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Ambassador Della Vetri, LtCmdr T'Lea & (PNPC) Ceedel - You&#39


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((Embassy, Ship Yard, USS Akaper))
:: Someone had paid him a favor. An Ambassador had pulled a few strings and arranged for his departure from prison, and the release of his ship from impound.::
:: Why? Was it someone he knew? Someone he owed a favor too? Someone he’d cheated, robbed, or pummeled?::
:: The nine foot tall brute of an alien finished securing the flight station on the bridge, and reached down with his large three-fingered hands to gather his suitcase. Somehow, despite that naturally-occurring lack of appendages within the Shrakian species, he managed to manipulate the fine leather-bound handles between the three huge stumps that were attached to his hands, and then lift the bag with feather-like ease.::
:: As the delicate fabric of the bag bulged more under the weight of the contents, the beautiful flowers sewn into the silken material seemed to stretch out of shape.::
:: Ducking under the low overhang in the doorways, the mammoth creature turned and sealed the bridge one last time. He didn’t know what he was doing on Til’ahn, but he figured it wouldn’t involve transporting cargo, unless it did, and then he’d be happy.::
:: That was usually the extent of his deep thoughts. He was mostly made of muscle, and hide so thick a phaser tickled.::
:: A cold metal hatch of the bridge hissed as it set in place, followed by a “thunk” sound as the heavy lock slipped into its groove.::
:: With a heavy sigh, the pale blue skinned Shrakkian and his giant, flat elephant feet stomped their way through the grates of the deck and toward the exit hatch of the ship.::
:: He may have been sprung from prison, but the work release program was no ticket to freedom, especially with the ankle bracelet strapped to his finger. Why the finger? It was the only limb small enough the device would fit on the ogre beast. He had considered cutting off the finger, but it was difficult enough at times to operate the finer things in life with only three fingers on each hand – two would just make him a klutz.::
:: Speaking of finer things, he lifted his feminine embroidered bag and sniffed the flowers that were hand-stitched into the weave.::
Ceedel: Ahhh… tweely blossoms...
:: His voice was baritone and gravely.::
:: And considering that he only took a bath once every two months said a lot about how sensitive his sense of smell *wasn’t*. On a good day the Shrakkian… *all* Shrakkians smelled like foot fungus. Pungent, and ripe with sweat it was natures repellent musk – a natural deterrent to insects, (and most humanoids with a nose).::
:: Those sweet tweely blossoms actually stunk like something rotting on the roadside. He liked it.::
:: Reaching the exit hatch, he rolled it back manually with the strength of one arm, which was astounding considering how much metal screeched in resistance from the weight. The hydraulics to the door had broken a while ago, and the Shrakkian had found that the impossible heft of the outer door was a cheap security system.::
:: Outside of his ship a green skinned beauty was waiting for him. She was armed, Orion, and Ceedel was instantly in love. Or course, he frequently fell in love with every female he laid eyes on.::
:: He smoothed a hand over his big, mostly bald, head, feeling the thick course sprigs of hair prickle under his rough palm, and then he ran a finger along one of the two sharp tusks protruding from his jaw as if that would win the woman’s heart over.::
:: Big, pointy tusks where the pride of all Shrakkians.::
Ceedel: Hello there green goddess. Are you here for me?
:: He hoped.::
:: He smiled and his mouthful of latinum capped molars gleamed in the lights. Sadly, she did not seem to be suitably awestruck. Instead, she just looked him over before pointing to the ground a couple of meters in front of her.::
Corsetto: Out.
:: As he stepped down from the ship, his sheer mass made the solid ground vibrated a little. One could only imagine what it felt, and sounded like when he ran.::
Ceedel: Happy to do whatever you want. One question… who’s the Ambassador and why am I here?
:: It was two questions. He was dumb like that sometimes. He reached back and with a tug from his thick muscled arm, he hulked the hatch closed with a loud clap of metal.::
:: As she watched, Delvia considered whether or not the Ambassador had taken leave of her senses. She could understand the reasons for what the Trill had set in motion, but that didn't mean she thought it was a good idea... and she was even less certain now that she had a good eyefull - and smell - of the result of the Ambassador's machinations.::
Corsetto: She's the reason you're not in lockup. She's sent me here to make sure you don't get... lost. And Ceedel?
Ceedel: The Ambassador is a she? She as in female? Mmmm…
:: That was the kind of “Mmmm…” that usually accompanied a tasty dish of food that he would soon devour, and dribble down his chin.::
Corsetto: If you try "flirting" with her like you just did with me, she will skin you alive. ::smiling evilly:: And then T'Lea will get to play with what is left.
:: The reaction to that name was just plain funny. It was blatantly obvious that of all the things the Shrakkian might have expected, *that* had not been anywhere on the list. And it was a nice little handle for her to play with...::
:: At the name drop, the flat of his feet came to a stuttering stop for a moment, before double-timing it to catch up to the green goddess.::
Ceedel: The Butcheress is here? At the Embassy? Ooo, this may not be so bad after all. Who is this Ambassador female? Will the Butcheress be there? Is this a “job” job? It must be if T’Lea is involved. Is-
Corsetto: Perhaps you should stop talking. Answers will come your way faster if you follow me and keep your mouth shut.
Ceedel: Heh-heh. I like you, green goddess. And I like watching you from behind.
:: He kept his big black eyes on her lovely rear-end, ogling her the entire way.::
:: With a curt gesture, she motioned him to take the lead. She also made no pretence of the fact one hand was resting on her sidearm. Just, you know, casually.::
((Ambassador's Office))
Corsetto: Your delivery has arrived.
:: Behind the desk, the Trill looked up from her console screen and studied Ceedel in silence. He was just as subtle a sight as expected, but she'd known that before he arrived. Sitting back in her seat, she waved him toward the chairs. Not that she expected him to fit into any of them, but the invitation might help him get a little more comfortable.::
:: That was a feeling he was going to need by the time she was done with him.::
:: He wasn’t used to clean rooms unless he was standing in some warden’s office, so it took him a moment to get used to the fancy furniture and decorations. Once his eyes landed on the gorgeous woman with spots it didn’t matter where he was standing, all he could think about was *her*. And then he quickly shook his big horned face free of any naughty thoughts when he remembered the Butcheress was nearby.::
:: He glanced around as if T’Lea would suddenly appear and pull out his tusks for even thinking a single dirty thought about the Ambassador.::
:: After he saw that he was out of danger, he relaxed his big shoulders, and let his frilly bag hang from his fingertips.::
:: Voice all gravel and gruff he spoke.::
Ceedel: Where’s the Butcheress? What do you want from me? Why did you bring me here?
Vetri: That's simple enough to answer. You owe T'Lea.
:: The Kol-Ma-Ra. It was a promise to T’Lea. It was also his religion to protect and die for the person that had saved his life. And that is exactly what T’Lea had done, knowing full-well what she would get in return. Of course, she didn’t let him know that.::
Ceedel: Yeah… I do. What does that have to do with you?
:: He was being aggressive, trying to see if he could rattle the Trill any.::
Vetri: Consider that debt being called in. ::Smiling tightly:: And you may even want to consider what you owe *me* for getting you out of jail.
Ceedel: Then where is she? I should be speaking to her, not you, Sprinkles.
:: He was referring to her delicious little spots.::
:: Trying to intimidate the Ambassador, he stomped toward her desk, and leaned one of his large fists on the top of the table to lean down toward her. His breathing sounded like a rhino about to charge.::
:: With a shake of her head, she found herself intrigued by the way he was reacting. Owing her, he would cheerfully ignore. Owing T'Lea...?::
Vetri: She's busy. She also doesn't know you are here yet. *I* made the arrangements, and *I* did it for a reason. T'Lea's family needed someone to watch over it, and you... ::smiling slightly again:: You are a criminal, a thug, and a not particularly successful smuggler. You are, however, useful to my fiancée, and I am giving you a chance to earn a little more freedom than you actually have right now.
:: Most of what Sprinkles had said didn’t register. After doing so much Peresian crystal dust in his youth, sometimes it took a while for things to get processed in his brain… what was left of it.::
Ceedel: GOFF! You insult me and mine? I could stomp you into the ground and walk out of here with only a stain on my big toe. I am free, tiny little Trill thing. You freed me. That is your mistake. I owe you nothing.
Vetri: No, you are out of *jail*. Your ass belongs to me right now, Ceedel. I can have you tossed right back in again if I don't like your attitude. ::her smile turned a lot sharper:: I also hold the rights to that ship of yours, and it's going nowhere at all unless I say so. Just in case you felt the urge to do a little wandering around. Any questions?
Ceedel: Wait. What did you say…?
:: He had a brainfart – literally if he thought too hard or fast, it caused him to pass gas, which sounded like a dog’s squeaky toy. Something Della could happily live without... and longer, by the smell of it.::
:: This was really not striking her as being as great a plan as she'd thought.::
:: Ceedel dragged his knuckles off the Ambassador’s desk, but the squeaky sound came from elsewhere.::
Ceedel: You and the Butcheress…? You’re doing it? That’s hot! I mean, that’s great. ::he slanted his head:: You are her hoopa then?
:: Hoopa was not a flattering term in the Shrakkian language. It meant something along the lines of, “server of pleasure”... Something that Della was aware of thanks to some of the memories she'd carried around on T'Lea's behalf. She might not totally agree with his description... but if it got the idea across to him, without straining that little brain of his too much, then she was willing to go along with it.::
:: For now.::
Vetri: You might say that.
Ceedel: Why didn’t you say so! Ha-ha-ha. That changes everything, Sprinkles! We are practically family!
:: He walked around the desk to give her a hug and only just stopped short when she pushed her chair back enough to free up some space, one wrist twisting to drop what lay up her sleeve into her hand... and made it abundantly obvious to Ceedel that he now had a small but powerful holdout phaser levelled at his manhood. And above all, she did it with a polite smile.::
Ceedel: Right. No touching the Butcheress’s merchandise. ::he backed off a little frightened:: *Ever*.
:: Getting more comfortable with the situation now, he sat his delicately embroidered, stinky, bag on Della’s desk with a loud thump as it’s heavy contents settled inside, and then he sat on the corner of the furniture making it groan under his weight.::
:: Della considered pointing out that she was liable to boot that backside right off of her desk, not to mention the bag that she judged too girly for even T'Sara to want to be anywhere near, but it was obvious that her guest was thinking. This was probably going to take a while.::
Ceedel: Now we can get down to business. What’s the job? Corruption, bribery, blackmail, smuggling, stealing, politics, Oooo… I’m very good at forceful mind-changing applications?
:: He balled his fist into the palm of his other hand and cracked is lug-nut knuckles.::
Vetri: Follow me.
:: With that, she rose smoothly out of her seat, slipping her holdout back into it's hidden holster, and headed for the office door. Just as smoothly, Corsetto moved to flank her and Ceedel - though she had to wait until the Shrakkian caught up with what was happening.::
:: Off the desk he shot, and grabbed his flowery bag, hugging it to his chest. Clomping his large feet behind Vetri, he ducked under the doorway, and stayed crouched down until he reached the large living area.::
:: Over by the couch was a little girl with blonde hair, pointy-ears and spots. She looked up at all 9-feet of him, and he looked down at all two feet of her. They stared at each other like it was a contest, and then Ceedel blinked and T’Sara laughed.::
Ceedel: Ahh… I get it. Kidnapping. So what’s her ransom?
:: Shaking her head, Della shared a look with T'Sara that wondered just how long it was going to take for Ceedel to work out what was actually going on. Images flickered back and forth between them, and she had to fight back a smile at what she was getting from her daughter. Amongst other things, it turned out she was right about the girl's opinion of the bag.::
Vetri: No, Ceedel. Not kidnapping.
:: Something squeaked from behind Ceedel again as another fast moving thought finally processed in his brain.::
Ceedel: That’s outrageous!! ::he stomped and faced off with Vetri:: That’s *my* ship! I own it, not you. How do you expect me to provide for my twenty six children without my ship?
:: Yeah, it was just now hitting him that Della was the proprietor of his smelly space craft.::
Vetri: *Do* try and keep up, would you? I'm offering you a chance to do just that, Ceedel, without needing to run around the galaxy dodging the law. Are you willing to listen, or do I simply ship you right back where I found you?
T’Sara: She go slow, so you follow.
:: Della sent T'Sara a quick little frown, appreciating the sentiment but not necessarily the timing. What she got back was a flicker of a tongue being stuck out at her, but nothing more.::
:: There was an audible growl deep in the Shrakkian’s chest, one that was frustrated and confused.::
Ceedel: I don’t understand. If you don’t need me to break any laws or jaws then what else is there? Despite my fine taste in tapestries ::he hugged his flowery bag:: I have a limited skill set, Sprinkles.
Vetri: The job is protection. Not running a racket, but actual safeguarding. You will be paid for your time, with bonuses commensurate to events if things don't stay quiet. Interested?
Ceedel: Comensu-- ?
:: He wagged his head like the word hurt his brain, and then he paused in thought. This time no squeaky noises were heard. Instead it looked like he had simply stopped working. Like the idea of doing something honest had broken him.::
:: His bare chest rose and fell. His black eyes stared into nothingness. His large arms hugged his floral bag like a soft binky. Finally, his lower jaw moved and so did the tusks that were attached to them.::
Ceedel: Hmm… Hrm… mm-yeah, I don’t know what a comensirate is, but bonuses sound good. Who would be my detail? You? I can *do* you, Sprinkles.
:: The laugh that came after the innuendo was suddenly cut short.::
:: Della just nodded toward T'Sara, who looked up at him with a considering expression. It was clear she had no real problem with the Shrakkian, even with the smell, and she *certainly* didn't feel threatened in any way by the giant.::
T'Sara: T'Lea my mommy. She want me looked after.
Ceedel: ::flat:: Oh. ::three, two, one:: No.
:: Now he was getting it. Now it was sinking in. He was to be a babysitter.::
Vetri: And I think you can do the job. T'Lea should be down soon, and should you wish to turn down my offer, then you are welcome to explain that to her. ::smiling tightly:: I'm sure she'll understand.
Ceedel: ::flatter:: Oh. ::three, two, one:: No.
:: Suddenly he was a man of few words, and even fewer thoughts.::
:: Della just gave a careless little shrug, then glanced toward the stairs just before the sound of footsteps began working it's way down. Raising her voice enough to be clear to the descending woman, Della let some of her amusement colour her tone.::
Vetri: I've got to head out, meet Toni and see what's going on.
T'Lea: What are you doing down there? It smells like a diaper!
:: She called down from the staircase.::
Vetri: I've just been interviewing a new babysitter.
T’Lea: No, I mean it really stinks. Like something crawled out of the sewer—son of a…
:: She saw him.::
Ceedel: Butcheress!
:: Ceedel opened his arms wide to encapsulate the woman in a hug as she marched toward him, but he was met with a glare that instantly shrunk him backward a step or two, then three, six, twelve before T’Lea caught his retreat by the back of his pants.::
:: He dropped his flowery bag in pain as T’Lea jerked the waist of his trousers up so high they nearly split him in two. The yowl that emerged from his throat was pathetic, like an animal caught in a bear trap howling in agony.::
:: Out the front door he went with T’Lea man-handling him onto the patio deck where she let go of him by the edge of the pool. She didn’t give him any time to turn around before lifting her foot to kick him into the water.::
:: The splash that occurred was tsunami sized, and even though T’Lea did end up catching some of the spray, she still maintained a glare that could peel the blue-gray skin right off his hide.::
T’Lea: What did I say about thinking too hard in my house, Ceedel?
:: He flailed in the water until he found the shallow end, and then he stood there soaking wet like a very bad doggy.::
T’Lea: If you want to *think*, go outside. Not in my house, understand?
Ceedel: ::nodding shamefully:: Sorry.
:: T’Lea glanced to her side as T’Sara and Vetri emerged. T’Sara was looking at T’Lea rather awe-struck and proud.::
T’Lea: Good. ::at Della:: I think this will work out nicely. Thanks. Was it too much trouble?
Vetri: Less than you might think, actually. ::studying Ceedel for a moment:: Good call. I was wonderign how to handle that part of the deal... Okay, I need to head off. Call me if anything comes up? And I'll see you both later.
:: As Della headed off, after a quik hug for both of her girls, T’Lea pulled T’Sara over by her leg, and rested a very protective hand on her shoulder. T’Sara was mimicking her mother’s very terrifying demeanor.::
T’Lea: Ground rules. You’re going to take a bath every day, and use deodorant, cologne, something to cover up that smell.
Ceedel: But it’s my signature scent. It’s what makes me stand out in a crowd.
:: He started to climb out of the pool, but the finger she pointed at him said otherwise. And T’Sara pointed one of her own.::
T’Lea: Stay. Wash it off.
Ceedel: Fine. I’ll take a… b-bath. See, I’m washing.
:: He lifted his armpit and splashed water into it.::
:: Glancing up at her mother, T’Sara made an uncertain face.::
T’Sara: I don’t thinks I wanna swim in there no mores.
T’Lea: The Kol-Ma-Ra you owe me. You don’t any more.
:: Bubbles emerged from behind Ceedel in the water. He was thinking hard again, and not following what the Butcheress was saying.::
T’Sara: Yup. Not playing in there no more.
:: T’Lea placed a hand on T’Sara’s head.::
T’Lea: The life you are bound to protect has passed on – into her. She’s my offspring, and it’s written in your Holy Shrakar Scrolls that a debt of life can be given to the direct descendant owed. You guard her now, and you do whatever your religion dictates to fulfill that debt.
:: Ceedel’s shoulders slumped like a heavy weight had been placed on them.::
T’Lea: What? What’s the problem?
:: He waded over to the edge of the pool, and looked from T’Sara to T’Lea. The wave that followed him rose over the edge and onto the patio deck.::
Ceedel: I don’t know how.
T’Sara: I teach you.
T’Lea: Don’t know how to what? Get out of the pool?
:: Apparently T’Sara was one step ahead of her mother on this one.::
Ceedel: I don’t know how to protect a child. I’ve never been around one that I wasn’t kidnapping.
T’Lea: What are you talking about, you have twenty-four.
T’Sara: Twenny-six.
Ceedel: Actually, I don’t have any. I made it up so you’d go easy on me.
T’Lea: You stupid son of –
:: She moved to kick him in the face for lying to her, but the yank on her arm that T’Sara gave her stopped the assault. The little girl actually kinda felt bad for the big ogre, and since she owned Ceedel now, she didn’t want him to get beat up yet.::
T’Sara: I said I teach him. He watches me, and I watch him. It simple logicals.
:: T’Lea looked between Ceedel and T’Sara, worried that this was going to be a huge mistake, given the Shrakkian’s lack of parenting experience. Then again, he didn’t have to a paternal stand-in, he just needed to keep T’Sara safe. *That* she knew he could do.::
T’Lea: All right. We will give it a trial run for a week. ::reaching down she grabbed his chin tusk and pulled him closer:: So help me if you frak this up, I promise I’ll kill you more than once.
:: She knew how to do that now. Restart a heart, kill it, restart it, and kill it again and again. All that medical training was good for something other than "good" things.::
:: The wet Shrakkian nodded and glanced at T’Sara.::
Ceedel: I think I’m better off with you anyway.
T’Sara: Yup.
T’Lea: ::relaxing somewhat:: Get dried off. There’s an apartment for you within walking distance of here. Corsetto can take you there. You start in an hour. And Ceedel…
:: As he exited the pool his hulking figure amassed a small pond under his feet.::
T’Lea: Don’t flirt with my bondmate again.
:: She hadn't heard him do it, but she didn't need to. He flirted with every adult female.::
:: With a firm nod he fetched his bag and lumbered away to find his new home.::
T’Sara: ::smiling:: He’s funny. I like him.
PNPC Freighter Captain Ceedel
USS Akaper
simmed by T’Lea
Ambassador Della Vetri
Diplomatic Officer
Embassy of Duronis II

Lieutenant Commander T’Lea
Chief Science Officer
Embassy Duronis II - USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A

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