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Cmdr Mitchell - Retrospection


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(Mitchell’s Quarters - USS Atlantis)

::Mitchell woke up to a pain in his neck. Gingerly, he raised his head and reached up to find the sore spot. He found it on the side of his neck. Groaning he looked around to get his bearings and realized he was on the couch in his quarters.::

oO Ugh, ow! Oo

::He carefully rolled his head, trying to work the crick out his neck. He remembered about making it back to the ship, and stumbling to the couch, then settling in to wait for his stomach to settle for heading for his bed. From the impression on the couch arm, he hadn’t made it off the couch. Sleep had taken him before his stomach settled. And it had left him with this crick in his neck.::

oO Guess last night was worth it. Oo

::He put his feet on the floor, and walked over to the replicator for a glass of water. He waited for it to materialize, took a sip then carried it back to the couch, while trying to work the crick out. He sat the cup on the table and settled back down on the couch.::

oO This is part of why I quit drinking so much. The after effects suck. Oo

::As he sat there, he couldn’t help but let his thoughts wander out through the stars. He was on what was technically the sixth starship of his career, but only the third named one, since four of the six were the various editions of the USS Discovery. But he had made it to the rank of full Commander. Yet he was at the pentacle of his career, given a few choices he had made along the way. But he had no regrets, at least not about his career. His personal life was a completely different story though.:;

oO The career has worked out for the most part, but my personal life is nada. Oo

::He always thrown everything into his career. Always choosing his duty to Starfleet over any sort of personal life. Along the way he’d had some successes, since he’d been in a grand total of four actual relationships over the years. Two of them actually getting close to being engaged, yet none had lasted. The latest still semi-existed as an on/off again thing, one had been erased when she had lost all memory of their relationship, one had been lost and declared MIA, and the other had separated over duty, settled as friends, until her death.::

oO Kelly...Oo

::Cobra had been the first, being his girlfriend and competition during the latter part of their Academy days. But duty had separated them early after the Academy on due to the needs of the service, then brought them back together on the first Discovery. Yet they’d given it another chance, but the same spark just wasn’t there. So they had decided to just stay friends, and had served together off and on until just under two years ago. Then Cobra had bought the farm in an ambush perpetrated by a group of rogue Romulans. She had gone down with most of her squadron and wing with the Melbourne. To this day, he didn’t trust Romulans. ::

oO Kaitlyn...Oo

::Another lost soul, she and he had hit it off right away after the ship pulled her out of that shuttle. I think we both helped each other through some things. Some might have said our relationship was doomed to fail, but we made it worked. I wonder if we could have made it work being married. But finding her comer shipmates mattered to her, so I let her go, and she gave her life to try and find them.

oO Perin...Oo

::Perin was such a fresh face when we met. Bright, honest, trusting. She looked so much like Kaitlyn it hurt when he first met her, dragging back out all the memories of Kaitlyn. He had been outright mean to her at first, but something about her broke through his walls. Whatever it was, it snared him in the heart and the head. Their relationship had felt like a dream with the way it worked. He’d even finally worked up the nerve to ask her to marry him. But then one more mission called, and that one cost. She’d been critically injured, suffering complete memory loss for the past several years. Even with the best doctors, almost none of the memories had ever returned. The last time he’d seen her, it had been on the surface of Ba’ku where Tyr had gotten her permission to live, hoping the radiation there would help her.::

oO He did that for me. He saw how happy she made me. Happy enough for him to break protocol to help a friend. Oo

oO Vicky…Oo

::Victoria Samuelson and him had a tumultuous relationship. They had both served aboard the various Discovery’s for years, and he had tried to ask her several times over the years, without success. But after years of not getting over Perin’s loss, and some loss of hers, somehow something had brought them together and they had given it a shot. Yet duty soon called and drug them apart. Now their relationship consisted of short leaves together when things could be arranged. Yet even while he had been working in the shipyards and not on an active ship, they had only managed it a few times. Now he was halfway across the galaxy.::

oO Guess I’m a black widow of sorts. Or I’m just one of those people who are supposed to be miserable when it comes to any sort of life. Maybe it makes us better at our jobs. Or maybe it just makes us burnouts. Anyway, alcohol doesn’t help. Trying to drown the sorrows doesn’t do any good. Guess I just have to keep on this cycle. Face it and throw myself into work yet again. Oo


Commander Rode MItchell

Chief Tactical Officer

USS Atlantis

(OOC: Funny thing is, the concepts of this sim are anchored in real life. For most of it is how I spent Saturday after going out Friday night and drinking a bit more than I should have to impress a girl.)

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