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  1. Before you even think about it, you Can't pull a James Tiberius Kirk on this one. - It's no longer original thinking So as the topic says, how would you treat (beat?!?) the Kobayashi Maru? How would you justify your decision? I'll start. Sollution: Refuse to break the treaty by crossing the Neutral Zone border. Make a note of the inccident in the ships log and contact Starfleet Command about it. Justification: As the Vulcan race is so fond of saying, 'The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few or the one.' Crossing into the Neutral Zone for any reason is considered at best a hostile action, and at worst a declaration of war. I can not justify risking the ship and the lives of my crew to save one civilan ship nor can I justify risking all out war with the (Insert time period specific race of your choice here) for the same reason. I would allow members of my crew to object on moral grounds, and their objections to be noted in the log and message to Starfleet Command before resuming the ships previous course and speed. Now over to you. Edit to answer Major Parker. My understanding of Federation law and Starfleet regulations is that the treaty must be obeyed, even if it means disobeying a Starfleet directive. I'm not saying I wouldn't get court martialed in a real situation, however I would probably be aquitted at any such trial based on the justification. As I see it, the treaty over rides any and all Starfleet regulations and directives.
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