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  1. NIMBUS III - After a long and hard-fought campaign, Nimbus III Chief Administrator Narala emerged victorious in the race to become the next Federation president. Continue reading the rest of the article at the FNS website. FNS Home FNS Data Feed FNS on FB
  2. Narala leads post-debate polls as election draws near By Reza Kardgar Stardate 239212.11 PARIS, EARTH — As citizens across the Federation prepare to head to the polls next week, Nimbus III Chief Administrator Narala tops the latest polls following the FNS presidential debate. “After skipping the Berengaria Caucus, Narala needed to hit it out of the ballpark, and boy did she do it,” said Professor Emil Arbelaez, chairman of political science at Pike City University on Cestus III. “It seems this election cycle, voters are looking towards greater representation from all corners of the Federatio
  3. The candidates have spoken, and now it’s your turn. Who do you think won the FNS presidential debate? VOTE NOW! A full transcript of the debate is included below the poll.
  4. Candidates prepare for final debate By T'Vas Stardate 239212.05 TELLAR PRIME — The five leading candidates in the 2392 Federation presidential race will take the stage at Gral University for the final debate of the election cycle. As the election draws near, Federation citizens will get one last look at all of the candidates together on one stage: Ambassador Lily Ventu Chief Administrator Narala of Nimbus III Governor Adellia Vor of Axanar Federation Councilor for Terra Nova Kevin Steiner Trill Chief of Staff Anari Kthria The debate will be hosted by FNS political contributor Maronida S
  5. One on one with candidate Narala By Vian Nova Stardate 239210.17 Nimbus III Chief Administrator Narala on Deep Space 9, Bajor Sector. Narala is known as "the crusader" in her run for the presidency. Much of her publicity has boasted of her ability to take action when it comes to politics. Yet while her record fighting corruption and transforming Nimbus III from a failed colony to a prosperous, galactic hotspot is impressive, she remains unfamiliar to many across the rest of the Federation. She was also the only candidate who did not attend the Berengaria Caucus - a move many political comm
  6. Voter apathy a major concern on Bajor By Nash Blaxland Stardate 239210.15 BAJOR — A poll of eligible voters on Bajor this week has shown that nearly three in every five Bajorans do not plan to vote in this year’s presidential election. Consistent responses across all eighteen provinces indicate the majority of Bajorans view the upcoming election, which will determine Nan Bacco’s successor as Federation president, as an issue of relatively little importance. In Jerad and Tozhat provinces, only 51 percent plan to vote (the highest proportion planetwide), while in Kendra Province, an overwhelm
  7. HAVE YOUR SAY: The Candidates at the Caucus The Issue: At the recent Berengaria Caucus, three of the four Presidential Candidates joined by newcomer Anari Kthria participated in the noted Presidential Panel, giving the Federation a snapshot of their views on many different issues. With domestic issues like the Federation Transport Union Strike and Starfleet reform taking precedence alongside foreign policy debates like hypothetical Klingon expansion and just what direction the Federation should take as it approaches the 25th century. While some candidates agreed on some issues, they often d
  8. Berengaria Caucus ends, presidential candidates speak By Lara Senekal Stardate 239210.08 This year's Berengaria Caucus closed with a Presidential Panel attended by four candidates, with Anari Kthria, the Chief of Staff of Trill, making her surprise announcement for her own bid for the presidency. BERENGARIA VII – The main event of the Berengaria Caucus took place earlier today with the Presidential Panel featuring three of the four established major candidates thus far and a surprise announcement of a fifth candidate, Anari Kthria of Trill. "As we approach the 25th century, now is a good
  9. Bajoran author Pela Zhor speaks at opening of Berengaria Caucus By Deyvani Chandur Stardate 239209.02 This year's Berengaria Caucus features a star-studded list of guests and speakers as the Federation elections loom near. BERENGARIA VII — The Berengaria VII Caucus began today in the capital city of Urraca, with all major (and even many minor) candidates in this year's presidential race present. Joining them are such Federation luminaries as Siraan of Vulcan, Cardinal Maria Santiago, Dr. Ven Tell, and many, many more, including many FNS contributors. "The Value of Open and Free Discus
  10. Candidate Narala faces questions about crime lord's sudden acquittal By Vian Nova Stardate 239206.10 NIMBUS III - In a stunning decision, Vivian Voreic, a known Orion crime lord, has been acquitted of all charges in the Nimbus system. Tensions were high in Paradise City when crime kingpin Vivian Voreic (last name recently changed from Volkoff) touched down a week ago and was arrested on sight by the city's security force. It marked the first time Voreic was positively identified by the general public after rumors of her organization's activity in the Nimbus system. Detained, charged, and pu
  11. Presidential ribbon cutting or something more? By Lara Senekal Stardate 239205.11 PARIS, EARTH — It is hardly news that the exact contents of a President's speech be unknown to the greater public or even some insiders reporters go to for sources and sound bites. What is unusual is that the President of the United Federation of Planets should make no mention of the contents of her largest speech of the year, and perhaps the last major one of her career and then fly off to a soon to be completed space station on the far side of Federation space. A few days ago President Nanietta Bacco left E
  12. President embattled and candidates emboldened By Lara Senekal Stardate 239202.18 Federation President Nan Bacco's approval rating has fallen in recent weeks, especially in regards to her handling of the Federation Transport Union strike. PARIS, EARTH — It seems the superlative 'Most Popular' has been stripped from President Nanietta Bacco. In a detailed poll released this week, only 11% approved of her handling of the current Federation Transport Union crisis, with 55% disapproving and 33% undecided. While her overall poll numbers remain high, the polls on the individual issues and current cr
  13. Presidential prospectives court public opinion By Lara Senekal Stardate 239202.02 As the election of 2392 draws closer, many wonder just who else will throw their hat into the ring. PARIS, EARTH — With three candidates officially in the race and Federation President Nan Bacco herself still undeclared, the 2392 elections have come off to a false start with a lack of popular or notable candidates only a month before the deadline for declaring their intent to run. Lily Ventu is an ambassador and former Starfleet psychologist who has little notoriety despite her many accomplishments. Chief Admi
  14. Terra Novan Kevin Steiner makes long-rumored presidential bid officialBy Reza KardgarStardate 239201.29 TERRA NOVA — In an unsurprising announcement, Terra Novan councilman Kevin Steiner officially announced his candidacy for the Federation presidency. "We are at a crossroads, my fellow citizens," said Steiner from his home in Logan City on Terra Nova, as his wife Adelise sat beside him. "We can continue on a path of diminishing influence and power on the interstellar stage, where our allies will no longer be able to count on us and where our own worlds continue to suffer from foolhardy poli
  15. Narala of Nimbus III joins race for the presidencyBy Vian NovaStardate 239201.18 NIMBUS III — On the heels of Ambassador Lily Ventu's presidential campaign announcement, Nimbus III Chief Administrator Narala joined the race for the presidency. Many citizens of the Galactic Peace planet Nimbus III had gathered in Paradise City for what quite possibly was the ambitious chief administrator's most staggering announcement yet. "My fellow citizens of Nimbus, these are troubling times in our galaxy. Strong leadership is needed to handle both the challenges ahead and those that will always require
  16. Ambassador Lily Ventu announces campaign for the presidency By Tellaria D'Sol Stardate 239201.17 EARTH — Ambassador Lily Ventu formally announced her candidacy today for the Presidency of the United Federation of Planets, becoming the first official challenger to incumbent Nan Bacco. Ambassador Ventu made her announcement earlier this morning from the bridge of the hospital ship Britannia. "I am announcing today my candidacy for the Presidency of the United Federation of Planets," she said, standing in front of her partner and the Britannia's commanding officer Fleet Captain Hayden Reynolds.
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