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  1. BAJOR SECTOR — The USS Churchill (NCC-28836) has launched an emergency search of the Argaya system following the disappearance of a runabout carrying former Federation President Nan Bacco. Bacco, on a lecture tour to promote her new book, had just finished a week of speaking engagements on Bajor and was on her return trip to Starbase 375 to rejoin Churchill. Catrin Key, the tour’s public relations manager; C’Rau, Bacco’s personal assistant; security guard Gurk Tango; Bajoran journalist Lemma Origu; and PO 2nd Class Kirkington Bean, a Starfleet pilot, were also aboard the runabout. “The runabout was under instructions to report in every twelve hours,” Churchill’s chief communications officer, Lt. Zyda, claimed. “When they didn’t check in, we contacted other ships in the vicinity to get a fix on their position.” Later that day, a passing Galador freighter transmitted the runabout’s distress signal to Churchill, who departed Starbase 375 promptly to intercept. “Petty Officer Bean stated that the runabout’s propulsion and life support systems had been damaged and that it was seeking for a suitable spot to land,” Zyda added. The uninhabited Argaya system, located on the boundary of Federation and Cardassian space, includes two habitable planets and more than a dozen moons. Both planets have extraordinarily disruptive magnetic fields, making it difficult to find the runabout, any probable wreckage, or indications of life. Survival specialists have recognized the difficulties of surviving for an extended amount of time on any Argayan planet or moon. “Just because they’re habitable doesn’t guarantee they’re hospitable,” remarked Tri-Planetary Academy’s Dr. Elivil Shagrar. “Argaya II has almost no edible flora, while Argaya IV is 92 percent ocean.” Neither would be a good place for an emergency landing.” As Churchill’s search entered its fifth day, public personalities from around the Federation released comments expressing their outrage at the loss of Bacco’s runabout and expressing optimism that the search teams will be able to safely rescue everyone onboard. The Vedek Assembly, many of whose members attended Bacco’s lectures on Bajor last week, proclaimed a global day of prayer, and Berengaria—the next scheduled destination on Bacco’s tour—postponed all cultural activities and programming planned to accompany Bacco’s lectures the following week. “Nan Bacco and I differ on many issues,” Kevin Steiner, a Terra Nova Federation Council member, commented. “But I always know she has the best interests of the Federation’s people at heart. Adelise and I have Nan’s family, and the loved ones of everyone aboard that runabout, in our thoughts.” The post Nan Bacco missing, feared dead after runabout vanishes appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  2. SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH – Earlier today, Starfleet Security issued a retraction of their previous alert, bringing the Sol system’s defence status officially back to ‘green.’ (Editor’s note Green = ~ 560–520 nm ~ 540–580 THz). Apologizing for the public disruption caused by the false alarm, Commodore Raoul Oterboro was quick to spin the situation positively. “Our alert was sent after we received credible holo footage of numerous individuals on the Starfleet Academy campus seemingly changing shape, size and appearance at will. By the time we realized the Academy’s Halloween Gala had been rescheduled and our ‘changelings’ were engineering students using a novel personal holoprojector, the damage was done. Starfleet Security regrets the disruptions to trade, communication and travel which occurred.” When pressed for followup information, Commodore Oterboro apologized, claimed he couldn’t hear us and that he was ‘going through a wormhole,’ and closed the connection. Academy cadets were not as tight-lipped about the incident, but none wished to go on record by name. When asked about the incident, a senior cadet chuckled, “Halloween wasn’t a thing in my colony, but apparently it’s something of an informal competition for some of the Humans and a few other species around here. Gets crazy every year for a few weeks. Last year’s winners had a team Horta costume that was fantastic – looked so real.” A junior cadet wandering by overheard our conversation and volunteered the following, “I heard that the whole engineering school is spending the rest of the semester repainting the undersides of all the rocks in the Commandant’s garden. Worth it though – those people are absolute legends.” A few other cadets had less positive feedback about the disruptive nature of the misunderstanding. “The Human fascination with fantasy and the procurement of nutritionally deleterious confections has once again thrown a world into peril.” The junior cadet arched an eyebrow before continuing, “I abandoned my studies and sought shelter per procedure when the alarm sounded. It was a deeply inefficient use of my time.” The Commandant’s office did not respond to questions directly, but a later press release on the subject affirmed that they would not cancel the annual event in the future, but that they will make every effort to remind the public and the relevant security agencies well in advance next year. The post Changeling Infiltration Alert Canceled, Starfleet Academy Halloween Event Blamed appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  3. ANDORIA — A large avalanche in the northern reaches of the Andorian Highlands has trapped a team of four scientists, all now missing in the snowdrift. Search and Rescue party launches. The team, led by Dr. Talak of the Andoria Imperial Academy, a renown geophysicist, was surprised by an immense avalanche that at its peak brought forth winds of little over 110 km/h. The four men, of which two Andorians, a Tellarite, and a Human remain buried beneath the sizeable amount of snow that came from the avalanche. Investigation is ongoing, with the aid of a Starfleet search team. The captain of the search party, Biochemist and Mountain Rescue expert Dr Nathan Boss, brief officials today on updates from the mountainside. “Communications are still non-existent.” Dr. Boss spoke at his first report to the press. “Data shows that they lost all means of radio signalling from the Avalanche’s enormous snowcap. It is uncertain whether the four are still alive. We will make our best efforts in finding them.” The interest of Starfleet in the investigation of Dr. Talak’s team accident surprised Andoria Police officials. However, Dr. Boss showed that while Talak had ascended under Academy orders, Starfleet Science is interested in the results Dr. Talak may have gained. Losing Talak is therefore a back blow into several ongoing research projects, specifically into Andoria’s troubled tectonic activity. “Andoria has seen shifts in its tectonic outlay for several years now. It is important for Andorians and Starfleet to know the implications of these tectonic shifts, especially pertaining to natural disasters such as quakes and volcanic eruptions. Seismological surveys show that the mantle of Andoria is presenting several signs of hazardous shifts. Avalanches like this might become more of a problem.” Dr. Ivask, an Andorian specialised in the species anatomy, had reservations when asked by FNS what the team’s chances of survival were. “Although we are very sufficient in surviving at very low temperatures, the lack of air might be what will endanger the lives of Dr. Talak and his peers. Even if they have found shelter in a natural cave, which would not be unlikely, the lack of food and water might still break them up. The best hope lies not only in finding them fast but also in getting them out of their spot safely and then assess the damage to the system.” Dr. Boss has already requested for two Starfleet shuttles to survey from the air, using their sensors to detect any life signs beneath the ice. Andorian search teams are also being assembled, with the Academy sending their own investigators alongside Starfleet. More on this story as it develops. The post Surprise Avalanche Buries Geological Surveying Team appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  4. DAVLOS — Members of the Orion Syndicate attacked Starfleet Science vessel USS Zeeman, an Intrepid-class explorer, in one of a series of attacks throughout Federation space. Bearing toward a research mission into the Orion Nebula, they ambushed the ship on approach near Davlos. According to eyewitnesses from the Zeeman, a squadron of four attack ships coordinated a flanked assault and opened fire upon contact. Consistent with other accounts, Chief Engineer Agarton explained that the warp nacelles had suffered extensive damage from the encounter with the Orions. Under siege from boarders, who disabled the shields and beam aboard the ship, the security teams thwarted two boarding parties. Following the initial attack and repel, the Orions retreated. Vulcan Captain of the Zeeman, T’Chimmar, reported that the pirates had stolen some ship’s scientific devices and mixed canisters of anti-matter from stowage, but nothing substantial has been noted on the log files. “Our calculated risk factor of encountering the Orion Syndicate within the nebula was considerable,” explained T’Chimmar in the after action report. “However, the nature of our mission to Davlos was not to be disrupted. The theft is noted and Federation Security is underway with an investigation.” The unprovoked attack and reports are under analysis by Starfleet Command, however, it is only one in a multitude of boarding raids conducted by the Orion Syndicate within recent months. Acts of piracy throughout the region have increased at alarming rates, prompting Starfleet to discuss alternative measures for prevention and protection of vessels within the area. “There is an increasing danger in the outlying systems of Orion or other pirate attacks,” stated Rear Admiral Walter Morgan, leading the research into the Orion Question. “Armed patrols are under consideration.” The post Orion Syndicate Attacks Increase Alarmingly As USS Zeeman Raided appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  5. DEEP SPACE — The experimental prototype Starfleet starship USS Juneau was crippled by an internal attack carried out by what reports are saying may have been an Orion Syndicate agent during a recent test run of its signature Warp XV engine. It is unclear at this time just how this lone agent found their way aboard the ship, or whether they survived their infiltration, and Starfleet top brass remains tight-lipped over the details. Initial reports state the saboteur managed to alter the plasma flow in order to throw the classified warp XV drive into an overdrive tailspin which continually pushed the ship into higher and higher warp factors. Eventually, this acceleration would have torn the ship apart, likely chaos intentionally caused in an attempt to cover the perpetrator’s escape. Captain Oddas and Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller, along with the senior crew assigned, were eventually able to apply the brakes, so to speak, by effecting a full stop to the engines. “If I get my hands on the [censored] who messed with my engine…” sources reported an unconfirmed quote from the chief engineer. Meanwhile, one team restored the ship’s life support and searched the craft for the saboteur and any other explosives or devices they might have left behind, while another team battled a substantial fire in the shuttle bay and suffered a temporary loss of internal pressure. There are unconfirmed reports of a hostage situation, but the FNS has not been able to substantiate the rumour at this time. Lieutenant Kiliak Jo contributed to this report. Stay tuned to this subspace frequency for any and all updates on this story. The post Orion Syndicate suspected in sabotage aboard Warp XV prototype USS Juneau appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  6. VERSAILLES, EARTH — A couture maven was killed and several others injured in an apparent terrorist bombing shortly after a fashion show outside of Paris. Choupette Marchionne, the head of the eponymous French fashion house Marchionne, was killed by an explosion just minutes after debuting her autumn/winter collection on the grounds of the Chateau de Versailles. Details are scarce at this point, but sources close to the investigation say that the bombing may have been a product of the Maquis Reborn, a terrorist group led by Nikael Kalre, a notorious Betazoid beset on dismantling the Federation. Suspicious activity within recent months has also increased following the anniversary date of the attack on Ohmallera (stardate 238802.22). Kalre’s open letter to the Federation incited protests outside the Paris offices of the Federation News Service in 2392. Marchionne (31), herself half Betazoid, is survived by her daughter Victoire, who was unharmed in the blast but was found with a note attached to her back. Victoire was discovered by Ensign Ghant Xerix and Doctor Addison MacKenzie, both of the USS Veritas (NCC-95035) who were on the planet for the show. “A note found attached to Ms. Marchionne’s daughter was suspicious in itself,” stated Sten Caridia, a member of Starfleet Security, in his address to the press this afternoon. “And while we are still investigating, we have strong evidence to suggest it was from the group who identify themselves as the Maquis Reborn.” Choupette is mourned by the glitterati of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Her memorial service is to be held on Betazed and is expected to be a who’s who event of the fashion world. More details to be reported as the investigation continues. The post Fashion designer killed in bombing at Paris Fashion Show appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  7. TELLAR — The Tellarite homeworld was disrupted yesterday by a second quake within the span of a week, with reported casualties exceeding fifty, and fears of a tsunami escalated sharply overnight. Originating from the continent of Niba between the two vast oceans of Covila and Voshev, the earthquake caused confusion and destruction in the collection of small cities spread over the coastline. The recorded aftershock at a magnitude of 6.4 has worried Tellarite engineering experts of potential harm to their terraforming control technology. “We are experiencing geological seismic activity at a rate unknown in the last two centuries,” stated Khiri Khibluk in an official statement from the Secretary of Communications, released last night. “While we usually anticipate microseism activity with little to no disruption, this current motion is unprecedented. Our engineers are working quickly to determine the nature of the activity and how it can be prevented.” The Tellar News Service reported many buildings have collapsed or felt the effects of the tremors with weakened structural foundations, and upwards of fifty casualties are believed to be undergoing medical treatment and therapy for trauma caused by the disturbances. “We have developed our world to be free from this kind of natural disaster,” said Crareg Jem, whose property on a small peninsula near Lurok has been affected with cracking along the walls and a partially collapsed roof. “I am simply relieved that there have yet been no fatalities.” The area is not known for seismic activity due to the advancement of Tellarite terraforming technology which stabilises the geological configuration; however, the planet itself has multiple natural fault lines and volcanoes developing outside of normal controls beneath the Covila Ocean. Experts believe they may be the root cause. Early geological scans of the planet structure after the quakes indicate the large probability of a further tectonic shift in the underlying basaltic layers. If not prevented, a tsunami arising from Covila would devastate the coastal regions of Lurok and Koven, both of which have a high population of marine farming communities. Starfleet Headquarters has today confirmed they are coordinating disaster relief to the planet, as there are an estimated 400,000 inhabitants within the affected areas that may still be in danger. The post Casualties top fifty as second earthquake shakes Tellar appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  8. JUPITER STATION — During a hostage situation in the central port transport station, a bomb detonated, killing three people and injuring five. Starfleet Security rushed the station where an Orion male held several hostages under threat of explosion. One Trill female suffered severe head injuries, however, it is unclear if the injuries were sustained by the suspect or during the altercation with the authorities. The suspected bomber carried a homemade explosive device smuggled through the docking port customs gate and into the main plaza of the central transport station. Reportedly, the device was undetectable by Starfleet sensors and has been removed from the site pending an investigation into the composition. “Everyone was screaming and shouting ‘He’s got a bomb!’ It was so confusing,” explained Ensign Graski, a scientist assigned to Jupiter Station. “But the green guy was just stone silent. Didn’t say a word.” Negotiators were drafted in from the security and ambassadorial departments to ascertain the nature of the suspect’s intentions, though no common ground was reached. Taking an opportune shot from an unmanned security phaser bank, station security downed the suspect, but he managed to detonate a small device on impact with the ground. Several hostages in the immediate surrounding area were hit with shrapnel, and three were killed at the scene. Five others suffered energy discharge injuries. Due to procedures installed and rigorously tested, once the bomb threat was broadcast to the station, an evacuation to safe zones was immediate. All transport traffic ceased, leading to multiple delays across Jupiter Station and incoming transport cancellations for Milky Way starships. Now in custody, the suspect has been detained on station and confined to a secured sickbay undergoing treatment for internal phaser wounds, with possible nerve damage due to proximity to the explosive. Investigators found no identification on the Orion and no known reference in the LCARS database. So far, the suspect has remained silent, refusing to answer questions. No official statement has been received from the Starfleet Security department of Jupiter Station. Further reports will follow upon new information. Jupiter Station’s transport hub was reopened shortly after the investigation had concluded. Service to the station has resumed from Mars. The post Three dead in hostage situation at Jupiter Station appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  9. MENTHAR CORRIDOR — Starfleet forces have engaged a massive Tholian fleet headed for the space station Astrofori One. After the withdrawal of Romulan and Breen forces from Astrofori One, Starfleet and the Kubarey have been left to keep the project operational, with Starfleet providing much of the remaining defensive support for the station. During their patrol, the USS Minerva and USS Stalwart reported that they were engaged in fierce combat with 322 Tholian vessels on an intercept course for Astrofori One. The crew of the Minerva forwarded a message from the Tholians: “Federation vessel, this will be your only advisement. Your presence in this sector is a violation of Tholian sovereignty. Furthermore, the Assembly will no longer tolerate the threat to our security from the illegal outpost that you have installed. You have precisely one hour to evacuate from the outpost before its neutralization.” Contact with both Starfleet vessels was lost shortly afterward. This is a developing story and more information will be published as soon as it becomes available. The post BREAKING: USS Minerva leads Federation forces against hostile Tholian fleet on approach to Astrofori 1 appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  10. RATOR III — The Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire declared it was withdrawing all Romulan support immediately from the joint operations of the interstellar station Astrofori One in the Menthar Corridor. As tensions continue to rise between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire in the fallout of the Romulans’ failed invasion of Duronis II, the Romulans retaliated against sanctions imposed by the Federation Council last week by announcing their sudden withdrawal from Astrofori One. “The Romulan people are very demanding of where our resources are spent,” said Senator Mavok, who also sits on the powerful Continuing Committee. “We no longer see the expenditure of such resources into this project as a fruitful one.” As one of the four major powers operating the station, the others being the Federation, Breen Confederacy, and Kubarey Confederation, the loss of Romulan support puts into question the sustainability of the station, both operationally and defensively. In a further blow to what was once hailed as Federation Secretary of the Exterior Lily Ventu’s magnum opus and a major part of former President Nan Bacco’s legacy when it was launched in 2392, the Breen have given the indication that they too will no longer support the massive station once the Romulans leave. While there was no official comment from Federation President Narala or members of the Federation Council yet, Starfleet officials were quick to downplay the significance of the Romulans’ departure. “The Starfleet contingent along with our Kubarey partners are prepared to take over all major station operational duties if necessary,” said Rear Admiral Joseph Washington, the commander for Starfleet operations who oversees the Menthar Corridor along with the rest of the Tholian region. Political insiders, however, expressed severe doubt on the viability of the station and the Federation’s continued presence in the Menthar Corridor without the support of both the Romulans and Breen. Isolated from most other Federation installations, Astrofori One has relied on the combined logistical support of all four powers to keep it running. “The truth is, the project hasn’t turned into the ‘forum amongst the stars’ that its designers had hoped. That much is obvious by the way things have deteriorated between Earth and Rator,” said a senior official within the Narala administration who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “The President herself has stated from the beginning of her campaign that she wasn’t a fan of the Astrofori One project either. Her stance has always been clear: we need to focus on serving the needs of all Federation members and colonies. I don’t see her shifting away resources she’s promised back to the colonies to prop up what amounts to a vanity project in the middle of nowhere.” The Federation presence in the Menthar Corridor began originally with a lone Federation starship, the USS Mercury, which was granted access to the area from the Cardassian Detapa Council in late 2388. Starfleet’s exploration of the region grew with larger starships, culminating in the launch of both Astrofori One and the Invicta Expedition, one of four major expeditionary task forces launched in 2392 by President Bacco. The Invicta Expedition comprised five vessels that set out on a three-year mission in the Menthar Corridor from 2392 to 2395. Although initial plans included the possibility of additional multi-year missions, the Narala administration decided not to renew the expeditionary task forces to instead redirect Starfleet forces to other areas deemed more urgent. The post Romulan Star Empire withdraws support from Astrofori One in response to Federation sanctions appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  11. PARIS, EARTH — The Federation Council voted today to impose sanctions against the Romulan Star Empire for its invasion attempt of Duronis II earlier this year. “The Federation Council condemns the Romulan Star Empire’s blatant violation of Laudean sovereignty,” said Councillor Mara Kell, Senior Councilor from Betazed. “Such Romulan aggression that threatens the stability of the quadrant will not be tolerated.” Though not a Federation member, the Laudean homeworld has enjoyed cordial relations with the Federation in recent years due in much part to the presence of the Federation embassy there. A large Starfleet contingent is currently assigned at the embassy with both the USS Thunder and USS Thor permanently assigned to the planet’s defense. The Laudeans first achieved warp drive in 2379, and soon after, they garnered the attention of both the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire along with the Zalkonians. Though all three established embassies on Duronis II, the Laudean government at the time soon allied itself with the Romulans, and the Federation and Zalkonians left the planet in 2383. Romulan influence over the local government continued until the destruction of the Romulan homeworlds of Romulus and Remus in 2387. The following year, riots broke out on the planet, the Romulan ambassador was recalled, and the Laudeans established diplomatic contact with the Federation, seeking protection from Romulan renegades who remained behind and the threat of future invasion. After periodic skirmishes over the years, the Romulans finally launched a full invasion against the planet earlier this year. Though the invasion was successfully repelled by Starfleet forces from the Federation embassy, experts warn that the Romulans may only be temporarily halted. “It’s really not a surprise the Romulans have kept their interest in seizing Duronis II,” said Dr. Katoh Erasi of the Federation Border Defense Think Tank, in Terra Nova. “They’ve long coveted the Laudeans’ ability to sense energy fields, hoping to exploit that for tactical advantage.” Thilene Herskoya, who served as security advisor to former Federation President Jaresh-Inyo, added that despite the Starfleet presence maintained at the embassy, the Romulan military leadership that survived the destruction of Romulus is a new generation of more hawkish commanders. “Though the loss of their homeworlds halted their immediate plans for Duronis, the subsequent rebuilding of their empire and the restrengthening of their fleet have clearly made some Romulan admirals more daring,” said Herskoya. “That the Praetor though would go ahead with a full-scale invasion is what’s truly troubling, especially given the overtures of peace a few years ago.” Romulan Praetor Taron met with Federation President Nan Bacco during her final diplomatic function as president before her term ended in 2393. The Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire had invited President Nan Bacco for a historic state visit to the new Romulan capital of Rator III in 2392, and after much planning — and over the objection of the newly formed Romulan Republic, which the Romulan Star Empire considers a rogue state — President Bacco and Praetor Taron shared speeches touting a future of new possibilities between the two great powers. Relations since that visit however have not reflected those ambitions, and Praetor Taron has not met current Federation President Narala in-person since she took office two years ago. Following the Federation Council’s vote to impose sanctions against the Romulans, President Narala made a statement from the Palais de la Concorde in Paris, Earth. Though she denounced the Romulan’s attack against Duronis, she also expressed her disappointment in the Federation Council’s decision to move forward with sanctions. Narala administration officials had been working with their Romulan counterparts to cool diplomatic tensions since the invasion; however, many members of the council were not satisfied with the administration’s progress. “Peace cannot be achieved through closed doors,” said President Narala to reporters gathered in the Press Room. The President, who served as Chief Administrator for Nimbus III before she was elected in 2392, called on her homeworld as an example for the rest of the quadrant. “On Nimbus III, Klingons, Romulans, and Federation citizens found a way to live and work in harmony. I still firmly believe such is possible in the wider galactic community,” she said. The Romulan Star Empire has not formally responded to the sanctions yet, but this week’s scheduled events at the Romulan Embassy on Earth have since been canceled. The post Federation Council announces sanctions against Romulan Star Empire for failed Duronis invasion appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  12. THE SHOALS — After weeks of no contact, Lieutenant Kehive na-Soldim has been declared missing in action as search parties find no trace of the Starfleet ranger or his runabout. The Starfleet Rangers are the individual supporters of colonies – Starfleet’s answer to calls for more presence in the areas of up and coming settlements when resources are scarce. Those with the best qualities Starfleet has to offer leave the collective safety of a crewed starship or deep space installation and venture out solo to assist civilians in their quest to explore strange new worlds and call them home. One such officer was Lieutenant Kehive na-Soldim, sent to a remote world on the border of what Starfleet has considered contested space in a little-known area of the Shoals region. Lieutenant na-Soldim’s mission was to survey the Thura system in preparation for the establishment of an observatory outpost. When na-Soldim missed two scheduled check-ins, Colonial Coalition Marshals Service deputies began a search for him, but no sign of the ranger was found. The area is known for rare appearances of Tholian scout vessels, though none have ever ventured as close to Federation territory as the Thura system, which is close to the Colonial Coalition colony world of Havley’s Hope. “We are doing everything in our power to locate Lieutenant na-Soldim. At this time, we have ruled the Thura system off-limits to civilian vessels. Though we are looking into other possibilities, Tholian involvement has not been ruled out,” said Coalition Marshals spokesperson Saeyai Jea in a statement to the FNS. “Our thoughts go to Lieutenant na-Soldim’s family, and we ask that any information regarding his whereabouts be sent to us immediately.” To date, there are just a handful of Starfleet rangers within the Shoals, sometimes even assigned to watch over entire sectors – far beyond any one person’s typical capability. Since na-Soldim’s disappearance, there have been calls for the rangers to “return home.” “These are individuals asked to ‘handle’ entire an entire star system’s worth of people!” said Coalition activist Sarah Scotsman on Antor II. “Colonies ask for patrolling vessels to make us feel safer, crews to lead the way and assist with scientific endeavors, and they send one person? They ask us to wait for confirmation from their one-man surveyor before we can establish an observatory, and he mysteriously goes missing near Tholian space. Starfleet’s response is for our Marshals to look for him? We are better off on our own. Starfleet should send a crew or none at all.” Aagan Eislas, a member of the Twentieth House of Betazed, which is known for its ongoing support of Betazoid colonies far from the homeworld, believes it’s not that simple. “Starfleet is not here to manage civilian colonies, and they’re not here to provide resources,” said Eislas as he addressed concerns on Donova IV. “Colonies that branch away from home must be prepared for a certain lack of support. Starfleet are explorers, defenders, and diplomats. To have them is a luxury – they simply cannot be everywhere and anywhere, at every settlement’s beck and call – nor should they be. We are losing focus on what’s important: a man is missing. The Coalition’s focus should not be on a political statement but on ensuring that a missing Starfleet officer is returned home safely to his family.” Anyone with information regarding Lieutenant Kehive na-Soldim is asked to contact authorities immediately. This article was written by Lt. Cmdr. Sky Blake of the USS Veritas. The post Starfleet ranger missing in action near Tholian border appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  13. BAJOR – The Red Star, the flagship quantum slipstream starliner of Red Carrier, has disappeared during a routine transport to Risa. Mounting fears greeted friends and family of travelers on board the Red Star this morning as the vessel was declared officially missing. A search and rescue mission has now been implemented to cover the distance traveled by the vessel from its point of origin on Bajor to its last known location heading in the direction of Risa. The operation, set in motion from the Mars headquarters of Red Carrier by chairman Seeshu Rebal, will traverse the distance via conventional warp drive and is already looking at a long voyage ahead. “It is with great sadness that Red Carrier must report the untimely disappearance of our flagship vessel under Captain Amadeus,” Seeshu lamented, during this morning’s press conference. “While notable issues have befallen our fellow commercial slipstream liners in recent years, this is an unprecedented loss for all. Our thoughts are with the families at this pressing time.” The Red Star departed from Bajor earlier this week with a full crew complement of 264 and 2131 passengers. The last known transmitted navigational location was the Kalandra sector, with sensor data collected by a stationary buoy in the area. While previously known for heavy action during the Dominion War, the sector has since been used as a thoroughfare for transport and cargo ships to Bajor and Deep Space 9. Speculations have already been made regarding the disappearance. The commercial efforts of implementing the quantum slipstream drive have come under fire due to failures in the technology prior to this event. Starlight Transport’s SS Atlantic famously suffered a slipstream failure in 2391 during her third voyage, which delayed the implementation of slipstream technology into the commercial market. Lieutenant Commander Adam Frost, industry expert and Quantum Slipstream Drive (QSD) Principal Lead Technician for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, believes that a technological failure is severely unlikely. “The slipstream drive has had its problems in the past, but like with any technology, it is continuously developing,” he candidly reported. “Starfleet would like to remind everyone that slipstream travel for commercial passenger transport is still statistically one of the safest ways to travel. This is a localised incident and we hope for a swift conclusion.” When questioned regarding updates received from the rescue vessel, Seeshu declined to comment. Such information is likely to be kept out of public eye until more is known about the fate of the Red Star. Reporters were assured that every measure has been taken to ensure the safe retrieval of passengers if the vessel is found intact. “There isn’t much information to go on,” Nacu Zes, said a family member of one of the missing passengers. “Our family is devastated at the news. My son and his husband are going on their honeymoon. How can a starship vanish into thin air? I only hope they find them soon.” Officials have asked for any suspected sightings of the Red Star to be reported immediately to Starfleet and local authorities. Red Carrier has also arranged for counseling resources for families of those missing during this trying time. The post Risa-bound starliner disappears carrying 2,400 passengers appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  14. EARTH — Bajorans and other Federation citizens staged a protest today in Paris, rallying against a Federation ruling to try a Cardassian war criminal off Bajoran soil. The protest, which began early in the morning, was designed to bring attention to what many see as a blatant act of injustice committed by the Federation Attorney General. When the war criminal Breloc Tejar was captured last year, Bajor immediately sought to hold the trial. Tejar had been identified as a particularly heinous overseer during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, alleged to have committed multiple war crimes. Because of this relationship with the Bajoran people, the Federation Attorney General decided to hold the trial elsewhere, citing concerns for Tejar’s safety. Instead, the trial will be held in the Federation law office on Andoria. The controversial verdict stirred outrage among many of the Bajoran people. “I’m a Federation citizen!” screamed Aeglis Bedena, a particularly indignant Bajoran protester at the rally. “We’re all Federation citizens! They’re doing it to us again! The [Cardassians] and now the Feds!” Read the rest of the article Protests erupt over controversial war criminal case on the Federation News Service. This article was written by Lt. Randal Shayne of the Andaris Task Force.
  15. SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH – Starfleet officials declared a major blow dealt against Sicarius with the arrest of government officials and Starfleet officers alleged to have been working for the terrorist organization. In a stunning announcement, Starfleet Intelligence, working with Starfleet Command and Security in a sanctioned fleet-wide operation, has concluded an eleven month long sting operation that stretched from Starfleet and Federation Headquarters on Earth to stations, ships, and planets across Federation space. Starfleet Intelligence operatives had apparently penetrated the lower level of the terrorist organization toward the end of 2392 and slowly began to compile a list of the agents, handlers, initiates, and anyone else in the employ of the Sicarius group. Starfleet Security had previously concluded that the loss of Prometheus Station last year in what became known colloquially as the Prometheus Incident was caused purposely by Sicarian agents thus jeopardizing millions of lives throughout the galaxy. “We were shocked how many people Sicarius managed to slip into various levels of local and Federation government,” explained Colonel Joseph Terrill at Starfleet Intelligence headquarters. “In some cases, key and high administrative places, which allowed them to gain access to sensitive information. Sadly, even within Starfleet Intelligence administration itself, as much as it pains me to say it. The decision was finally made from Starfleet Command to arrest these individuals, all at once, without tipping our hand to Sicarius’ top level players.” Read the rest of this article at Starfleet Intelligence delivers lightning strike against Sicarius terrorists on the Federation News Service. This article was written by Commander David Cody and Captain Nugra (Lieutenant John Nugra) of the USS Athena.
  16. GAMMA CYGNUS V - The governor’s office today confirmed reports that a body found mutilated inside a cargo container is that of a Bajoran customs official. View the full article
  17. Starfleet officer killed during prison breakout Stardate 239211.23 ELBA II, SECTOR 98 — A Starfleet security officer was killed by a dangerous prisoner who escaped confinement from a maximum security facility. Lieutenant Joseph Rostenkowski, 24, was stabbed seven times in the heart by Chennel, a Bolian woman arrested earlier this year by the crew of the USS Columbia in the Skalur Expanse on piracy and kidnapping charges. He was pronounced dead at the scene by medical officers. “Joseph Rostenkowski was an outstanding young man who had a very promising career ahead of him”, said Governor Matthias Brunel, head of the correctional facility on Elba II where Rostenkowski served. “His death will not go unanswered or unpunished. We will track down Chennel and bring her to justice.” However that may be more difficult than it seems as the Federation News Service has learned that Chennel has disappeared and is now believed to be at large. Data obtained from sources at Starfleet Security reveals that the fugitive Bolian was last seen aboard a small civilian corvette on a course that would have taken her to the Black Cluster, an astronomical formation in Sector 97 near the border with the Tzenkethi Coalition. Starfleet Command has refused to state whether they have tasked a vessel to search the region, commenting that they do not discuss ship assignments in strategically important regions. Chennel was recently sentenced by the Starfleet Judge Advocate General’s Office to life imprisonment without possibility of parole on 79 counts of interstellar piracy, 189 counts of kidnapping and one count of torturing a Starfleet officer. She was also wanted by the Bolian Security Ministry in connection to the deaths of her sister as well as her ex-bondmate. She was arrested by the crew of the USS Columbia who stumbled across her base of operations while on a routine planetary survey. Prosecutor Lieutenant Commander Claudia-Jean Merriman described Chennel as “a credible and present danger to society” during her trial, which was held aboard Starbase 375 in October of this year, and that Chennel was “the most narcissistic individual I have ever met, which is saying something given I’ve spent most of my career prosecuting Ferengi criminals.” Another source at Starfleet Security stated that an “urgent security analysis” is tonight underway at Elba II to understand how Chennel circumvented stringent security procedures to prevent tragedies like this from occurring. FNS has reached out to the department for comment but has not received a response as of yet. FNS Home FNS Data Feed FNS on FB
  18. War criminal General Krax resurfaces near Klingon-Federation space By Alexis Crothers Stardate 239207.13 GARRIDON SYSTEM – Defunct Klingon General Krax has appeared just inside Federation space while the USS Gemini was completing a rescue mission The USS Gemini on a rescue mission on the border solar system of Garridon V just before Klingon space was contacted by an unidentified Vor'Cha Class Battlecruiser baring a different ID signature, warning them Klingon Warbirds were inside the system. Before they could confirm the identity of the contact, the Vor'Cha Battlecruiser, pinged as the DemonRide, warped into the Garridon System and fired four torpedoes before warping out of the system (tracked back into Klingon space). An unknown torpedo type that effectively shut down three Klingon warbirds within the system, and one just outside the system inside Klingon space. The USS Gemini was able to determine the identity of General Krax based on a communication released at the same time of the torpedo attack, that contained monetary account information seized from the Empire with instructions to give the funds to the Thracian Government as "war reparations". General Krax, last seen in the Trinity Sector, is wanted for Acts of Terrorism against Starfleet, the attempted assassination of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, and is sought by the Klingon Empire for Treason. Largely responsible for attacks on Thracian ships and its citizens, and nearly destroying the USS Victory, including inflicting some damage on the USS Apollo-A and a couple other starfleet ships through the use of electromagnetic energy and subspace bubbles, the Klingon General narrowly escaped the system, and had effectively killed Fleet Captain Nicholotti for several minutes before the Victory medical staff succeeded in reviving the Fleet Captain. Reports on the defunct General since the Klingon Invasion of 2390 have been sketchy. A spokesman for the Klingon Government refused to comment on what was described as an 'internal matter', but unconfirmed eyewitness accounts spoke of a major battle between Empire forces and Krax' remaining fleet in the Quor'Tal System inside Klingon space, prompting speculation the General may have launched a civil war. Prompt investigation by Starfleet in the Garridon System found no traces of the downed Klingon Warbirds, described as "floating lifeless in space" after General Krax's torpedoes struck them. Has the General perfected some kind of power killing torpedo? Why did the defunct General release funds to the Thracians years later as 'reparations' after terrorizing their system? Are the rumors true that the Klingon Government might be at war with one of their own? More to come as the FNS investigates.
  19. Revolutionaries capture fourth largest Inoxan city By Reza Kardgar Stardate 239205.09 INOX SYSTEM — Mashana, the fourth largest city on Inox, has fallen to anti-government forces, and Inoxan Chancellor Koaw Tassin has declared a state of emergency. After weeks of demonstrations and unrest following the acquittal of a high-ranking government official accused of corruption, protesters have begun a violent—and effective—campaign for revolution against the Inoxan government. READ PREVIOUS STORY: "Unrest continues on Inox as citizens demand reform" - SD 239203.03 Having captured large swaths of territory and numerous smaller villages, rebels claimed their latest victory last week over security forces in the northern industrial city of Mashana, where they ripped the flag of the Inoxan government from the city's Central Square before setting it ablaze. Path to Victory The rebellion, led by Beja Nyuanin, a former professor at Grand Karra University, has been particularly adept because of a heavy presence of ex-security forces among its ranks, and some observers have suggested that parts of the Inoxan military may be actively behind the rebellion, using Nyuanin and his protesters as a cover for a coup d'état. "Even with the outdated equipment of the Inoxan security forces, there's no way the rebels have been able to be this successful without help from the military itself," said Dr. Keahvon of the Cerberus Group, a San Francisco think tank. "The question now is who's really in charge of this rebellion. Is Nyuanin just a puppet?" However, other analysts point to Nyuanin's success at winning the support of the local population to join the fight of the revolutionaries. For instance, a majority of Mashana's own police department turned against the Inoxan government security forces to assist the rebels in capturing the city. "Some may say that reflects the unprofessionalism of the police and security forces, but it really points instead to the anger that runs deep within the population at all levels," said Elise Roberts, a senior foreign affairs analyst at the Citizen’s Post. Hearts and Minds Questions of his power aside, Nyuanin has remained vocal throughout the campaign, giving passionate addresses in the public squares of each city captured so far that have drawn thousands to stand up and cheer for what they see as the first real chance at toppling the current and unpopular Inoxan government, which has remained in power for the past fifty years, mostly because of Federation support which began as an extension of the competing interests of the Federation and Cardassians in the 2340s. "Make no mistake," declared Nyuanin in a speech in Mashana's Central Square last week. "We are not going anywhere, Chancellor Tassin! You can try to run to your Federation masters, but you will be hunted down and punished for your crimes against the Inoxan people!" The adoring crowd applauded as effigies of the chancellor as well as Federation President Bacco were burned. With the ongoing Federation Transport Union strike having effectively cut off Inox from its largest trading partner, rampant unemployment has left millions vocal and angry. "We just want a better life," said Mashana resident and schoolteacher Janisa Kem, who was among those in attendance at Nyuanin's speech. "Doesn't the government understand that? Doesn't the Federation? Leave us alone!" Members from both the Federation Council and Cardassian Detapa Council have expressed their concerns about the violence on Inox. The nearest major power to Inox, the Tholian Assembly, has remained silent on the issue, although there are rumors that the xenophobic species is growing wary of the unrest at its doorstep. As anti-Federation sentiment continues to fester, the Federation Diplomatic Corps has reaffirmed in its latest travel advisories that Federation citizens currently on Inox should exercise extreme caution and seek departure while all others should avoid nonessential travel to the planet. FNS Home • FNS Data Feed• FNS on FB • FNS Team
  20. Shake-up in FNS leadership as editor-in-chief steps down By Tellaria D'Sol Stardate 239204.05 Following weeks of protest and backlash from the publication of Maquis Reborn leader Nikael Kalre's open letter, FNS editor-in-chief Reza Kardgar has stepped down. PARIS, EARTH — After weeks of protests, letter campaigns, and vilification in the media, Reza Kardgar, the editor-in-chief of the Federation News Service, announced today that he is stepping down. The change in leadership follows Kardgar's controversial decision to publish a letter by Maquis Reborn leader and terrorist Nikael Kalre on the fourth anniversary of the Ohmallera attack on Betazed. Veteran FNS reporter Lara Senekal will serve as interim editor-in-chief until a permanent replacement can be found. "I want to thank my family, my colleagues, and our readers who have expressed their support during this difficult time," said Kardgar from his office in Paris. "However, I've decided that both the FNS and I have become the center of attention, which is a sign that I can no longer lead the organization in its mission: to report the news, not become it." Kardgar responded to critics who had called the publication of Kalre's letter an insult both to those who had been killed by the Maquis Reborn and to members of Starfleet currently engaged in anti-terrorism operations. "Anyone who's followed my career or truly knows who I am knows I have the utmost respect for those who wear the uniform," he said. "Five years ago, my life and those of others left behind on Deep Space 17 during the Vaadwaur invasion were saved by the sacrifices of these brave men and women—sacrifices I witnessed firsthand. I am fortunate to count many members of Starfleet among my closest friends, and I have always admired the humility with which they serve. It has driven me to ensure their stories are told and their sacrifices never forgotten." "It has also driven me to stand by my own principles and convictions. Freedom of the press has always been integral to a free society, and I have never wavered from allowing our readers to have access to all voices and opinions, no matter how firmly we may disagree with them. To censor ourselves is to change who we are and tarnish the sacrifice of those who've fought to preserve our way of life, what we hold dear." A New Direction During his four year tenure as editor-in-chief, Kardgar was known for being objective but progressive and independently minded in his leadership of the news organization. Politics and the Federation at large were scrutinized, and no issue was off limits. This stands in stark contrast to his predecessor, Aimea Vostinael, who was widely criticized for censoring or tabling the stories of reporters she deemed too ‘sensitive’ or ‘damaging’. When Vostinael resigned in disgrace after the full extent of her censorship of FNS coverage during the Dominion War era that continued into the early 2380s was revealed, Reza Kardgar was unilaterally chosen by the board of the Federation News Service, to fill her place and restore trust in the organization, both among readers and journalists. A lack of consultation with many of the prominent journalists and editors from the Vostinael era led many to resign and split into two camps, the liberal Federation Dispatch and the conservative Citizen’s Post. Eventually most journalists and editors returned upon seeing that Kardgar was committed to an independent and multi-partisan FNS, where opinions from all sides of the issue were published. Once criticized as disjointed, this style of coverage later earned the FNS a number of honors and increased its readership dramatically after a lull in subscriptions following a widely held belief that it was no longer reporting the hard news. Changing of the Guard It would seem that reporting the ‘hard news’ and not subscribing to self-censorship got the better of the Kardgar era FNS in the end though. With the appointment of noted literary tour de force Lara Senekal as the interim editor-in-chief, many see that little is going to change in the way the FNS does things, and it might even become more committed to calling the galaxy to account. Whether Senekal’s appointment is permanent remains to be seen, but analysts say she’s certainly in the running, along with two other women: former Palais de la Concorde correspondent and politics editor Isabella Coronado, and entertainment editor Elvira van der Loop. All three women represent very different styles of reporting and personal journalistic philosophies, and many FNS readers are watching on the edge of their seats as the issue continues to be debated and analyzed on news shows and late night panels. FNS Home • FNS Forum • FNS Data Feed• FNS on FB • Join the FNS Team
  21. Protests continue outside FNS offices By Tellaria D'Sol Stardate 239203.12 The Federation News Service and its editor-in-chief Reza Kardgar have received strong backlash for the publication of an open letter by Maquis Reborn leader Nikael Kalre on the anniversary of the attack on Ohmallera, Betazed. PARIS, EARTH — Protests outside the Paris offices of the Federation News Service continued today, as protestors continue to demand the resignation of editor-in-chief Reza Kardgar and a formal apology from the news organization following their publication of Nikael Kalre’s open letter to the Federation. Survivors of those killed in the Maquis Reborn’s campaign of terror were prominent fixtures today, making emotional speeches to the assembled masses. “My father’s voice was silenced and now his killer not only gets to go free, but gets his propaganda printed in the FNS,” Sallia Moore, daughter of Chief Warrant Officer Jacob Moore, said, fighting back tears. “It’s not right and it’s a spit in the face to everything my father believed in.” Not all reactions have been as emotional or explicitly negative, but the vast majority of public opinion puts the FNS’s decision to publish the letter in a negative light. Many have given tepid support to the principle under which it was published, that of free speech, but decry the publishing of a, some would say ‘one sided’, letter from an admitted terrorist to be ghoulish and in poor taste. Noted FNS columnist Maronida Shiir wrote an accompanying editorial decrying the decision to publish the letter and its contents. This action has once again cemented her place as the darling of the Federation media in the face of this backlash against her employers. "Nikael Kalre is a terrorist, a madman, who will go on killing with his merry band of thugs regardless of our own sympathies for him, regardless of how eloquent we find his letters of grief," wrote Shiir in her scathing response. "What should have been a footnote in history at best, is now an article to be laid bare for the entire Federation to see. He has tricked us, manipulated us, into false sympathy so that we may second guess our resolve." In the weeks since the letter’s publication there has been no direct or explicit word from Reza Kardgar over the decision to publish the letter, considered to be a grave misstep by many. “It’s absolutely unthinkable that he hasn’t grabbed a mic and made a speech of his own to at least defend his actions,” said Admiral Ashi T’Jiia on the FNS program Illuminating the City of Light earlier this week. “He’s got every tool available to him to make a statement and there’s been nothing, zip, zero. I wonder if that’s a sign he’s on the way out?” Protestors have remained ardent in their commitment to protest outside the FNS headquarters until Reza Kardgar has resigned and a formal apology has been issued. FNS insiders state that the most likely successor to Mr. Kardgar, should he resign, would be Lara Senekal, former protégé of Maronida Shiir and noted correspondent. Famous for her take no prisoner’s style of reporting, Ms. Senekal is noted for her verbose public opinions but for always getting her facts straight and getting the proper context. While certainly ideological and not without controversy, she has not been tainted by scandal but would continue a some would say, anti-authority, anti-power style of reporting that has dominated the FNS since the 2360s. FNS Home • FNS Forum • FNS Data Feed• FNS on FB • Join the FNS Team
  22. Outbreak of Anchilles fever spreads as vaccine supplies run outStardate 239202.12 SELOS SYSTEM — The death toll from an outbreak of the highly contagious Anchilles fever on Selos III has reached 800,000 with health officials warning that the figure could top one million within a matter of weeks. Anchilles fever is an often fatal illness that attacks both the respiratory and nervous system. There is no specific cure, and treatment is mainly supportive. It affects all age ranges but is particularly deadly among children and the elderly. Though a vaccine has been developed against the infection, it is extremely rare and unable to be replicated easily for mass distribution. With the Federation Transport Union strike, shipments of the vaccine have dwindled, and doctors have urged government officials to seek aid in resupplying hospitals and clinics, which are being overrun with millions of patients infected with the debilitating disease. Adding further woes is the lack of easy transportation of foreign healthcare workers to Selos III in light of the strike. "We need more help," said Dr. Tenya Koqi, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Royal University Hospital in Bersai, a coastal city hit particularly hard by the outbreak. "More of the vaccine, more people—even just basic hospital supplies. This isn't going away anytime soon." Starfleet Medical has dispatched two hospital ships, the USS Mercy and the USS Sabin to the system, which should arrive by the end of the month. Health experts have called on the Federation Council to divert additional ships to help transport shipments of the vaccine from more distant suppliers, but Starfleet Command has its hands full with the ongoing crisis at the Prometheus Station in the Piktar system. The Royal Congress, the governing body of Selos III, has sought out help from its neighbors, but with a lack of the vaccine to inoculate doctors and nurses, few are willing to send personnel directly to the outbreak zones. Still, some healthcare workers have decided to go on their own, despite their governments' objections. "There are children dying every day in pain from this awful disease," said Raenot Shenu, a critical care nurse from nearby Merinas IV. "I know the risks. We all do. But if we don't go, who will?" FNS Home • FNS Data Feed• FNS on FB
  23. Ion storm cripples StarBase 118 Stardate 239201.23 TRINITY SECTOR — An ion storm has wreaked havoc withStarBase 118’s systems and sent a civilian freighter crashing into the starbase’s strategic ops tower. Disaster struck less than a day after Cmdr. Leo Handley-Page took command of StarBase 118 Ops with his brand new crew of intrepid officers. An ion storm hit the starbase, crippling sensors and transporters throughout Ops. The issue would have been routine, but the ion storm caused a cascade failure in the SS Cerberas, an approaching civilian freighter. The Cerberas lost control, crashing into the strategic ops tower and trapping survivors both on the crippled ship and in the tower. “I never saw anything like it,” said Talaxian diplomatic aide Shrax. “This ship just kept getting bigger and bigger until ‘boom!’ The whole place exploded in noise and fire. It was terrible.” Starfleet teams immediately mobilized, with a medical rescue team led by chief medical officer Lt. Cmdr. Velana working to rescue those trapped in the strategic ops tower and an away team led by Lt. Cmdr. Sal Taybrim approaching the Cerberas by shuttlecraft to evacuate the survivors before the Cerberas lost all life support. Meanwhile, the crew remaining at Ops searched for answers on why the Cerberas was so badly affected by the storm. Photo by the FNS. USS Albion model by Lt. Cmdr. FNS Home • FNS Data Feed• FNS on FB
  24. Starfleet mobilizes response to "the greatest threat to the quadrant since the Dominion War"Stardate 239201.22 PIKTAR SYSTEM — Following the discovery of massive rifts in subspace, Starfleet is mobilizing an immediate and large-scale response as countless Federation citizens’ lives are in danger. Ships from across the fleet will be joining in the response to find a way to stop the rifts and protect those in the path of destruction. In a press conference from Starfleet headquarters in San Francisco, Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf described the situation as the “greatest threat to the quadrant since the Dominion War,” and advised citizens that the crisis requires a response of almost the same magnitude. “We are mobilizing all available resources to deal with this threat to Federation citizens,” he said. “I want to assure everyone that we will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of those in the path of these anomalies.” The cause of the rifts is still under investigation, but anonymous sources have forwarded reports of a catastrophic accident aboard Prometheus Station in the Piktar System. The station is a research and development facility for the Starfleet Sciences and Technology Division and houses over one thousand scientists and personnel. FNS Home • FNS Data Feed• FNS on FB
  25. Terrorists attack Deep Space 10 Stardate 239111.03 MENTHAR CORRIDOR — Terrorists calling themselves the Maquis Reborn have launched an attack on Deep Space 10, demanding the release of all remaining Maquis prisoners from Federation penitentiaries. In a chilling message to the station's residents and the Federation, Maquis leader Nikael Kalre announced the apparent revival of the terrorist organization, although what formal connection to the original Maquis of the 2370s—if any—is unknown at this time. With a sinister smile, Kalre seemed to be enjoying his taunting of the joint Starfleet and Cardassian crew of Deep Space 10. "I hold in my hand, the key to your destruction. Whether not it truly is, however, is all up to Starfleet. As some of your engineers may have found, we have a variety of devices spread throughout your space station that will cause a - well, a nasty little surprise if our demands are not met," said Kalre. "What are those demands you may ask? Very little, I promise. In six hours, the Federation will release all of our Maquis brothers and sisters that have been left to rot away in prison - and my brothers and I here will be allowed to leave without harm or hinderance." To prove their seriousness, Kalre detonated a chain of explosions on the station, killing the station's Cardassian commanding officer Gul Tolas Dajhul live on air. An emergency meeting of the Federation Security Council has been called into session. Starfleet Command has not made any official announcement regarding the attack, but anonymous sources report that the nearest Starfleet vessel, the USS Garuda had been docked at the station earlier for much needed shore leave as the crew enjoyed their time relaxing and recovering from the previous mission. However, their time to recuperate was cut short when without warning alarms blasted, and quarantine containment doors sealed across the station. The crew were cut off in small groups throughout the station and needed to deal with the rising panic among the civilians on the station. After initial thoughts that the crisis was just a malfunction, a number of the Cardassians on the station started becoming sick and showing symptoms such as bleeding from the mouth and nose, accompanied with violent coughing. Some of them even needed emergency resuscitation. To make matters worse, the Garuda and her commanding officer Captain Cassandra Egan Manno had been summoned away just minutes after the crisis began on an urgent mission for Starfleet, leaving the remaining crew under acting CO Lt. Cmdr. Nia Calderan to find a solution to the pathogen. Things seemed to have stabilised with Doctor Chythar Skyfire working on a cure, and a team under Lt. Cmdr. Msafiri Bakari trying to get the station's systems back online, but this was ended when the video message from Kalre was broadcast across all monitors in the station.
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