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April plot summary for the USS Vigilant-A

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Following the discovery of a sentient species on Eridax that demanded their immediate departure, the crew of the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515-A returned to Deep Space 6 to be confronted by a difficult set of personnel reassignments. First officer, Lieutenant Commander A’ern Zerxes, was reassigned at short notice to tend to a crisis on the Al-Leyan homeworld, leaving a void in the command staff that needed to be filled. Pulling in a few favours to overturn a transfer to the USS Darwin-A, Fleet Captain Diego Herrera approached Lieutenant Commander Aribelle Tagren and recruited her for the role.

Meanwhile, the crew’s participation in a food and culture festival aboard DS6 was cut short by the arrival of Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx, the bearer of orders from Starfleet Command. Over the Romulan border, on a research station in orbit of Gamma Crucis III, an attack from Federation ships had been reported, resulting in damage not only to the station but potentially to Federation/Romulan relations as well. In the interests of preserving the peaceful relations with the Romulan Star Empire that the Federation had been enjoying, Starfleet Command had decided to dispatch the Vigilant and both flag officers to investigate the Romulans’ claims and find out how much truth they held…

…because if there had been an attack by Federation ships, someone was going to need to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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