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JP: Flt Cpt Turner & Cpt James - Dinner

Dizmim ChNilmani

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(( Imperia Solorum - Lokesh City ))

:: Even with as much of a gentleman that Harrington considered himself, when it came to looking the part, he had left that to his resident Orion. Velitha had a knack for picking out the right clothes for the right job and they always gave him the edge that he wanted. At the moment, he wore a plain tuxedo with the black bow tie and a simple white flower, the color being only in the gold cufflinks around his wrists. He stood in the luxurious lobby of the magnificent building studying his reflection in the gray marble floors. ::

:: Looking up from his musings is when he saw her, dressed in a simple black dress with only a touch of makeup. Her blue eyes seem to sparkle framed in the long chestnut brown hair that was pulled up. She took his breath away. ::

James: My dear, you are absolutely ravishing.

Turner: ::smiling:: Why thank you, Captain James. oO Famished is more like it. Oo You clean up well yourself.

:: He took her hand and gave it a simple kiss and then motioned to the elevator where two burly men stood. They nodded and tapped the button opening it for them. As the elevator began it’s ride up to the top floor of Til’ahn’s most exquisite restaurant, Harrington took a glance at her and made sure to check out how she filled out the dress. She was a beauty. ::

Velitha: =/\= Eyes up, Harry. =/\=

:: The tiny device attached under his ear vibrated the words into his skull towards his inner ear. He gave the security camera in the elevator a quick, nasty glare and then smiled at his dinner partner as the door opened. What stood out first, was the amazing view from the skylight windows that surrounded the whole entire circular room. The warm glow from the lights and the quite discussions of their occupants were at a level that was easy to listen too. ::

((OOC: http://cdn.abclocal.go.com/images/kabc/cms_exf_2007/news/state/110129_restaurants_winstons.jpg))

:: The Maitre'd approached, a young antosian woman whose green hair shimmered in the light. ::

James: Good evening, Okeva. My usual please.

Okeva: ::smiling:: of course, Mr. James. The brothers keep it open just for your visits.

:: Glak and Boruk. The two ferengi brothers that owned the place and catered to the rich tourists to the Duronis sector. They had a seen the opportunity as trade began to rise from the sector and got in before anyone else did. James had supplied a good amount of money to their venture and considered himself a silent partner, taking more the enjoyment of the meals and special treatment than any monetary gain. Not having to part with money made the two happy, and so they did not hesitate to make James feel at home when he arrived. ::

Okeva: Your usual Cabernet Sauvignon?

James: No, I think we’ll have champagne, tonight.

:: One of Harrington’s favorite parts to the place was the use of physical menus and not PADDs or some sort of computer. The brothers also boasted fresh non-replicated ingredients for their meals. While waiting for their drinks, James folded his hands and gave the sector commander a big smile. ::

James: I know I have said it already, but you are absolutely gorgeous….though I admit, I’m surprised you agreed to my invitation so quickly. I thought I might have had to start sending you chocolate and flowers.

Turner: Well then, maybe I shouldn't have been agreeable so fast if that's the case. I don't know any woman who doesn't like the flavor of chocolate nor the fragrance and beauty of flowers, but I must tell you, that I'll have to skip the taste of champagne due to the needs of my newly born daughter. Chilled lemon-water will be fine for me.

James: ::seductively:: I can still spoil you, Antonia, if you’ll only let me.

:: She was magnificent! Schooled expression and she did not even blink at the mention of her full name. It had taken a lot for him to track it down and a pretty penny too. She simply took the menu and began flipping through it. ::

James: oO What an exquisite woman. Oo

Turner: ::glancing over the menu items:: Tell me, if you have just arrived on Til'ahn a short time ago, how is it you have already have an established seat in a place like this? oO In other words, what are you holding over the owner's head? Oo

James: Oh, though I am new to the sector, I’m not new to the brothers. They wanted funding for this venture and in trade, I get a few benefits.

Turner: Oh? I'm impressed. Quite a feat for someone new to the planet.

James: It’s really all about who you know. I mean, everything has a benefit if you look for it. Take for instance this dinner we are having. I not only get your wonderful company, but it gives my rivals pause about how well connected I really am with the Federation sector commander.

Turner: ::frowning:: Oh, so I'm just a token to boost your prestige? oO I figured as much, but I never figured you to be honest about it.Oo Who are you trying to impress?

James: Not at all! I did not ask you out for prestige, I asked you out because I think you're the most gorgeous woman on the planet and I could not live without a moment or two of your time.

Velitha: =/\= You’re making me sick, Harry. =/\=

Turner: ::hiding an eye roll:: oO Oh, brother. Who does he think he is kidding? Oo

:: James did not change his expression from the voice reverberating in his head. He had second thoughts about having his security on standby. Velitha was being inordinately nosey. Jealousy perhaps? ::

Turner: Oh, do tell me more. It's been a long time since anyone noticed that I'm anything more than a Fleet Captain.

:: The Maitre’d returned with the champagne and lemon water and placed them down on the table. She also gave them a half loaf of freshly cook italian bread and creamy churned butter. ::

Okeva: Compliments of the owners.

:: James looked across to the see the two brothers, in their fancy clothes looking at them greedily. Harrington gave them a solid look and they quickly went on their way. After all, they were merchants and he was a pirate. Not that he would admit that to anyone.

Okeva: Are you ready to order?

James: I’ll have the fettuccine alfredo with aldebaran chicken.

:: Okeva quickly scribbled it down and turned to Toni. ::

Turner: ::closing the menu and giving it to Okeva:: I think I'll have the same. ::Okeva left to put in their order, and Toni leaned toward James:: You seem to have discerning taste for good food, so I figured you'd order the best dishes on the menu.

::It was pure flattery that made her say that to him. If he could shoot the bull with her, she'd show him that he had met his match.::

James: Why thank you. I try.

Turner: So tell me about your business concern ::as though she believed it was on the up and up::. Surely a man in your position does more than deliver supplies to the Resort.

James: My position? You flatter me, Antonia. I’m a simple merchant. I get jobs where I can. I have a nice bit of money put to the side and a few perks. I still have to make a living. It’s having company like you that makes these trips worth while.

Turner: oO This man has got to be in love with the sound of his voice. He says a lot, but it all comes back to one thing. Maybe I’m looking at this wrong. Could he be trying to seduce me? If so, I wonder why, after all I did send the Orion Syndicate after him. Perhaps a trophy? No doubt he has been around a few blocks, and has quite a few. Oo Have you ever been married?

:: James about choked on his champagne at the direct question. Toni Turner was good at playing the game. Very few people could catch him off guard. ::

James: ::wiping mouth:: excuse me, married?

Turner: Yes, married. Seems of man who travels as much as you, should have ran into at least one woman who would have captured your heart enough to marry.

James: Well...to tell the truth, I was married once...a long time ago. Long story, sad ending, but I want to talk about you. How does one so beautiful become a Fleet Captain?

Turner: ::Answering with one of his answers, she smiled.:: It’s really all about who you know. I mean, everything has a benefit if you look for it.

:: Their food arrived and they began to eat. The conversation was sporadic, but the verbal fencing continued subtly and pointedly. As their meal came to a close, James stood. ::

James: I have had a wonderful time, Antonia. You are a magnificent conversationalist. Shall I get your bodyguards for you? You do realize your marines stand out like sore thumbs here.

Turner: ::Rising as he took her hand:: Of course they do. They are exceptional in their work. Surely you expected a Fleet Captain to be protected, especially after the recent assassination attempts. ::And there it was out in the open. If he had anything to do with them, it would surely show in his face, but instead she saw only a glimmer of shock.::

James: I did not realize there was a second assassin. I’m glad you are okay. I hope you had a great time.

Turner: Actually, I had a wonderful time too. Would you care to escort me to my vehicle?

:: Surprised at the offer, Harrington stood and offered his arm to Toni. Walking her towards the elevator (and making sure to give a grin to her bodyguards), they rode down in silence. As he opened the door and allowed her to enter, he leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips. ::

James: I shall miss you, Antonia. Until we meet again.

Turner: Possibly... Good night, Captain James.

::Dade started the vehicle, and drove away. She looked at Dade through the rear view mirror, and felt a pang of guilt. She didn't know why she should feel guilty exactly. Maybe it was because she had enjoyed it. Maybe it was the element of danger James represented, or was it his charm. He reminded her of someone, and no matter what had made her hunger for the warmth of a kiss, she knew it wasn't his kiss that she desired.::

Turner: ::very quietly:: I wish he was, but there will never be another Heath.

JP by...

PNPC Captain Harrington James

SS Lady Adventure

As Simmed by...

Commander Nugra

Chief Intelligence Officer

USS Thunder-A

Embassy, Duronis II


Fleet Captain Toni Turner

Commanding Officer

Embassy Duronis II - USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A

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