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  1. I'm excited to see how this scene shapes up, but this opener from Ganarvuss is beautiful. I think it's a great example of how two characters can feel very differently about a situation. ((Chief of Security’s Office-Deck 4-USS Atlantis)) ((Time Index: Day 15? of Shoreleave)) ((OOC: All thoughts and opinions strictly IC.)) There had been an incident on the surface and Ilana was not happy about it. She was even less happy with how little information she had received from the Starfleet officers involved. In fact, almost everything she knew had come from the government down on Illara Prime. There had evidently been some kind of altercation between three Starfleet officers, one of whom wasn’t even assigned to Atlantis, and an Illaran citizen had died. Ilana had called for Ensign Lephi to report to her in her office. She wanted to talk to her and Ensign Snow independently. She had no idea what to do about the marine lieutenant. Granted, he wasn’t part of the Atlantis’ crew, so it should be a Federation, not Starfleet, Security problem. Captain Thoran was going to be present at the debriefing as well and Ilana knew the pressure was on her in her new position as Acting Chief of Security. Thoran arrived first and when he entered the office she stood, holding herself rigidly. Ganarvuss: Captain. About the incident on the surface. I’m… sorry. I should’ve anticipated that something like this might happen. I’ll do better from now on. It wasn’t adequate, she knew it but she wasn’t going to shirk responsibility. The safety of the crew was her primary duty and it was hers before it was anyone else’s. Thoran: ? Ganarvuss: Understood sir. In light of recent events, I recommend that no one be allowed on the surface unless accompanied by security or marine personnel. Preferably armed. The door chime sounded, after Ilana stopped speaking and she looked at Thoran. Thoran: ? Ganarvuss: Yes sir. :: to the door :: Enter! The door slid open and Ensign walked in, smiling. Ilana felt the blood rush to her face. What in the world did she have to smile about? She took a breath and crossed her arms, trying to calm herself. She didn’t have a full picture of the incident. Getting angry at Lephi wasn’t going to help that. Lephi: ::offering a salute:: Sir. I was ordered to report here for a debriefing? Thoran: ? Ganarvuss: The Illaran government told us some of what happened on the surface, Ensign. You're lucky you weren't arrested. Lephi made her way over to the desk and sat in one of the chairs. Normally, Ilana wouldn’t mind that, but between the severity of the situation and the smile on Lephi’s face, the Ensign’s readiness to relax nearly overpowered Ilana. She settled for clenching her fists. Lephi: I hope you don't mind if I sit down, I'm not sure I could stand for this thing. I came directly from sickbay, I haven't had time to write up a report yet, I'm sorry. Ganarvuss: oO You’d better be! Oo Ilana bit the inside of her cheek to keep from speaking. While the situation on the surface had likely been challenging emotionally, it was no excuse to inform one’s superiors of yet another incident that could paint Starfleet in a bad light for the Expanse. Thoran: ? Lephi: It all happened so fast, I'm not sure how much help I'll be right now, but I'm happy to try. Thoran: ? Ganarvuss: Just tell us what happened. Lephi: ? Thoran: ? Ganarvuss: Kidnapped? oO You’ve got to be kidding me. Oo Ilana did her best not to roll her eyes. Three Starfleet officers, one of them a marine no less, kidnapped in broad daylight. If Ilana didn’t have a great deal of respect for the uniform Lephi was wearing, she wouldn’t believe her for a second. Being Chief of Security was going to be a lot more difficult than she’d anticipated, if people couldn’t even take of themselves during shoreleave. Lephi/Thoran: ? TAG/TBC -- Lieutenant J.G. Ilana Ganarvuss Acting Chief of Security USS Atlantis A239504HM0
  2. Two appreciation posts from me in a week but I do have to say I’m a huge huge sucker for lots of fine, intricate description. I absolutely loved the atmosphere. MOAR please 😂And I do also have to say sailing ships are fantastic. @Jarred Thoran ((Somewhere in the Atlantic, HMS Destiny)) ((OOC: Just a little something from Jarred's unconscious state)) Jarred stood on the quarterdeck, a sweeping view of the ship in front of him, men busying themselves with work. The ship in question was the 32-gun fifth rate frigate, HMS Destiny, a 19th century Royal Navy ship.It had a deck composed of great wooden planks, with three huge masts protruding from it. Each of the masts was furnished with great off white sails. Above were clear blue skies and below dark blue water. The swell of the waves caused the ship to roll gently, creating an almost calming effect. He took a deep breath, feeling the sea air filling his lungs. He’d always felt more at home on the sea, the oak planks beneath his feet than he ever had on land. He had been fascinated by the sea from an early age, the mysteriousness of what lurked in the depths, the adventures to be had in distant lands. A sudden sway caused a splash of salt filled water to hit his face and a moment later the peacefulness was broken as a voice called out. Callan: Hands to quarters. Hands to quarters. Enemy ship to larboard. The previously quiet humdrum on the deck now becoming a hive of activity as the crew hurried to their stations. The air filled with the sounds of shouting of orders, the drumming of the marines and the piping of the whistle. In mere minutes the entire crew had turned onto the deck, many racing up from below. Standing beside Jarred was Lieutenant Callan, who was presently occupied with the telescope, keeping track of their enemy. The deck rumbled and groaned as the 12-pound cannons were rolled out into position. A contingent of red coated marines had joined Jarred and his officers on the quarterdeck, their muskets aiming at the ship now bearing down on them. Thoran: Fire as we bear Mister Stanway. Stanway: Aye aye sir. A moment passed and Jarred smiled to himself, pleased with how swiftly his crew had run their guns out and had prepared for action. There was a certain thrill with the anticipation of battle. The Destiny had been assigned to patrol the shipping lanes after a spate of pirate attacks against the merchant shipping in the region. After two days on the hunt they had finally found their prey. The ship on the horizon was larger than the Destiny, but Destiny had the advantage of the weather gage on their side. With the weather gage, Destiny would be the one to dictate the terms of engagement. They were upwind of their opponent, meaning they would be able to manouvere at will towards them downwind.. Stanway: FIRE! As his First Lieutenant gave the order, it resounded down the ship, each officer repeating the order for the gun crews to hear. The fuses to the canons were lit and a couple of seconds later the deck was awash with smoke, the sound of cannon fire filling the air. ------------------------------------------- Commander Jarred Thoran Commanding Officer, USS Atlantis NCC-74682 A239405JT0
  3. This topic is for any funny, motivational, inspiring (add any adjective you want) quotes which have been uttered aboard the USS Atlantis in it's many adventures.
  4. I had to share this absolute gem written by @Dassa Alexander-Dalton today. The way she paints the picture of Representative Brex is masterful and I had tears of laughter at one point. ======================================= ((Security Director’s Office, Mephinii Spaceport, Illara Prime, Par’Tha Expanse)) The woman left and he returned his attention to the matter at hand. They now had two tasks that required attention: the re-analysis of the crime scene and interviewing suspects. Forensics wasn’t his area of specialty and he felt all he’d end up doing here was standing and twiddling his thumbs. Ganarvuss: Captain Logan, I’d like to take Ensign Yalu or Lephi with me to talk to the suspects. Logan: Response Lephi: All due respect to Ensign Yalu, I truly feel I would be better suited to come along. I've been thinking about it and although my hand to hand combat is rusty, my diplomacy is a strong point. Ganarvuss: Is that so? Lephi: I might be an engineer in Starfleet, but I've brokered many deals in my short life, and you can't do that unless you're good with your words and reading people. He smiled and nodded. For one so young, the Ferengi certainly was bold. Perhaps it was a species trait. Given that this was the first Ferengi he’d ever met, he couldn’t be sure. However, he could say that he found it refreshing. Despite her earlier nervousness, he imagined she’d make a good business partner. Logan: Response Yalu: I’m happy to go wherever I am needed, Ensign Ganarvuss. If you’d like someone to stay behind and work with Dr. Nidhar’s team, I can do that. But if you think I could be of use elsewhere, I mean, not that staying here wouldn’t be useful, I just... Brex: ::inclines his head and turns to Ganarvuss:: With all respect, Ensign, I agree with your Ensign Lephi. His shrewdness might be beneficial. ::pauses:: Also, as I stated to your other officer, I feel I would be of more use with the interview process. Dr. Nidhar has the situation well in hand here and your doctor could be beneficial to her investigation here since he’s the one who discovered the thoron radiation. Lephi: ::speaking through thinly veiled irritation:: Thank you for that ringing endorsement, Representative. Ganarvuss: Alright, then. You’re hired, Lephi. Dr. Yalu, I agree with Brex on this. Your insights could be most helpful to the forensics team. Lephi: ::not taking her eyes off of Brex:: Thank you, Ensign, an interrogation is just an intense negotiation, after all. On Ferenginar we just call that an average Tuesday afternoon. You'll get your answers. ::turns to Ganarvuss:: Thank you, Ensign Ganarvuss. I hope we make a good team. I look forward to working alongside your very capable self. Yalu: Understood. Logan: Response He nodded. There were multiple angles to consider with this and he presumed that Ensign Ganarvuss knew the strengths and talents of her people better than he did. He was commenting from a limited time in the room with these people. Brex: ::nods:: Of course. ::smiles:: It is your decision. I will help however I’m needed. Ganarvuss: You made a good point earlier, Representative. I think it would go a long way to have you with us when we interview the suspects. Lephi: ::deadpan:: It'll be great to have you along Representative. He gazed at the Ferengi woman curiously. Though he wasn’t overly familiar with her species, he could have almost sworn he detected a note of irritation. Given her upbeat attitude not a moment or two earlier, he had to surmise that something was bothering her. He’d noted her reaction to Ensign Ganarvuss’s words and had thought that was it, but her attention was focused on him now and he had the strangest feeling that he was somehow the source. Logan: Response Nidhar: ::pauses:: I wouldn’t mind the extra hand. Shaking his concern about the Ferengi officer from his mind for a moment, he turned to Eisla with a small smile, pleased that she’d warmed up to the idea of help from the Starfleet officers. Ganarvuss: You got it, Doctor. Representative, Lephi: Let’s go. Logan/Nidhar: Response Lephi: I'm on your six. With one last glance and smile at Eisla, he nodded and followed the two Starfleet officers from the room. As he did, his gaze flickered to Ensign Lephi, his expression contemplative. Ensign Ganarvuss’s voice drew him from his thoughts. Ganarvuss: I imagine the place to start looking would be the main conference center. Lephi: Seems like the best starting point, I agree. I know it's not my place, but if I may, perhaps we should split up to try and cover more ground? It is time sensitive after all. His concern regarding the sudden change in Ensign Lephi’s demeanor grew. Splitting up didn’t sound like such a marvelous idea given that they had a spy on the loose. Any of them could be the next target. No. In his mind, it made more sense that they stick together. Brex: ::pauses:: Given that we have a spy on the loose who doesn’t seem adverse to any means to achieve his end, I believe dividing ourselves further could pose an unnecessary risk. ::pauses:: It is, of course, your decision. Ganarvuss: That makes sense. Lephi: Alright, I have my orders, I will accomplish them. Ganarvuss: Response As they resumed walking, Drezon took the opportunity to meet Lephi’s gaze, deliberately allowing Ensign Ganarvuss to get a bit ahead of them. Brex: ::pauses:: Though I’m a negotiator and a businessman by trade, I prefer when necessary to get to the point. There’s no sense in wasting one another’s precious time. Lephi: Response Brex: ::inclines his head:: I’m concerned with the sudden change in your demeanor. Lephi: Response Brex: ::smiles:: I’m no man’s fool, Ensign Lephi. Four decades of brokering deals and negotiating with buyers leaves a man with an almost sixth sense for these things. Lephi: Response ((OOC: Happy to continue this as you see fit. I didn’t want to box you into a corner.)) Ganarvuss: Response --- MSNPC Representative Drezon Brex Tradesman, Naylar Representative Kala'din IV As written by Lieutenant Ishkabela Journs I238110RH0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to sb118-atlantis+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To view this discussion on the web visit https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/sb118-atlantis/CABVKAYRhmVZraU7CvQEXZJ3KEMu-JoZ481LcnqLCL1b%2BwcmXgA%40mail.gmail.com.
  5. Missing starship found 92-years laterStardate 239112.06 NORLIAN NEBULA — A Federation starship has been rediscovered after having been declared lost in 2299. The USS Christopher Pike was an Oberth class science ship that had been assigned to study and weaponize polaric radiation found in abundance in the Norlian Nebula. After it disappeared nearly a century ago, the ship was discovered adrift in the heart of the nebula by the USS Atlantis, which was investigating the origin of an old bravo radio signal. That signal was in fact a distress call being emitted by the Christopher Pike. The Atlantis reports the science ship has been found intact without any signs of decay, adding to the mystery. “Certainly, it makes you wonder,” said Professor Marius Stana of the University of Alpha Centauri and author of The Lost Frontier, an overview of various ill-fated voyages in the history of space travel. “Of course I’d expect a ship to be well-preserved in the vacuum of space, but when there’s nothing amiss, it raises more questions than answers as to what happened. I haven’t heard anything quite like it.” Any answers may have to wait, however, as the most recent report from the Atlantis was that it had been joined by two Dhelan class Romulan warbirds, ships from another era as well. Both Starfleet and Romulan crews have surmised that all three vessels are caught in some sort of temporal anomaly. Whether the anomaly is a natural occurrence or one triggered by polaric radiation research conducted by the Christopher Pike is under investigation by both the Atlantis and the displaced Romulans, who are working together to uncover the secrets behind this temporal mystery.
  6. ((Sickbay, USS Atlantis)) ::The Captain entered the cubicle and nodded to the nurse, then to the Kylon.:: BLUEHEART: Is he fit to answer a few questions, nurse? NURSE: response BLUEHEART: ::smiling somberly:: I promise to make it short. NURSE: response :: He shook his head in slight amusement. As if the current situation was going to stop him from talking. Dancing perhaps, and definitely not going rock climbing... but talking he could manage. :: BLUEHEART: Thank you. ::turning to the Grenushi:: Telnoth. ::noticing the neural inhibitors in place:: How are you feeling? ::His eyes darted to the monitors and consoles.:: :: The question was so polite and immaterial that it made his stomach turn. Now was not the time for polite diplomacy :: HAERIN: I am fine Captain, though the situation is urgent. BLUEHEART: So, tell me, Telnoth, ::seating himself on a chair by the bedside:: tell me everything. HAERIN: No. The entirety of things isn't nearly as critical as the immediate. I'll start there. :: That was not what the shorter man wanted to hear. Something that just.. ticked off the Grenushi. Here he was, trying to save their lives.. :: BLUEHEART: ::shaking his head in defiance:: Not when my ship and the lives of my crew are at stake. They matter more to me than diplomacy or politics, any day. So I’d really like to know everything, Telnoth. EVERYTHING. ::He leaned back in his seat, crossed one leg over the other and clasped his hands together on his lap.:: And I suggest you start at the very beginning. :: This hadn't been a good day for Kylon. Oh it had started out as one, with the federation officers almost following a script in attempting to see what he'd brought on board. But their release? Which, if he was any judge, would pull them from warp. And doing that would put them at greater risk, which meant the peace talks wouldn't receive their gift.. oh and likely they'd all die here instead. So, he allowed the frustration, just this once, to slip out. There was none of the calm, reserved Ambassador in his reply. Instead, the scorn and sarcasm would heap at the man's feet until he could meet Kylon eye to eye. :: HAERIN: Oh Really Captain? Is that what YOU want? Sure.. let me spin you a yarn to use the Terran phrasing. Perhaps hand you a fiddle? BLUEHEART: HAERIN: Well don't you want to play while Rome burns? The situation is.. you short minded idiot.. that if your people hadn't attempted to breach protocols this wouldn't be happening. But now we don't need to replay history, but actually salvage things. So forgive me if I really couldn't care less in what you would like! BLUEHEART: HAERIN: Good. The creatures are a gift. We developed a means to capture them from the cloud, and put them into a form of stasis. And, as energy creatures, they are able to be comfortably compressed into the box. BLUEHEART: HAERIN: Several dozen. Each of which, while sharing traits with each other, are noticeably different from each other in mentality. Additionally, they share some of the traits of the Jenatris cloud in that they appear to mutate and change at times and seemingly based on those traits. BLUEHEART: (TAg) Telnoth Kylon Haerin Ambassador MNPC as simmed by Lt. Cmdr Luna Walker FO USS Atlantis
  7. ((Blueheart’s Quarters, USS Atlantis)) ::Dreams never follow a coherent sequence.. :: ((Dreamscape – flashback to stardate 238908.22)) ((Il Diavolo Blu, Living Museum District, Sigma Iotia II)) BLUEHEART: We have a reservation. ::The girl was in her early twenties. She had on a glittery sheer sleeveless blouse that extended to just below a small waist. A similarly colored pleated skirt barely covered her knees, seemingly attached to her blouse via a loose-fitting silver chain that functioned as a belt, perhaps. Her pitch black short hair stuck to her scalp in undulating rivulets, held in place with an ample amount of mousse and a beige hair band with a large silver flower on one end. She had thin lips, painted a deep blood red, to compliment her rouged cheeks. Her violet eyes sparkled as she nodded to the gentlemen and turned around to draw and hold open heavy scarlet velvet drapes. Raj and Emerson spent a full minute to take it all in. Red. Nearly everything bled, oozed and dripped red. From tablecloths to tea-light glasses, the curtains all around the room to the walls themselves, the rose-scented candles to lamp shades, the suspenders on the men playing in the band to roses worn by the waitresses. All varying hues and species of red. Raj nearly squealed in delight. The pretty girl in the sheer-colored fluid dress escorted them to their table before duly departing. Raj was aware of stares directed at them, and having a table in the middle of the room didn’t help to divert some of that attention. Emerson, on the other hand, was fully aware and basked in the stolen glances and intimate whispers suddenly having sprung all around them. The band played a lazy, bluesy number. All the players were dressed in black shirts, black pants, black fedoras, and narrow red suspenders. Whirls of blue smoke drifted languidly to the chandelier-decorated ceiling above, like lifeless jellyfish. Most of the male patrons of the club were evidently middle-class as ascertained by their outfit of jackets and vests and suspenders and fedoras, smoking cigars and slim cigarettes, but there were a number of upper-class gentlemen present as well, dressed in top hats and tuxedos, smoking pipes and drinking brandy; women with elegantly coiffed hair strung with pearls, or in beautifully crafted cloche hats, smothered in mink, ermine, fox and chinchilla, draped on their men’s arms. Emerson helped Raj into his seat before taking a seat himself.:: BLUEHEART: ::reaching out across the small round table to tighten the noose of Emerson’s tie:: There. Perfect. ::Emerson wore a dark olive green thin-lapelled jacket and vest with matching straight-cut slacks that ended slightly above the ankles. Raj was initially hesitant about green altogether, fearing it might make him look like a leprechaun, but the final ensemble was well worth the risk. Underneath the vest he had on a crisp white shirt buttoned at the wrists with ivory cufflinks. His tie was a solid mauve and hid behind his vest. Slicked back with a ton of hair gel, the red-haired xenolinguist almost looked bald, not having his luscious curly tresses running wild. But this was well camouflaged with an olive fedora with a thin camel band around its circumference. Raj had stuck a dappled partridge feather on one side of Emerson’s fedora, and he admired this ingenious accessory ever so often. The first officer had on a similarly tailored midnight blue vest and trousers, over which he threw on a matching jacket that had barely-discernible mauve pinstripes. He also wore a lavender shirt underneath with a solid magenta tie, and a midnight blue homburg with a broad mauve band. A nine-inch golden pheasant tail feather stuck to the left side of his hat completed the outfit. Both men wore polished black-and-white banded shoes with white socks, as was the what-was-I-thinking fashion of the era.:: WAITRESS: Drinks, gentlemen? ::Her multiple droopy silver necklaces chimed against the table.:: BLUEHEART: Absinthe for me. RAVENSCROFT: ::giving Raj a curious look:: oO Seems the Prohibition doesn’t extend to this part of town. Oo Red Death. Oh, and bring me a cigar. BLUEHEART: ::after the waitress sauntered away:: You don’t smoke. RAVENSCROFT: Neither do you drink anything stronger than wine. BLUEHEART: ::grinning mischievously:: ‘Tis a good night for recklessness! RAVENSCROFT: oO If I didn’t know better, I’d say he’s drunk already. Oo ::chuckling:: You’re not having a midlife crisis are you? BLUEHEART: What? ::He laughed.:: RAVENSCROFT: You want to prove to the young jay-gees that you’ve still got it by getting drunk, getting laid and getting into a bar brawl? BLUEHEART: ::sly grin:: Getting laid isn’t so bad. RAVENSCROFT: ::smirking:: Unless it’s with the Captain. BLUEHEART: Ack! RAVENSCROFT: What! I think the Captain cuts a dashing figure.. for a two hundred-year-old. BLUEHEART: ::wide-eyed with disbelief:: He’s my commanding officer! It’s inappropriate! Besides, he isn’t my type. RAVENSCROFT: Well, that didn’t stop a certain--- BLUEHEART: ::scolding:: Hey! RAVENSCROFT: When you’re drunk, you’re drunk. ::shrugging nonchalantly:: Things happen. BLUEHEART: ::narrowing his eyes and glaring at Emerson:: Then I had better keep you on a very short leash, lest you stray. RAVENSCROFT: Ooh a leash. Kinky. ::The waitress returned with their drinks and cigar. She waited until Emerson clipped off one end before lighting it. Emerson fished out a wad of greenbacks and handed it to her with a complimentary wink and a tip of the hat. She giggled and bounced away.:: BLUEHEART: ::rolling his eyes:: Aren’t you going to pinch her bottom? RAVENSCROFT: Good idea. Then you can spank me for being a naughty, naughty boy. ::Emerson inhaled on the cigar, unsuccessfully suppressing a paroxysm of violent coughing, then exhaled a cloud of blue-grey smoke above his head. Raj stared at the absinthe spoon and sugar cube set aside by the waitress next to his shot of the green alcoholic drink. Ignoring the accompanying paraphernalia, he downed the entire glass of absinthe in one gulp and turned red as a lobster, breathing through his mouth to let unseen flames escape his scorched esophagus.:: BLUEHEART: ::mildly breathless::Wow! RAVENSCROFT: ::frowning, amused:: I’m pretty sure that’s not the way it’s done. BLUEHEART: ::waving at another waitress, a brunette this time, with his empty glass in the air:: Seems like there’s a lot of things I don’t know--- ::He stopped abruptly and stared blankly at Emerson.:: RAVENSCROFT: ::after a few silent seconds:: Well? Go on. The suspense is killing me. BLUEHEART: ::to the returning brunette waitress holding a bottle of Spanish absinthe:: Leave the bottle, dear. ::Emerson fished out another wad of bills and paid her handsomely. Returning his gaze at Raj, he found him already downing his second shot straight up, coughing and hacking afterwards. Emerson gently reached out across the table and placed a warm hand over his friend’s.:: RAVENSCROFT: ::in a soft, endearing voice:: What’s really going on here, Raj? ::The band struck up an up tempo number. There was applause all around and little squeals of delight and giggles of excitement. Middle-class ladies and gentlemen, women clinging to their long necklaces cascading down their necks, in front of their dresses, and men holding on to their fedoras and tugging on their suspenders, left their tables and rushed to the area in front of the stage on which the band played. They danced. The women’s slinky dresses shimmering like diamonds as they spun, kicked and gyrated to the fast jazzy number. The men’s shoes made rhythmic taps and clicks on the well-polished hard wood floor, their moves just as smooth, just as passionate. The movements were so fast Raj couldn’t tell if the dancers were doing the Charleston, Lindy hop or black bottom. The dance partners came together only to separate. The men twirled their gals over their heads, over the floor and around their waists. Those pouty lips. Those swaying hips. Strong muscular arms on delicate porcelain skin. A frenzy of flailing arms and legs, synchronized and coordinated. Raj felt the blood rush into his cheeks. His heart pounded in tandem with the bass. His soul wailed with the horns. He stood up, straightened his back, breathed excitedly, and removed his jacket, letting it fall onto the back of his hardback chair. He reached out his right hand for Emerson. With his posture slightly askance, his left arm bent behind his back and his right outstretched before him, he was not unlike a cavalier goading his opponent to a duel.:: BLUEHEART: ::with passion and fire in his eyes and charm on his lips:: Dance with me! ::And so began the duel.:: ((End dreamscape/flashback)) TBC ====================================== Commander Raj Blueheart Commanding Officer USS Atlantis NCC-74682
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