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Lt. Evan Delano - Missed Call

Sedrin Belasi

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(( The Pit, DSX ))

:: In the center pit, a shirtless, holographic Evan was trading blows with a Klingon that towered a good foot higher than the Vulanoid. In neighboring pits, the real Evan was trying to determine how bad his holographic counterparts injuries were. Without the accompanying pain, it was harder to remember that his left knee was badly bruised and that three of his ribs were cracked.

:: Still new to the way the fighting system in the pit worked, it was also difficult to remember exactly how his blows would be affected. He couldn’t trust his instincts, and that put him at a disadvantage. ::

:: The Klingon came after him again. Evan delivered a series of counter maneuvers, but he was too slow. Too hesitant. He deflected three of the Klingon’s blows, but they were feints. Open on his right side - the side already injured - he took six rapid blows to the chest. ::

:: Though the simulation protected him from any real pain, he still felt each of the impacts, and he knew they were vital. ::

:: Though he still stood, the Evan’s holographic counterpart fell slowly to his knees then to the floor, while the small but vocal midday crowd cheered on. ::

:: The humiliation he felt was as sharp as it was surprising. He didn’t recognize anyone in the crowd. It had been his first bout here, and his first fist-to-fist fight in over a year. And he’d let his emotions get the better of him early on. He’d still been [...]ed about his earlier conversation with Ignis. Not that he entirely understood why. ::

:: Evan left his pit and entered a small locker room where the next fighter was waiting to take her turn. A Ktarian, of all things. ::

KTARIAN: Tough luck, Vulcan.

DELANO: Luck had nothing to do with it. I was terrible.

oO And I’m not a Vulcan Oo

:: She offered a lop-sided smile. ::

KTARIAN: True, but I thought I’d be polite about it.

:: Evan shrugged as he went to his locker. He’d left his uniform back on Garuda, but the starfleet combadge on the breast of his dark sleeveless shirt was still prominent once he’d slipped the fabric over his head. ::

DELANO: I learned from it. Next time, I’ll do better. That’s the best anyone can say.

:: She nodded. ::

DELAIN: Well said. (Offering a hand) I’m Delain.

DELANO: Evan Delano.

:: He gave her hand a short shake, but the gesture was somewhat awkward for both of them. ::

DELAIN: A human name? How interesting.

DELANO: Almost as interesting as a Ktarian pit fighter.

:: She laughed, but the sound of the bell cut her off. ::

DELAIN: My turn! Good luck in your next bout, Evan.

DELANO: Same to you.

:: Once Evan had finished changing, he noticed that he’d missed a general communication. Hopefully, he hadn’t missed anything important. ::

:: He tapped the badge to play the recorded message. ::

EGAN MANNO:: =/\= This is Captain Egan Manno to all hands. Please return to the Garuda immediately for departure within the hour. Senior staff, please report to the bridge at once. =/\=

:: Evan cursed under his breath. The one time he’d be separated from his communicator for more than five minutes and he’d missed a “report to the bridge” at once call. How long ago had this been sent? ::

EGAN MANNO: =/\= I would also like to recognize two members of the crew. The first is Lieutenant Commander Alleran Tan, who has joined us very recently as the head of navigation and whose presence and strong work I greatly anticipate. (beat) The second is Lieutenant Evan Delano, who is hereby elevated to the rank of full lieutenant immediately. Lieutenant Delano will further now serve as the Garuda's strategic operations officer -- a necessary position, given the complicate politics and our evolving understanding of the region. Please offer these officers your congratulation. =/\=

EGAN MANNO: =/\= Please return as quickly as possible. Thank you. =/\=

:: He laughed, first. The irony of being singled out for recognition when he was undoubtedly going to be late in reporting for duty twinged his somewhat dark sense of humor. Sometimes, the galaxy had terrible timing. When that was out of his system, the gravity of the captain’s announcement started to settle on him. ::

:: Full lieutenant. In less than a year. That was fantastic. Strategic operations officer, on the other hand, was a bit strange. He wasn’t aware of many starfleet vessels operating in the Corridor. What would he be coordinating, exactly? As he jogged towards the Garuda, he began to speculate. ::


Lt. Evan Delano
Strategic Operations Officer
USS Garuda

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