at T'Lea's explanation,she turned back at the little golden haired Vulcan hybrid smiling.::

T’Mihn: Well..same here.

::It was then T'Mihn's hair emitted a "mmeww! "and wiggled. A tiny,furry triangular solid black ear stuck out. The mass settled down purring quite loudly .::

:: A bit of shock moved T’Sara backwards a step when T’Mihn’s hair started making noise. T’Lea just watched with amusement.::

T’Sara: ::small gasp:: You grew another ear!

::Eyes widened. A hand gently touching the ear. She knew how to talk with children having some of her own. She never spoke down to them but on their level. She knew full well there was a kitten in her hair.::

T'Mihn: Oh! ::gasp:: I did? Where? ::Looking around. A long black bushy tail sprouted out the back of her head,swishing about.::

T’Sara: There! Right there! It’s moving like a slithers now.

T'Mihn: oOSlithers?Oo

::Slithers was what T’Sara called snakes.::

T'Mihn: Up here?::touching her head.:: That's odd. I guess I did grow extra ears and a tail. :: Hand to chin in thought.:: Hmm a mystery yes?

::Her eyes sparkled getting a kick out of the little girl's antics,the kitten thought it was a new game,although He didn't like the dinging noise.::

T’Sara: Or a bad medicals problem.

T'Mihn: You may have a point. So shall we all come in,I can introduce you both to my furry roommates. ::Bending down to whisper to T'Sara.:: Maybe one has taken up residence up there.. or perhaps I have a..:: both eyebrows raised::.. problem.

::A moment more of cautious study revealed the animal’s eyes, and it’s scared little aura. T’Sara giggled.::

T’Sara: ::to T’Lea:: That’s an aminal. Why is Lootenant Teemen wearing an aminal in her hair?

T'Lea: It’s a cat, nugglet. And I think the animal is wearing Lt. T’Mihn.

::T'Mihn was within a hair's width of laughing at hearing that. The kitten wearing her.::

T’Sara: Cos it’s ‘fraidy?

T’Lea: Most likely. Come on, scoot.

:: T’Sara walked in, not taking her eyes off T’Mihn’s cat-hair.::

::The small adult Vulcan saw the child's eyes glued to her head once the kitten emerged.::

T’Lea: She’s never seen a feline before.

T'Mihn: Between us,I had not seen felines like this before either.

T’Sara: Are they like rats? ::giggle:: Mommy’s afraid of rats.

T’Lea: No, not like rodents. They catch and eat rodents, and snakes.

::Which sounded pretty handy to have around, in T’Lea’s opinion.::

::T'Mihn knew many beings didn't like tiny rodents. Sometimes because of the tiny size, or potential for disease or property destruction. Sometimes they were just plain weird looking animals.::

T’Sara: They must be tasty. ::looking around:: Where’s the other fuzzies?

::T'Mihn lead them in to places to sit, then offered them water according to her culture when someone comes into her home.::

T’Mihn: Oh they are around here somewhere.

::T’Lea lead the little girl over to the couch and sat her down. Stillness and calm was probably the best way to lure the animals out. Curiosity getting the better of them eventually.::

T’Lea: It looks like you are almost unpacked.

::She stayed on the couch next to T’Sara and glanced around at some of T’Mihn’s things. They looked Vulcan, some ancient, which made sense considering *when* the woman came from.::

T’Mihn: Nearly finished. Only a few more to go.

::T’Sara giggled and tried to remain still when she saw the black feline loosed from T’Mihn’s hair, and then another pop it’s little head out from under the couch where her foot was.::

T’Sara: Why’s they so scaredy? I won’t hurt them.

::She bent down gently picking up the kitten,

T’Mihn: We just came yesterday and none of us are used to the new sights, sounds and smells of our new home. Hold your hands out. I'll put the kitten in them.

::Eager and willing, T’Sara cupped her hands together and smiled with anticipation. T’Lea could almost feel the excitement radiating off the little girl.::

T’Lea: Remember to be gentle.

::She did so,T'Mihn placed the fuzzy animal in the girl's cupped hands. He looked up at the little girl "mewed ". Big green eyes luminous with absolute curiosity. The kit stood up stretching, arching his back, and yawned. Turned in a circle in the little girl's lap and started kneading with all four paws, a little rumbling purr coming out.::

::Beaming. T’Sara was positively beaming with glee as the kitten nestled in her lap. With a careful hand she let her tiny fingers stroke the back of the black cats head. She could see it’s little eyes roll back as his eyelids fluttered open upon each petting.::

T’Sara: ::soft giggle:: He’s sleepy, and soft. He has inky furs.

::Black. Inky. The kitten had a lot of black fur, but also some white markings. Made sense to T’Lea, who just smiled at her daughter’s happy interpretation.::

T’Sara: ::looking at T’Mihn:: Do they like to play?

T'Mihn: They just need encouragement. They enjoy playing with toys.

T'Sara: So do I!

::She looked at T’Lea as if to say, “we’re a match made in heaven! Can I keep him!”.::

T’Sara: Where are the toys?

::She didn’t see any amongst the grown-up stuff.::

T'Mihn: Most likely under the couch. They swat them under here or drag them under.

::She saw the edge of a feather under the couch,got down on hands and knees, and pulled out a two foot long wand with a two foot long string attached to the end. At the end of the string was a bundle of feathers. She also found a ball that jingled. A piece of cellophane that made a crinkly sound. Another stick with feathers. She put them on the couch next to T'Sara and bent down to retrieve the rest. Some more balls,a simple laser dot pointer, a cat treat or two, a bone. Why was a bone under there? Maybe the previous residents had a canine. And a..lizard? Which wasn't a toy but alive that scrambled out over her arm,down her back and across the floor. A tall, graceful looking solid black cat was a hot second behind it. The science officer stood.::

T'Mihn: That is Ahyel, the kits' mother. ::She bolted after the cat. Trying to herd the reptile out of the feline's reach.::..and I don't want her to catch that.

::T’Sara’s eyes boggled at the speed of the adult cat. She giggled at the antics and continued petting Inky in her lap.::

T’Lea: Mind if I look around? You have some interesting … ::she almost called them artifacts::… items.

T’Mihn: Please, go ahead.

::The kitten in T'Sara's was more interested in staying where he was. Ahyel chased the small lizard around the living room until it scrambled up the wall to nearly the ceiling out of Ahyel's reach. It didn't stop her from trying to get it from atop her tall cat tree. T'Mihn easily managed a jump and scooped the lizard off the ceiling, crossed the room to the window letting it loose outside. Ahyel gave her "big two legged kitten "a look that said "Why didn't you eat that? "::

::By now T’Lea was studying a particularly old looking item on a shelf.::

T’Lea: The language is ancient Golic. Or… no could that be, FthinraKathi?

::Which was an extinct distant-relative of ancient Golic.::

T’Mihn: Hm. Ah. Yes..::squinting at the text,pointing to a script .:: This is Golic from my bondmate's family.:: Pointing to the other script on the piece.:: This one is Fthinra Kathi,my dialect.

T’Lea: I would say of your belongings should be preserved in our vault.

T’Mihn: I am actively using them. However,if that is true, then I belong in your vault too.

T'Lea: In the name of science it would be useful, but impractical.

::She said it straight-faced, wondering if the humor would be noticed.::

T'Mihn: oOAh. A comedian. Ok Gracie, old George has something to add.Oo

T'Mihn: I agree. ::A grin rugged a lopsided smirk out of her.:: When I was in there last, saw no facilities for personal use. It would be.. it would gross. You can put my sequenced genome in there however,takes up less space. ::Holding up a finger, then a gesture she'd seen humans do. A wink.::No mess.

::T’Lea frowned a little as her eye caught a plant in the room. She moved over to examine it closer, and then twisted her the wedding bracelet around to find a similar image engraved in the latinum.::

T’Lea: Hmm..

::Walking over to stand next to the Chief who was admiring the plant in the window.::

T’Mihn: Did you find something interesting?

T’Lea: My bondmate enjoys gardening. What species is this?

::T'Mihn's slender fingers gently touched the leaves and small flowers. A part of Ti'Valhka'Ain that only existed in two places. On t'Ogien and this room.::

T’Mihn: My family, mother and I are botanists. This plant is..uhh. was.::head shake.::... is called kusut-vedik . Also known as "pain plant ",used to ease pain in my time. It only grows in two places now. Here and the planet we settled.

::They had no choice. t'Ogien was closest. Their ship, the colony ark, held plant life from Vulcan held in stasis in whole forms and seeds. To Hopefully replant when they made planet fall. They resorted to herbal plant based, and mental medicinal methods to conserve resources. Little did T'Mihn know the priest Healers, the Reldai, had come from the same outgrowth on Vulcan.::

T'Lea: That is very…

::Strange. Freaky. Weird. Disturbing. Confusing. All those words seemed to fit what T’Lea was feeling.::

T’Lea: … wise.

:: The hybrid turned, seeking an exit from talking about the plant and pointed out a piece of jewelry that stood out in the room. It looked ancient, but brand-new at the same time.::

T’Lea: This must have value. It’s quite beautiful. What do the markings mean?

::Something else caught the Chief's attention. T'Mihn picked up the item T'Lea was showing interest in. It was her platinum and tastefully bejeweled cloak clasp that bore her House and Clan's names with her bondmate's House and Clan names "written "in a green metal depicting kusut-vedik's stems, leaves as the flowing calligraphic letters. The names separate but joined.::

T'Mihn: It is my House and Clan name with Vahlihn's.

T’Lea: Who is Vahlihn?

T'Mihn:I will show you.

::Picking up a small locket -like item,she activated a hologram that showed a very handsome,seven foot tall and obviously well built Vulcan male standing arms wrapped around T'Mihn. He faced the holo cam, his cheek resting on top of her head,. Both had contented expressions on their faces. Today one would hardly find a image like this displayed in modern Vulcan homes. She showed it to T'Lea.::

T’Mihn: This is Vahlihn, my bondmate but is dead.

::Humans would call him"Hot looking " and "as well built as a brick house ". Female friends sometimes asking if he had a"single "brother. Once she knew the meaning of the idioms, she agreed. He was most definitely "hot looking ". He was hers and she was his. Wanting to be only his again.. but. Death was a natural part of life.::

T’Lea: I’m sorry. I did not know.

::At that T'Mihn smiled in face and eyes. One could tell easily how much she loved him. She put a hand on T'Lea's covered forearm as she answered.::

T'Mihn: That is alright. I miss him,but I have wonderful memories of our time together and our children.

::T'Mihn noticed some confusing if not complex array of emotions skittering across T'Lea's face and eyes. Did she have someone like this in her life?::

::Nice job, remind her of her dead bondmate. She scolded herself, and looked back down at the bracelet, then to the cloak clasp and back at the bracelet once again as if to see the similarities in both. But how could that be? The items were forged centuries apart.::

::She was suddenly having a brain overload.::

::Her eyes lifted to meet T’Mihn’s with uncertainty, and then drifted back down to the wedding bracelet. Why the hell did both pieces of jewelry share the same images of T’Mihn’s frelling house plant?::

::That was the kind of mind-frakking she didn’t need right now.::

::Rattled by the weird plant and what it may mean, she cut T’Sara’s play-time short.::

T’Lea: I must thank you for your hospitality but we should be on our way.

:: Would T’Mihn notice her quick exit, or the odd looks she was giving the cloak clasp? T’Lea didn’t want to stick around long enough to find out.::

::That was abrupt. Had she offended T'Lea? After all, the Chief was looking at her things. Then seeing one of her plants and a clasp,T'Lea acted as if a demon jumped out of them and touched an icy finger to her katra. What was going on? She desperately wanted to ask but it was invading T'Lea's privacy to ask such a thing.::

::The agitation and sudden nervousness radiated off T'Lea like a star shedding its outer envelope. T'Mihn 's brows knitted together in concern wondering if she hadn't offended her "boss". She thought she had left that "curse "with Tiger, but apparently it followed. She sighed softly,but recovered quickly enough to nod a "you're welcome ". Logic didn't make handling emotions or emotional beings easier at all, it sometimes seemed to make things harder. The trick was striking that balance.::

::Having to fight the thought of possibly offending T'Lea,she told herself the Chief could be struggling with things unknown. For T'Mihn to take offense would not only be illogical, but wrong. Fates above and below --there were things that triggered very bad memories in her own life. The Science Chief needed time to handle whatever wraith got dredged up.::

::The plaintive conversation between mother and daughter about little "Inky " continued. It brought her thoughts to the present. ,T'Mihn stayed out of it allowing the parent to handle things in her capable hands.::

T’Sara: Awww, but Inky wants to play now!

T’Lea: You can visit him later. Come on. Let’s go.

T’Sara: Can Inky come with us? Pleeeeeeeeeease?

::Now that was odd behavior. Vulcan children would never be so insistent. T'Sara at this age was smart, listened carefully and seemed to respond to reason even if a little vocal. She was only three, and showed a great deal of patience and love. T'Mihn thought these things would be infinitely valuable for her.::

:: As if T’Lea hadn't seen the begging coming a mile away. Still it was a great distraction from her quick attempt to flee.::

::Seeing the subtle tenseness in T'Lea's body, as if she were preparing to very quickly leave but barred from doing so. T'Mihn carefully, gently stepped in,placing a hand gently on T'Sara's shoulder.::

T’Mihn: Little one, it is up to T'Lea and Della. You are always welcome to visit but :: Holding up a finger.::...with their permission. Ha? Yes? Inky will be here.

::She thought the name "Inky" was befitting and as her human friends would call"cute as a button". How animal adorability related to button cuteness was an equation she couldn't figure out. Although the kitten did look like he had spilled her inkwell on himself.::

::T’Sara’s eyes lit up at the thought of having Inky as her very own. This was a test to see if T’Lea would cave-in under the pressure of her daughters ridiculous cuteness. She had to be strong. She had to be focused and logical.::

T’Sara: Cani keep him please, please, please? I’ll take good care of him.

T’Lea: I…

::She was breaking, she could feel the walls starting to crumble, and then…::

T'Mihn: oODo not fall for it T'Lea. Be firm, be gentle. T'Sara will understand.Oo

T’Lea: We’ll have to discuss it with your mother first. :: she knelt down to T’Sara’s level:: You understand this is a big decision, a family decision. That little life isn’t a toy. He’s going to be with us for quite a while. It’ll be his home too.

T’Sara: I knows. He’s got really good colors and we’ll be best of friends. I promise.

::She wasn’t talking about the kittens fur. No, she was talking about the animals aura and the colors she saw vibrating off him.::


::Confusion flit across T'Mihn's face. Did she mean the fur, or something else? First T'Lea's very odd reaction to a simple flowering herb, now the child seeing other colors on the feline kit? The One's Name -what is occurring here?::

T’Lea: We still have to ask Della. Come along. Say thank you.

T’Sara: Thank you, Teemehn. Bye Inky. I’ll miss you.

::She waved sadly at the kitten, and it tugged on T’Lea’s heart strings. Maybe she could make a case to Della about getting the kitten for T’Sara’s birthday. It was a week away after all.::

T’Mihn: You are welcome. ::Holding "Inky "in her hands she lifted a tiny paw to wave back.:: He says bye and will miss you.

::The mother and daughter left, T'Mihn stood watching, wondering, remembering. Him. Always in her thoughts, her mind and katra. Stepping back into her new abode, it was where she lived but it wasn't home. Her slender fingers closed around the ornate necklace around her neck. It rested under her clothing next to her skin. It was a wedding gift Vahlihn gave her those many years ago. When he placed it on her,she never removed it and never would. Even if Vahlihn was no longer alive, the jewelry he made with his own hands was as if he was.::

::T'Mihn swallowed hard trying to shove the grief down. She needed to meditate and found a place on the floor, kittens piled into her lap as was their habit when she meditated,she sank into the quiet. A whisper so quiet almost not even heard.::

Ashal-veh ka'i.

::Whatever it was. It jerked her out of meditation. No one was in the room and she didn't speak. Maybe it was a rustle of leaves..A whisper on the wind. Or a memory. Reaching for the calmness again. Only the purring of three kittens and a cat were heard. A single tear dropped through the air, sunlight illuminating it as it fell to land on black silky fur.::

LT. T'Mihn Ah'mihghan
Star Fleet 118th Fleet,
Zeta Gelis Region
Assistant Science Chief
Embassy Duronis II
USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A
Lieutenant Commander T’Lea
Chief Science Officer
Embassy Duronis II - USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A
PNPC. T'Sara
Daughter of T'Lea and Della Vetri
Played by T'Lea

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