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Watching The Watchers

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I would take a wild guess and assume that most of you, if not all of you, have watched episodes of Star Trek. I think that I may have actually seen them all. Some of you may have seen one or two series and others more. But unlike more recent television shows, should you miss one or two episodes of Star Trek, you would not be lost as to what is going on in the show. Pretty much almost every episode of Star Trek could be a stand alone episode.

With that being said, this week’s Poll of the Week will nitpick how you watch Star Trek. Do you, or did you, watch them in chronological order or did you just watch them as they were aired? Do you even keep track of the time-line of the episodes? Do you, or did you watch them in order of real time airing or did you watch them based upon Star Trek chronology? Would this have even made a difference to you? Basically, how did, or do you watch Star Trek?In a synchronous form or out of sync? We here at the Poll of the Week are more than curious.

So roll up your sleeves and head over to the Polls and let the world know how you watch Star Trek!

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