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Cmdr. Dickens: Time for those who want to enjoy the leave

Minxing Shimisi

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( Before the talk with commander Blueheart )

:: Mitchell and Marcus talked for a while and the Angosian/Betazoid found that he liked to talk with someone that has been in service for as long as he has. In fact Rode had been in service more than him and that allowed to some complicity ::

DICKENS: As we don't have a fighter bay, we'll have to use the shuttles or runabout.

MITCHELL: Yeah, we can use the pair of Type 9's on board. Their built on a hull form similar to fighters.

DICKENS: Type 9's... noted :: he liked the design of the little shuttle :: So, do you have any plans for the rest of the night?

MITCHELL: ::taking a final sip of the drink.:: Well since this...:holding up the empty glass:: tastes like nothing. I'm headed to find one real drink then back up to the ship.

DICKENS: Be sure to request the transport before you're too tipsy to be understood up there. :: He smiled and patted the man's shoulder. Even himself was looking up to get something stronger that night.:: I'll watch a little more around here.

MITCHELL: Ok. Your call. Enjoy. ::he paused:: I think I've really become one of the foogies. I'm already headed out the door.

DICKENS: Well, every age has it's pleasures and ... well, we have to leave room for the new blood to draw their own path. Better for them to learn and not relying on us saying I told you so and better for us as we can scold them if they mess it up. :: he winked at the commander ::

MITCHELL: Although a lot of our junior officers split already. I'll see if I can find a few and observe from a distance. Make sure there's no brawls like the captain said before I go back up.

DICKENS: So you're after all a good starfleet commander. I better keep myself in your favour for the time you end up as captain of your own ship!

::He nodded and headed for the door, depositing the glass on a table before he left. He looked at him as he left the room and Marcus sipped from his beverage again before being reached by Blueheart ::

( Later )

BLUEHEART: Congratulations, XO.::Their glasses clinked.::

DICKENS: Thanks sir, I hope to be at the level you expect.

:: The CO and the now FO returned to the ballroom and Marcus stopped while Raj moved on. There he looked around, some of the crew had already left the place, he hoped to have them all coming back and that they could mix like the crew was on the Avandar. He couldn't avoid to think about those days and checking his memories he thought if he could have done something different about Vojana, maybe try giving her more room to widen her work and experience, maybe spending more time with her, but his duties as FO prevented to give her any more time as their missions demanded a lot of dedication. At least this issue has been solved by his former wife so this time he'll have all the time he needed to dedicate to the ship and the crew.::

:: He looked on the present people around and looked at them. He looked at a pair of women that were talking about themselves and giggling looking here and there and a thought of approaching them crossed his mind but discarded it as he found it not proper still feeling like he had a kind of debt with Vojana. ::

KELROD: oO Come on, she made it clear Oo

DICKENS: oO Yes, but you don't just forget a relationship that has lasted for years that easily. Oo

KELROD: oO Hey, she'd been partially my wife too, but you must realize that you haven't really had a relationship in the past months of husband and wife. She focused on her civilian doctor task and you on your FO job on the Avandar. This has to come Oo

DICKENS: oO You mean it's my fault? Oo

KELROD: oO I mean that it's something that happens... life is complicated and both of you had quite different points of view. After all she resigned from Starfleet and you escalated through the ranks. You represented what she come to hate and that duality could not end in a good way Oo

DICKENS: oO I can't believe that argument. If there's a will, there's a way. She just gave up too soon. I was going to ask for a transfer, even to resign if they deny me that, but she wanted it too early. I couldn't leave Starfleet the next day... Oo

KELROD: oO And that's when she loosed... and she get it straight. I believe that she did the right move, for the good of the two of you. So why won't you have some fun and distract your mind from that for a while. You can mourn all you want in your quarters, but we're at a party. Oo

DICKENS: oO You know what, have fun yourself, I don't want to have fun right now and even less to listen to someone like you telling me things I already know. oO

KELROD: oO Ok, no problem. Oo

DICKENS: oO Just don't let me be degraded to ensign, right? Oo

KELROD: oO Don't worry, your starfleet is so fun that I'd rather miss the chance to enjoy it further Oo

:: With that Marcus conscience moved back and Kelrod saw directly through his eyes, feeling good to be in control after quite some time. He checked the place and looked up observing the arquitecture and use of colors then switched back to the two female officers and confidently he moved towards them. ::

DICKENS: Hello ladies, enjoying the party so far?

SILA: Yes commander, it's a good relief from the mission.

LARISA: You seem to be a bit out of it sir.

DICKENS: Please, call me... :: remembering he's supossed to be he decided to play a little:: Marcus or Marc as we're on leave. So, what are you drinking?

LARISA: It's a local beverage, they say it's mildly strong so we're just taking a bit

DICKENS: Mmm... know what, this is a day, so let's have a bit of fun. :: He went to the counter, asked for three glasses of the same drink and returned with the woman :: Here you are :: with a smile in his face :: For the Atlantis crew, :: They raised their glasses :: And for all the beautiful officers in Starfleet represented by you here.

:: They were surprised but Sila giggled at the comment. After a sip she spoke ::

SILA: Comma... Marcus, you seem quite ... different. We've had little time to know you but you always seemed so busy in your work.

DICKENS: :: Kelrod smiled but what normally was an inner gesture this time translated into a genuine and visible smile :: Yes, I could seem that way, but that's when I'm on duty. One thing is on the ship or during a mission, but I like to enjoy leaves as they're sporadic and usually short. I even like to practice some fencing and riding. Do any of you ride?

LARISA: Ride? On what?

DICKENS: On horses of course

SILA: I've done it in my childhood back on earth, but it's been years.

LARISA: I just saw horses in pictures. We don't have it on the Jupiter station where I was born and raised. I went to Earth several times, but never to see them, even less to ride one.

DICKENS: Then you're lucky, I'm an excellent rider and I have a great holoprogram to ride. Easy horses, plain roads... Do you want to try it?

SILA: Why not? It's been years so It'll be fun

LARISA: I'm.. not sure

DICKENS: Come on Larisa, see Sila, if she can do it, you can and I promise that the horse will be easy.

:: Finally both agreed and moved with him, each one with their drink in their hands and requested transport to the Atlantis where Kelrod guided them to the holodeck and activated the holoprogram Marcus used to use to relax while riding. However, he'll be sure that this ride will be wonderful and osmething they'll want to repeat. ::


Cmdr. Marcus Dickens
First Officer

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