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  1. ((Power Facility- Duronis II Embassy)) ::Sharpe had finally arrived at the power facility, things had moved so fast during this latest invasion that he was all over the place, in fact the last place he remembered being was securing the Security building, and then notifying Captain Waltas that he had captured the group leader of the sabotage and retrieval team of Orion's in the basement of the Security building, he also mentioned that they may have a cloaked ship in orbit as they sent a very important looking file up to somewhere, he could not tell which, now here he was approaching Parker and Oddas, he knew they had been saying something, but he missed all the rest and arrived at the point where explosives were mentioned.:: ::Sharpe had remained silent, he was well aware that he was behind on things, but he looked at the bomb and knew Kildare could have disarmed it as he was a bomb disposal expert, but Starfleet had posted him to a system that was petitioning for membership but still had a lot of terrorist attacks on its ruling government, so he and a large contingent of Starfleet personnel had made an Outpost there and began to help the reigning government, Sharpe himself was good with computers not bombs, so he was a little startled when Parker's Commbadge chirped.:: Waltas: =/\= Major, sitrep. =/\= ::As Parker went onto explain things to Captain Waltas Sharpe took him a better look at his surroundings, his gaze came to rest on Oddas. Sharpe was not that close to Parker in location so he made some noise and Parker looked back as Sharpe closed the gap getting a better look at the bomb just as Parker finished speaking with Waltas.:: Sharpe: How you holding up El tee? ::Smiling in a friendly manner at her response he turned to Parker.:: Sharpe: What's the stitch Major? Parker: If we live through this, I'm court marshaling both of you. If we die, I'm going to find you both in the afterlife and kick your asses for all eternity.... ::Oddas had a look that said dubious, she was unsure if Parker was joking or not, Sharpe on the other hand knew he was a gentle giant and this was his way of releasing frustration, he must have been feeling.:: Sharpe: Oh please Major, this is not the time for theatrics, you are just miffed that you have encountered a problem you cannot solve, you are like my wife, well what she used to be like; if it does not involve shooting you always seem to get frustrated and this is classic Parker ::Sharpe smiled as he said this, Parker may be a big softy underneath, but the guy still had one hell of a temper and big softy or not he was truly capable of causing hurt.:: What’s the bombs timeframe? Parker: Two minutes, thirty five seconds. It's a tricobalt explosive with a magnetic attachment and a tritium detonator. Sharpe: It's the Final Countdown!! Parker: Exactly. No time. We need to focus on getting the bomb off the manifold without setting it off. Oddas, find us an anti grav unit, pronto... Oddas: Aye Sir. :: she scrambled off to find the anti-grav unit, feeling good about doing something. :: Sharpe: ::With Oddas gone Sharpe got closer to the bomb and he got a good look at it:: Okay that does not look good, looks like its got a gyro unit attached ::pause:: no wonder you asked for an anti-grav unit Major! What do we actually need to do? Parker: We need to de- magnetize the seal, but before we do that, we need to neutralize the mercury switch which.. is.. right... there:: pointing behind an access panel:: You up for this? Sharpe: Hey I am game! After everything that has happened to me this year in such a short space of time, the prospect of going boom is not so daunting, but if I die I will go knowing that my wife will stop at nothing to avenge me and in that I would pity the Orion's. Okay ::he said as he walked over to the access panel and carefully opened it and gasped in awe, the computer hook ups and such were close to his holy grail, he knew that if it went boom he would die happy. Parker: Well then, let's get to it..... ::As Sharpe looked around he saw the area in a less than tidy state, with debris everywhere and fluctuating ODN cables poking out of holes, he knew the Embassy had been bombarded, but he did not realize it had been bombed this badly, but he returned his attention to the panel aware that Oddas had returned but that’s all he knew as he found a balance between being fully immersed in his work and having to communicate with Parker.:: Sharpe: Major, I have just deactivated the motion sensor detectors on the explosive device which connect to the mercury switch, you should be able to move it a little without the big badda boom. Parker: I don't just want to move it, I want to transport it out of here... Sharpe: ::shrugging even though Parker was not looking at him:: Well I have to make sure power and sensors to the bomb are disconnected first and this is a lot more complicated that patching or rewiring the Tactical/Security console on the Thunder or Bronwyn, one false move here and I get to see my parents again, so please Major be you slow with what you is doing, I would like to see my children again. ::Sharpe worked his way through re-routing power cables and adjusting micro isolinear chips to other places, not so easy to do with tools that you had to improvise with, but as he got into his work his subconscious habit of talking to himself as he worked raised its head.:: Sharpe: Okay now, if I put that there and move that over there and adjust that ::he jumped back as sparks flew:: okay not that way ::he said and returned back to his work, he got so far until he struck pay dirt, he put his make-[...] tools down and pulled out his tricorder.:: Major I advise you to stop, that bomb is plugged into the Embassy's main power distribution, I have managed to disconnect all sensors to the bomb, but there is not enough time to disconnect the thing from the main power, I could do it but not in the time we have here, I do however have me a wild idea ::Sharpe paused as he looked at Oddas who had her an anti-grav unit.:: Parker: What are you thinking? ::Looking at the pair:: Sharpe: If Lieutenant Oddas can disconnect the power unit from that anti-grav sled I can hook up a makeshift connection, I would transfer the power supply going to the bomb from the Embassy main to the power unit. But there is a draw back, it will cut remaining time down to less than half of what we have left. So the moment I switch its power over we will have five minutes tops to beam it up into space, it will be tight but it can be done. Its a shame Starfleet posted Kildare to the sticks, he could have disarmed this, but there is no ship fast enough to get him here, so the option I mentioned is our only one save dying Major, what will it be? Parker: It will be neither. It's not hooked up to main power. They didn't have enough time to do that. They fused a dummy set of conduit to make you think it was::Scanning it with his tricorder:: No power there, no intrusions in the casing. :: Picking up a micro- wrench:: I'm going to reverse the polarity of the magnetic seal, but watch the voltage.... TAG, TBC Lieutenant Paul Sharpe Security Officer USS Bronwyn Duronis II Embassy Image Collective Member Serial No. #I238401PS0
  2. (( USS Invicta, T’Lea’s New Quarters)) :: Pandora had done her job and delivered the new living space promptly. She’d also managed to include a little more room in the lounge area than what was normally allocated for “shared” quarters of two officers. Perhaps the ‘droid had taken into account the requirements of a six year old, rambunctious little girl running around.:: :: T’Lea briefly scanned the area through the tower of moving crates. The extra room would be the perfect place for T’Sara’s surprise, when it got here. She glanced at the time and scowled. Delivery from the station was late. [...]s. She’d paid extra for expedited shipping, and she was going to damn well make them pay for not getting it here on time.:: :: Just then the door chimes rang out. T’Lea popped her head out from behind the many rows of cargo boxes blocking the lounge area.:: T’Lea: Enter. :: She said, knowing it was the delivery guys with her package. She had ducked down behind a row of containers and was in the process of scooting them out of the way to make room for T’Sara’s surprise.:: T’Lea: You are late. I’m filing a complaint. Just put it over here…? :: When she looked up she was met with immediate disappointment. And Raissa felt it.:: T’Lea: Oh, great. :: Hardly an enthusiastic welcome, but in her defense she had been expecting someone else. She stood to full height and rested an arm on the stack of boxes that were about chest high.:: T’Lea: Is this a business or social call? ::Raissa kept her expression neutral and her mental shielding up tight. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. Usually their meetings took place in her office, but this was T’Lea’s ‘turf’ and she was a little unsure. But then, blunt always works with T’Lea. :: Moonsong: We do not socialize, therefore… business... T’Lea: That hurt my feelings. ::not really:: How about, you help me get these boxes into that room ::she pointed to the right:: and set up my daughters bed, and we can do business all you want? :: She wasn’t really as grumpy as she sounded; in fact, she was mostly nervous, excited and happy that T’Sara was coming home. On the other hand she was nervous, concerned, and worried about seeing Vetri again after how well their last get-together went.:: Moonsong: ::Raissa easily picked up the flash of emotion and could guess why.:: Very well T’Lea: Here. :: She handed over a crate, what she thought the Counselor was strong enough to carry, meanwhile she took what she *knew* she could carry.:: T’Lea: How has your shoreleave been? ::Raissa didn’t grunt under the weight. She was a little stronger than she looked since she kept in shape, but still.:: Moonsong: I have managed a few hours… T’Lea: So you decided to break up the monotony and come see me? You must really hate fun. Moonsong: I do not…. T’Lea: ::frown:: Don’t you have a personal life? A male companion, or at least an aquatic pet? :: The stack of boxes were shoved aside and T’Lea dug out a set of fresh linens for T’Sara’s bed. Pink, cartoony, frilly bed sheets with matching pillowcases and comforter. She tossed a pillow and a case at Moonsong.:: T’Lea: Catch. :: She said after the fact. On purpose. Raissa scrambled to catch both… barely.:: Moonsong: ::T’Lea babbling. Check.:: No, no and no… ::She really shouldn’t have answered quite the way.:: :: Stopping mid-pillow-stuf[...]e, T’Lea stood straighter and slanted a frown at her.:: T’Lea: Wow. That’s largely pathetic. I expected more. At least a fish. ::she hoped this next part would irritate her:: Haven’t you read the study that says it’s unhealthy not to get laid every once in awhile? :: She watched Raissa for a reaction. Nothing? Really? C’mon! That was good stuff, top shelf annoying stuff!:: Moonsong: ::Not the first time something similar was said to her. Usually after she spent hours with someone having some sort of meltdown. She tucked the case around the pillow.:: What I mean is that shore leave is when the crew has time to see me, therefore I am here. T’Lea: Oh. Well. :: Said T’Lea waving her hand as if accepting the perfectly logical logic. She set the pillow aside and searched for the correct end of the fitted bed sheet. Stupid stretchy sheets always confounded her, and she always got it wrong on the first try.:: T’Lea: How could I possibly poke holes in such a well-rehearsed excuse like that. ::shrugging:: You’re here. Thanks for the house call, I guess. What do you want? Moonsong: ::She put the pillow on the bed, her hand unconsciously smoothing the material:: I am following up with you. ::she paused to look at the taller woman.:: I heard that Captain Vetri was on the station. :: She tossed Raissia one end of the elastic-edged sheet, mostly to avoid the topic for a moment more. She gathered her *word*.:: T’Lea: So. Moonsong: I believe I have come to know you somewhat… How did it go? :: She half-glanced at the woman as they tucked one end of the sheet in.:: T’Lea: Poorly. :: There was silence that followed. T’Lea was waiting for another prying question, but oddly nothing came. When she looked up she figured out why. Raissa was giving her space to continue on her own without prompting. Stubborn, T’Lea didn’t bite.:: T’Lea: What? Moonsong: And? ::she turned the sheet around to get the right end in the right place.:: T’Lea: ::sigh:: Fine. Things were said. Then things weren’t said. ::shrugging:: She’s got the Tiger now, she doesn’t need— Ha. ::wagging a finger at her:: You almost got me there. Good one. :: She had bit off the last part that would have accused the Trill of abandoning her and their family for her career.:: Moonsong: How do you feel about that? T’Lea: It doesn’t matter what I feel, or think. She made her decision without me, which speaks volumes. Nothing I do or say is going to change that now. ::she crossed her arms:: Tell me I’m wrong. :: Defiant in stance, but desperate to hear a different side she challenged the Counselor.:: Moonsong: ::Raissa looked at her with a raised eyebrow.:: You are wrong. :: T’Lea wagged her head a little and picked up the top sheet to finish the bed. She tucked sharply and tightly, revealing her aggravation in action not words.:: T’Lea: You know, maybe you got it right. No personal life is the answer. I should have never opened myself up to anyone. Who needs the extra targdren, right? ::she looked at Raissa:: You’re better off alone. Moonsong: You are wrong again. T’Lea: Pfft, whatever. :: That was the best intelligent response she could produce in that moment. Frak, she hated it when Raissa stonewalled her and wouldn’t play her games!:: Moonsong: Did you go all logical and emotionless on her? T’Lea: Pfft… no. :: Did she buy that? T’Lea glanced at her. Of course not. A huff of frustration followed.:: T’Lea: Maybe. Moonsong: Then you are a fool. ::A quick glance told her there was enough soft things that if thrown wouldn’t be too painful. Unless T’Lea decided to smother her to death with stuffed animals.:: :: The hybrid reached for the comforter, either to straighten it out, or wrap it around the Counselor’s head.:: T’Lea: Excuse me? Moonsong: Plain and simple then. You give her what you think she wants without asking her. Putting T’Sara in your care speaks volumes when you are not being too stubborn to listen. You are narrow minded and ready for the worst without considering a different outcome. :: There was a pause in T’Lea’s denial for a moment as some of that started to sink in. The counselor was right about one thing. T’Sara. The fact that Vetri trusted her with their daughter indicated that maybe something was still there worth fighting for. But she was *not* narrow minded, she thought to herself with a slight sneer on her face.:: Moonsong: I will wager that at no point did you say to Della: “I want you back. I want to keep my marriage.” Did you even say “I love you?” :: Blocking that assault on her logic, T’Lea snapped out the comforter in anger to spread it on the bed.:: T’Lea: This from a woman that doesn’t even date. I am mildly amused at your attempt to fix a relationship, when you cannot even start one yourself. Moonsong: Yes, I am well aware that I have no personal life. My patients do not look at me as a potential friend. Do I like it? No. But dealing with people like you and helping them to be at least content with their personal life gives me something in return. :: Bullseye. T’Lea had proudly struck gold for a second, until she realized just how kind of sad the confession really was. Damn, she didn’t actually expect to feel sorry for Raissa. She toughed up and thought about going for the throat, but took a different, more honest approach.:: T’Lea: That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. You are more afraid than I am. :: Honest, not soft.:: Moonsong: No I am not. T’Lea: Grow up, Counselor. Stop hiding behind your work, and acting as if you are far more superior than the rest of us, and don’t need anybody. Take a frelling chance with some poor idiot and let them in. Geez. You call me narrow minded? At least I’m *trying*. I mean, for frak’s sake, start having fun and maybe, I dunno, maybe then people will see you as more than just a boring sounding board. Take a risk. :: She indicated the frilly pink comforter to straighten it out the other end.:: Moonsong: ::Raissa followed instructions. T’Lea battering at her painfully? Check.:: You think that is what I do? T’Lea: I know exactly why I do what I do. To protect myself from getting hurt again. I already spilled my guts to Della on the flight deck once, and her response was “see ya”. So forgive me for not wanting to go there again so soon. I know my reasons and motivations. Can you say the same about yourself? Moonsong: Yes I can. After all, I do endure your rather vicious emotional attacks on me because I dare to ask the questions you do not want to hear. :: It was true, Raissa was a convenient punching bag -- an outlet to spew her venom safely without the risk of repercussions to her career, but she also thought highly of the woman, and that was why she held back the true fury of her attacks. But Raissa didn’t need to know that.:: T’Lea: And I dare to question who is doing the questioning! You’re a telepath, ::shrug:: exercise your mental walls if I offend you that much. Or are you too busy hiding from yourself to deal with me? ::Raissa straightened her shoulders and crossed her arms as she looked up at the taller woman who could probably break her in half. She punched a Gorn after all while she was miffed. And if she opened up she would just give the woman more ammunition. Her job sucked.:: Moonsong: I block most thoughts, but I cannot block emotion. I know when someone is being intentionally hurtful. Useful in the job, but not elsewhere. I do have friends I spend time with. One is in a coma right now. I did have a boyfriend. We broke up when my new telepathic ability put him into sickbay with neurological damage after a kiss. Then I almost had a relationship with a Deltan, but he dumped me after he was reassigned. Lately I have been too busy with patients to troll the ship for a telepathic male that ‘might’ be interested in ending my lonely nights. I considered a vow of celibacy which my friends thought was ridiculous. ::There. More than enough for her to do damage with. Opening up was probably not the right move, but it was necessary to prevent T’Lea from completely losing focus.:: Moonsong: There. Now you should have more than enough information to rip into me with. :: Finally, something that T’Lea could sink her teeth into, but not in the way Raissa probably thought. T’Lea was a very good bully, and a pretty decent master of manipulation, twisting words and twisting arms to get what she wanted. While in the past she would have absolutely shredded the woman’s candor and used it against her to demoralize and humiliate her… well, lucky for Raissa this wasn’t the past.:: :: The hybrid slightly tilted her head inquisitively.:: T’Lea: You think that little of me. Moonsong: Yes. That is what you do. When you hurt, you lash out. ::pause.:: But you do not know anything about me therefore your vitriol is unfocused. :: But T’Lea *did* know. She knew more now than ever, and oddly there were some things in Raissa’s past that had similarities with her own. Obviously, Raissa had expected T’Lea to use it against her, but that hadn’t been her intention at all. She was just really terrible at making friends, and Raissa clearly wanted to keep things on a doctor/patient basis.:: T’Lea: Fine. I’m a drenhole. Anything else useful to save a marriage? Moonsong: Bottom line? You love her. Tell her. Just because the two of you are apart that does not mean your marriage is over. You do not want that. Neither does she. Stop being stubborn. Lay it out there until she clearly says the words “This marriage is over”. Stop trying to put them in her mouth. Stop assuming pain before it happens. :: She confront the Counselor almost toe-to-toe. Anything could have happened in those few seconds that passed, a fist thrown to the face, royal toss out of the door, but this happened…:: T’Lea: Agreed. ::pause:: But only if you do the same. :: She was of course referring to the “stop assuming pain before it happens.” Moonsong’s vow of celibacy almost paralleled T’Lea’s retreat from emotion. At least, in T’Lea’s mind it was comparable.:: Moonsong: ::Raissa blinked. That was not what she expected.:: What? :: The door chimes sounded at that moment, and T’Lea called around Raissa to grant access. As the doors opened two delivery men entered with a large cargo container. As the crates were moved in, Raissa slipped closer to the door.:: T’Lea: Over here with that please. :: Apparently Raissa had tamed the tiger, and saved the delivery guys who were twenty minutes late now.:: :: As the crate was set down and T’Lea signed the receipt she glanced at the Counselor making her exit.:: T’Lea: Hey. The Deltan you mentioned. His last name wasn’t Adarnis was it? Moonsong: No… Belasi... T’Lea: Good. That would have been awkward. Moonsong: I suppose so… ::Why, she didn’t know. Raissa decided now was the time to flee. She was confused by the emotions that T’Lea was projecting. She paused. Did opening up make her less the ‘enemy’? She wasn’t sure. Would they become friends? Again, she didn’t know. The friends she had had ignored the doctor/patient rules and included her in their life and got her to open up since that wasn’t something she did easily. At the moment retreat now seemed the best plan. Next time, it would be here office.:: END =/\==/\==/\==/\==/\==/\==/\= Lt. Commander Raissa Moonsong Chief of Counseling / Attache IEC USS Invicta =/\==/\=G239107RM0 =/\==/\= & Lieutenant Commander T’Lea History & Archaeology Specialist USS Invicta Author ID I238301T10
  3. ((Jolara’s Quarters, USS Invicta)) :: Rune stepped out of the shower still feeling like she’d just been hit by a torpedo. The images Lt Reese had shown her kept flashing through her head. To say she was on an emotional roller coaster would have been putting it mildly. She was torn between being borderline glad he was dead and enraged someone had done it before she could get any real answers, not to mention they did it in a way that made it look like she had gone ballistic and done it. :: :: The fact that Laro had stepped in and destroyed the investigation before it even really got started both shocked the hell out of her and worried her more than she could say. :: :: She was only half dressed when the door chime sounded. Grabbing a loose fitting t-shirt, she pulled it on while moving toward the door half wondering if station security had changed their minds and decided to pursue the investigation without the body or physical evidence. :: :: The face she saw when the door opened made her almost wish it had been security. :: Jolara: T’Lea… not really who I was expecting.. T’Lea: Me either. May I come in? :: Rune stepped aside, one hand waving T’Lea in and the other brushing her hair back. :: Jolara: Sure. Come on in. :: While stepping through the doorway, T’Lea surveyed the lay of the land, meaning she eyeballed Rune for any changes since her meeting with “the father” of her child, or any hints of what might have happened. She seemed disheveled, and sweaty, or had she just taken a shower?:: T’Lea: So, how was your day? Jolara: ::raising an eyebrow:: Totally crappy. ::sarcastically:: I am touched you care. :: T'Lea let herself fall to the sofa and stretched out on it like she owned the place.:: T'Lea: Pfft.. the only thing I care about is that my handler isn't getting thrown into some hellhole gulag. Let's be honest, your replacement Intel officer won't play as loosely with the rules, or tolerate me as well you do. :: Rune sank into the chair beside the sofa. She really wasn’t in the mood for their usual back and forth prodding. She closed her eyes, rubbed her forehead, then looked at T’Lea. :: Jolara: hmph… Now, why would I be getting thrown into some hellhole gulag when I have you here to torture me. :: Her sense of humor was still alive and well, that was at least something, thought T’Lea as she relaxed an arm across the back of the sofa.:: T'Lea: I heard a dead body turned up on the station. ::she slanted a look:: I don't need to know the details, mostly because I don't want to become complicit, but you're here and not in the brig so something went right. :: Rune let out a short, not so amused laugh. News certainly travels fast. Everyone on the ship would probably know before the end of the day. :: Jolara: I doubt you would believe me even if I told you. No one else does. T’Lea: Try me. Jolara: I did not do it. T’Lea: It’s a rather interesting coincidence then. Jolara: Like I said, no one else believes me either. :: T’Lea smile was sharp and mocking.:: T’Lea: Did I say that? No. Besides if you had killed him, you’d be acting different. See, you have a conscience; I’d like to think it would bother you. What happened then? Jolara: ::shrugging as if it didn’t bother her:: Someone high up in the Al-Leyan Council decided to take the body and all the evidence. T’Lea: That was nice of them. Any idea who would want to do that? Jolara: My mentor, Laro Susell… why, I do not really know. :: At that moment, the baby kicked hard and Rune flinched. :: T’Lea: Stop it. I know that look and you are not having that baby in front of me. :: Rune’s face scrunched as she shot T’Lea a look. She took a breath and released it, trying to relax and ease the pain she felt. :: Jolara: Do not worry. It is too soon. T’Lea: Sounds to me like your mentor got rid of a loose end. You got too close, and Laro sent you a bloody message. What are you going to do now? :: Rune shook her head as she adjusted her position in the chair trying to get comfortable. :: Jolara: She has done terrible things but… ::taking another breath as she felt another kick:: I do not know. I saw her earlier. She seemed… different… ::another pain:: somehow. :: The hybrid frowned suspiciously at Rune.:: T’Lea: Are those contractions? Jolara: ::frowning and shaking her head again:: It is nothing. Anyhow... she said it was not safe for me to return home and I should return to the ship. T’Lea: Isn’t that a drastic change from trying to kidnap you and drag your [...] back home? Or am I missing something? Jolara: ::nodding:: It is a complete 180 as humans say. I still do not trust her and never will, but I did get the sense that something has happened. T’Lea: You never told me how the meeting went with the father of your child, whatshisname. Did he say anything useful? :: Rune looked down with a shake of her head. Her mind was starting to spin and she was becoming increasingly physically uncomfortable which made it more difficult to focus on what they were talking about. :: Jolara: Tra’li Ramni. Not really. He seemed surprised when I told him why I was there. Said it was not him, that it was impossible. ::making a face, her hand absently touched her stomach:: Something about having a solid alibi. Being in a hospital recovering. T’Lea: You do know there are other ways to become pregnant. He didn’t have to be there in person. His alibi may be true. Did he say anything else? Jolara: I do not know what to believe anymore. Before I could question him further, he told me to return to my ship immediately and stay here. Then he took off. T’Lea: And then you killed him. :: She said casually trying to catch Rune off guard. It didn’t work.:: Jolara: I chased after him, which was probably stupid now looking back and why I am not feeling very well right now. T’Lea: Well, obviously he knew something. You should look into his alibi. Find out why he was in the hospital. Talk to his doctors. Talk to the people closest to him. That kind of thing. :: She got up to stretch and make her way to the exit.:: T’Lea: Or let it go, have your baby, and get on with life. Jolara: ::quietly:: I do not know if I can let it go. T’Lea: Understandable, they impregnated you for a reason. I don’t know if it was to keep you in line, or if the child is “special”, but either way you’re going to have a fight on your hands eventually. ::frowning:: Are you sure you all right? You look pale. :: Rune looked up at the Romu-Vulc and blinked. The room seemed to spin for a moment along with an intense pain in her lower back and abdomen, and down her legs. Holding her stomach, she leaned forward and sucked in a breath. :: Jolara: ::slowly shaking her head:: Something is wrong. :: An annoyed scowl crossed T’Lea’s Vulcan brow.:: T’Lea: Why am I not surprised. It’s the baby isn’t it? It’s coming. Jolara: ::a little scared:: Can not be... T’Lea: Yeah? Well, you don’t get to decide these things. Trust me. I know. Come on. You’re going to sickbay. :: Rune started to stand but another wave sent her off balance. She reached out, grabbing the first thing she could find which was T’Lea’s arm. :: Jolara: It is too soon. You have to make it stop! T’Lea: Hush! Now you listen to me you annoying little AI-Leyan. I am *not* delivering a baby today, do you understand? I do not need to be involved with your body parts ever, EVER, *EVER* again. Got it! Now move your pregnant [...] to the turbolift. Jolara: I can not! :: She grabbed Rune and ushered her swiftly out of the door and toward the turbolift.:: T’Lea: ::com. tap:: =/\= T’Lea to Sickbay. I have a medical emergency in route to sickbay. It’s Commander Jolara and her baby.=/\= Blueheart/Rosalee/Kaj: =/\= response ((Turbolift)) :: T’Lea hoisted the woman in and leaned her up against the wall. She glared at her over her shoulder.:: T’Lea: Don’t you dare drop it here. :: Rune held onto the rail with one hand and her stomach with the other. She gripped the rail tighter as another wave of pain stabbed through her. :: Jolara: I do not want to drop him at all! Computer: Please state- T’Lea: Deck six NOW! :: The turbolift took off to its destination:: Jolara: ::suddenly calm and breathing through the pain:: T’Lea… He is... not going to... wait. T’Lea: I am giving you a direct order, do NOT have that baby damnit! Jolara: Am very serious. T’Lea: So am I! ((Fast Forward)) :: When the lift doors opened, Rune was lying on the floor drenched in sweat and completely exhausted. She could hear a tiny cry and movement just out of her field of vision. :: Jolara: Is he.. okay? :: This had been the second child T’Lea had delivered in her life. The first had been Admiral Toni Turner’s, and that child too had been male. Apparently, T’Lea had a knack for delivering boys.:: :: The hybrid had taken off her jacket and the wriggly little newborn was swaddled therein. T’Lea, the hardcore [...], had him cradled close, checking him over like a mama lion.:: T’Lea: He’s gorgeous. ::at the baby:: Your mommy is a big stupid head, but you’ll be just fine. :: She moved to hand the child over.:: T’Lea: All yours. You owe me. A *lot*. :: Rune carefully cradled her new son against her. Tears filled her eyes as soon as she saw his little face. Her eyes flicked up to T’Lea and the back again. Seeing Rune like that made the hybrid uncomfortable, and she squirmed a little in her own skin.:: Jolara: ::her voice shaking:: Just two more things… T’Lea: Ugh. Really? Haven’t I done enough already? :: She couldn’t have sounded more put-off if she’d tried. Really, she was just covering up her own emotions, and the memories of holding her own newborn. T’Lea just stared at her waiting for whatever Rune wanted to be announced.:: Jolara: Do not let them take him from me. :: Right. *That*, thought T’Lea. Something told the hybrid that once Rune settled into the mom role, she wouldn’t be need her help to protect the child. But the Romu-vulc shrugged a loose response that kind of indicated help was there if needed.:: T’Lea: You’re so damn needy. Anything else, your highness? Jolara: ::managing a weak smile:: Do not ever touch me like that again. :: Turning back as the medics swarmed the turbolift, T’Lea slanted a look at the AI-Leyan, and then just shook her head and rolled her eyes. Bad joke received.:: ….end…. Lieutenant Commander T’Lea History & Archaeology Specialist USS Invicta Author ID I238301T10 -and- Lt. Cmdr. Rune Jolara Intelligence Officer - USS Invicta Writer ID: A238909RJ0
  4. ((Emergency shelter, USS Gorkon)) ::The fear was palpable.:: ::Every time the ship shook from an explosion someone cried out. Usually it was one of the children in the room, but the adult civilians were not immune from the fear. Even the squad of security officers stationed inside the room glanced at each other nervously. And that was before the ship had taken it’s tumble through space…:: ::Angie sat on the floor at the far back of the room, clutching her sons to her under a grimy blanket. Both boys were whimpering, despite her nest efforts to alleviate their fears. She was sure it was because they could sense her own fears. Even the baby growing in her stomach seemed to sense it, as it had been moving constantly ever since they’d arrived at the shelter. Being pregnant in this universe of war only added to her fears. Here she was, six months along and she wasn’t even sure her boys would survive, let alone the one not even born yet.:: ::She looked sadly to where Kinzey Jacobs sat rocking quietly. She hadn’t heard her speak in months. Her husband Joe had been one of the Gorkons security staff. He’d been one of the first to be lost, mere months before their daughter Josephine had been born. That had brought Kinzey out of her depression as it had given her something to live for.:: ::But they’d lost Josephine, two months ago, during a hull breach and the baby’s tiny little lungs hadn’t been able to recover. Since then Kinzey hadn’t spoken more than two words, was barely eating and sleeping even less. Even the life had left her eyes, and on the rare occasion where Kinzey looked anywhere than the floor you saw only dull, soulless green eyes.:: ::An explosion, closer than any of the others, shook the room. Everyone cringed.:: Man: That was close. ::The door burst open and three Jem’Hadar rushed in. The squad descended upon them, but, despite the experience they’d accrued through their numerous encounters with the Dominion, they were no match for all three and one burst through the line. He made a beeline for Angie and the small group around her.:: ::Her heart continued to pound, but her hands remained steady as she threw off the blanket. This was what she and Alucard had been preparing for. She put the butt of his hunting rifle to her shoulder and clicked off the safety. She calmly took aim and fired. The fighters head disappeared and as he fell she could see the pattern of small blood drops left on the bulkhead behind him.:: Angie: ::Quietly.:: Stay away from my babies… ::She pulled the bolt back and drove it home again, ready for the next one. But there wasn’t a next one. The surviving security team was dragging away the other two bodies, and the room, heck even the whole ship, was oddly quiet. The rifle barrel slowly sagged to the floor and she began to shake from the sobs.:: =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\= PNPC Angie Vess Civilian =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\= simmed by: =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\= Commander Alucard Vess FO USS Gorkon Deputy Facilitator – Featured Bio Team C238601TB0 =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=
  5. ((Corridors, USS Gorkon)) ::A pale light split the darkness.:: ::A lone figure materialized in a dark, disheveled corridor of the Sovereign-class ship and quickly slipped into a darkened doorway. Erik peeked around the doorframe, disruptor in his left hand and knife in his right. He’d left his personal guard on his ship. As far as he was concerned, the battle was done and dusted. His ship stood between the Gorkon and escape, and the starship wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. It was now time to take care of some personal business.:: ::He was still seething. Months ago, the Gorkon’s Captain and Walter Brunsig had used Alucard Vesses resemblance to Erik to infiltrate a Dominion base and had made off with an important prisoner and a valuable Romulan ship. He’d faced quite a bit of backlash from his superiors and had nearly been removed from command. Only his superior intellect had saved him from the Vorta’s wrath.:: ::The ship echoed with weapons fire. Not from his battleship, that had done its job. No, this was small weapons fire. His boarding parties were doing a systematic sweep of the vessel with orders to eliminate all Starfleet personnel. But they had restrictions; there were four they could not touch.:: ::Two he would likely find together, one would be found in Sickbay, and the last on the Bridge. Two he would tag and take alive, the other two would die painfully.:: ::He took to the ships Jefferies Tubes. Fortunately, for him, the ship was so battered that most of it was abandoned which made travel less encumbered. And he knew his quart well. Walter would protect Quinn, so he just needed to find her. There was only one place she’d be during an alert.:: ((Deck 16 Corridors, USS Gorkon)) ::Yes, just as he’d thought. He spotted her at the end of a corridor making some fruitless emergency repair. Walter wasn’t with her, but he was close. He knew it.:: ::His superior hearing heard it first. A slight noise behind him, like fabric rustling. :: Jansen (Alt): Hello, Walter. Brunsig (Alt): You're going to regret coming here, Erik. Jansen (Alt): Hmm. You talk a big game, but we both know that'll never happen. ::He spun, aimed, and flung his knife. In the same fluid moment, he shifted his disruptor to his right hand.:: ((Meanwhile, Main Sickbay)) ::Alucard’s deft hands fairly flew as he performed the lifesaving burr hole procedure Lynn Mayr needed to save her life. Quite a bit of pressure had been building up inside her cranium, more than he had initially expected. By the time the drain had been installed and the head bandage applied the front of his scrub top had become soaked with blood and cerebrospinal fluid.:: ::He stood to stretch his back, then stopped. An immense feeling of dread overcame him.:: Vess: ::Softly.:: He’s here… Red Elk: Pardon? Vess: ::Louder.:: Computer, where is Commander Vess? ::The computer, jury rigged like a Christmas tree, was a few moments longer in responding.:: Computer: Commander Vess is in Sickbay and on Deck 16. ::He exchanged a startled look with Red Elk before heading swiftly for the door. There was only one way he could be in two places at once.:: Vess: Dr. Skyfire, take over! ::And then he was out the door.:: ((Back on Deck 16)) ::The knife arced through the air, spinning end over end like a pinwheel of death, on its way toward Quinn’s heart. And it would have reached its target too, but for the foolish actions of another engineer. The man leapt in front of the blade, taking it in the shoulder, saving Quinn’s life.:: ::He would be sure to make him pay for his foolishness later.:: Brunsig (Alt): So what's the plan, Erik? Kill us all and exchange the Gorkon for a promotion? ::Erik smiled and spread his hands out and bowed slightly.:: Jansen (Alt): Well, of course, Walter. You were such a thorn in the Dominion’s side for so long that they’ll probably give me a fleet. Maybe even my own planet. ::The two men eyed each other like two starving lions over one dead gazelle. Erik raised his disruptor and was about to fire when several things happened at once. The ship lurched and barrel rolled over and over, and out of the corner of his eye he saw a section of the wall near where his head had been disappear from a phaser blast at maximum setting. He quickly deduced, even while tumbling about the corridor, that Walter had set himself up as bait to allow Quinn to take a shot at Erik.:: ::And then there was silence. The ship was no longer rolling, and somehow had survived the experience. Erik groaned and pushed himself up onto his elbows. He would have to find out what happened, later, but for now he had to get back to his feet and finish what he had come here to finish.:: ::He pushed himself up further, then stumbled to his feet. He felt wetness running down his beard. He wiped his hand across his face and saw in the dim light a slick reflection of crimson. The pain from his nose confirmed his nose was broken.:: ::Never mind that, he was first to his feet and raised his disruptor and aimed at Walter. It was time to end this.:: Jansen (Alt): Say goodbye, Walter Reynolds (Alt): Erik, don't! Don't do this! ::A shadow detached itself from an open Jefferies tube.:: Vess: Yes, Erik, dunna do this… ::Where the hell had he come from?:: Jansen (Alt): Well, at least you’ve saved me from having to come find you. Three fish, one pond. ::Alucard waved them back. This man was his responsibility. He’d caused them so much pain and anguish, caused so many deaths. It was time to end this, and he was going to make sure the last thing Erik Jansen saw was his own face.:: ::Erik acted first, raising his disruptor and firing at the same time. But Alucard had expected that. He dove and grabbed a handful of debris. This he threw in Erik’s face. The other Augment stumbled back and clawed at his face to clear his eyes. Alucard didn’t give him the chance though, and was on him in a flash.:: ::The disruptor clattered across the deck as both men grappled at each other. The air was filled with the sound of fists hitting flesh. Both men briefly noticed encountering another body as they rolled across the deck but didn’t notice *who* it was; neither had attention for anything but this final fight.:: ::It seemed to go on forever, until...:: ::SNAP!:: ::It was unmistakable, the sound of a neck snapping. It was too dark to tell who rose from the deck, panting from the exertion.:: Vess: It’s done… =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\= PNPC Rona'toran Erik Jansen (deceased) CO Dominion Battleship B937 =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\= And: =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\= Commander Alucard Vess FO USS Gorkon Deputy Facilitator – Featured Bio Team C238601TB0 =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=
  6. (( Corridor, U.S.S. Albion )) ::Kro marched down the corridor with purpose. Flanked by two fellow marines, a young Ensign skirted out of the way at their approach. Even according to his service record the Tandaran was the perfect picture of a hardened marine. He came from a long line of highly decorated military officers, and by proxy spent most of his childhood growing up on military bases. While his destiny seemed obvious, the road had been long and arduous. Growing up with the sons and daughters of soldiers had been a blessing and a curse. He had always wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps, but he had other interests as well. Interests that happened to make him the target of much scorn and ridicule by his peers. Could he not appreciate the emotion of a historic Opera? Could he not be mesmerized by the beauty of an elegant Ballet? Could he not be soothed by a classical orchestra? Music, dance, performance. They were like fuel to the fire of his spirit. As a child he had to learn the hard way that being different was a difficult, and often painful road. It was a road he endured regardless. He was a fighter, and what was a fighter without passion? He had become almost obsessed with weight lifting. Not only to deal with bullies, but to handle the anger that often welled up within him. In the end it had hardened him, and he was not long phased by the criticism of others. Perhaps because he no longer cared, or perhaps because he had developed into a behemoth of pure muscle. As an adult he had grown into a man with no tolerance for cruelty or the torment of the innocent, and he liked to think it made him a better marine. He understood now he was simply refined. He had tastes that were far more sophisticated than the average trench grunt. He did not enjoy violence, but preferred to solve problems with his mind. Strategy, reason, and problem solving were how battles were won. When it came down to it though, it didn't hurt that he was strong enough to punch a mans nose through the back of his skull.:: Tatash: =/\= Tatash to Kro, status report Lieutenant. Kro: =/\= All teams report ready, Sir. Do we have an objective? Tatash: =/\= Mission unclear at this time, have the squads prepare for boarding and counter-boarding operations. Full load-out, drill as required. Kro: =/\= Understood Major. ::There was a small pause as he was handed a PADD by a fellow marine.:: I'll have us armed and operational within the hour. Tatash: =/\= Good. Tatash out. ::Gently tapping his combadge off, he stopped in his tracks and turned to the other two marines.:: Kro: Maxwell, you heard the Major. Full Load out. I want every squad equipped with Type 3 MK-9 Phaser Rifles as well as all specialty specific gear and boarding equipment. Maxwell: What about demolitions, Sir? Kro: Everything they need, but keep them mobile. ::He looked to Navin, handing him back the PADD:: Squads to be stationed with Sigma layout. Protect vital areas but be ready to move. I want regular reports. Double time gentlemen! ::As the two marines rushed off, Kro looked to the Ensign that had skirted their warpath a moment before and graced him with a warm smile.:: Kro: Carry on Ensign. We have your back. 1st Lieutenant Kro Starfleet Marine Bravo Company
  7. ((Astrofori I: T’ang Wu’s Vulcan Chinese Cuisine.)) ::Raissa agreed to meet Alora for lunch on the station. She had found this place the last time she was here and had wanted to try the food for herself. She found a corner booth to sit and wait for her friend, drinking water.:: ::Her wandering around the ship had not improved her mood. She was beginning to feel as if nothing would. She could still do her job and she supposed that was what mattered. It wasn’t enough, but it would have to do.:: DeVeau: Hey Raissa! ::Raissa had been early and Alora - usually early, but not quite as early as her friend. As she slipped into the booth across from her friend, she smiled and then slid over to position herself in the middle of the bench.:: DeVeau: Shore leave, at last! ::Raissa raised an eyebrow at her.:: Moonsong: Technically we weren’t away that long….::faint smile.:: But I do know what you mean. DeVeau: With the Q involved, it seemed like forever. ::That was an exaggeration, but boy was Alora glad to be out of that mess. If she never saw another Q again, it would be far too soon. A Vulcan server came over and handed them menus. After a quick thank you in Golic, Alora scanned through the offerings on the flat screen before her.:: DeVeau: Hm. What to get. Moonsong: I’ll have the sweet and sour plomeek soup. DeVeau: I’ll take the orange c’torr as well as an order of two fried gespar rolls. I’d like the rolls to start. Also, an order of garlic saffir. Oh, and water to drink, please. ::She offered the miniature screen back to the waiter and then focused once more on her friend.:: DeVeau: Have you ever interacted with a Q before? ::The faint smile on Raissa’s lips faded. She was still haunted by the predictions.:: Moonsong: No… and I hope never to do so again in this lifetime…. DeVeau: Amen to that. Once was far more than enough. ::The waiter arrived with a drink for Alora, asserted that their food would be out momentarily, then let the two return to their conversation.:: DeVeau: So any plans for shore leave? ::Raissa shook her head.:: Moonsong: No… but I do have some counseling sessions coming up. ::pause:: Shore leave seems to be the best time to do them. ::She folded her hands on the tabletop.:: Moonsong: Although I did hear something interesting via the ‘Gaby-vine’. DeVeau: Oh? ::The Gaby-vine? Amusement tickled the corners of Alora’s mouth.:: DeVeau: Before you tell me what you heard, you must assure me that you are going to take _some_ shore leave. Counselor or no, you need some downtime too. ::Raissa’s gaze drifted to stare over Alora’s shoulder.Downtime to do what? Carter was gone. CD was gone. And their absence was significant enough to make her realize how limited her life had become.:: Moonsong: Alora… if someone needs my help, I will not turn them away. DeVeau: I’m not saying you should, just that you need shore leave too. Moonsong: After a mission is when I’m needed most. ::sighs:: I promise to take some time. I went around to introduce myself to some of the scientists assigned to the Invicta. Happy now? ::Alora shook her head, then lifted her glass so she could sip at her water.:: DeVeau: Nope. I need a promise that you’re going to watch a movie with me. I have a ton of options. ::Raissa sighed. Alora was rather persistent with sometimes very odd tastes.:: Moonsong: Fine…. DeVeau: Tomorrow. After dinner. My quarters. Do you like fairy tales? ::If Saveron didn’t care for fairy tales, maybe Raissa would. If not, there were plenty of other choices. ::That elicited a smirk from Raissa.:: Moonsong: Depends on the culture you cull from… DeVeau: Good. Okay, so tell me what’s been traveling along the ‘Gaby-vine’. Moonsong: The Incredible adventures of Cinderella in Vulcan-land. ::Alora groaned, then rolled her head around only to hide her face on her arms upon the table. After a moment she rose and sighed.:: DeVeau: It was a disaster. Moonsong: You’re lucky he cares enough about you to learn about our culture. DeVeau: Yeah. Well, I think he was interested in learning our culture long before he met me. I doubt he’ll ever want to do that sort of thing ever again. Moonsong: ::frowned slightly.:: It’s not like you made him do it. Plus… he could have walked out at any time. DeVeau: Yeah. I know. ::Could have, but didn’t. Of course, Raissa was probably implying that meant he might have similar thoughts about her, but honestly, Saveron just wasn’t the sort to be so impolite as to interrupt the holo adventure.:: DeVeau: How in the world did Gaby find out? It’s not like I told anyone. Moonsong: How does she find out about anything. You might have been seen going in or coming out. A quick check on last program you used. A little Nurse Porchevska flair and BOOM! On the chatlines you appear. DeVeau: Someone needs to censor her before she causes problems. ::Some people just didn’t learn. While Alora wasn’t guiltless when it came to gossip, she did try not to spread rumours around and often gave little weight to those she heard until she could go straight to the source.:: DeVeau: I hope she hasn’t spread anything further about me. That was embarrassing enough. ::Did the entire ship know? Ugh, would Adrian know? Last she heard, he’d transferred to A1 as well.:: Moonsong: I think the idea was enough…. And it is done with affection… mostly. DeVeau: Affection? Really? ::Alora snorted and spread a napkin over her lap.:: DeVeau: Anyway, I would prefer to get off that topic. You know, to something not so completely embarrassing. ::Raissa smiled.:: Moonsong: She did give you the cat and I doubt she’ll ever try to get you drunk again. DeVeau: True, I do have to admit, Sachiko was a rather nice gift. ::And a sweet little thing. Every time Alora came home, the little feline greeted her with loud purrs and gentle rubs against her legs. :: DeVeau: So other than watching a movie with me, do have anything you’d like to do to relax during shore leave? ::Raissa’s smile, slight though it was, faded.:: Moonsong: I am beginning to wonder if I ever did. Remember I do a lot of counselling during that time. DeVeau: Yes, we’ve already established that, but you’ll not be doing counseling all of the time, which means that some of the time you’ll be eating, some of the time you’ll be sleeping, and some of the time you’ll spend on enjoyable pursuits. I was just curious as to what those pursuits might be. Moonsong: ::sighs and pushes away her barely touched soup.:: I used to spend time with Carter until I broke up with him… Or CD until he was transferred to the Columbia. ::Alora’s own smile faded and she stretched out to pat her friend’s hand.:: DeVeau: I’m sorry, Raissa, I really am. But I’m still here. We can hang out, right? ::Raissa withdrew her hand quickly. According to Saveron, Alora was probably a Sensitive, but the last thing she wanted to do was risk the only friend she had left. After a moment, Alora withdrew her hand, brows furrowed.:: Moonsong: Of course we can…. ::pause.:: Alora, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be touched. It just means until Saveron determines that my control is solid, I don’t want to risk harming you. It’s the reason Carter and I are no longer together. A brief touch from you is safe enough since you’re a sensitive… But I almost put Carter in sickbay… even so, it was close. I almost damaged him… DeVeau: I’m not afraid. ::And she wasn’t. If anyone could get control of such power, it would be Raissa and Alora had confidence in her abilities. The problem was, did Raissa have confidence in herself? The counselor closed her eyes a moment.:: Moonsong: It’s so hard… I feel so alone…. I didn’t realize until I lost the two of them… All I have left is you and Saveron and Evan… Everyone else is a patient…. DeVeau: We’re all patients at some point or another. ::Except maybe Saveron, but he was a Vulcan and generally their self control was unshakeable.:: DeVeau: Have you thought about seeing a counselor? Talking about what’s going on? ::After all, counselors might sometimes need counselors too. But Raissa was shaking her head.:: Moonsong: I’ve come to realize that the counselors on the ship are not that comfortable with me. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t know me well, I’m their boss or if they’re freaked out by my telepathy. ::She sighed again.:: Moonsong: I suppose I could consider contacting one of the station counselors, but I don’t know if any have a security level high enough. DeVeau: You never know. ::Raissa glanced at her friend. A faint smile reluctantly touched her lips.:: Moonsong: You’re going to pester me until I do, aren’t you? DeVeau: This is not pestering. ::Alora’s eyes glimmered with a mischievous light.:: DeVeau: I have four brothers. I know how to pester. You really don’t want me to go into younger sister mode, do you? ::Her smile warmed.:: Moonsong: I’d hardly consider you a *younger* sister, Alora…. DeVeau: Pfft. Cause I will. ::Her hands went up in surrender. She had no doubt Alora would do just that.:: DeVeau: And I’m very, verygood at it. Moonsong: Of that I have no doubt. ::She raised an eyebrow.:: Moonsong: Of course the reverse is true. DeVeau: Meaning? ::Alora’s eyebrows arched upward.:: Moonsong: I’m a counselor. Pester is part of my job description. DeVeau: Well, yeah. Moonsong: How about we talk about why you refuse to tell Saveron of your interest? DeVeau: Because the reaction to what happened indicated a lack of interest in anything other than friendship. ::Alora fiddled with her glass of water and then drew a long sip before she continued.:: DeVeau: I used what we did as a gauge. It fell flat. Way, way flat. If he was interested...well, I don’t want to ruin our friendship and I’m afraid by telling him that’s going to happen. I’d rather keep him as a friend than create a rift between us. ::She leveled her gaze upon her friend, while her hand fiddled with the straw, drawing it up and down in the glass. With the motion, her mouth quirked upward on one side, a smirk that could not disguise her disappointment.:: DeVeau: Better to have him in one aspect than not at all. ::Raissa met her gaze with a raised eyebrow.:: Moonsong: Alora, I am deeply fond of you. I don’t how to say this without hurting your feelings. DeVeau: Then you might as well just come out and say it. Moonsong: For a woman as well versed in Vulcan culture as I happen to know you are…. you’re an idiot. ::Alora sighed and placed a thumb over the end of her straw. With a short motion, she lifted it from her glass, observing the water trapped inside.:: DeVeau: Look, I thought maybe it would give me some insight. It didn’t, and I don’t want to risk losing what I have. Despite my feelings, I still want him as a friend and admitting this to him would make it weird and likely ruin it. ::Raissa sighed. Her friend was stubborn too.:: Moonsong: Alora… I had long talk with Saveron. I wanted to make sure my reasons for breaking up with Carter was logical and not just emotional. So we ended up talking about relationships. ::Alora hadn’t realised that, but she wasn’t a telepath like her friend. With another short movement, her thumb released the trapped water, then Alora repeated the previous gestures, capturing another strawful.:: Moonsong: I even asked him if he would ever Bond again and if he would consider a non-human. ::Despite herself, Alora couldn’t feign disinterest. She cast a sidelong glance at her companion.:: DeVeau: What did he say? ::She watched Alora playing with the straw with interest. It was an interesting little habit she had. Little things would suddenly take on precision and importance. She couldn’t remember the last time she actually saw her sitting still.:: Moonsong: That he had not considered it, but he would not be opposed to it. ::Well, that was promising, but that didn’t mean she’d be the one he might consider as potential for more. Generally, Alora tried to be optimistic, but there were just some things she had difficulty with and that was one of them.:: Moonsong: He enlightened me about Vulcan relationships. It was quite interesting. DeVeau: You mean about the arranged marriages? ::Raissa shook her head.:: Moonsong: No. Not all relationships are arranged. I thought it was fascinating, what he told me. ::Raissa was baiting her, waiting to pounce with her words of wisdom like a jaguar stalking prey in the depths of the jungle. All Alora had to do was give her the opportunity. If that was what she wanted, she might as well. With another flick of her fingers, Alora sipped on the straw, taking that bait.:: DeVeau: And what did he tell you? ::She smiled. She was really fond of Alora and regardless of the mess her own life, she wanted her friend to be happy.:: Moonsong: I learned that if Vulcans are interested in each other, they come right out and say it. If one is not receptive to… romance doesn’t seem to be the right word… intimacy, then they say so. Then they go back to their previous relationship/friendship. No rifts. No weirdness…. ::She paused and wondered if Alora was getting the message. Her beating around the bush was getting her nowhere.:: Moonsong: So all this rift and weird it all in your head. DeVeau: Maybe. Probably. But what you just told me also confirmed something. Moonsong: ::sighs:: Alora…. DeVeau: He’s not interested. If he was, he’d just come to me and tell me, but he hasn’t so he’s not, so I think I’ll just leave things as they are. ::Even if the weirdness was in her head, it was her head she had to deal with for the rest of her life, so Alora might as well limit the embarrassment as much as she could.:: Moonsong: What’s stopping you from telling him you're interested in a relationship again? DeVeau: Myself. But even so, if he’s not interested, what’s the point in telling him? He would have said something to me if he were. ::Raissa put her elbows on the table and covered her face with her hands:: Moonsong: Argh! DeVeau: Raissa… ::Alora sighed and leaned her elbow upon the table, chin in her hand. At that moment, the waiter arrived with their food and she straightened to allow him to place her plate before her. He paused, a single eyebrow arched upward at the semi-prostrate counselor.:: Waiter: Your meal. ::Raissa sat up and nodded.:: Moonsong: Thank you. ::pause.:: May I ask you a question? Waiter: Of course. Moonsong: Is it logical to avoid a situation that carries risk, but has the potential to have a positive outcome? Waiter: No. ::Raissa nodded:: Moonsong: Thank you. ::She looked at Alora and raised an eyebrow in a manner that would make Saveron proud.:: DeVeau: Is it logical to enter into a situation when you already know the outcome? Moonsong: You don’t know the outcome. You think you do, but that is fear talking. ::The waiter wisely walked away:: Moonsong: I have the desire to go to Saveron and ask him if he is interested in a relationship…. with you. ::Immediately, a frown made its presence known and Alora squirmed in her seat.:: DeVeau: Please don’t. Moonsong: Then you have to. DeVeau: No. ::The last thing she wanted to do was to embarrass herself again, especially in front of Saveron.:: Moonsong: I think you’re wrong about Cinderella ::Wrong?:: DeVeau: What do you mean? Moonsong: He never says no when you ask him to do these… adventures. I know for a fact he finds your company very agreeable. ::She did have a point, except that Alora didn’t think there was as much there as Raissa was indicating.:: DeVeau: Yes, because we’re friends, and because he likes to learn about different cultures and new things. Moonsong: Alora, this will eat you alive. ::she huffed:: It looks like I am going to have to play Fairy Godmother after all… DeVeau: Raissa, please, don’t. Moonsong: For once, you are going to have to trust me. DeVeau: I’m begging you. ::Thoughts of what she might do coupled with Alora’s own images of what she might do in the wake of whatever happened flashed through her mind. Transfer to a different ship. Maybe she’d put herself in a coma. Maybe she’d lock herself in her rooms. Just hide under the covers for the rest of her life…:: Moonsong: ::smirks:: For help? Of course I’ll help you. DeVeau: You realise, whatever you do will receive payback, right? Moonsong: That could be interesting… ::Raissa smiled brightly for the first time.:: Moonsong: Since I could never pull off Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty… I’ll settle for caramel apples…. ::With that, Raissa, for the first time in a long while, had an appetite and began to eat her soup.:: Moonsong: We really should come here again… ::Alora simply groaned and stuffed a bite into her mouth.:: End ********************* Lt. Raissa Moonsong Chief of Counseling USS Invicta G239107RM0 & Lt. Alora DeVeau Chief of Science USS Invicta M239008AD0
  8. (( USS Columbia, Deck 1, Main Bridge )) ::The blood drained from Didrik’s face and hands. He felt sick. He broke a sweat. The bridge full of officers looked at him with a mix of surprise and confusion. A carousel of emotions fought for prominence in that moment before the silence was broken: sadness, shame, embarrassment, depression, annoyance, guilt. For Didrik, he was in that moment, in two places, on the bridge of Columbia, and also a thousand light years away.:: (( Flashback )) (( Path Encampment, Summer 2390 )) ::The hashes on the wall had stopped at twenty-seven. Didrik’s diligence in marking the passage of time held out for almost four weeks before exhaustion and hallucination made him lose track. He’d stopped caring, anyway. If his time as a prisoner, and living science experiment, of The Path had taught him anything, it was that caring, finding value, was a weakness to be exploited.:: ::The door in the ceiling of the oubliette he’d called home for at least a month swung open, and a ladder was lowered down to his level.:: Tagriec: Come out. ::The voice from above belonged to one of his Lethean handlers. Didrik slowly moved from his seated position in the corner. Too slowly, evidently, for Tagriec’s patience, because the guard launched a full-on telepathic attack on him. Instantly, he was incapacitated by the most vile, abominable mental images, involving his family, his friends, his planet, anything and anyone that ever mattered to him. Didrik clung to the ladder, broken by the thoughts and memories thrust into his mind. As he climbed the rungs, the usual disorientation cleared somewhat, and his psyche began sorting through the new information.:: (( Dispensary )) ::Never far from Tagriec and his Lethean friends, Didrik sat restrained in an examination chair. Sollos, a middle-aged Napean who called himself a doctor, was clumsily feeling around Didrik’s midsection. Sollos: Your ribs are nearly healed, Didrik. Stennes: How lucky for me. ::Sollos grinned.:: Sollos: We grow closer to understanding your condition every day. Closer to isolating the cause. We’ve had some very encouraging results from examining your protein cofactors. Soon our operatives will all be immune to the effects of physical torture. And it will all be thanks to you. Stennes: I'd jump for joy. If you hadn't broken both my legs. ::Didrik said nothing. He sat motionless as the ‘doctor’ manipulated his broken ribs.:: Sollos: I thought you would be pleased. Once we have what we need, you’ll be able to get on with your life. Get back to your friends on the Drake, take a visit to Tromsø. Maybe even look-up an old flame. I wonder what Aron Kells is up to right now. ::Didrik closed his eyes. He could handle the physical abuse, the medical experiments, even the telepathic assaults on his memories faded with time. But with the loss of his privacy, the solitude of his thoughts, came the loss of self. It was that from which Didrik could never recover.:: Sollos: I’ll need to collect some additional blood samples. Why not tell me a story while you wait? ::beat:: Never mind, I’ll pick one. How about your first day back at Starfleet Academy after returning from Bajor? I’ve always liked that one. ::As another presence entered his mind, cold telepathic fingers sifting through his memories and forcing the replay of this particular one for entertainment, Didrik felt well and truly in hell.:: (( End of Flashback )) (( USS Columbia, Deck 1, Main Bridge )) :: And here he was again. And despite what had happened to him, there was no excuse for what he’d just done on the bridge of Columbia.:: Stennes: That is, with all due respect… ::nodding in turn:: Captain, Doctor, Counselor, Ambassador. ::Ensign Flynn arrived just then, missing Stennes' sermon by a few seconds. He went to his seat, and turned to Brek.:: Flynn: Sir...? Brek: I need to ask you for another moment Ensign. Point taken, Mister Stennes. We do need to take action. However it is equally important to try and understand the island's lifeforms from every possible angle. There are also better ways to express your opinion. So, I'd advise you to take an appointment with our Counselor, for you seem to struggle with Bridge protocol. ::The captain’s cool, even response magnified how inappropriate Didrik had acted, and magnified Didrik’s contrition. Part of him wished he’d have been relieved, sent packing as soon as Columbia could get rid of him. But he wasn’t. After all, he still had work to do.:: Stennes: Aye. Didrik Stennes Strategic Operations Specialist USS Columbia NCC-85279 D238804DS0
  9. (( Junction 06, Jefferies Tubes, USS Tharsis )) :: With the water flow slowed at the moment thanks to Cmdr. Eerie acting as a plug, they had a little more time to come up with a plan.:: Drax: We have to risk the other way. Although, it doesn't have to be all of us. Captain, it is between Lt. Sevo, Ensign Orrey or myself. :: He paused for a brief second.:: With that being said I volunteer to go. Eerie: I don't swim. I sink. Anyways, a bit preoccupied right now. But, I could make good speed. :: Very reluctantly, Ayiana summoned up some courage to get past her fears and spoke up. :: Sevo: No. Y-you’re too big and slow to go swimming th-through the tubes for that switch. oO Yea, insult the Klingon. Smart move, Ayiana. Oo :: Ayiana paused. She couldn’t believe she was about to do this :: Sevo: I’ll do it. Reynolds: Can you swim? Eerie: We need to do something. Even I can't hold forever. Sevo: I-I grew up in a coastal city. I’ve probably swam m-more than all of you combined. :: Her panic was steadily rising, but through some miracle of Starfleet training and indoctrination, her sense of duty to protect the her teammates and her Captain helped to overcome her anxiety. For now. :: Reynolds: All right. ::She took a shuddering breath.:: Be *quick*. :: Ayiana started removing her uniform, tossing them into the rising water. The heavy cloth of her tunic and undershirt would quickly soak up water and weigh her down. She also took off her boots and socks; it would be much easier to paddle and swim without them. Still decked in her uniform pants and grey tank top, Ayiana was ready as she’d ever be. She kept her tricorder and phaser attached to her pants, though; just in case. Starfleet engineering was remarkably resilient; most of their handheld equipment was waterproof. :: Sevo: Did I forget to mention? Water polo in high school, and I was Top Ten in the 400 and 800 meters in my last couple of years at the Academy. oO Of course, that was a couple of years ago. And I’ve hardly had a chance to get in a pool since graduation! Oo :: With a last nod to the captain, Ayiana submerged beneath the rising water in the tube junction and entered the crawl tube below the water’s surface, meaning it was completely filled by now. They had just crawled through this section, so Ayiana had a pretty good idea how long it was. From the team’s junction to the previous one was about 20 meters, and Ayiana could hold her breath underwater for 2-3 minutes (of course, that was back when she kept in physical condition for competitive swimming). :: :: As she started swimming through the tube, utilizing a “dolphin kick” technique, Ayiana began to feel calmer. She had forgotten how much fun it was to swim. The city of Najana on Trill was a coastal city, so Ayiana frequented the beach and ocean throughout her childhood. Naturally as she entered the Trill equivalent of high school, she joined the swim team, continuing her academic aquatics during her attendance at Trill’s Starfleet Academy campus, eventually becoming rather proficient in diving and short-distance swimming. Sadly, after Ayiana graduated and was assigned to the Victory, her first Starfleet posting, she never had much time to keep up with the physical training required. :: :: However, memories of her childhood in the water came rushing back as she swam on. None of her previous hosts swam as much as Ayiana did pre-Join, so this was one of her few skills she really felt was all her “own;” and not gifted by the Joining. In fact, post-Joining, her reflexes had increased, necessitating her to be reassigned to the Joined Women’s Division at the Academy; (an experienced swimmer with heightened reflexes gifted by a Joining could quite literally swim circles around an Unjoined, causing an unfair advantage in a straight-up competition). The negative side of the Joining, however, caused her lung capacity to decrease due to more oxygen and blood being needed for the Symbiont (essentially a second brain). More training could have restored Ayiana’s endurance, but she had graduated shortly after Joining and never had the chance to keep practicing. :: oO Man, I forgot how much I liked swimming! If I make it out of this alive, maybe I should start swimming again. Oo :: Ayiana reached the previous junction and praised the ancient Gods that there was still a pocket of air in it. The junction was a three-way with one tube heading straight on and another going vertically down. :: Ayiana pulled out her tricorder and called up a schematic of the area. She wasn’t an engineer and didn’t really know where to look for a shutoff valve. Taking a look at the schematics only made it worse. :: oO Oh great. These tubes weren’t designed to channel water, so of course there wouldn’t be a shutoff switch! Now what? The Captain is counting on me! Oo :: She spent the next couple of minutes treading water, analyzing the schematics, looking for something - anything. The bottom screen of her tricorder showed the archived Oberth schematics, while on the top screen, Ayiana simultaneously did a scan of the area and compared the two. Here, her pattern recognition helped again. She was good at picking out obscure details - such as the line indicating a seal underwater below her on the live scan that wasn’t there on the schematics! :: oO Someone sealed the tube! If I can break that seal, the water will drain down the shaft! Oo :: Of course, she had no idea where all that water would ultimately end up, but for the moment, her team’s lives took priority. Ayiana replaced her tricorder on her hip, took one big breath, and dove back underwater. Swimming increasingly deeper was harder than swimming close to the surface. As the amount of water increased above a person, the pressure on their body increased as well, ultimately reducing lung capacity and altering blood flow. Ayiana only had a minute and a half - tops - before she would pass out and probably drown. :: oO There’s the hatch. oO :: The “seal” was simply a tube hatch that had been closed; normally only closed in emergencies such as decompression. By the look of it, it wasn’t welded shut. If she could simply find the manual actuator, she could open the hatch and let the water drain. Of course, all that water rushing past her would sweep Ayiana down along with it, unless she could hold on to something. As Ayiana floated underwater, looking around for the actuator, her long, red hair floated freely in the water behind her like a forest of red kelp. She began to notice her vision starting to get blurry, and was having an increasingly harder time holding her breath. She had to act NOW! :: oO Found the actuator. Oo :: Grabbing onto the ladder that ran the length of the vertical tube. :: oO And this looks sturdy enough. Here goes… Oo :: Ayiana held on to the ladder with her left hand and reached for the mechanical, manual release actuator with her right. She tried to pump the actuator, but it hardly budged. It was hard enough to move the damn things without a ton of water pressure on top! She ended up having to use both arms. Finally after a few pumps, the seal began to break and Ayiana watched as her hair started twisting and turning around her, following the flow of water through the slightly-open hatch. She could also feel the water flowing past her. :: oO A couple more pumps should do it! Oo :: Indeed, two pumps later, the hatch doors violently retracted, and the full force of the water above Ayiana came rushing down. She nearly was swept away with the current as she managed to grab onto the ladder bars. Her legs had been pushed through the hatch, and Ayiana held with all her strength, trying not to be swept away with it. :: oO Th-there goes the water! I hope that drained away from the rest of the guys! Oo :: With her breath strained to the limit, Ayiana could feel her grip starting to slip. As the last of the water drained past her, Ayiana’s breath broke and she took in a lungful of water as she let go of the ladder. Barely conscious, and acting more out of a survival instinct than conscious thought, she managed to grab on again to some rungs a little further down the shaft. With a leg, she kicked open a hatch opening in the wall, climbed and crawled out onto the open deck. :: *Cough*…*cough*...*glub*! :: Coughing out a lungful of water, Ayiana lay down on her back on the deck, taking in a very comforting breath of air, her legs still dangling in the tube. For the next several seconds, she was involuntarily coughing up water. Her clothes were soaked, she was freezing, and her hair was matted to her face and splayed over the deck, but she was alive. :: *BEEP-BEEP-BEEP* :: Ayiana leaned up suddenly. :: oO What was that?! Oo *BEEP-BEEP-BEEP* :: Suddenly remembering. :: oO My field detector! Someone is really close! Oo :: Ayiana grudgingly stood up, and pulled out her tricorder. Opening up the detector application again, she saw she was fully encompassed by the red circle indicating the 5-meter radius of the dispersion “red zone.” Meaning that whatever was generating it was very close by. She turned off the beeping, but kept the blinking indicator light and vibration warnings on. :: :: She grabbed her phaser with her right hand, hoped that it still worked after being underwater so long, and slowly - very slowly - made her way down the deck to the corner. Fortunately, the corridor was dark, except for emergency lighting. Ayiana pressed herself against the wall and slowly crept one eye around the corner. :: Turner: -- floor hatch, sir. I-- I forget to seal it. Brunsig: We can use this to our advantage. How? Turner: It's… ah… the path of least resistance? That'll be where they're most likely to escape. Brunsig: Good lad. Brunsig: Then let's get over there. :: Ayiana estimated about half a dozen people down there. They were in ragged and partially removed Starfleet uniforms; no doubt some of the Tharsis’ crew. They were setting an ambush for the Captain and her team! With the dispersion fields still in place, there was no way for Ayiana to contact Captain Reynolds and warn them! She had to do something or they would be captured, or possibly killed - right after avoiding a nasty drowning. :: :: She crouched low and followed the pack, keeping well behind them but barely within eyesight. At least their own tricorders wouldn’t detect Ayiana. Now if only she had more combat training. ::
  10. ((Hemix - The Island - Plains)) :: Tyler had been doing his best to reassure the shaken Security crewman. He wanted to assuage her guilt, but more than that, he needed Tula to be firing on all cylinders if they ran into trouble again. Tula had somehow managed to keep her pack and Tyler was greedily adding it's contents to their inventory when he heard Whittaker call out to Ezo:: Whittaker: “Mirra?” ::Tyler turned to see the young doctor staring into the trees, a troubled look playing across her face.:: Ezo: ::quietly to Tyler:: Sir...I- :: She trailed off just as Tyler's eyes found the spot she was focused on. The sun was completely down at this point, and whatever she was staring at was lost in the dense foliage. He was just about to turn back to the supplies, when he heard a primal roar and everything changed. In his mind Tyler was trying to process the situation, but it was all happening at lightning speed. Emerging silently from the trees, the monstrous form of Nugra was barreling down on him with teeth bared. The Gorn moved with impossible speed and Tyler had barely gotten a hand on his phaser when he was within striking distance. Bracing himself for contact, he watched his worst nightmare unfold.:: Ezo: ::darting out:: NO!! ::It was immediately clear to Tyler that Nugra was targeting him specifically, but in all of his training he'd never prepared for a situation like this. For just a moment, he hesitated, and in that split-second Mirra threw herself into the path of the rampaging Gorn. Tyler didn't have time to feel bad about that, as he tried to dodge Nugra's attack at the last minute. He was tertiarily aware of Nugra brushing Ezo aside with relative ease, sending the pretty young doctor flying, as he frantically tried to get clear of the Intel Chief's reach. Mirra's sacrifice had cost Nugra a bit of critical momentum and when he finally arrived at Tyler's position, he was almost out of the way. Almost. The Gorn's clawed arms extended as far as they could, desperately reaching for his escaping prey. Tyler felt streaks of fire on his face, starting somewhere above the eyebrow and dragging down through his cheek. Knocked off balance and blinded by blood that flowed freely into his eyes, Tyler felt the full 350 pound weight of the massive lizard on top of him, sending him crashing to the ground. Tyler raised his hands, desperately trying to fend off the Gorn's claws as they tore at his chest. The security EV suit was more heavily armored than the others, but he knew it couldn't stand up to the terrible claws for too long.:: Whittaker: “NO!” ::Struggling and grunting as he attempted to stop his superior officer from ripping the rest of his face off, Tyler felt himself losing strength. A pain in his ribs told him that at least one of the claws had punctured his armor, his jaw throbbed from one of the beasts vicious strikes, and he was dizzy from his already concussed head hitting the ground. Nearby he saw the prone form of Ensign Ezo, apparently trying to apply pressure to her injuries and was overcome with a feeling of hopelessness. He had failed her just like he'd failed Roland and Lewis and soon he'd fail himself. In what he knew would be his last moments, all he could think about was how different things could've been if he had just trained a little harder.:: Kelly: oO I'm sorry...Oo ::Suddenly a bright orange light bathed the scene and a phaser beam leapt out to strike Nugra, offering Tyler a momentary reprieve from his savage attack. Summoning the last of his strength, Tyler tried to crawl away but the Gorn was just too heavy and he was pinned. As the Gorn howled, Tyler saw the source of the phaser blast take a step closer, ratcheting up the intensity of the next attack. Another stream of phased energy struck Nugra, this time with enough power to force him to turn away from Tyler and face the Engineer. He wanted to help, to grab a phaser and come to their rescue but all he could manage was a raspy groan. Completely drained of energy, bruised and bleeding in 20 different places and dizzy from head trauma, Tyler's world faded from view just as he heard Theo take one final shot.:: ::Darkness:: TBC LtCmdr. Tyler Kelly Chief Security Officer USS Columbia O238811CD0
  11. I am pretty sure we are on Round 22, but if not, then round 23. But, These are the sims I liked. JP: Lt. T'Var Helling and Ensign Roshacari-The Results of Telepathy-Part 1 JP: Lt. T'Var Helling and Ensign Roshacari-The Results of Telepathy-Part 2 LtJG Mary Fenelli USS Avandar A239201MF0
  12. ((Deep Space 6 - Deck 79, Sickbay Complex, Recovery Room 17)) :: Fingertips gently caressed nir exposed stomach as ne lay on nir back. The sensation was slightly ticklish and very pleasurable causing nem to grin impishly. Renos let nir hand tenderly slide up nir partner’s arm as ne rolled onto nir side. Nir gaze travelled lovingly up his body to his dreamy blue eyes. He had the most charming smile and lips that demanded to be kissed. Pulled by the forces of attraction Renos slowly leaned towards him with parted lips. :: :: Todd felt relaxed and happy as he listened to the J’naii’s soft murmuring and the beautiful sound of a heart beating just the way he liked it. After everything he’d done for the Captain he felt very proud and deserved this moment. :: :: He sat cross legged on a seat next to his patient’s bed entering the results of the electric therapy. He had successfully trained Renos’s heart to beat naturally again but it would still take a recovery period to tell whether things would remain stable or not. :: :: Vivid dreams were highly common after being on the medication he’d used during the procedure so he wasn’t really surprised to hear Renos talking in nir sleep or mumbling incoherently. He remembered a similar experience when he’d been in hospital after the shuttle crash that ended his racing career. He’d dreamt of being a boy again and coming home, excited to see everyone. He'd talked to them all at length as he came into the house. Minutes wore on but there was no response as he searched room by room for them. He realised the house was empty and no one was there. It was like they’d left home without him. He’d been horrified to wake up crying as he had been in the dream with it still very clear in his mind… :: :: He had no idea what Renos was dreaming about but hopefully nothing so unpleasant. Todd grinned at the dark haired patient when ne woke up just minutes later looking surprised. Nir dream was probably still fresh in nir mind too and ne was probably wondering where ne was. :: Manius: Still in sickbay Renos. How are you feeling? :: Waking up came as a bit of a reality shock to Renos. Ne was disappointed to find ne’d only been dreaming but also confused about the sexual nature of it. The J’naii had never previously had much interest in anyone leading nem to the conclusion ne was asexual. Ne had always regarded sexuality as fluid, although perhaps more for some than for others. Was this indicative of change? Perhaps ne simply hadn’t found the right person before… Then again maybe these emerging feelings wouldn’t amount to anything meaningful. Ne tried to rationalise them and wished ne were alone to do so. Todd was sitting next to nem, looking at nem. :: Renos: Hi Todd. I'm okay, I think. A touch groggy... Manius: So… who is Gordie? Renos: Gordie? Manius: Yeah you mentioned him in your sleep. :: Todd had heard the name recently but couldn’t place it yet. Renos turned a deep shade or red and coverd nir face with a pillow. The J’naii was glad to know Todd was no mind reader but what had ne said? How much did he know? Nir embarrassment wasn’t completely lost on Todd who hadn’t expected the question to create such awkwardness. :: Renos: I dunno… ::Sheepishly:: ::Suddenly it hit Manius like a bolt and his eyebrows hit the roof. :: :: The chief science officer… Renos had called him Gordie. Hadn't ne? Traenor had tried to sneak in to see Renos, which had been completely unnecessary as he'd have been allowed passage if he’d asked. He remembered chastising the man for glomping Renos leading to his almost immediate departure. Todd didn’t have to see his boss’s face to know nir heart rate was elevated, it was written all over the bedside instruments. All of this, coupled with having witnessed previous interactions had the medic picturing the two of them as a couple. :: Manius: oO Renos and Traenor? They kept that quiet. Oo :: His face broke out into a wide grin and he tried to save his commanding officer any further embarrassment. He was sure ne was eager to hear the results of the medical procedure. :: Manius: Well if you listen carefully you’ll be able to hear the very sweet sound of success. The procedure worked as intended and your heart is now beating in a regular pattern. Obviously the recovery period will be telling but this really is a big step forward. :: Renos came out from behind the big flumpy pillow and cried tears of joy and relief. That meant ne would soon be reunited with Gordie. And the rest of the crew. It felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from nir shoulders. Ne wasn’t going to have to leave Starfleet and take up full time work with the J’naii underground. :: Renos: Thank you Todd, thank you so much. Manius: You’re welcome. Just remember we’re not out of the woods yet. Once you’ve had a few days rest we’ll need to test you under various conditions to ensure your heart can take the rigours of the job. :: Further treatments were a possibility if needed but if every time the J’naii had to exercise hard, or deal with stressful situations the atrial fibrillation reocurred then resuming nir career might not be an option. He didn’t want to put a downer on things but also wanted to keep some perspective on things. :: Renos: Of course. :: Ne said it in an almost dismissive way and Todd really hoped ne was taking this seriously. As a former medic he was sure that ne would know as well as anyone how big a problem this could be. Then again when you were the patient it wasn’t always easy to see things clearly. He supposed Renos couldn’t really be blamed for wanting to cling onto the hope ne was through the worst of it now. :: Manius: I’ll be back in a few hours with dinner. Any special requests? :: Renos shook nir head, Todd finished what he was doing and took his leave, satisfied that ne was stable enough to be given some space. As soon as Renos was left alone ne snuggled back in and thought back to the dream still at the forefront of nir mind. Ne couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. Maxwell was a valued colleague and nir closest friend. Few people ever got close to nem but somehow the man had sneaked under nir radar and stolen nir affections. The J’naii was having trouble making sense of it all and wondered if ne was putting too much thought into it all. :: Renos: oO Come on, it was just a dream. It doesn’t mean anything. Oo :: Or did it? :: Captain Renos - Commanding Officer, USS Darwin NCC-99312-A FWPA 2015 Co-Facilitator =/\= Publicity Team Facilitator A238805EB0
  13. ((Backsim)) ((Starlight Ballroom, DS26)) ::Raj accompanied Tyr closely as he made his rounds meeting and greeting members of the crew of the Atlantis, proudly showing him off like a kid at bring-your-dad-to-school day. Once everyone had been introduced to and pleasantries exchanged cordially, Raj took the Colonel aside to speak softly.:: BLUEHEART: Can I get you something to eat? ::He looked around to summon a passing waiter.:: There’s plenty of food to go around. You must be tired after your long trip. Or do you prefer to rest and shower first? I can find you a place---- WALTAS::Chuckling:: You’re fussing over me like a mother hen, Raj. This is YOUR evening and YOUR crew. I’m perfectly fine. I’m no conquering hero returning from the front. Just an old friend happy to see his shipmate take the reigns. BLUEHEART: :: You’re my guest of honor. Of course I’ll treat you like royalty! ::He chuckled.:: WALTAS: Well, there are a few things I’d like to discuss privately, once the celebration has calmed down a bit. BLUEHEART: ::nodding:: That will work too. ::smiling:: Transporters? WALTAS::Mock offense:: Why, Captain! You know that’s against regulations. Don’t tell me my attitude toward the regs has rubbed off on you.. BLUEHEART: ::laughing:: I’m totally exercising my new privileges here! ::The two officers dematerialized into a storm of particles only to reappear again in the Captain’s Ready Room on board the USS Atlantis.:: ((Captain’s Ready Room, USS Atlantis)) ::They re-materialized in the Ready Room of the USS Atlantis. Tyr recognized the design, having been on an Intrepid class ship before. He nodded at the decorations and accomodations, all what he would expect from Raj and his tastes. He sat down in front of the large desk. BLUEHEART: ::moving to the replicator:: Can I get you something to drink? WALTAS: Ice water, please. ::He returned with the drinks and placed the Colonel’s drink in front of him then realized where the man was sitting. He had been so used to approaching Tyr behind a giant desk, not seeing him in front of one.:: BLUEHEART: I’m not sure I’m comfortable with you sitting there and me over here. WALTAS::Flatly:: Get comfortable with it. I’m not here to steal your chair. Just to make sure you sit down. BLUEHEART: Yes, it will take some getting used to, I guess. ::reluctantly sitting behind the desk:: I still can’t believe it. It’s surreal! I mean, I honestly didn’t think the EC was going to pass my promotion. WALTAS: I may have my disagreements with the way certain things are done, but one thing that is undeniable and unassailable is pure, raw talent and heart. You’re replete with both, my friend. You know you deserve it, ::jokingly:: now shut up and accept it. Just never let those four pips prevent you from sticking your neck out for those who you care about. BLUEHEART: ::softly chuckling:: Yeah, I’ll remember that. No more second-guessing myself. I’ll always remember every word you say. You taught me well, Tyr. I wouldn’t be Captain today if it weren’t for you. You believed in me even during those times I myself didn’t. WALTAS::Sipping his ice water before continuing:: You always had faith in yourself, Raj. You just buried it from time to time under emotions and doubt. It was always there. I just helped you let it out. BLUEHEART: So.. ::putting down his cup of jasmine tea and leaning slightly forward in his seat:: how are you, Tyr? WALTAS: Well, I can’t complain. I thought I was done and was going stir-crazy on Ba’ku when Fleet Captain Turner sent for me. Offered me command of the Marine regiment on Duronis and a chance to make a difference again. I couldn’t turn it down. BLUEHEART: And Daisha? Tye and Sanuye? WALTAS: Daisha…took her courts martial hard. Very hard. Starfleet was her life and she was being forced out. At that point the words of a retired Captain didn’t mean much in the ears of the Federation Council, and stealing a Sovereign-class starship did. She took the brunt of what should have been my punishment. BLUEHEART: ::downcast eyes:: I’m so sorry to hear that. ::He clenched his fists underneath the desk, angry at the very organization he was duty-bound to serve.:: WALTAS: Tye is his father’s son. I’ve already gotten three disciplinary reports as well as one pleading request from one of his professors to, ::he made quote signs with his fingers:: have him cut that [...]ed lion’s mane of a head of hair”. I nicely replied that if he so much as touched a lock he’d have ME to deal with. He’s a good kid, wears his heart on his sleeve, unfailingly loyal to his friends and fiercely protects them. ::Winking:: Reminds me of you. BLUEHEART: ::surprised:: Me? I think you just described yourself! ::taking a sip of his fragrant tea, slightly hesitant to coax any further response:: And Sanuye? WALTAS::Shadow passing over his features:: Sanuye…is still very angry. We don’t talk. I don’t know how he’s doing unless I hear it from Daisha or Tye. He’s very bitter and blames me for Eden leaving. ::Sighing, he sipped his water and looked over Raj’s shoulder out the ready room window:: Maybe he’s right. BLUEHEART: No, Tyr. We’ve discussed this. None of it was your fault. Some people just need a longer time to accept the hard truth that it was Cmdr Redstone who walked out on you, not the other way around. Give him some time. And if it’s still not enough, give some more. ::He smiled reassuringly.:: WALTAS: Speaking of relationships, how are you and Emerson? BLUEHEART: ::gritting his teeth:: He can be so infuriating sometimes! Stubborn as a mule and ever ready to explode like a firecracker! ::He rolled his eyes in exasperation.:: WALTAS: Tell him that if he doesn’t shape up I’m going to knock him on his [...] like I did in my ready room. BLUEHEART: I remember that day like it was yesterday! ::chuckling:: Maybe I should pull some strings and get him to work under your command for six months or so. That’ll teach him to rein in that temper! ::Slowly his smile faded, and he creased his forehead a little.:: You know.. I have to say this or it’ll continue to eat me up inside.. ::pause, sighing:: The reason I wasn’t at the airlock the day you left the Discovery was because I was.. well.. I was never any good at goodbyes. I was also angry over a lot of things and I didn’t want you to see me that way before you left for Ba’ku. I wanted you to take with you only the good memories that we shared, not those of the last few days of the Discovery when there was a lot of anger and confusion and frustration. I’m sorry for that. I just couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye to you then.. I wasn’t ready, Tyr. WALTAS: I wasn’t ready either. Not like that. It was like taking someone off life support who had a good chance to live. I feel like it was ripped away from me, and I’m sure you felt the same way. It wasn’t how I wanted to end my career, that’s for sure. But I guess that wasn’t the end, after all. BLUEHEART: I’m glad it wasn’t. I honestly thought it WAS the end, not just for you, but for everyone. WALTAS: Well, I’m a firm believer in second chances. Things didn’t go as planned when I landed on Duronis though. The previous commander of the Marines was reluctant to surrender command to a “penguin”, as he called me. A fleet officer that moves to a Marine rank. We ah…settled our differences in true Discovery fashion. ::Tyr grinned, knowing that Raj would understand what that meant. He had taken on Hannibal Parker, one of the most feared Marines in the entire Federation and a man twice his size, and both men nearly killed each other.:: BLUEHEART: ::laughing heartily:: I’ve lost count of how many ribs you’ve already broken, Tyr! I don’t dare ask how the other guy fared. ::He grinned, surprised that he found himself missing the infamous fights among the crew of the Discovery. His skills as Counselor and then First Officer was truly put to the test attending to the crew.:: WALTAS: Let’s put it this way-by the end of the fight Captain Turner shot us both with phasers and we ended up in the med ward for 24 hours. But there was an abiding respect gained through the conflict. After we paid our dues and rebuilt the office we destroyed we got to know each other. He’s a good man. Ironically he just made First Officer so now he’s a “shellback”-a Marine that takes a Fleet rank. We’re sort of the yin and yang of the Embassy. BLUEHEART: Penguin and shellback. The Marines sure have interesting terminologies. But yeah, I agree with you that there is respect to be gleaned through conflict. Sometimes we even discover ourselves through our adversaries. ::slight pause:: Remember Amman? The Ice Queen? WALTAS: ::Smiling fondly:: She’s rather hard to forget. BLUEHEART: I couldn’t stand to be near her when we were on board the Discovery. There was a severe clash of personalities as I’m sure you’re aware of. But looking back, I can’t help but admire her. Her unwavering beliefs, her firm grasp of principles, her simple yet effective definition of right and wrong – I can’t bring myself to say now that she was wrong. The valuable lesson I learned from Hsina Amman is to always believe in yourself, no matter if what you’re ordered to do goes against your principles. That will save us from immense emotional conflict. Something that I’m only now beginning to understand and appreciate, having to command a ship and crew of my own. ::pause:: Gods, listen to me! I’m getting old! WALTAS::Leaning back in the chair, almost (but stopping himself out of respect) putting his feet up on the desk like the old days:: Oh, give it time, Captain. Wait until you pin a fourth pip on a man’s collar who walked onto your bridge as an Ensign. THAT will make you feel old. BLUEHEART: By the way, speaking of yin and yang, that is a good relationship to have. In fact, balance is key to any form of relationship. Kind of like the partnership we had on the Discovery. We sure made a solid team, didn’t we? WALTAS::Smiling sadly:: The best. I said it and I meant it. We were the best [...]ed ship in Starfleet. Whether Starfleet knew it or not. But now the Atlantis has a shot at that mantle. BLUEHEART: ::smiling and blushing:: I’m following your style of command – not the throwing regulations out the airlock bit – but how you treat the crew as family. WALTAS: Looks like you had a few shakeups as well… Where’s Mitchell? BLUEHEART: ::smirking:: Mitchell and dress-white functions? I don’t think so. Knowing him.. probably at some bar lamenting his past, or in a shuttle practicing tactical maneuvers. I’ve sent word to him that you’re on board the station though. Don’t worry, he’ll show up when you least expect it. That’s his style. ::He half winked.:: WALTAS: True enough. I’m surprised he isn’t sporting a fourth pip by now. BLUEHEART: I’ve given up trying to get him to take up a Command role, never mind his Captaincy exam. He’s more than qualified and would make a great first officer, but I respect his decision. Besides, he’s a free spirit. You can’t pin him down with bureaucracy and protocol. But you already know this. WALTAS: He’d rather be doing warp 9 with his hair on fire, I’ll warrant. What about the rest of your crew? Looks like a good group of people. BLUEHEART: The rest of the crew is great. Lieutenant Rennyn, the Trill helmsman that you met a while ago? Both Mitchell and myself could swear he’s Eric Lundrigan reincarnated! And our Andorian medical officer, Dr Foster? He’s like.. like.. well, there’s really no one to compare with on the Discovery now, is there, seeing how we never could retain a Medical Officer for long! It’s like a Discovery curse! ::He laughed heartily again.:: WALTAS: And with our unerring ability to get injured we needed them. The EMH got plenty of action. BLUEHEART: ::laughing again:: Gosh Tyr! We could talk about the Discovery all night long and still not run out of tales! WALTAS: Yes, we could my friend, but a crew needs its Captain, even during shore leave. You should go be with your family. BLUEHEART: ::checking the chrono and sighing softly:: You’re right. It’s almost time for the after-party. I’ll be needed. I just hope there are no bar brawls. ::He grinned knowingly.:: WALTAS: Eh, if there are, just make sure they end with the right side winning. Remember that time we cleaned out that Academy bar full of Enterprise crew members? BLUEHEART: How can I forget!! ::Raj was right, they COULD go on forever. There was a lifetime of memories and stories that could keep both men there for a long, long time. But it was time for Raj to be with his family, and the Ba’ku was growing steadily more sad with the memories that had been drummed up. Before his intuitive friend sensed that sadness, he would take his leave.:: WALTAS::Standing:: I should go, Raj. You need to be with your crew. Go get drunk or something. BLUEHEART: ::standing up with the Colonel:: Sure you won’t join us for the after-party? We might need you just in case Emerson starts another brawl. WALTAS::Grinning:: I think you can handle it. Besides, you’re the keeper of this ship, not me. BLUEHEART: I understand. ::nodding:: So.. ::His face grew sad again over the impending farewell.:: Any last words of advice for a newbie Captain? WALTAS::Smiling, looking into his friends eyes:: Trust your heart, Raj. Not orders, not regulations, not others’ opinions and definitely not an enemy you know in your heart is an enemy. Trust in yourself and your family. You’ll never go wrong. ::Pausing, chuckling:: But you may end up in the stockade. BLUEHEART: ::grinning:: Thank you, Tyr. I will always cherish those words in my heart. You taught me all I needed to know about being a Captain and you taught me well. More than any Captain’s handbook ever could. ::He walked around the desk to stand in front of the Ba’ku, his eyes moist again.:: I’ll walk you to the docking bay? WALTAS::Shaking his head:: I can find my way. If you don’t join your crew soon there WILL be a brawl. BLUEHEART: Oh, it’s no trouble at all, it’s on the way to---- ::But the Colonel interrupted him and insisted.:: WALTAS::Lowering his voice to a commanding baritone:: Snap to, Captain! BLUEHEART: Yes, Sir! ::He smirked playfully. Then he extended his hand and shook Tyr’s hand firmly before clasping it in both of his.:: Thank you for tonight, Tyr. ::He touched the fourth pip on his collar.:: I am so very happy and honored to see you again! WALTAS::gripping the hand tightly:: The pleasure was mine, Raj. ::He paused:: And watch your aft quarter. ::He paused, and turned to leave:: Captain. BLUEHEART: I will. And perhaps one of these days I may just pay you a surprise visit on Duronis! WALTAS::Turning to his old friend:: You’re always welcome. ::Raj embraced Tyr tightly, blinking back tears. This time though, they were not bitter tears of a sorrowful farewell, but rather, tears of sweet memories and everlasting friendship.:: WALTAS: Releasing his friend and wiping away a stray tear himself:: Oh, there’s one more thing.. ::Tapping his communicator:: Computer, energize. ::Raj’s old desk de-materialized, to be found in his quarters, and a large desk made of pure, crimson-colored wood appeared in its place. The surface was polished to a brilliant sheen, shining from the starlight in the window. The desk had been modernized to accommodate a Captain’s needs, complete with a pop-up LCARS display, comm terminal, and a weapons storage locker within easy reach. It had been his desk all those years on Discovery, traveled with him on so many missions and was the meeting place of so many private discussions when he took the Captain’s chair. It was only fitting for him to have it.:: WALTAS: I thought you might like it. They were going to scrap it. BLUEHEART: ::He gasped.:: It’s your old desk! I can’t---- ::shaking his head vehemently:: I can’t! I won’t! WALTAS: I insist. A Marine doesn’t need something like this. And the wood will last longer than any material Starfleet can dream up. Besides, I like to think a little part of me lives on with you. Oh, and check the drawer. You can hang it on the wall for decoration, but I suspect it’ll be better suited at your side. ::Without waiting for a reply, he tapped his comm badge again:: =/\= Computer, one to transport to Runabout 4. =/\= ::Raising his hand as the beam took him:: Goodbye, Captain. ::When the drawer was opened, the starlight in the dim ready room fell upon a long, slightly curved blade that rested within. The pommel was wrapped in black leather, lovingly crafted by the Ba’ku himself during his exile on Ba’ku. The blade was almost a meter long and held a gentle curve, and was razor-sharp. It shone in the darkness, ready to serve its new master as the blade it was copied from had served Tyr for decades.:: FIN ==================================== A joint post by: Colonel Tyr Waltas Marine CO Duronis II Embassy / USS Thunder & Captain Raj Blueheart Commanding Officer USS Atlantis NCC-74682
  14. ((USS Victory - Guest Quarters, Deck 5)) ::Ben squirmed in his borrowed uniform. It had been brought to him by an overly helpful nurse, as his own clothes were a bit...bloodied. Not to mention dirty. He'd been on duty for about a month since the last of his medical staff died, with barely a moment to sleep. Laundry had not been a high priority.:: ::The shower had felt heavenly. His...mother...had taken him to a small set of guest quarters to clean up. Then she'd left, promising to meet him at the meeting. Ben had showered and shaved, then walked out of the bathroom in his towel. The shy nurse was there switching the clothes. She had taken one look and ran terrified from the room, taking his own uniform with her. He wondered vaguely if she had been frightened by his nudity or the massive scars crossing his chest.:: ::So now he wore an old-style uniform, mere cloth and thread that would protect him from nothing stronger than a sharp breeze. And possibly timid girls with too little life experience. He missed his armored jacket. At least the medical teal was familiar.:: ::Ben looked at the clock and picked up his bag. It was habit to carry his kit with him eveywhere, and he disliked the idea of leaving it behind. He headed for the conference room, comfortable in his knowledge of the ship. He ran into a problem, though, when he tried to enter the Jeffries tube system. The computer wouldn't allow him clearance.:: B. Kaji: Computer, how do you suggest I get to deck two? Fly? Computer: There is a turbolift on Deck Five, Section A. B. Kaji: ::embarrassed:: Oh. Right. Turbolift. ::Chagrined, he turned around to find the turbolift. Those had been offline for years in his universe to save power for more necessary purposes. Like shields. And life support.:: ::He was one of the last to arrive in the conference room. It was very different from the one Captain Faranstar used for her briefings. He saw Talia Kaji in a corner, waving him over. Shedet was near the front, guesturing to him as well. He felt torn, then decided Shedet would understand better. He caught her eye, pointed to his mother and waited for a nod. Then he joined Talia in her corner. They found a couple of comfortable chairs there. Ben leand back and reveled in the unfamiliar sense of calm that surrounded them.:: ::His mother smiled at him, but a familiar voice started to speak before they had a chance to talk. Ben spun around to see his old beloved crocodile. Seeing the Gorn hurt almost as much as first seeing his mother. Nugra had taken him in when Talia died, had raised and mentored him until he left to join his first ship. Ben had been half a universe away when he had heard of Nugra's death, and it had felt like a second orphaning. The young man had grieved his "Zilla" as much as his own biological father, long long gone by then.:: ::Ben refocused on the present as Shiarrael began speaking.:: Shiarrael: ::tapping panel:: Let me start out by letting you know all how bad this is. The future we came from, everybody that we know of is dead. The galaxy is filled with barren worlds sucked dry of any biological molecules to feed a monster we know as the hunger. :: The screen lit up to show a grotesque vessel of ill-proportions floating in space. Thousands of littler ones of different shapes zoomed around it. :: Shiarrael: The Hunger are an extragalactic, hyper-advanced race that descended upon our galaxy like a swarm of locust killing everything in sight. The most advanced starships that the Federation had did not even slow them down. Only the sacrifice of Vice-Admiral Jaxx at the battle of Anubis gave us some breathing room. It did not last and by 2414, everything we knew was gone. We have come back into the past to try to stop this from happening again. ::Ben's face hardened as he focused on the mission. They had come here for a reason, a purpose bigger than seeing loved ones long dead.:: Faranster: The hardest part of our journey was coming back here, our ship was badly damaged, and I appreciate your hospitality. However, having gotten this far, I feel certain we can nix the word try. :: She looked at her First Officer. :: These pests aren't going to get a foothold here, and they won't do the same thing they did in our future. :: Pausing, she looked back at the rest of the table. :: As my XO has stated, they aren't from here, they come from another galaxy, through a gateway. We need to locate and destroy the gateway before they take over the area. Faranster: The gate, is a Yeltan gate. Finding the gate proved impossible for us once the Hunger arrived, and before they arrived we didn't know we needed to look for it. There is a Yeltan listening post that should have coordinates to all their technology, including the gate. However the Hunger destroyed it before we could find it, and once we got there, there wasn't much left. ::Ben remembered that raid. Several of his friends had died there, including his half-sister Iria. That battle was also the source of the scars on his face and head. There hadn't been much there, but their enemies had fought hard to keep it. A console explosion had taken half his face and skull.:: Faranster: What we are going to do, is get to that post, get the coordinates and destroy the gate. ::Nugra took back over the briefing.:: Nugra: For those of you where we're not here for the original briefing, the USS Victory has been tasked with the top secret mission to find information on the Hunger. This is the most we have had since we started. Nugra: Some of you might remember our clash with the Yeltan defense system in an ancient temple on Til’ahn. I am quite sure that we will be facing the magnothropods, small machines about a foot in length able to integrate with others to create much larger machines. T. Kaji: ::singing softly:: Trans-form-ers! B. Kaji: Robots in Dis-guise! ::Ben was shocked at himself. He'd responded without thinking, singing the second line of the old theme song. He'd forgotten those long ago days, watching Old Earth cartoons with his parents. :: :: Nugra straightened and nodded to have the lights brightened. He resisted the urge to blink away the spots that appeared. :: Nugra: Lieutenant Commander Rossh will be leading the away team to the surface along with Mr. Vess, Captain Faranster, Mr. Santucci, and Mr. Zh’Eriss. Are their any questions? Rossh: Do we have any information on exactly what we are looking for? Records from the future vessel's computer? Faranster: Like I said, the station had been destroyed before we could find it, I couldn't even tell you what it looked like. ::The discussion continued, but Ben didn't hear any of it. The calm, the comfortable chair, and most of all, a child's trust that his parents would handle everything, overcame The young man, and he drifted off into a much needed sleep.:: MSNPC Lt Benjiro Kaji Chief Medical Officer The Victory As simmed by Lt.JG Talia Kaji Chief Medical Officer USS Victory
  15. ((USS Excalibur-A, Bridge - Mindscape- )) :: Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker looked on in shock at the downed Captain. Everything around her seemed frozen, locked in the moment. It had happened again... which was impossible. She'd followed the rules.. to the letter. She'd ignored her instincts and did everything right... so why was the Captain hurt because of her? :: Pink Walker: Nice job. I mean this is totally better than doing things my way. :: Luna looked up to see herself... well the "old" her.. perched on the console. Her uniform was stained and spotted, and was obviously ripped. Mockingly, the pink haired version of herself saluted. :: Pink Walker: Yep... rules are great. I mean let's count things down shall we? You've lost the respect of your team. I mean who is going to listen to a Chief who says "don't fix that"? And it's been brought to the FO... who was once an Engineer.. so you've burned that bridge well enough. You drove a HUGE wedge between you and Danni James.. much less Mobius...who has the drive to do great things if you'd let him. And what was that other thing... hrmmm... :: She pointed to the downed Captain:: Right.. and you got another Captain killed. Really.. way to go! :: Her anger and frustration boiled over at the sarcastic, biting comments. Without pausing she lashed out.. catching her "self" and sending her crashing into the center of the bridge. She stalked towards her... not nearly done yet. :: Walker: And what did you do little girl? You abused the rules and system.. and snuck off to find who killed your father. Which left you so far out of contact that the only way Ben even FOUND you was that the Tal'Shiar thought you'd die after the torture. :: She picked up the still stunned half-romulan and punched her again, driving all of the pain, anger, and self-loathing and sending her once again flying. :: :: The pink haired officer caught herself so when the crazed chief engineer came to her, she struck first, staggering the blonde. :: Pink Walker: You let your ship down.. your crew down.. and now your Captain is downed. Don't lie to me... we could have been ready to go... :: She gestured to the still frozen Captain:: THIS wouldn't have happened! :: She turned back to her opponent only to feel the back of her hand crack against her cheek:: Walker: And what about Captain Nicholotti? You know.. where you worked on repairs to the point you were confined to quarters for several days? And what happened then? That's right.. when she needed a solution.. you weren't around. So to make up for your rule breaking.. she sacrificed herself! And you want to keep doing that? Keep being the "fun" person who no one can rely on?!? :: The pink haired woman was screaming back now, her voice quickly becoming hoarse from the effort. :: Pink Walker: Don't you DARE! People ALWAYS relied on me and I always came through! I may have broken rules.. but always for the right reasons! And you know the situation with Dad... I had a lead.. :: A booming voice interrupted the argument.. looking around both noticed a shimmer to the air.. The pink haired woman frowned and held up her hands in surrender.. however temporary. :: Pink Walker: They need us. Now. This isn't over.. and you'd better get that stick out of your behind. You know what's needed... :: The other woman rolled her eyes:: Walker: Of course.. miracle solutions delivered just in time. Engineering motto... :: She shook her head:: I can't be like you anymore Loony... Pink Walker: And I won't let you become Lluneh either... we couldn't survive that... :: She chuckled:: So break the rules again.. make it work anyway.. :: ((USS Excalibur-A, Bridge)) :: She leaned down for a moment, covering her face and wiping the tears out of her eyes before responding:: Walker: I'm sorry, what did you say? And is she.... Lt. Cmdr Luna Walker Chief Engineer USS Excalibur-A
  16. ((OOC: for the new ensign, Talia Kaji is my main character, and Ben Kaji is her little boy, but the adult Ben came from the future with the other mission npcs. Sorry, I know it gets confusing.)) ((USS Victory - Sickbay)) ::Benjiro Kaji watched his mother walk away, and it nearly broke his heart. He was relieved to see Captain Faranster approaching him.:: Faranster: I'm ready. :: She looked at the man, hoping he was ready to look her over. :: If you have a moment, Lieutenant. B. Kaji: Oh, now you want medical assistance? Faranster: I know what you think of my little declaration, hopefully our crew didn't shy away from you tending to their wounds. B. Kaji: ::rolling his eyes.:: The only reason any of them has survived this long is pure stubbornness. ::The flip side was that stubbornness got you killed. Especially when you ignored little things like broken ribs. Ben let her remove the jacket. It was designed to put pressure on the torso, so that wounds would bleed less. It was a uniform designed for a war zone. His captain winced as the pain flooded the area. :: Faranster: Get it over with before people start asking about my scars. :: She said to the man, quietly. :: I am sure the straps and that blasted armor, played a part. ::Ben used a tricorder to confirm his suspicions.:: B. Kaji: Yes, it looks like they cracked a rib in the crash. Faranster: :: She gave him a hard look. :: How many concussions and broken arms and legs, or worse, have you seen from people not using them? B. Kaji: ::nodding agreement.:: Many more. ::Ben picked up an instrument from the equipment cart. He hadn't seen an osteogenerator in half a decade. He examined it in wonder, then set to using the miracle device. In his own time, he would have set the bone and wrapped it securely. Then he would have had had to let it heal for weeks, watching closely for internal bleeding and infection. This process took about fifteen minutes, and she didn't even have to remove her shirt.:: ::He finished up and handed her back her jacket. There was still about forty minutes before the briefing, so he went looking for his mother. A terribly odd thought to an orphaned boy. He found her in her office, and leaned in the doorway, watching her for a minute. He had seen her at this desk hundreds of times as a child. She would sit hunched over, staring at the computer and mouthing words as she read. He wondered that she was so similar to the mother he remembered, then realized with a start, that she never had a chance to change. The vibrant woman would perish early in the war, falling with her home world.:: ::Talia Kaji looked up when she noticed a gaze on her. She was suddenly swept into his memory.:: ((Flashback)) ::Breathing hard. Running through fields. Stalks whip Ben's face, and he stumbles. Mom grabs him around the waist, pulling him up. She takes his hand and keeps running.:: ::Lights flash. A shuttle lands. They join a group of crying families, and Ben wants to cry too.:: Ben: Mom, come with me! Please! I don't want to be alone! ::The children are being herded onto the shuttle. Mom kneels and hugs him tight. He feels her tears on his cheek.:: Mom: I love you baby, I love you so much. I don't want to leave you -- ::A scream cuts her off. More screams. People at the edges of the crowd are pushing toward the shuttle. Mom starts shoving children into the hatch, and she grabs Ben. He fights her.:: Mom: ::sternly:: No, Ben. Go. GO! ::She tosses him a small, screaming child. People are falling, and Ben sees a glimpse of a monster from nightmares. Mom pushes him and the little girl through and slams the hatch. She bangs on the outside, and he hears her yelling at the pilot.:: Mom: Take off NOW, [...] you! You save those babies! You save my son! ::The engines whine and Ben runs to a window. He sees his mother pull out her phaser and start pushing buttons. The shuttle races away and he pounds on the window, screaming. A light blooms below him, swallowing everything. Then he only sees black.:: ((End Flashback)) ::Talia flew across the room. She clutched the man to her, crying for the boy he'd been. He had his own tears and he wrapped his arms around her. After a long while, they released each other. Talia laughed wearily and wiped his face with her cuff.:: T. Kaji: You're a mess! Let's find you a place to clean up. TBC MSNPC Lt Ben Kaji Chief Medical Officer The Victory As simmed by LtJG Talia Kaji Chief Medical Officer USS Victory
  17. (( Place: not here not there )) (( Time: just now and never )) :: Darkness was everywhere but he could hear treble noises just ahead. The feeling of solitude was present. Dizziness too. But that sound was more powerful. It was attracting him. So… he stood up and started to crawl toward it. But he couldn´t see himself, just feel his movements. There was an energy of joy coming from that sound. People were clapping their hands, whooping. It had become more and more intense at each step he made. The fun, the joy were contaminating him. He was feeling different. He was feeling capable of everything. The sound subsided and a terrific beat remained still. He was now walking completely upright and at each step he regained consciousness of who he was. Then someone with a beautiful and powerful voice began to speak. :: VOICE: Ladies and gentleman. :: Long pause.:: Welcome… Welcome to a dream! :: He could hear people getting crazy. Yelling. He could feel the fun and the excitement everywhere, and that feeling was making him more and more strong. It was like if he was returning to life. It was as he was resurrecting. He was returning to some place he cared most. Where he was extremely happy. :: VOICE: Where we experience a culmination of a long road. That one individual… who dare to dream… who dare to be different… that individual who gave us his art… art we feel… art we can´t get enough of… :: As he approached the end of tunnel he could see that there were a lot of people in colorful seats close by. They were all stand up dancing with the music. :: VOICE: This dream is now… the moment is here… where you are no longer a visitor… but simply a part of this dream… :: long pause while the music level is increased. :: Soooo…. :: At the center there was a person, dressed in yellow uniform with blue shorts. He was tall, bald, a little skinned but strong. He was dressing some sports uniform with a number 12 on it. Green colors. He was with his arms crossed in front of his chest and his right foot resting over some spherical thing, made of white and black patterns. He was looking toward the tunnel exit. Waiting for someone. Waiting for him. :: VOICE: Dear dreamers… I gave you the legend… FALCAO :: All that beat and music was for him. The light increased and he could see he was inside some beautiful and technological gymnasium. The music was wonderful and he couldn´t resist to it. He started to dance showing his Brazilian swing… following with the beat and vibration. The crowd got even more crazy and happy… that was his show… he was the Falcon. :: FALCAO: oO I remember now. I am Falcao. But who is that guy over there? Oo :: As he approached from the court center he could see better the person dressing in yellow. He was wearing his uniform, the canary uniform. He was wearing his t-shirt and his name on it. When the tall person raised his head he got scared. It was… It was Tarsii!!! The beat changed and the Angosian started to sing... the lyrics appeared around the gymnasium and the crowd repeated his words. :: ASMARA: :: Smiling and pointing both hands toward Falcon :: I got a vision. :: The music filled the air and the Angosian showed the same swing. :: Can´t be touched. Can´t be stopped. Can´t be moved. Can´t be rock. :: He was connected to the sound which was spread around the entire gymnasium. Everything he spoke was transmitted loud and clear. His voice was increased with special effects on it. He sounded as Rap singers from old times on Earth. It was everything a great and well planned show. :: ASMARA: Can´t be shook. We hot. When will you learn? :: The Angosian moved his left foot over the black and white ball and touched it just at the exact point to promote a gentle rolling toward his right foot. Without rest the left foot on the ground he kicked the ball with his opposite foot and raised him up. It had started... the freestyle battle to decide who would be the truly Falcon. :: FALCON: oO Oh! Impressive. But this is my domain. Oo :: The music ignited everybody who was clapping in its rhythm. The bald man had impressive skills but he would be match for Falcon. :: ASMARA: I will say again. Can´t be touched. Can´t stopped. Can´t be moved. Can´t be shook. We hot. When will you learn? :: With that saying, after some kick-ups, he throw the ball toward his opponent. :: :: Now the other man could be clearly seen. He was much smaller than the Angosian, with short black hair and white skin. He was still wearing the yellow uniform but the letters FALCAO were glittering, as well as the man. He was enveloped in some kind of golden aura. :: FALCAO: oO I will show you the real Falcao. Oo Came to get crunk. Came to bring life. Came to get it started. Came to get it right. :: He received the ball on his chest and moved his spine the exact amount to amortize it completely. It was like it had hit a pillow. Then he turned his body back so quickly that the ball was transferred to his nape. He moved his head and threw it to the air. All the spotlights followed the ball in the air and forgot the Falcon for a couple of seconds. When the ball returned to the ground Falcon was sat down and he received it with his shin. The crowd got crazy again and the music increased the rhythm. The Falcon domain of the ball was fabulous. Even laid on the floor the ball seemed to be attached to him. It was like he was the gravity center of the ball and it always searched for him. He passed the ball several time from one shin to another moving his legs over it so quickly that was almost impossible for the people to believe on those movements. He balanced the ball at his head and slowly stood up without losing it. After that he look to the Angosian and let the ball slipped slowly on his back until he hit it with his right foot from back, throwing it toward his opponent. The crowd started to cry out his name. FALCAO. FALCAO. FALCAO. The Angosian smiled back. He raised his both arms, and as soon as he did that, the whole court changed and several other players appeared. It was the first time that the lights were completely turned on and it was possible to see the whole gymnasium filled of people. :: ASMARA: I mean what I speak. I do as I say. I hustle, I grind. Don't get in my way. Cause I ain't gonna budge. :: The music returned and the challenged changed to a new level. Now a complete futsal squad against Falcon. But he was not alone. Other legends were with him. Players from several eras were there. But the Angosian had the ball and he was thirsty to meet Falcon on the court. :: TBC ((OOC: This are just happening in Tarsii’s dreams, since the opening event of the Tournament didn´t happen. These are the musics I based this sim on: I am Hardwell Intro – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GleSC5g6rd0 Can´t be touched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R9u2CX0qEs )) ----------- Lieutenant JG Tarsii Asmara Science Officer USS Atlantis NCC-74682
  18. ((First Minister's Office - The Citadel)) Zim: What. :: A moment ago, Arvin had watched one of his oldest friends destroy a the glass he had been holding, seemingly by sheer force of will. It was something he had only seen once in his life before, and it had scared the hell out of him just as much. Zim's tone didn't help the matter any either. It wasn't a question. It was a simple statement of disbelief, an declaration that he refused to believe what he was being told without something else to back it up with. It wasn't entirely surprising. Arvin had nearly refused to believe it himself. If he hadn't seen the numbers of dead, he would have denied it to his own grave.:: Zagan: Someone at the Board of Science authorize this pathogen as a weapon. Laybrim was a part of that project. Zim: No. No I heard you brother. I... :: His voice trailed off as he became lost in the implications of what he had just been told. It was something that he had struggled with himself. To think that there was somone who was willing to defy not only the law, but basic decency, and create a weapon of such indiscriminate lethality, and then release it intentionally on an ostensibly civilian population was beyond his ability to process. They would claim it had only minitary targets, but there was no way that Arvin could conceive of that would allow them that kind of control. Perhaps that was why they had abandoned it. Maybe there was somone with enough moral fiber left to point that out and put a stop to the project. Perhaps that had even been Jorgen himself. But he didn't have the time to ask about it.:: Zim: I just can't believe it. This? All of this, because of him? Zagan: Among others. He's just the only one we can link to it with any certainty. Zim: I'll kill him Arvin. :: Arvin didn't have the slightest doubt that Tyrek was serious. they had both been soldiers, they had taken lives on the battlefield. But that didn't make them monsters. Taking a life was not something that was done lightly, on a whim. And it was never done when not absolutely necessary. And most importantly, one did everything possible to prevent the deaths of civilians and non-combatants. They were the rules that made the difference between soldiers and murderers. And a biological weapon with no cure and a 100% mortality rate flew in the face of every one of those rules. And Arvin new just about as well as anyone that there was one thing the Tyrek Zim would not abide; those who broke the rules. As far as he was concerned, Jorgen had just admitted to being a war criminal. And the law afforded him only one fate.:: Zagan: The law affords only one punishment for what he's done. But we need him alive... Zim: I'm going to- oh... you're right. :: Arvin reached for the decanter on the table, pouring himself another glass of drisa as he watched his friend clean himself up, pulling what he assumed were a few shards of what had been the glass from his hand with barely a wince. He took a long pull from the glass, suppressing a slight cough as it hit his throat.:: Zagan: I don't like it, Tyrek, but we need his knowledge to have any hope of solving this. Any knowledge he has dies with him. Zim: You're right, of course. You always are, old friend. But when this is over... Zagan: We'll do what we've always done, my friend. We'll let the people decide his fate. :: He knew already what they would likely decide. And he had a suspicion that Jorgen knew what was coming as well. The law was very clear on what would happen to him. But it was important to Arvin that he let the justice system do it's work. No matter how heinous the crime, Jorgen was entitled to the process. It was how they would prove how far they had come since the Great War. No matter what either of them felt, he was entitled to the process.:: Zim: Deal. Zagan: Starfleet has sent down a team of researchers. They've set up a temporary lab in Talisa Park. Zim: Yes I just received a progress report from their surface team. I have my men patrolling the park and keeping the riots clear. But we're spread rather thinly. Zagan: I understand they have their own security as well, hopefully that should be enough to keep them safe. :: There was a troubling truth to the situation around the lab that Starfleet had set up. The park was a difficult place to guard properly, especially under the circumstances. It was a huge space, and easy to get lost in. If the rioters managed to find the lab, they would tear the place apart. But most frighteningly of all was the fact that it wasn't a matter of if they would get there, but when. If the people knew the lab was there, they would do the same thing that they had done to every other unprotected facility conducting research. the best hope for the moment was to try to make sure they didn't find out about it.:: Zagan: I would have liked for them to be working a little closer. Zim: We can't risk the Citadel being breached though, Arvin. You and the few thousand people left inside might be the only uninfected Rathosians left in existence. Zagan: I know. And that thought frightens me more than any other that we've faced so far. Zim: I'll keep the park teams on high alert, but I'm not pulling soldiers from elsewhere yet. Give me five city blocks from the south end of the park. Is that fair? The riots reach, :: He looked down at a detailed road map of the city. :: Brindala Avenue and I'll relocate more men to the Federation quarantine from the Citadel. :: It made him a little uncomfortable that they were going to potentially allow a large group of angry and frightened people to get that close to the best chance they had at developing a cure for the pathogen, but Tyrek was right. If the Federation couldn't find a cure for the pathogen, there was still the chance that the people still in the Citadel might be able to ride it out. It would be thir entire civilization in the hands of only a few, but it was better than no civilization at all. This of course, all assumed that they could keep the Citadel quarantined.:: Zagan: That sounds about as reasonable as we're going to get. The federation researchers have reqeusted access to a few of our samples as well as a few... cadavers. :: It felt so impersonal to refer them to cadavers. They were the bodies of his people. The people he had been elected to lead, the people that he had failed. He would have time to mourn them later. As impersonal and undignified as it may have been to them, they were the best hope of a cure.:: Zim: What? :: This time it was a question. :: They haven't received them yet? Of course! :: He furiously tapped at his control window and called up the necessary orders. :: Fates Wheel I can't believe they haven't been sent yet. I'm giving my formal permission now. Send them whatever they want from the labs and morgue. Give them everything! Zagan: What have we got for them? Zim: I'll authorize a transport for half a dozen cadavers and as many samples as we've got. Do we still have a primal sample? :: Arvin had authorized the board of science to put a lot of effort into finding one of the original samples. Something that had survived without mutation, or at least minimally so. But it had taken dangerously long for them to figure out what was happening. by then, most of the bodies had been disposed of in a number of ways, and even those not dealt with by families had been burned in the early mass disposals.:: Zagan: I'm afraid not. The originals were set loose, and the bodies all disposed of. Zim: [...]. My people tell me that would have helped. Zagan: So have the researchers. :: He lifted the glass again, draining the last of it's contents. He felt a slight burning as it hit the back of his throat. It was a sign that he was hitting the wall that came when he was exhausted; a state that he seemed to be perpetually in of late. He debated the merits of another in the hopes that it might help him get to sleep. But he knew it was only likely to make things worse.:: Zim: Do you think they can fix this, Arvin? Zagan: I honestly don't know, Tyrek. But it's the only hope we have. First Minister Arvin Zagan First Minister of Rathos Rathos Prime as simmed by Cpt Liam Frost & Lord Commander Tyrek Zim Rathosian Admiral RSS Longbow as simmed by Oliver Weston
  19. (( Marine CO’s Office, Duronis Embassy )) :: Hannah was nervous. After leaving the Somers sisters on board the Thunder, she wondered exactly how she was going to tell Hannibal she had been recruited by Lt. Commander Nugra to join his new strike team. It was a wonderful opportunity, but it was fraught with problems. Hannibal had been nothing but good to her since she joined him, saving her career. Would he view this as betrayal after all he did for her? Was she being used as a pawn by the Gorn commander to needle Hannibal in their simmering feud? The Gorn, after all, had been trying to nail Hannibal for some misdeed or another, and now...well, she just didn’t know. The Gorn could force her hand one way or another, but the final decision was hers. Once she left for the Academy, she would have time to sort it out. Hannibal even made sure she would follow the Marine accelerated program at Twenty Nine Palms. Nervously, she knocked on his door..:: :: Hannibal had not spent much time in his planetside office, so it still smelled mostly new, and the big chair squeaked a little. The walls were still mostly bare, as decorating them had not been a priority..but he would change that soon. Firing up his LCARS terminal, he began to wade through the tons of messages, requisitions, and Fleet information...until...he saw it. A transfer request, generated by no other than Lt. Commander Nugra....the anger began to boil against the hated Gorn...it wasn’t difficult. Accusing Hannibal of a crime when no crime existed, then sending a Security detail to HIS Marine deck not only was against protocol, but also dishonorable. Putting four of his then minions in Sick Bay was quite enjoyable. He and the Gorn had been too busy fighting bluegill to worry about fighting each other, but that day was coming when he was going to tame Godzilla and educate him on the finer points of Starfleet decorum. His thoughts of deconstructing a Gorn were broken by a knock on the door...::: Parker: COME! :: Hannah walked into the office to see the massive Marine sitting behind his deck. He was not smiling, which either meant that something had really [...]ed him off, or the paperwork was frustrating him. Either way, she learned the best way to deal with Hannibal was straight on. He ushered her in with a sweep of his arm, and motioned for her to have a seat..:: Martinez: Oo Oh God, please let me the first to tell him...Oo :: Having just saw what he did, Hannibal was not happy, and he was hoping that Hannah was here to tell him about the pending transfer...he would speak to the Gorn about it later in rather forceful tones..:: Parker: You all ready to leave the nest for awhile? Martinez: I am..I’ll get a chance to go to Arizona and see my brothers again, if they are in the system...but that’s not why I wanted to talk to you.... :: Leaning back in his chair, Hannibal waited for her to start...:: Parker: Go ahead...you know you can speak your mind with me... ::Hannah gulped hard..and for a fleeting moment, she wondered what it would be like to “christen” the Majors’ desk..the thought made her inwardly smile, but those days were over...and the blond [...] most likely would before too long anyway....:: Martinez: Hannibal....before the invasion, Commander Nugra came to me..and wants me to be part of a rapid reaction force made up of Marines and Security personnel, similar to your classified unit, except we would be perform assignments such as rescues, interdictions, and the like. We don’t have one, and it would be a real asset to the Thunder and the Embassy to have that capability. :: Hannah did have a point. Hannibals’ unit was more of a clandestine outfit, operating in the shadows and usually under “plausible deniability”, which meant if they were caught, they were on their own. A unit such as the one the Gorn was putting together could absolutely be useful on sanctioned operations. Looking in Hannahs’ eyes, he knew she was struggling with telling him about this, and his anger towards the Gorn was still present, but he was determined not to let it show..:: Parker: It would be a good tool to have in the toolbox for those occasions where we might have a touchy situation out here... Martinez: I know, Hannibal...but...I haven’t accepted the job..... Parker: Why not? Martinez: Because....I didn’t want to hurt you. This extra duty would be great for my career, but I didn’t want to do anything behind your back. I can still serve as your First Officer, as this would not be a full-time thing.::smiling: You can’t get rid of me that easily, Sir... :: Hannibal was happy to hear that. Loyalty was something that Hannibal valued, and even though the transfer request was on his screen, he knew the extra training would be helpful to him as well..:: Parker: Hannah....you are my First Officer as long as you want to be, but I want you to understand that you will have to make the final decision. You are a capable officer, and even though I cannot stand that cold blooded, sharp toothed, grating voiced walking suitcase, his idea has merit.... :: Hannah was relieved, and she blew out a sign of relief. Once again, Hannibal surprised her, but this time, nothing was blown up or disemboweled...yet......:: Martinez: Hannibal...I don’t know what to say... Parker: Say nothing until you are ready. You are going to be one hell of an officer, Hannah.... Martinez: It’s all because you believed in me.... :: Standing up behind the desk, Hannibal walked around it to face a now- standing Hannah. He embraced her, the hug conveying what the two of them could not say. Hannah felt protected, armored...and it was all she could do to keep from crying as he released her. Holding her out at arms’ length, Hannibal smiled..the first time he had smiled all day..:: Parker: When you get to Twenty Nine Palms, watch out for Major Charlie Houston..she runs the escape and evasion class there. She is sneaky, but good... Martinez: I will, Sir. Parker: If you have any problems there or at the Academy, let me know. Martinez: I’ll be fine, Sir. Just tell Hella I want my flight lessons when I get back. Parker: Done. :: Hannah took a step back, looking at the Major, thinking again about the desk, then looking back at him..:: Martinez: Permission to leave the Embassy to make my transport? Parker:: nodding and shaking her hand:: Permission granted...and good luck. I’ll see you back here soon..Semper Fi, Lieutenant.. Martinez: Hoorah, Major.... :: Smartly, Hannah turned on her heel and left Hannibals’ office. She didn’t dare look back, and she knew she was opening a new chapter in her life, and the one man who could have destroyed it all gave her more than what she had ever wanted...hope...and a chance. She would not fail him at the Academy, nor with the Marines, and she would be the best she could possibly be, even better than she ever thought possible, and she had Hannibal to thank for it..:: :: Hannibal watched her go, and she knew this was a big step for her. She would come back to him a better officer, a better warrior...a razor with an even finer edge. He sat back down at his desk, and although knowing he could not prevent Hannah from joining Nugras’ team, he decided to write the lizard a little note... LCARS INTERNAL MESSAGING TO: LTCMDER NUGRA FROM: MAJ HT PARKER RE: MARTINEZ EXTRA DUTY RESPONSE TEAM I CANNOT FLAG SUCH A REQUEST, BUT STARFLEET REGULATIONS ALLOW ME TO RESPOND TO SUCH A REQUEST FROM THE ORIGINATING OFFICER. MY RESPONSE....:: :: Hannibal wrote the rest of it in Klingon, questioning the Gorns’ parentage and lizardhood and wondered why he didn’t have the balls...or was it eggs...to tell him about it face to face and that such deceitfullnes was worthy of a Romulan. Smiling again, he hit send. He would love to see the Gorns’ face when he read the message...:: TBC Lt. j.g Hannah MartinezWeapons Specialist/Marine First OfficerUSS Thunder-A/Duronis II Embassy and Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker2nd Officer/Marine Commander/Chief Of Strategic OperationsUSS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
  20. ((USS Tiger-A, Deck 2, Jorey Personal Quarters)) ::Asher sat down in his favourite chair. It was a rich, warm mahogany wing chair upholstered in a soft patchwork of velvet in blues and greens. The chair was set beside a small viewport. He liked to look out into the vastness of space as he sipped his sweet uttaberry tea. It made him feel insignificant. It was a humbling experience and Asher believed it was important for Betazoids to nurture their humility. Betazoids are not known for humility.:: Alena: ~Enjoy your tea, Bryant.~ She said draping a beautifully crafted sheer scarf over her shoulders. ~I'll be back in an hour or so.~ ::Asher offered a warm parting smile before turning back to the viewport and his warm aromatic tea.:: oO That'd odd. Oo ::The stars seemed to be moving faster and in an erratic pattern. Asher stood up and stepped closer the viewport to get a better view. He could see a large planet. It looked like a giant drop of water. It was beautiful. As the ship got closer, Asher could see more detail in the water. Complex patterns in a pallet of blues. The movement of the ship was blurring the colours like the impassioned bush strokes of painter caught up in his work.:: ::It reminded him of a painting of the Opal sea Jorey had once painted for him as a gift when he was younger. It was one of his favourite possessions. Jorey was a rough and aggressive child and had little interest in the arts. However, Asher was able to teach him the joys of expression and the importance of clarity and eloquence and on very rare occasions Jorey would become overwhelmed by inspiration and take to a brush. It gave Asher a great sense of pride that he was able to have a hand in making a brutish boy into a well-rounded young man.:: oO How big is this planet? Oo ::Asher was no longer able to see the black of space. The viewport was now completely filled by the deep blue ocean of the unknown planet. The floor seemed to give way underneath his feet and he fell clumsily into his favourite chair splattering the remains of his tea against the wall behind.:: oO What a mess! Oo ::The ship shook violently. Asher clung to the chair even as it tipped over and started to slide forward toward the far wall. Asher could sense terror, panic, and confusion from all over the ship. He was not confused. He had felt this once before when he was with Jorey and his parents aboard the USS Helios. The ship was going to crash.:: oO By the Gods! Oo ::The ship's momentum stopped suddenly slamming the chair backward sending Asher head first into the uttaberry stained wall. For the moment the ship was still. Asher stood up slowly and looked out the viewport. The hot deep red light from a nearby sun was almost blinding. It took a few moments for Asher to realize that he was looking at the planet's sky underneath shallow waters. He could feel his body getting weaker as he watched the sun's light slowly fade to black as the ship sunk further into the seemingly endless ocean depths.:: oO Such divine and inspiring darkness. Oo ::Asher tried to look out the viewport for as long as he could before succumbing to his injuries and losing consciousness. The midnight waters were made more haunting by the deep groans of the Tiger's hull under the intense pressure of the vast waters. The experience seemed to transcend reality and Asher felt the loving hands of Karawatti upon his shoulders, the spirit of Betazed herself was reaching out across space and time to assure him that he would see her again. He struggled to stay on his feet and failed. He collapsed over the headrest of the wingchair, his back arched awkwardly, and he continued to bleed out from the cut on his forehead.:: Mr. Bryant Asher Civillian as simmed by Lt. JG Brayden Jorey USS Tiger-A Chief Helm Officer & CAG
  21. ((Sickbay, USS Discovery-C)) ::He spotted the flustered Raskorian instantly upon entering the infirmary and dashed directly towards the plumed physician, battling nausea and a pounding head along the way. He stopped abruptly. A wall of glass stood in his way, between himself and the doctor, whom he saw buzzing about the surgical suite like a hummingbird on speed. As he pressed himself against the thick glass panel, he caught glimpses of the patient in between flitting silhouettes of dancing medics and pirouetting automated scanners. Blood. Everywhere. The prophecy was coming true. Each of us will meet our pre-destined ultimate fate, a fate Future Emerson had been forced to witness and subsequently chronicled and passed down to him to bear, like a body-devouring hereditary disease. There was no escaping it. And this was the day. This was the day Raj Blueheart would die. Driven by heart and adrenaline, when opportunity struck in the form of a medic entering the sealed and sterile suite, he burst through the entrance and into the white room. Ignoring the astonished shouts and gasps, he dragged his feet across the floor, in a trance as if, his eyes and mind only focused on the body being operated on the table in the center of the room. Was someone calling out to him? The bloodied body of the man lay draped on the steel table. Remarkably, he had a sort of whimsical smile upon his sallow face. Gloved hands and hydraulic appendages dug into cut flesh and sinews. The rusty scent of coagulated blood hung heavily in the air, pungent, almost cleansing in a way, like bleach is cleansing. Yet, through the heavy, smothering odor, he could still smell him. His scent lingered, weak but viable, within the cloud of repugnant molecules of morphine, antiseptic, blood and death. The distinct scent that reminded him of home. A haven. A sanctuary. That secret garden that held his own heart, displayed proudly upon a marble pedestal. A steady beeping echoed through the room. Was that Raj’s heart? Multiple strong pairs of hands and arms tore into his clothes and gripped his limbs like vicious claws. He was being hauled away by an angry mob of surgeons and nurses. Dragged away from the secret garden. The scent waning, the rhythm of the beating heart fading, visions blanching. Tears screamed and hollered on behalf of his choking throat. The same psychotic thought pulsed and pounded within his head like a jackhammer. The prophecy was coming true. There was no escaping it. And this was the day. This was the day Raj Blueheart would die. TBC ======================================= Ensign Emerson Ravenscroft Xenolinguist USS DISCOVERY-C as simmed by Commander Raj Blueheart First Officer USS DISCOVERY-C
  22. (( Command Center: Kjenta II )) ESKYYS: You want to do this? :: Reaching up to his collar he removed the pips and held them in his hand for a moment. Looking at Tyr he dropped them to the floor. :: You do it without me. I quit. ::Tyr looked down where the pips had fallen, mixing in with the gore and blood from the battle. Esk quietly stared at the top of his head and said nothing more. He returned his eyes, dull and unsympathetic, to the Hallian.:: WALTAS::Flatly:: Fine. Then get out of the way. You’re relieved of duty. ESKYYS: oO Again Oo :: Esk walked away quietly as Tyr ordered the transports to begin. He could not stay and watch what may happen. He fallowed the passage Amman had taken. When he found the open door he smiled grimly as he walked outside. After a few minutes he found the Cook laying on the ground like a broken toy. It looked a lot like Esk felt, cracked and buckled along the whole length of its body. Sitting at a 20 degree tilt to port, it took a few minutes to release the hatch and pull himself up into the cabin and found a seat. He sat quietly as he wondered how long it would take before somebody noticed he had not beamed up. Not that he cared at the moment, once Discovery got back in contact with Starfleet Jen would come for him. He closed his eyes and thought back over the last seven year. Seven year, had it really been that long since he had first met Tyr, not even a Captain then. Esk had spent a lot of time proving he was a good officer for Discovery, even if Tyr could never understand that all Esk wanted was to be the Chief Engineer. He had no desire to ever captain his own ship. He liked being an engineer as much as Rode loved to fly. It was just part of who he was. But now, his heart was hurting. It was not so much Tyr had accepted his quitting, but what really hurt, he had ignored Esk warning. After all those years working with him, his concern was not just ignored, it was thrown back in his face. He knew everyone was ready to leave this place, but to do so depending on unknown tech was just insane. He would have only needed an hour to go over the equipment, possibly less, with the antenna Discovery probably have pulled them out without even using the equipment. He could have verified than in minutes, but Tyr had not even given him a few minutes to check even that idea out. Still his only thought was to pray that the transporter had pulled everyone out without further loss of life. His friend did not need anymore death on his hands. With a smile that was almost more grimace than smile he realized he would still remember Tyr as a friend, even if they never saw each other again. After all they where who they where regardless of what happened. TBC Lt Cmdr Eskyys CEO(?) USS Discovery-C(?)
  23. ((The Eagle’s Roost, USS Discovery-C)) ::Fearing the worst for the away team, and specifically, the first officer, Emerson had sought the solace of spirits and a sympathetic (pointy) ear.:: CRUELLA: Your day will get worse. You have already guaranteed yourself that much. I think in a minute you may be glad to have avoided physical violence. RAVENSCROFT: Nah, ::waving his hand arrogantly:: I doubt it. I need the violence right about now. ::He stared longingly into the empty glass as if it were an eye of a lover.:: I need the distraction. ::Someone howled on the other side of the bar. Emerson looked up, and into the fathomless and timeless eyes of the Reman.:: CRUELLA: How are the Columbia survivors getting along? A few of them have been chatty about your assistance in bringing them to the present. RAVENSCROFT: Meh. It was nothing. Steve taught me well. ::His emerald green eyes moistened. He clenched his fist around the empty glass while simultaneously clenching his jaw till his masseters bulged hideously and screamed in searing pain. Furrows dug deeper between his eyebrows, bringing them closer together. Quinn. Now Raj, Steve. He was in Starfleet, he reminded himself, chided himself. A day like this would ultimately arrive, abruptly and rudely. Why wasn’t he prepared for it? How *could* he have prepared for it anyway? His commbadge chirped. He almost reached up and ripped it off his uniform realizing he was off duty at that moment when a familiar, spine-chilling voice, stopped his hand in mid-air and stopped his heart in mid-beat.:: ROGG: =/\= Ravenscroft, get to Sssickbay! Raj will want you. =/\= ::The commlink went dead. He looked up at Sister Cruella, eyes blazing with green fire, a cold sweat erupting on his brow. He stared at the emptied glass then back at the Sister. Surely this was a biochemical trick played on him by the purple prankster. Or a Reman hex. He narrowed his eyes suspiciously at the ancient woman clad in swathes of black fabric behind the counter, but a soft sigh emanating from her was all he needed to assure himself that this was no trick, this was no spell, this was no hallucinatory intoxication. This was Steve back on the Discovery! And.. this was Raj back too!! He jumped back and over the barstool, almost toppling it, and raced out of the Roost on heavy legs, with a spinning head and a queasy stomach. But also with a heart filled with hope and gladness bursting at the seams.:: ((Shortly thereafter)) ((Sickbay, USS Discovery-C)) ::All throughout his dash along corridors and in turbolifts, Steve’s words finally made an impact on his purpled brain. Sickbay. Sickbay, the Dachlyd had uttered. Now outside the doors of the infirmary, the queasiness in his stomach began to rise in the form of bile to the back of his throat. What horror awaited him on the other side of the door? Would the fates seal themselves with the death of Raj Blueheart, as his future self had tragically witnessed, in another time, in another universe? He hadn’t the patience or the courage to contemplate the unknown, no, not then and there, and as such, burst through the doors in a cloud of fearful anticipatory joy, into a brightly blinding and sterile world.:: TBC ====================================== Ensign Emerson Ravenscroft Xenolinguist/Transition Officer USS DISCOVERY-C as simmed by Commander Raj Blueheart First Officer USS DISCOVERY-C
  24. ((Captain’s Ready Room)) ::Gwinnett was dressed in her standard uniform, but she didn’t have any of her equipment, that she would normally have worn on duty. She wasn’t actually quite sure what one did wear for a counseling meeting with the Captain, who was now a Fleet Captain. She was sure that he had done his homework on her and, not to be completely in the dark, she had looked up as much as she rated on her clearances on his service record. She had learned that he had been a counselor at one time in his career, which didn’t lighten her mood.:: ::She buzzed the office and then entered. She walked in and come to attention directly in front of him.:: Gwinnett: Sergeant Gwinnett, as ordered, Sir. ::Standing rigidly at attention, looking slightly down as she was to be inspected.:: ::Diego was already on his second cup of raktajino; he had barely slept the night before thanks to burning the candle at both ends and as many sides as he could get a flame to in searching for a solution to Greir’s hearing problems. He’d seen on his schedule that Sergeant Gwinnett had been referred for counselling as well as the reasons why. He had been less than impressed but now was not the time for a reprimand. If she had a problem then they needed to work together to fix it.:: Herrera: Grab a seat, Sergeant. ::He gestured to the one on the other side of his desk.:: Gwinnett: Yes, Sir. ::Formally. ::She was taking pains to keep any sarcasm out of her response as she found the seat next to the desk and sat down, but didn’t relax. Brooks was now in high officers country and she was the focus of attention, something that she didn’t particularly like. She much preferred to stir the pot and then sit back and watch things explode. Now she was front and center of her own personal storm, of her own making.:: Herrera: So… interesting situation we find ourselves in, huh? Anything you want to say before we get started? ::He wasn’t prepared to tolerate discrimination on his ship but he understood that there was something bigger at play that needed looking at. He wondered if she might bring it up without prompting, or if she was going to be an elusive customer.:: Gwinnett:: My service record is pretty complete, Captain. I admit, it is a bit checkered. I do a good job on duty, I do tend to blow off a bit too much steam off duty. ::Thinking to herself, of some of the stuff she hadn’t gotten caught at. Now her troubles were coming back to haunt her.:: Herrera: Alright, but recently there was an incident that flagged up the fact that we needed to talk about something. Can you tell me more about it? ::Of course, he knew what had happened, but he wanted to set a precedent here. It was Gwinnett who needed to be talking, not him.:: ::Gwinnett squirmed just a little bit in the chair, trying to get a bit more at ease, which was elusive.:: Gwinnett: Sir. ::She knew that the question would come up, but it didn’t make it any easier.:: I .. I was wrong...I... ::Thinking of Chen, a cold shiver came over her.:: Gwinnett: … have always had this thing about Andorians.::She moved her eyes away from the Captain, trying to focus on something else, anything else in the room.:: ::She opened her mouth, but nothing came out and she closed it again.:: ::She’d taken the first step herself before hitting a wall, which was good. It looked like Gwinnett wasn’t going to deny the fact that she had a problem, so now it was a case of working with her to figure out how they were going to deal with it. Cliff notes had been provided for Diego and he had enough information to know that this wasn’t going to be easy.:: Herrera: Alright, thank you for bringing that up, because it would have been easier for you to let me say it. I think that’s probably the first of a few gut checks that we’ll be looking at, but we’re gonna work together and see if we can get past them all. Gwinnett:oO Great...I could use a stiff drink right now.Oo : I guess, Sir. ::It certainly didn’t feel good. She would've paid to be anywhere other than here:: ::Leaning back in his chair and assuming his ‘professional’ posture, otherwise known as feet up on the desk, Diego settled in. The batting was now officially open.:: Herrera: OK, so the next step is for us to talk about why you have an issue Andorians. What is it about them that you… don’t like? Or that you find unnerving? And how do you react when you see them? We can take this at your own speed. ::Gwinnett didn’t want to take this at any speed. She squirmed a bit.:: Gwinnett: Sir, I am a pretty straightforward soldier. I have been close to the front lines for most of my life. They just remind me of my homeworld. ::Her shoulders, jerked up slightly in revulsion.:: Some unnerving about them. ::Looking at the way Gwinnett was reacting to the question, Diego felt like he could read a little more into the word ‘unnerving’. There was something that was freaking her out about them. Fear was a powerful emotion and, while it was one that counsellors had long been trained to counteract or conquer, it was important to find the root of that fear first.:: Herrera: Alright, so I guess my next question has to be whether or not there were any Andorians on your homeworld? Gwinnett: No… but those… things. ::Her mind flashed back to the cave and the crazy. She fought the thought, and came back to present.::Her shoulder twitched again, as a cold sweat started to form on the back of her neck. She moved her hand under her hair to wipe it away, as to try to wipe the entire episode away. :: ::Diego had the answer he wanted. Objective one was going to be to try to divorce the Andorian species from whatever it was that Gwinnett was really afraid of.:: Herrera: Alright, so what you’re telling me is that there’s something about Andorians that reminds you of something else from your homeworld. Whatever it is that’s bothering you is actually not Andorian at all, right? ::Gwinnett disliked talking about her homeworld, she had finally gotten the strength to leave it forever. She never ever wanted to go back. Even to see her brother.:: Gwinnett: Yes. ::She answered defensively. She didn’t know what time this was to be over, but right about now and a direct march to the lounge would have been perfect .:: Herrera: OK, in that case, let’s try looking at this from a different angle. Can you tell me some things that Andorians don’t have in common with whatever it is that’s bugging you? ::She fought the memory of the tentacles, but like the memory they reached out to her and she started to visibly shake. She was transformed into the scared child that had been captured by the crazy waking up in the dimly lit cave, with the tentacles coming out of its head attempting to probe her. She wanted to flee, both from the cave and the office.:: Gwinnett: Keep them away from me...::Her voice became low and distant, like she was already defeated.:: ::Diego could see her starting to get caught up in her thoughts, which was hardly about to do either of them any good. He needed to bring her attention back to where it needed to be, so he called her name, raising his voice enough to give her a small shock.:: Herrera: Gwinnett! ::The voice was like to voice of the rescue party that found her hours later. She was found passed out in the cave alone. She awoke from her nightmare, to find herself in front of the Captain. It took her a few seconds for her mind to refocus on where and what she was doing.:: Gwinnett: Sir? ::Confused.:: Herrera: I want you to tell me some things about Andorians that don’t remind you of what you saw on your homeworld. ::His voice had returned to its usual volume and the statement was delivered calmly but insistently.:: ::Gwinnett tried to push those independently moving antenne out of her head. She tried to focus more on some of the more palpable features. There was the color of the Andorians. The crazy was more flesh color, than the blue skin.:: Gwinnett: Color...I think...::She was still trying to put the horrible tentacles that came out of its head out of her thoughts. It was difficult to think of the differences, as bringing up the image of the crazy had always been something she had avoided at any cost. She twitched a bit, and didn’t know what to do with her hands that were in her lap.:: Herrera: Alright, that’s a start. Can you think of anything else? ::Frankly Gwinnett wanted to end the session right now. Her world had been rocked, right back to her childhood, and that awful experience.:: Gwinnett: ::Bucking up.:: I don’t know fully what happened in that cave, and I would rather never know. ::Diego drew in a long breath and dragged his feet down off the table, leaning forward and steepling his hands. Maybe this was going to be more difficult than he thought.:: Herrera: I can understand that and if you don’t know what happened then I can’t tell you, so you’re in no danger of finding out. If it’s more that you don’t remember then you already know, and there’s a chance that, sooner or later, something will remind you. We’ll worry about that another time, but the first order of business is dealing with your issue with Andorians. If we can’t get past that then it’s gonna be tough for you to find somewhere to work with Starfleet because they’re one of our founding members. Herrera: If you can’t think of anything else other than the colour then we’ll just have to use that as best we can for the time being. If you do think of any other differences then you can try to use them as well. I’ll tell you what I mean in just a second… ::He picked up a PADD from his desk and set it to display a generic picture of an Andorian but didn’t turn it around just yet.:: ::Gwinnett had several mental images now rolling around in her mind and not of them were good. She just wanted to get out of there and she would've given up her stripes to do it.:: Gwinnett: Sir, I really don’t want to relive that experience in the cave again. It is something that I have tried to put behind me, I will apologize to both of them. I just… can’t face them again... ::Currently filling the role of a counsellor and not a torturer, Diego had no intention of forcing her to relive the trauma of her past without proper preparation. There were several treatment methods he could think of, including hypnotherapy, where he might be able to help her without forcing her to relive anything directly or through her own eyes. In the meantime, though, his job was to make sure she could function as part of the crew.:: Herrera: I’m not asking you to relive anything. We need to work together to make sure that you’re not going to be disturbed when you see Andorians any more. Can you work with me to do that? ::Gwinnett was skeptical, she wasn’t big into hand holding and psycho babble. But she did remember the last training with the Major and the problems she had were she actually retreated during a combat training. That had bothered her.:: ::Her face fell a bit. She had been trained to be a rough, tough and no holds barred soldier. To be in counseling was a disgrace. She weighed that against the last training mission, which bothered her also.:: Gwinnett: I don’t know… ::Which was the truth, a lot of the bravado had eked away from the usual bluster that was Brooks Gwinnett.:: ::Diego wasn’t expecting her to find this easy. Explaining what they were going to do in steps would hopefully give her something to latch on to, because she would be able to see which steps she would need to take and better understand what they involved.:: Herrera: OK, we’re going to start by consciously thinking about the difference you identified to give you something that can reassure you whenever you see an Andorian. That then gives you a safety mechanism, something for you to hold onto to show you that the people you’re looking at are nothing to do with your homeworld. Almost like a mental anchor, if you like. How does that sound for starters? ::Brooks was still skeptical, but she wasn’t a quitter. She would give it a try. At least for a little while. She mustered her bluster, trying to get her resources back in order.:: Gwinnett: Not quite sure what you are talking about, but I guess.::Trying to build back a bit of confidence.::Sir. Herrera: Good. ::The real question wasn’t what she found different between Andorians and the source of her fear, but what she found disturbing. Finding that out would come later.:: Herrera: I’ve got a picture of an Andorian zhen on this PADD. ::He held it up with its back pointing to Gwinnett.:: I’m gonna turn it around and I want you to take a look. There are a few things that I’m hoping you’ll be able to associate with a normal Federation citizen. If you feel yourself starting to worry, concentrate on the colour of her skin and the fact that this is just a picture. You ready? ::She nodded.:: ::He waited for her to acknowledge the question and then turned the PADD around to show a picture of a zhen in civilian clothing, holding a baby. The infant was wrapped up enough that you could only just see a flash of blue, but it was one of the most non-threatening pictures Diego had managed to locate in advance of the session.:: ::Gwinnett looked at the picture of the Andorian. It wasn’t too bad, she just didn’t like them. The worst feature was of course the antenna, but they weren’t moving and not towards here.:: Gwinnett: Yeah...I see it, just a picture. No problems. ::There wasn’t any emotion in her voice. She knew a picture couldn’t hurt her or the baby..:: Herrera: Right. It’s just a mother with her kid. How would you feel if there was a hologram of her? I mean, that picture can’t move and a hologram can, but… on the plus side, a hologram can’t hurt you. ::He slid forward a convex, disc shaped object that was designed to project a miniature hologram.:: Herrera: This one’s also only designed to project a hand-sized picture. Could you switch it on for me? ::Gwinnett took the disc and activated it. It projected a small 3-D image of the andorian. She studied if for a moment. An then placed in on the desk. It didn’t bother her anymore that the image of the Andorians:: Gwinnett: ::Shrugging her shoulders.:: No problems. ::She didn’t know where this was going. But she figured there was a point to it.:: ::Diego saw the nonchalant response and found it interesting. She didn’t seem to be at all bothered, which was good, although her somewhat indifferent response wasn’t quite what he had expected.:: Herrera: If you could tap the button again? There are a couple more holos stored in the projector, so let’s take a look at the next one. You’re doing well so far. ::The holoimage changed to a projection of an Andorian thaan in a yellow-collared Starfleet uniform, holding a phaser, ready to fire. This projection incorporated an element of threat, although the idea of seeing her colleagues holding phasers would not be new to Gwinnett. The size of the holo-projection had not changed. Diego looked at the marine medic for her reaction.:: ::To Gwinnett, she moved a bit unnerved by the Andorian, she moved her eyes away from it. She got an odd sensation from the holoimage. It wasn’t much but her movement was involuntary. She straightened up and regained her posture almost immediately.:: Gwinnett: Hmm… no problem. ::She only took a look back at the holoimage, then looked away.:: ::The sergeant might have claimed that there wasn’t a problem, but her body language was saying otherwise.:: Herrera: You seem bothered by that one. Is it because he’s a thaan rather than azhen, or is it because he’s holding a gun? Gwinnett: Just don’t like Andorians, and this one had a gun. ::Diego had given her an out, there. It was feasible that the fact he actually could represent a threat if he was actual size would be cause for concern. However, had he not mentioned the gun, it would have been interesting to see what she might have said. The only thing for it was to move on to the next image.:: Herrera: OK, if you could hit the button on the projector again? Gwinnett: Alright. ::Gwinnett could see that the holo projections were getting progressively more ominous. ::This time, the display changed to a hand-sized holoimage of Lieutenant Chen in his Starfleet uniform. However, rather than being stationary, this projection was animated. Every now and again, he would look from side to side, shuffle his feet, or his antennae would move slightly. It was also easy to see that he was breathing.:: ::Gwinnett could easily see that it was Chen, and that wasn’t any real cause for alarm. She didn’t like the twitching antenne, but it wasn’t too bad. She watched it for a few seconds and looked away. :: Gwinnett: Chen. ::Matter of factly. She knew that he would rear his head here at some point. This entire process was based about her attitude to the Andorian. She knew she had to get through this initial process somehow..:: ::Her comment was flat; Diego wasn’t expecting her to leap for joy at the sight of Chen, especially not being as he was involved in the circumstances that had led to her being in counselling in the first place. Even though it wasn’t Chen’s fault, it was possible that the negative emotions she associated with him had changed to resentment, and that she blamed him for being here. That remained to be seen, though.:: Herrera: You still seem pretty calm. That’s three different Andorians and one that you have a good chance of seeing from day to day. How do you think you’d react if the real Chen walked through the door right now? ::Brooks fought the urge to be flippant. A few quick barbs came to mind, but she paused to let them pass and then carefully weighed in.:: Gwinnett: I guess I would be alright. I have been in the past. I don’t like Andorians, but I don’t go mono cause either.:: ::Diego nodded, and terminated the projection on his desk. In some ways, Gwinnett had just had to face up to her Andorian issue and separate it from her trauma or phobia. That still needed to be tackled in future sessions, but for now, he was confident that they could start to wrap things up.:: Herrera: Alright, so one of the things that I’m hoping you’re beginning to realise is that your issue isn’t with Andorians. You just saw three images and projections and the only thing you admitted to finding threatening was the gun that one of them was holding. The only Andorian currently on the crew is Lieutenant Chen and there have never been any incident reports to indicate that he would try to hurt you. Do you think it’s fair to say that we’re in a position where there’s no need for any more antagonistic behaviour? Or anything that could lead to him, or any future Andorian officers who are assigned here, feeling like they have no option other than to transfer away? ::Gwinnett took a minute to decipher the statement. She wasn’t sure if she was threatened by the Andorian with the phaser, but it did give her the willies. In her heart of heart, she knew that Chen wasn’t going to threaten her, but there was something about him or more specifically about the species, she didn’t like and being asked two questions at the same time. She really felt like she was in the hot seat now, it had been a mentally exhausting session, her head was starting to pound, and hearing all those big words wasn’t helping.:: Gwinnett: There is no reason to fear Lieutenant Chen. ::That pretty much wrapped up his business as counsellor, but there was one important piece of business that he needed to tack on as captain.:: Herrera: I really hope so. I want to help you get over this… fully get over this, but you need to know that if anything like this happens again, it won’t be the Andorians that will be transferring, if you catch my drift. ::Gwinnett understood the last sentence loud and clear.:: Gwinnett:: Yes, Sir.:Her tone was firm and strong.::: oO Give Reinard and Chen, and trouble a wide berth.Oo ::Diego nodded from behind his desk, satisfied that they’d at least laid a couple of foundations for future sessions.:: Herrera: Alright. You also need to know that if you find yourself experiencing any anxiety or other symptoms related to this phobia, you can contact me any time and I’ll do what I can to help you. For now, though, I think that’s a wrap. Gwinnett: Yes, Captain. Herrera: Stay out of trouble Sergeant, I’ll catch up with you later. ::She rose to her feet, nodded to the Captain and tried not to walk too fast the the door. She needed a drink and fast. Then something better came to mind, a long run and then a few drinks that would affect her more.:: ::He waited until the door was closed before slumping back in his chair and rubbing one of his temples. He wasn’t entirely confident he was getting through to Gwinnett but he’d find a way. Somehow.:: TBC A JP by Fleet Captain Diego Herrera Commanding Officer USS Vigilant NCC-75515 Deputy Commandant: UFOP: SB118 Academy & Marine Sergeant Brooks Gwinnett Marine Medic USS Vigilant SIMmed by: Eerie
  25. JP: Fleet Captain Diego Herrera & Lt Kael Thomas - Time To Say goodbye((USS Vigilant, Deck 1: Captain’s Ready Room)) ::It took Kael a little while to work up the courage to ask the captain what he planned to do. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to do it, he just didn’t want to have the discussion about doing it. T’Rella didn’t have anyone on board to look after her things, so Kael had hoped the Captain would allow him to do that for her.:: ::Diego looked up from his PADD as he heard the chime at the door. He hadn’t been short of visitors lately, which was to be expected after such a gruelling mission, and he wondered who he’d be meeting with this time.:: Herrera: Come in! ::Kael entered and found the Captain behind his desk. He was surrounded by PADDs, of which would likely be mission reports and briefings. The Captain looked as though he’d had a lot less sleep than he should have. :: Thomas: Captain. Herrera: Kael. What can I do for you? ::His chief engineer had been through the mill, that was for sure. His team had ended up almost literally up to their eyeballs in bluegill parasites and it was a miracle that most of them had made it back.:: Thomas: Sir...I know Ensign T’Rella, didn’t have any family close by. ::Kael hadn’t really talked about how he felt about all of the deaths he’d seen while on the mission. He witnessed Solor and Varis’s death, and arrived back to hear about T’Rella’s. Kael knew death was a natural thing. He was even taught, and somewhat conditioned, to expect it during the course of his starfleet career. But it was entirely different in person. It was entirely different to watch one of your own get infested by a parasite, to then tear the life from another. Kael’s dreams were of bluegills.:: ::Diego immediately put the PADD down because he could tell that Kael really needed some friendly support. He’d been with Solor and Varis’s team when they’d been killed and T’Rella had effectively been his assistant.:: Herrera: That’s right. What is it, Kael? Thomas: Well, I’d like to be the one to pack up her belongings...to...err send back home. ::Diego thought carefully about the idea. Being as he wasn’t related to T’Rella, there could, in theory, be a complaint if word got out that he’d packed up her things. However, Diego just couldn’t see a situation where he wouldn’t be willing to field that complaint, because he didn’t think that her family, who were Vulcan, no less, would speak out in anger about the fact her department head wanted to take some time to adjust to the fact she was gone.:: ::The Captain seemed to look at Kael for a while. Kael thought the Captain was about to deny his request.:: Herrera: I’ll do you a deal. You’re good to do it if I come with you. ::That seemed like the best solution. That way, any objections would have to be levelled at Diego, and he could keep the chief company at the same time.:: Thomas: Of course sir….Thank you. ::Kael hadn’t anticipated the Captain wanting to help or come along. It was easy to imagine the Captain didn’t personally know, or want to know everyone onboard. Being detached was a way to keep yourself protected, to shield yourself from the death, and the loss of those who serve under you. Kael wondered if the Captain was different, or was this simply a way for him to move on also.:: ::The pair reached the Ensign’s room, with very little conversation. Both appeared lost in their own thoughts and intentions.:: Thomas: It will be locked sir. You’ll need to override it. ::Diego raised an eyebrow and bit his tongue as he looked at the door. He wasn’t even sure if he was ready to walk into the room and he hadn’t known T’Rella even a fraction as well as Kael had.:: Herrera: Computer, override locking mechanism. Authorisation: Herrera phi three seven seven echo. ::As the doors opened, a scent hit Kael. It was the same scent that the Ensign had clinging to her clothes each day in Engineering. Her meditation candle. In the small confines of the room, it apparently permeated the cabin and all its occupants.:: ::The room was immaculately kept. Everything has it’s particular place, and everything was folded and left perfectly clean. He wasn’t surprised by that at all. She was a precise, almost fastidious person. It was not shock, that her room reflected her work ethic.:: ::Kael had arranged some containers for her items before asking the captain. Picking up one, he moved to the first cabinet. There was a picture of her and her family in the frame. A traditionalist, it looked as though the photo was a printed one, and not in a digital frame. The image of T’Rella instantly brought back memories, and brought back that he wasn’t going to see her again. That she was gone. Tears welled in his eyes, and streaked down his face.:: ::Wiping his face, and sniffling, Kael realised that hiding the fact that he had teared up was no good.:: ::It was a painful moment for Kael and Diego had the utmost of sympathy for him. It was always difficult to see people lose those who were close to them, even if that had largely been in a professional capacity.:: Herrera: You alright, Kael? You don’t have to do this now if you need some time. Thomas: I’m ok. Just hit me a bit when I saw her picture. ::That was understandable; he hadn’t seen her since before the bluegill mission after all and seeing her image on a picture would likely be enough to remind him that he wouldn’t be seeing her again any time soon, either. Diego felt the same way to some extent, although he was protected to a degree by the fact they hadn’t crossed paths all that often.:: Herrera: Yeah, that’s understandable. Take your time. ::Placing the picture in the container, he turned to face the Captain.:: Thomas: It’s not meant to be like this all the time is it? I don’t think I’m overly fond of people I work with… ::He trailed off, finishing that sentence wasn’t necessary.:: ::That really did strike a chord with Diego. Two of the people he had considered friends had become casualties during the last mission. One hadn’t made it. While he hadn’t been as close with the other two members of his crew, he felt like he was responsible for them and really did care about the fact that they were now dead.:: Herrera: ::Nodding slowly:: They tell you when you go through command training that you should keep a distance between yourself and those under your command. I don’t think I agree. I think maybe it should be like this all the time, because then it reminds you that your crew are the resource that you have to be the most careful with. On some level, losing three people wasn’t too high a price when the number of Laudean lives that had been saved were considered. That attitude is one that only people who didn’t know the people we lost can take, though, because I would pretty much do anything to not have had to write letters to the families of Varis, T’Rella and Solor. Thomas: Yeah, I know. I suppose you’ve got a harder time of it than most. ::Being the captain, and responsible for far more people than Kael, was a huge burden. One of those burdens was times like this and the need to place calls into the families of those who have lost their lives under your command.:: ::Diego waved off the comment almost as soon as Kael had made it, screwing up his face.:: Herrera: Agh… I don’t believe that. Sure, I’m the guy who has to make the awkward call home, but we all feel losses like these. I didn’t know T’Rella that well, but I know I’m gonna miss Solor because I’d known him for a few years. It’ll take time for us all to adjust. ::Swallowing that comment for few seconds, Kael acknowledged that he really had no idea what the Captain was going through. What he could acknowledge was his appreciation.:: Thomas: Thanks for coming with me also. It’s a little harder than I expected. ::This was a bit of a last goodbye, that he didn’t get to say to T’Rella. A sense of closure and a boot long for Kael to accept the loss.:: Herrera: No worries. I think this is gonna be good for me, too. ::He started helping Kael load up the first container that he’d brought into the room.:: Thomas: ::Taking a deep breath.:: This helps me, say a kind of Goodbye that I didn’t get to. ::The pair very sensitively packed up the contents of the room, ready for the handover to her parents. Kael was glad for the Captain’s company during a difficult time. He’d not spent much time with him over the past few months, and he’d certainly grown a lot of respect for him since then.:: ::Diego wordlessly helped Kael to square away T’Rella’s belongings, aware of how important a step it would be in the chief engineer’s grieving process. He and the lieutenant had been serving together for a good while now and Diego felt that he needed to make more of an effort to get to know him. He’d not found his way down to engineering that often since launch and that was something he needed to put right as soon as possible.:: ::The unlikely duo, finished packing up the late Ensigns room with minimal fuss, and great respect and compassion. With the contents packed and ready to be transported to her family, Kael paused to take a look at how her entire life was now packed into a few boxes. Kael pondered just what his box contents might look like when his time came around. :: ::Exchanging a nod of completion, and thanks, the pair parted their separate ways. :: TBC A JP by Lt Kael Thomas Chief Engineering Officer USS Vigilant & Fleet Captain Diego Herrera Commanding Officer USS Vigilant NCC-75515 Deputy Commandant: UFOP: SB118 Academy
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