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Welcome to the 2022 Awards Ceremony!

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Welcome to the 2022 Awards Ceremony!

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  1. This is it, the final round of voting for 2015's Top Sim! The winner of this vote will be considered the Top Sim of 2015 -- one of the most highly coveted writing awards in our community. Voting closes automatically at 23:59 Eastern Time on Wednesday, December 30, 2015. Please read all four sims before choosing the one you like the best in the poll above: Set 1 winner: Tracey Townson, "Awaiting Deception"Set 2 winner: Saveron & Alora DeVeau, "Sad Songs Say So Much"Set 3 winner: Maxwell Traenor & Noros (PNPC), "Max"Set 4 winner: Alora DeVeau & Saveron, "Where Vulcan Flowers Grow"These sims were submitted by members of the community. A panel of judges, consisting of one judge from each ship, voted on the best sim from each round. The sims they selected from each round were then voted-on by members of the fleet. You can see those votes here: Run-off round 1Run-off round 2Run-off round 3Run-off round 4The 2015 Hall of Fame archive contains all the sims submitted in 2015. Pinned sims are the winners from each round. FAIRNESS AND VOTING For a vote to win the final round, at least 10% of its votes must come from a ship other than the one the sim was created on. Your vote in this poll is public so that we can ensure that one ship's crew is not "stuffing the ballot box." If we find that any one crew is trying to force someone from their crew to be the winner, that sim will be disqualified and the ship will be ineligible to participate in the contest for all of 2015. Similarly, if anyone is found coercing members of their crew to vote for them, or a sim on their ship, that sim will be disqualified -- before, or after the vote. That does not mean that you can't vote for a sim that was originally simmed on your vessel. You just shouldn't vote for a sim from your ship simply because it's by your crew-mate. Instead, choose the sim that you believe is the best written, most engaging, and embodies the principles of good simming that this community values.
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