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What Do You Like and Who Can You Tell?

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You’ve been with the fleet now for a few weeks, months or even years and you’re enjoying yourself hugely. You’re roleplaying with a like-minded group of individuals and you’re working on developing your character’s latest plot arc, or contributing to the ship’s current mission. You might be involved in any number of OOC groups, rising through the ranks towards the command chair, making wiki edits, creating graphics for people… there is a huge amount of activities that could make the list of your favourite things to do in the fleet, and every single member has one thing that they enjoy more than anything else, because that’s part of human nature!

So who can you tell?

Star Trek fans who exist in sci-fi vacuums do exist, but they’re not very common. Which of your friends like Star Trek? Which of your friends like roleplaying? Which of them are writers? Which of them needs a hobby? You talk to your friends about things you enjoy, so when will the fleet come up in conversation? If you tell them about that activity that made it to the top of your list of favourites then they will immediately be able to see and hear how passionate and enthusiastic you are about it. How? Because it will be written all over your face, or it will come out clearly in the way you write about it. Will that be enough to make them give it a try? Maybe… but there’s a nefarious trick you can use to hook them in. You know your friends and you know what they like, so the trick is to see if you can figure out what they would like best about the fleet, and then talk about that right after!

Does your friend like writing and consider themselves to be pretty great? Are they competitive? “Hey, there’s actually a bi-monthly writing challenge that you would probably like…” Odds are, they’ll want to know more! Do they love watching TV shows and always talk about the characters? “You get to interact with upwards of 10 other people on your ship, and you get time between missions to make plans about how they will evolve!” They’ll want to know more about that chance for character development and probably the missions, too!

Will they stick around with the fleet? Well… once you’ve done the initial job of pushing them in our direction, it’s our job to keep them interested and motivated. We’re confident we can do it. After all, think of it like this: wouldn’t it be cool if you could write with your friends?

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