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Found 10 results

  1. DEEP SPACE 3 — The culinary pleasures of Qo’noS may not immediately come to mind when thinking about exceptional gourmet dining. A fresh addition to Deep Space 3’s promenade promises to revolutionise everyone’s opinions about Klingon food. Wejwa’, the Klingon word for flavour, recently debuted to rave acclaim. The exterior décor is an eye-catching stone façade that leads down to a feasting pit that even Kahless would be proud of. The main dining hall is a splendour of rich, dark mahogany eating tables set against a dark granite motif. The walls are simply ornamented with uniquely Klingon flags and statues of elite warriors, as well as interwoven with candles and smoke elements to accentuate the original Klingon ambience. “We want folks to have a genuine sense of Qo’noS here! Klingon culture is centred on celebration and sharing,” said H’esketh, M’Rak’s daughter and the company’s owner and general manager. “Forget your Starfleet preconceptions of strewn tables and walls splattered with gagh and bloodwine. At Wejwa’, we honour our mothers’ and grandmothers’ cuisine by serving a warriors meal meant to excite all of your senses after a glorious day!” The cuisine appears to be traditional Klingon, with gagh and Targ being mainstays in many meals. The restaurant features many exceptional cuts of targ meat, including the jowl, maw, T-Bone, and rump cut, and every type of gagh is offered as an appetiser or main course. Don’t feel like eating a substantial bowl of live gagh? Customers might choose racht. The popular tren bread, blood pudding, brek chips, and grat root fries are among the side dishes. You can even finish your dinner with Klingon honeyed blood cake! Whether you like Klingon food or are feeling brave one evening, make sure to try an authentic taste of Klingon fare at Wejwa’, available only on Deep Space 3. The post Popular Klingon restaurant promises to wage glorious battle… on your tastebuds! appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  2. SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH – Every year, bright-faced and happy-go-lucky Cadets enter Starfleet with nothing but a dream and a wish in their hearts, eager for learning and to one day step aboard a Starship as a fresh-faced Ensign, and perhaps one day… a Captain. And, like clockwork, every year rumours arise about The Haunting. “Look,” said Cadet Arisa, a second-year medical cadet. “I’m not saying I believe in spirits or whatever, but sometimes at night… Sometimes, like, you hear things.” Cadet Linn, a third-year Bolian science cadet, offered her own explanation for these strange occurrences. “It’s just some other Cadets,” Linn stated, a Bolian of a nervous disposition glancing over her shoulder. “Some of them are loud at night, and they bang on things. Completely unwarranted and, as Spol would say, illogical, but I’m not anyone’s mother here.” However, some like Orion Cadet Try, believe that the spirits are real. “One night,” he related as he stacked PADDS onto a tray, looking back and forth. “I swear I locked my window and door. I’m paranoid, or so says my roommate. But around two in the morning, I wake up and my window and door are open. And there’s a woman. Just, a random woman, her hand reached out to me. I reached back and poof. She was gone. I fell asleep and then I woke up and my door was locked window was open though.” Over the years, several cadets have provided evidence of unusual events. One cadet reported ‘spheres of light’ bouncing in the hallways, while another reported a window opening on its own, The most daunting of these was a faint silhouette of someone within a room that appeared almost translucent. Commander Thomas Jones, a science instructor, expressed frustration over how these reports affect cadet morale. “I’m sure the students love Halloween, but for one year could we not terrorise the newcomers with thoughts of possession and the undead?” More information will be reported as additional details come to light. The post Starfleet Academy Cadets Strongly Suspect Spirit Haunting Halls appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  3. FERENGINAR — One of the most underestimated jobs in Ferenginar, the Grand Proxy is dispatched by the Grand Nagus to act in his stead in all actions regarding Ferengi. Ferengi may have changed somewhat in the last twenty or thirty years, and the Rules of Acquisition have mellowed. As such, the post is one of the most demanding in Ferengi culture, with the capacity to be dispatched to anywhere the Grand Nagus decides his influence is most needed. One such mission was to act as Ambassador, negotiator and broker with members of the Gamma Quadrant over mineral rights being sent to Earth. Invited to find out the gravitas of the role, this reporter joined the Grand Proxy to find out what exactly is a typical day. Firstly, we met in her office and chatted over a Slug-O-Cola while she reviewed the latest news from across the Quadrants. The morning was taken up with minor issues as she prepared to visit Qo’Nos, the Klingon homeworld, to discuss a problem concerning plans of targ breeding efficiencies. A brave Ferengi noticed a gap in the market and had started a programme to produce them and export them to Qo’nos at a very reasonable amount. If a Ferengi can be considered enigmatic, it is the Grand Proxy. She takes great pride in her lobes and proudly states she is immune to male charms, so Oo-Mox is less distracting for her. Sipping her drink, she smiles in the least Ferengi smile I have ever seen. After a light lunch of Tube Grub, she prepares to depart. Receiving communication from the Grand Nagus, she contacted the ship booked for her passage to ensure they are ready to leave. Her assistant ensures her baggage is packed and ready to go. With another smile, she leaves me behind as she sets off to conclude the business deal, ensuring that this is one transaction the Grand Nagus will take his share in taxes as she goes. “The old Ferengi business practises may be dying out,” she informed me, as a parting gesture of wisdom, “they aren’t going without an occasional twitch.” The old saying be careful who you do business with is still alive and well for now. The post A day in the life of a Grand Proxy appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  4. SURAYA BAY, RISA — Featuring a low-key coastal resort, famous family-friendly sandy beaches, interesting nightlife and festivals with cliffside villas overlooking beautiful views of the sea, Suraya Bay is often considered the foremost attraction by Risa’s visitors. Risa isn’t lacking in beautiful places to visit, and there are very few reasons to not venture onto the pleasure capital of the galactic atlas in pursuit of rest and relaxation. With delicious food produced by some of the galaxy’s most famous chefs, and ample opportunities to enjoy water sports and mountain climbing, there is something to suit everyone at any time of the year. However, beyond its tourism appeal, Suraya Bay is something quite special. Luxury villas are built into the side of the cliff face, painted white to hold in the heat from the midday sun. A gorgeous garden stretches out in front, filled to bursting with local flowers and cultural bounties. This surrounds quaint table and chair arrangements, appointed to allow guests to dine in the delight of the encompassing vista. Every evening, a floating restaurant comes alive in the bay just as the sun descends on the horizon, where couples can wade out to the ship and enjoy freshly caught seafood cooked on the deck, a process showcasing a unique blend of remarkable culinary expertise and undeniable artistic appeal. There is a strong feeling of well-being, with the tangy scents of nearby orchards washing away worries and cultivating a contented mind. A short walk from the villas are restaurants and curiosity shops, and local business owners come out to greet you as you make your way down the hillside. Swimmers dive off the ancient cliffs down into the bay below, breaking the quiet with the occasional satisfying splash of cool water. If relaxing isn’t your style, there are lots of interesting paths to hike upon, with many leading up the volcanic mountains that dot the landscape. Once at the summit, it is a time-honored tradition to roast marshmallows and skewered local fruits on the eternal flames emanating from small holes in the pitted volcanic rock. Burning for thousands of years, the flames survived the harsh weather conditions prior to the formation of the weather control network. And, of course, if you’re planning your visit in the summer, don’t forget to check in for the Lohlunat Festival down in the bay. A night of campfires and mai-tais after a surf on the crystal clear waters will kindle any sparking romance until the dawn. If you’re in dire need of a romantic getaway with your partner, don’t think twice before booking your next cruise to Suraya Bay, the hidden gem of Risa. The post We’re all going to Suraya Bay: An intriguing look at the romantic hotspot appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  5. FERENGINAR — Entrants from Qo’nos and Earth are to be joined by a Talaxian, Romulans, Cardassians, and Bajorans in an epic struggle to win the grand title of Galactic Bake Off Champion. The competition is rapidly building for this year’s Galactic Bake Off. Ever resourceful, the Bake Off team have thrown in extra challenges. Zero-G baking and assimilation baking are on top of the list. Though Zero-G baking speaks for itself, it has to be pointed out no Borg are used in the assimilation heat. The simple rule is that it must be baked and assimilated into another recipe, creating a whole new recipe. Larish Pie, the staple of any good Bajoran diet is alleged to be a hot contestant. The rumours of Gagh Pie abound after an ostensible secret recipe was found in a Bynar’s database. “Today is a good day to fry!” reportedly exclaimed the great Klingon chef Krohong Juc, suggesting the Klingons may have their competitions confused as this is the Galactic Bake Off. The Cardassians are fielding a strong team fronted by the great chef Brudatt Jed, while the human team is fronted by Mary Hollyforest. The social buzz on Bolarus IX indicates Bolian chef Pelall will compete in preparation for a cookbook release later in the year. The program is marketed and dispatched by Ferengi holoprogram experts, Latinum Productions. Broadcasts of this year’s contest are due to be dispatched to all corners of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants via holodeck to allow for total immersion in the sensations. “Get your taste buds ready for an extravaganza of delicious morsels and cook along with the interactive competition!” reads the information guide. “Please note: viewer votes will not count, and viewers could be charged for voting along.” The post Galactic Bake Off to be filmed on Ferenginar appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  6. Dresden Mitchell investigates changing attitudes on Vulcan towards the centuries-old tradition in part one of a series. The seven-year mating ritual undertaken by the Vulcan, pon farr, requires individuals to find a suitable mate and bond. However, recent years have seen a surge of medical alternatives flood the market to combat the neurochemical imbalances associated with the ritual, prompting the question – are the modern youth of Vulcan focusing on their career advancement instead? There has been a vast number of young adult Vulcans recently that are using questionable methods of medical practices to further their careers rather than partake in what their forefathers have done for millennia. “We believe that this age-old practice is not logical,” said one Vulcan I talked to who wished to remain anonymous. “It hinders any kind of scientific or any other achievements. When we are ready to find a suitable mate, it should be our logical choice.” How they are combating these urges is relatively unknown; although, one of these medical alternatives has recently been made public. A Terran plant mixed with herbs found only on the planet Vulcan can release a more productive neurological response, which negates the primal urges of Vulcans. No one knows for sure who started this little revolution, but older Vulcans think this is just a phase and it’ll pass by with little to no effect. “These young Vulcans can hardly resist the effect of pon farr all the while reaching a more mature state of mind,” said Professor Moruk of the Vulcan Science Academy. Stay tuned for part 2 of Dresden Mitchell’s special report. The post Are modern Vulcans refusing to engage in ritualistic pon farr to pursue career goals? appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  7. LONDON, EARTH — The Federation Cultural Society announced the Andorian homeworld as the winner of their annual travel contest. Once each year, the Federation Cultural Society features a system that is often overlooked or underestimated as a vacation spot. In the past, they have focused on such diverse locales as Cestus III and Nimbus. This year’s spotlight is what many have called the “Icy Jewel” – Andoria! Don’t let its frosty reputation fool you. The Andorians are a warm and welcoming people. You are sure to find an abundance of rest and relaxation at this travel destination among the stars. The Andorian system, also known as the Kay’va system, is located in the Beta Quadrant within Sector 006. The homeworld of the blue-skinned Andorians is actually a moon orbiting a ringed gas giant which makes for outstanding visuals in the clear night skies. The planet has a long and storied history but has flourished since its people helped birth the Federation as a founding member. The rotational period of the world is 32 hours – a bit longer than the Federation standard. But the Federation Cultural Society believes that will only allow for more daylight to enjoy the sights on this cool planet. Speaking of “cool” – definitely pack your thermal jacket. The surface temperatures stay well below zero centigrade, though rare heatwaves can send the temperature soaring above this. Because of low temperatures, most settlements are located in subterranean tunnels and caves. A true winter wonderland! The largest city on the planet is Lor’Tan, though the government operates from the capital of Laibok. Many fine tourist destinations can be found in both urban centers. Schedule a visit to Andor’s Art Academy which is considered one of the preeminent educational institutions within the entire Federation. Paintings by D’Vel Miza and rock sculptures by Skaasst the Horta can be found within the halls of the school. The Andorian Mountains that connect the Kul’Tan and Ka’Thela continents are breathtakingly beautiful. The majestic spires have become the inspiration of many local poets. Species with ocular sensory organs will no doubt enjoy a visit to this geological masterpiece. In fact, its a favorite destination spot for newlywed couples. Make sure to spend some time sampling the local cuisine. Popular drinks on Andoria include katheka, a stimulant drink similar to Terran coffee, and srjula, a tart, yellow tea. The Andorian tuber root is a versatile vegetable that is a popular ingredient in an array of dishes. Andorian ale is the most popular alcoholic beverage. Why not take a case home with you? It’s still blue, and you won’t run into the nasty export problems that Romulan ale brings with it! A single word of caution, though. If someone offers you shaysha, politely decline. This orange-speckled beetle is often served to unwary offworlders as a practical joke. “There is a special place in my heart for Andoria,” said recent Starfleet Academy graduate Ensign Jona ch’Ranni, who is himself a native of Andoria. “The ice fields of this planet are second to none. You won’t find a better place.” The Federation Cultural Society agrees. That is why they have named Andoria the “Best Planet to Visit in 2396.” Come see Andoria – the “Icy Jewel.” The post Federation Cultural Society names Andoria “Best Planet to Visit” appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  8. The year was 2286. Earth had just survived the Whale Probe crisis thanks to a certain fabled crew. But that year also marked the opening of the Venture Museum, which honored the legacy of another Constitution class starship. Now in its 107th year of operation, the museum has continued to be a hot attraction for all ages. View the full article
  9. In the far reaches of the Delta Quadrant lies a station offering both new sights and familiar comforts and tastes for the adventuring traveler. With increasing frequency, quantum starliners are crisscrossing the vastness of space, turning far-flung destinations into reasonable getaways. Planets such as Bajor, Cestus III, and Deneb IV can now be reached from Earth in hours or days instead of weeks, and the skies are opening up to a new wave of casual holiday makers. For hardcore travelers, however, slipstream travel presents a unique opportunity to journey to another corner of the galaxy, and Outpost Unity, a newly constructed space station in the Delta Quadrant, is quickly gaining a reputation as an adventure tourism hotspot. View the full article
  10. Dr. Rasaf answers a question from a reader torn between two worlds. Dear Dr. Rasaf, Growing up on Betazed, I was expected to not only be comfortable with my emotions, but also be comfortable with everyone else around me knowing what I was feeling and thinking. The trouble is, I’m not. I’ve never been as comfortable with the openness of my peers. Honestly, sometimes I think I was born on the wrong planet. I’ll start my university studies later this year, and I want to go to Vulcan to study mathematics. I love everything about their culture, and I just feel I’ll fit better there. I thought because I’ve gained admission to a prestigious university there, my parents would be proud, but they’re not happy and taking it personally. They think I’m trying to get away from them. Even worse, my mother is on the board at the University of Betazed and has apparently had the next four years of my life already planned out there. All of her friends and my extended family are expecting me to go. I love them, but how do I let them understand why I want to go to Vulcan without devastating them? -Breaking Hearts on Betazed View the full article to read Dr. Rasaf's response! Got your own question for Dr. Rasaf? Leave a comment below! Dr. Rasaf is written by Mandy, the writer for Counselor Raissa Moonsong of the USS Invicta.
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