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I have been SIMming with this group for many, many years now. During that time, I have changed my character dramatically to make it more interesting for me to SIM year in and year out. As such, I have led my character to almost become evil over time where she might even go rogue and turn on her fellow crew-mates. Knowing that would be a sure-fire way to end my character’s career within the fleet, I never took her that far.

This week we’ll be looking one again at the hypothetical and will be, once again, a double-edged poll. Both polls will deal with your main character should they turn on the Federation. The first poll will deals with who you think your character, of the five main Captains portrayed in the various Star Trek series’, would be the most difficult for your character to defeat in battle given equal strength and crew skill level? The second is who do you think would be the easiest given the same? Why? Are there different skill-sets needed to battle each Captain differently, or would you use the same tactics for each? Do you think that your character is even capable of defeating the main Star Trek series’ Captains, or do you think this is not a fair fight, and no Captain has a chance against your character?

We here at the Poll of the Week are looking forward to your votes and responses. So head on down to the polls and let us know. Let the battle commence!

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