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Found 2 results

  1. http://www.startrek.com/article/kirk-spock-uhura-barbie-dolls-coming-soon
  2. So I've started watching TOS again for the first time in many years. (Not counting the movies. I watch those all the time! ) I last saw them before they were remastered, so that gives you an idea how long its been, even though I own the non-remastered DVDs, lol. I forgot how good these were, despite the "dated" graphics and set design. I guess that was the main reason why I normally skipped TOS when binge-watching Star Trek (and start with TNG). Shows where my priorities with entertainment used to lie: looks over story. Now I seem to notice the story more, and the barriers it shattered along the way. I just finished watching "Court Martial" and was surprised at how enthralled I was with it; a good law & order story that could probably hold up in any TV show today. Even an African-American Commodore, which was probably even more unheard-of in the '60s than an African-American woman on the bridge! Rant over. Just saying how much I am enjoying watching TOS again!
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