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Found 4 results

  1. ((POTENTIAL SPOILERS)) This one intrigues me because I've heard people saying the thing that deters them from watching the show is how the technology seems so advanced compared to ships in the other shows ie The Enterprise-D. The thing is though an experimental ship would hypothetically have better tech than most, being as Discovery is set way before the Enterprise that doesn't seem accurate. Let's discuss some of the tech in the show. We start with the spore drive not much to say about that one it is an experimental drive which they state in the show, but then we have things like the landing pods from a recent episode. The pods look so much more advanced than anything the Enterprise-D had along with the worker bee's and the suits in the show, but there's something that has brought me to thinking of it all in a different way. Discovery was created recently 2017-2018 and we look at when The Next Generation was created in 1987. That's a 30-year difference. The graphics and technology now are so much more advanced compared to 30-years ago. So in a way, it gives a new outlook on Star Trek. If we think about it the technology in the show is supposed to far surpass the earth now, well in 1987 that was considered the future, but now we can put so much more in the thoughts of the future. So my answer, in the end, is no I don't think it is. I do however want to hear what anyone else has to say! Look forward to the discussion!
  2. I recently started doing research into my favorite ship/class: the Prometheus. It is my long-term goal to captain one, and I've recently picked up doing vector graphics and I'm trying to make deck plans for this beauty. However, I ran into some problems. The ship is supposed to have 15 (according to SB118 and Star Trek Magazine) or 16 (according to STexpanded; ignoring this) decks. According to our wiki and Memory Beta, the ship is 113 meters high. This immediately causes problems. The ship has the same amount of decks as the Intrepid class, which is only 64 meters high, so in theory the Prometheus should be about as high. The average height of a deck on the Prometheus would be 7.53 meters, which could be two decks on any other ship. So calculating with a standard height of four meters per deck the ship should have about 28 decks. So I realized the ship either has way more decks or is way less high. I reached that conclusion very quickly using Paint, because all sources state a length of 415 meters. Please compare these two (link to original picture, which is slightly out of the Voyager height proportion) The top one is with a height of 64 meters and 15 decks. The bottom one is with a height of 113 meters and 28 decks. Both with a length of 415 meters. If you don't recognize it immediately, the left one depicts the original prometheus waaaay better. So I think the 64 meters should be taken as the height, or a value close to that. Another way of calculating height solely using this picture would be to count pixels. The (original; not scaled by me) picture is 600 pixels wide and 80 high, so using the 415 as a length we can calculate a height of 55 meters. Not sure what to do with this, and I'd like to hear y'all's opinion on this matter. Rant over.
  3. Title says it all. The fan project aims to create an actual to-scale version of the Enterprise-D deck by deck in Unreal Engine 4. They already have some amazing WIP videos and Oculus Rift support is in the works. I cannot possibly explain how exciting I am to see this progress and be following this project closely. http://www.enterprise3dproject.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=1&v=uK9ijZeHWjI
  4. https://www.inkshares.com/projects/trekonomics?ref=producthunt Not quite sure what to think about this...
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