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April plot summary for the USS Darwin-A

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With the freighter and it’s illegal cargo now overdue for delivery, owing to it’s confinement along with the crew on the USS Darwin NCC-99312-A, a Tellarite with something to lose made contact. He was understandably surprised to see the face of Lieutenant Commander Thomas and the bridge crew, instead of his Laudean collaborators. After some pointed threats the communication cut off, leaving the crew of the Darwin with more questions than answers.

As Captain Reinard was successfully treated in sickbay and once again in control of all his faculties the order was given to head to Deep Space 6. With everything in place, their arrival at Deep Space 6 began a period of shore leave which the crew grabbed by the horns with no delay.

With the Multi-Cultural fair in full swing aboard the Station the crew had more than enough to keep them occupied. With classes ranging from Cardassian bone carving, to how to roast a Klingon Bok-Rat the crew’s horizons were broadened in every direction. Amidst the excitement of the fair, the crew of the Darwin along with Fleet Captain Diego Herrera got the rare pleasure to celebrate in the promotion of their very own Commanding Officer, to Captain.

Once the glasses were cleared and the crew awoke, a new day and new mission for the Crew of the Darwin roused them back to duty. With the USS Valorous unable to be contacted after making a follow up visit to planet Asav, the Darwin is dispatched to investigate.

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