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2014 fundraising goal completed — thanks to all who donated!

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Through the generosity of our members, we’ve hit our 2014 (revised) goal of $905 of fundraising, required to pay for our site assets and hosting.

Many thanks to the following people who submitted donations in the past week, some of them having given repeatedly over the past few years: Kael Thomas (Darwin), Ben Livingston (Excalibur), Greir Reinard (Darwin), Dale McGregor (Garuda), Sundassa Faranster (Apollo), Anora Manar (on leave), Diego Herrera (Vigilant), as well as Dueld taJoot (Vigilant) and Raj Blueheart (Atlantis) who contributed very generously.

If you have a few minutes, please take a look at our donations news archive, where names of past members who’ve donated are on display.

Our site is entirely dependent on the contributions of members. For more information about the costs of keeping our site online, or to make a one-time or even start a monthly donation, please head to our Donation Station page.

Donating only takes a few moments via PayPal. We’ll never see your credit card information here at StarBase 118, and you’ll be using the same secure system that powers millions of eBay transactions every day.

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