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Found 5 results

  1. We hope that everyone had a fantastic Halloween! We had two really great entries for our Halloween Graphic Contest and to choose who would be Mad Queen and who would be chosen Mad Princess was not easy, but we have found our winner! Drumroll please! *Opens the envelope* The winner of this year's Halloween Graphic Contest, and with that crowned Mad King/Queen is... Rune Jolara with her entry "Monster Trek" That makes Toni Lupo with her entry "Growing" our Mad Prince/Princess. ((Whichever title you prefer for yourself )) Either way you will receive your special Halloween badges in respective
  2. It is that time. Be spooked, wear costumes, get candy from everywhere. That is how most celebrate Halloween! But how do we integrate Halloween into Star trek? That is what we want to see from you! This is a one month long Halloween Graphic Contest! Show us how Star Trek celebrates! Go spooky, go costumy, go drowned in candy or howling at the moon? The possibilities are endless, just as the ways to celebrate the spookiest night of the year! We will crown a lucky winner the mad king and a lucky Runner up the Mad prince, with special Halloween Graphic Contest Badges! Here are the rules: The theme
  3. What is scary... I made lot of scary pictures for this Halloween Avatar contest and some look really ugly, but watching them all and thinking what would be the most terrifying for me I chose this one. My character is growing tail - she is human, we don't have tails and hers is abomination. She contracted a bug which attached to her spine and caused this growth. So what if something can make you grow another head, worse, what if that one is controlled by a brain which has completely different lifestyle. In this picture I imagined good doctor Blueheart looking at bad second head smoking, thin
  4. Any comments or questions to the 2015 Halloween Graphic Contest can be placed here.
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