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  1. ((DS26, Level 4, Conference Room 1)) ::Ren snored loudly from his seat at the conference table, supremely unaware of the presence of his hard-working crewmates in the room. He was completely at ease, snuggled onto a captain he barely knew, his mouth hanging open carelessly, all the better to drool from.:: ((Ren’s Dream)) ::Arnmere was shining a little brighter than usual in this dream, this vision, this radiant, vivid experience.:: ::Ren strode across a field, headed home to the house he and Navin had built for themselves, far across the opposite side of Tro’Arn. It was a happy place, because it had cheerful rooms and bright, airy windows, but most of all because they were there together. No matter the day, Navin and Ren always came home to each other.:: ::As Ren came in the front door and kicked off his boots, a voice he loved called out from upstairs, and made his heart squirm pleasantly.:: Navin: Ren! How was work? Did you pick up dinner? ::Ren squirmed in a different way. He had not remembered to pick up dinner, and this was the week the replicator was out for repair.:: Rennyn: Uhhhh….. ::Ren’s conversational contribution faded out as Navin came into view, making his way down the stairs. The breath went out of Ren, and his lips curled up in a smile. It was like a conditioned response with him. The sight of his husband never failed to make Ren smile. Navin was impossibly handsome, and the smile he gave in return lit up the room. Dark-skinned, strong-jawed and kind-eyed, he’d captured Ren’s attention at first sight, and Ren hadn’t wanted to look away since. Even when he was in trouble.:: Navin: Dinner, sweetie? Don’t tell me we have to walk all the way back to the village. ::Ren’s smile disappeared, replaced with a falsely casual posture and a poorly masked look of stress as he tried to think his way out of this quickly.:: Rennyn: Well… We could walk part way there and use my mom’s replicator? ::Navin finished his descent and came to plant a kiss on his husband, despite the irritation Ren caused him. Navin stood an inch taller, the only man who could make the very tall Ren feel sort of safe and protected.:: Navin: Is that what you want to do? You want to make us have dinner with your mom? I mean, I like your mom a whole lot, but we live on this side of the field for a reason. So that’s what you want? You want to make us have dinner with your mom right now? ::Ren gulped. Was it a trick question?:: Rennyn: I don’t… ::He reached for the right word.:: ...know? Navin: I need a definite answer, Ren. ::It was a little teasing, but a little serious. Ren had this answer in the bag.:: Rennyn: I am definitely not sure. ::This was the life. This was the dream. Together, for the rest of their lives. Relying on each other, leaning on each other, being there through thick and thin. People weren’t meant to be alone. Ren wasn’t. He was so happy to have found Navin. There was no one better for him. Even their little spat was a comfort. It let Ren know they were in it together.:: Navin: You are always just all about any excuse to hang with your mom, aren’t you? ::Ren feigned shock.:: Rennyn: I never! Navin: Ohhh, yes you do. ::The scolding banter came with a hug, so Ren was okay with it. This was just the way things should be. Like they always were. Like they always would be. He leaned his head on Navin’s shoulder.:: Rennyn: I’m in trouble, aren’t I? Navin: You’re not in the doghouse yet, but we can say you’re not exactly allowed up on the furniture. ::Ren chuckled softly, and leaned in tighter. He would fix it. He would make the walk himself. He would fire up the old hovercraft if he needed to. Dinner was a very minor hurdle. They’d faced bigger, and there was no hurdle big or small they couldn’t handle together.:: ::Ren didn’t want to let go. He could search the universe over and never find a man like this again. This was how it always was with them. This was just how it always would be.:: ::At the same time, it wasn’t. It began to dawn on Ren, a creeping feeling at first, then real knowledge of another life he’d lived, one without Navin in it. A life where Ren was almost lost to grief. A life where he joined Starfleet, made wonderful friends, had crazy adventures, and never could explain to anyone just what it was that was missing from his life. The man standing before him right now. The love of his life. Ren pulled away, stepped back in shock, and his face fell in horror.:: Rennyn: You’re not real. ::That was the tragic answer. This perfect world only existed in a dream. Ren whipped around, searching for that pesky rascal Arnom. Ren’s symbiont guide to the afterlife was nowhere to be found, but the Trill man’s eyes landed on something else. A spot of that brightness, and another gate, different from the first, an ornate solid gold thing that belonged to a faraway fairytale palace. But it was just as final, just as insistent as the first. Ren knew he had to leave.:: ::Navin grabbed Ren’s arm, pulled him back, and held him, wrapping him in a hold Ren didn’t want to break.:: Navin: You don’t have to go. You could stay here. We could have our happy ending. ::Something in that closeness almost made Ren stay. It was a scary world out there without Navin. Ren often felt alone. In moments of triumph, he couldn’t share his success with the person he wanted to. In moments of sadness, he couldn’t lay his pain on the one who would understand it best. Most of all, it was hard to make friends and new relationships, and be known as only Ren, and not as half of Ren and Navin. That was the hardest part of loss. Ren was the only one who knew what the relationship had meant, who could see who he was as part of the pair. No one else would ever see him that way, and there was no way to explain it to them. You didn’t just lose the person you loved, you also lost a part of your own identity, and as each new adventure brought you new memories and introduced new people into your life, you only moved farther away from the person you once wanted to be. Ren was a very different man than he would have been with Navin in his life, and he was never sure if he could be his best self on his own.:: ::Ren wanted Navin back so he could be himself again, but a dream of Navin just wouldn’t cut it. Ren had made a decision in Arnmere, to let Navin go, despite the lingering questions about his supposed death at the hands of the Borg. It was time to move forward with finding out who Ren Rennyn could be on his own. Caught in the dream of an embrace, Ren forced himself to follow through on that decision. Even though it wasn’t easy to let go.:: Rennyn: I’m sorry. I wanted to say that for a long time, but I couldn’t, because you were gone. The last thing I said to you was that I was mad at you for leaving on your mission, and that wasn’t fair. And I know we would have made up and it would have been something we didn’t even remember happened. But then the Borg happened. And it became the last thing I ever said to you. And I’m so sorry I sent you off that way. ::He clung to Navin one last time, knowing it wasn’t the real Navin, but grateful that he got to look into those eyes and finally say what he’d always wanted to say. It would help him move on. Tenderly, Navin pulled tighter, planted a kiss on Ren’s cheek, then rested his forehead on Ren’s own.:: Navin: Whatever comes, I’ll always wish we could have faced it together. But I know you can face it on your own. ::The strangely linear dream at last had mercy, and Ren found himself standing at the gold gate, 100 meters from the house and Navin. Through tear-drenched eyes, he looked back on what might have been, as brightly lit clouds rolled in across Arnmere.:: ::Ren half expected Navin to turn into a Borg, and flip this dream into a nightmare. That didn’t happen. Navin waved from the door until the clouds drifted in across him, obscuring him from view. Their happy ending was lost in the mists of a dream, just exactly how it always felt in Ren’s heart.:: ::He was wearing boots again, and they felt like led. Ren forced his feet to obey. Through the gold gate he marched, and hoped he would awake from this nonsense soon.:: TBC LtCmdr Ren Rennyn First Officer USS Blackwell, Andaris Task Force A239102RR0
  2. ((Ruwon’s Quarters - Deck 14 - USS Za)) [Time Index - 3 Hours After ‘Mother’s’ Death] ::Ruwon got back to his quarters late at night - certainly far after his shift had ended. Given the circumstances of the firefights and the invasion, he didn’t doubt he’d be up again in just a few hours. But he had one rather pressing issue to deal with before he collapsed. He stood just inside the door and looked around his silent apartments. The lights had dimmed automatically as ‘night’ set in, and to most the place would have looked untouched. His cold cup of coffee still sat on the kitchen table. A book lay on the couch. The door to his bedroom was open, the sheets undisturbed since he’d folded them back into order that morning. Ruwon knew the place a bit better by now, though. The couch retained the creases along the arms it’d had this morning. The ottoman was still underneath the coffee table. The kitchenette cabinets were still open from when Ditala hadn’t been able to find her favorite cup. There was one tell, though: a slight smear of rubber on the glass top of the lounge’s side table. Ruwon walked up to it, balancing on one knee and reaching up to the ceiling above. He knocked three times on the ceiling panel, then drummed it with his fingers. A few moments later, it slid back. Looking down at him from the dark void above were the glittering eyes of Ditala. She took only a second to make sure it was him before she ducked out of sight and pulled the panel all the way back. :: Ditala: Dad! You took forever! Ruwon: ::He held his arms up to her as she swung her legs out:: Sorry, Arrie. Things were complicated this time around. Ditala: No kidding? I was in here for...for forever! Wait, hold on - ::She reached behind her in the hidey-hole and pulled out a disruptor.:: Take this first. ::Ruwon set the gun aside before helping the girl down. She braced herself on his shoulders so she could click the entrance back into place; it sealed against the other panels invisibly, hiding the fact Ruwon had carefully cut it loose over a month ago.:: Ditala: What happened? Ruwon: ::He put her down on the floor, standing up. She then took stock of him - the dirty uniform, his messed up hair, the circles under his eyes.:: Hijacking, Arrie. By worms. Ditala: ::Ditala wrinkled her nose.::...right. Sure. Ruwon: It’s a bit more complex than that. But they’re all dead now. ::He sagged onto the couch. It’d never felt so welcome.:: Ditala: ::She frowned.:: How many of ours did it take to accomplish that? Ruwon: ::He reached out and ruffled her hair.:: One dead. Ditala: Just one? Ruwon: It’s something of a miracle, given the circumstances. ::Ditala picked up her gun and set the safety before turning it off, her face a mix of uncertainty and impassiveness. :: Ruwon: Arrie - we’ve got a new rule. Ditala: ::She looked up.:: We do? Ruwon: Yes. ::He sat back up again.:: We need a password. Ditala: Why? Ruwon: ::He hesitated, running a hand over his face.:: Let’s just say there’s a chance when I come to get you, I might not be...me. ::His daughter eyed him thoughtfully, then nodded.:: Ditala: Okay. ::She thought for a moment.:: Pufferfish. Ruwon: Pufferfish. Ditala: We’ll change it monthly? Ruwon: ::Ruwon nodded, then smirked slightly.:: Why pufferfish? Ditala: ::She shrugged.:: We learned about them in class today. If you eat ‘em wrong, they’ll kill you. ::He laughed softly - tiredly. He wanted to sleep...well, take a shower and then sleep. Maybe he could sleep in the shower stall...he sat up and looked at his daughter with what might have been fatherly concern, had he had the face for it.:: Ruwon: Did you do your homework? Ditala: Dad! I was in that crawlspace for - for hours! Ruwon: ...and? Ditala: I didn’t have much else to do, so…. Ruwon: ::He ruffled her hair.:: That’s my girl. PNPC Ditala Child / Civilian USS Za && Ensign Ruwon Counselor USS Za O239303T10
  3. ((Mindscape)) ::Savan was almost overwhelmed by the sequence of images and sounds that he saw. Vicious specters of the past, telepathic imipressions, all of it had led to this moment. Tye now stood holding his brother. Tye: Let’s go home. T'Mihn: The first steps to healing have started. In order for Sanye to truly heal, your family needs to heal with him. :;Putting a hand on Sanuye's head.:: T'Mihn: Know you're greatly loved. ::In a few instants, the dark landscaped dissolved into the sterile world of sickbay on the USS Discovery. Savan blinked as he heard a voice begin speaking. He realized it was Waltas. T’Mihn must have ended the link.:: ((Sickbay, USS Discovery)) Waltas: What happened? T'Mihn: His biological mother placed a strong impression for him o harm his family. We showed Sanuye the root of the problem and set him on the path to heal. Savan : Tye found the courage within himself. ::Using the bed as support, T'Mihn made her way to Tye and gilded him to the bed next to Sanuye's and put him on it..:: Savan: ::to Tye:: This will help you recover from what you experienced. ::Savan triggered a state of gentle deep rest for Tye, who then fell asleep.:: Waltas: How could their mother plant something inside his mind? T'Mihn: She might have encountered him on his travels. I'd have to go in again to find out exactly...::pause:: I don't think I can right now. ::Savan did not understand the fury of the Vulcan mother. Only an illness or madness could produce such a state. But he offered what he could in the moment.:: Savan : Vulcans can leave telepathic impressions within the mind of another. It’s almost like a program running in the background. Waltas::Sighing:: So they'll be out for some time? ::Thinking:: Probably a good thing. I don't know what happened in there but it felt like I was there. I could feel but couldn't see. T'Mihn: In a sense you were because of the closeness of your family. Savan: The connections that tie us to others work in ways we do not always understand… especially those between parents and children. Waltas: Well, the doctor had kindly asked us to get out and my wife has been abducted by a grouchy Vulcan, and you tell me my sons are going to be sleeping the ride home so..I'm headed for the bridge. But first, I wanted to thank both of you. I'll never pretend to understand Vulcan mind melds but I know what you did for my sons is incredibly personal. I'm indebted to you both. I could have lost my whole family without your help. ::Savan almost laughed at the reference to “grouchy Vulcan,” as he had just notice T’Lea was absent.:: T'Mihn: It was for family. ::Letting go, she quickly grabbed the bio bed edge with a hand, before releasing her other hand.:: You're welcome. Now ..ahh.. get out.::wink:: Doc has this covered. ::Savan was almost taken aback by T’Mihn’s expressiveness. Not that he disapproved at all. He appreciated the warmth of it.:: Savan: I hardly understand melds myself. But to be honest, sir, it was an honor to be of assistance. In life, there are few things as important as family. We will attend to both Tye and Sanuye. ::As Waltas walked out, Savan saw T’Mihn slide down to the floor.:: T'Mihn: This usually only done with one person. ::trying to shake loose cobwebs:. I wasn't expecting his whole family. ::Looking up at Savan.:: Are you alright? Savan: Am I alright??? I think I am the one who should be asking that question. ::Savan smiled and lifted the small Vulcan up onto the biobed.:: T’Mihn: A bit scrabbled, and drained. Thanks you. ::He immediately began to apply neuropressure to help revive his fellow officer. Savan: ::after a few moments:: So how do you feel now? T’Mihn: ::Sitting up on her elbows:: Better, you? ::The conversation turned back to him.:: Savan: Well, I did not expect to be drawn into the meld but I still do not entirely stand what unfolded at the end. Regardless, it was… ::smiling:: fascinating.:: T’Mihn: ::Giving a grin:: We need to come up with more words to describe amazing things. Are you really alright? ::Savan paused for a moment, as something flashed through his consciousness.:: Savan: To be honest, since the end of the last mission, I have not felt entirely like myself. T’Mihn: I think that mission has disrupted us all. SO what do you feel like? Savan: It is like someone else in the background of my mind. It has not been negative, but it is… unusual. TAG/TBC Lt. Savan Tactical/Security Officer Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thunder-A Writer ID: E239303S10 http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Savan
  4. (( Captain's Office )) ((Time index: After the conversation with Sarah Mason)):: It was quite a relief to have a new FO. Of course she would have enjoyed to keep T'Mar in that position a bit longer, but at least she had not left the ship and Sarah would have her second chance. It had something to be able to give her that. Sadly no number of First Officers could lighten the worry pressing down on her shoulders at the moment. Having turned her seat to the window she stared outside, the planet housing Starbase 11 to the right side, but most of the screen was filled by darkness and stars. Somewhere out there - maybe not necessarily in that direction though - were Sinda, Wyn and T'Reshik. While the later had not told her that she would leave, it was not hard to find out that she wasn't on the ship or the station. So the conclusion was rather obvious to the Trill. Wyn had promised to call at the first sign of trouble. That didn't change that she worried though. What if they couldn't call? What if the trouble meant they didn't have access to communication? What if the message Sinda had received and followed was a trap? Cardassian space wasn't without dangers and perils. But then, even Federation space wasn't without them. And then Wyn. He wasn't healed yet, not at all. Yes he could walk about but that didn't mean he couldn't fall sick all of a sudden. And while she was sure that T'Reshik was capable, and convinced she could handle everything, Jalana knew that the reliance on the wheelchair could also bring her disadvantages. It could be taken away and then what? A loud beeping sound made her jump in her chair, enough to spill some of her Jestral Tea - that was supposed to calm her down but failed terribly with that simple (ha!) task - on her uniform skirt. Luckily it was only luke warm. That was how long she had sat here staring out of the window? She turned her chair towards her desk, the display screen slowly moving up from out of the desk into view. Her brows moved together, forming a wrinkle between them. The logo displayed was of Starfleet HQ. What did they want? With the press of a button the accepted the call. The man she saw was a Bajoran with almond shaped eyes and graying hair in an Admiral's uniform. His dark brown eyes looked right at her, a hint of a smile on his lips. :: Saray: Captain Rajel, Admiral Saray. I hope I am not disturbing. Rajel: Of course you are not, Sir. What can I do for you?:: These people with a rank higher than her own were the only ones to receive the special honor of her not using their first name in a familiarity she portraied with everyone else. She didn't like it, but she had gotten into trouble before doing that. Not again. Saray. For some reason that name rang a bell, but she was very sure it had not been an Admiral. :: Saray: I have new orders for you and the Constitution, that might end in a longer deployment to a new area.:: Uhoh. That was bad news. Well usually not, but right now she didn't really want to leave. Then it dawned her. Morgenstern had been right. How had he known of this move before her? Who in Headquarters blabbered about things that were not to be blabbered about? To a reporter nonetheless. :: Rajel: New area? ::How far? Where? What was it? Why us?:: Which area would that be, Admiral? Saray: Your new orders will bring you to Starbase 104 about 15 light years south west of the Lembatta Cluster. You will remain in the area after your upcoming mission, so I am giving you the heads up to your crew can familiarise themselves with the region. :: Lembatta Cluster... that region was not unheard of. About 20 years ago the USS Farragut had been destroyed close to it by Klingon Forces, while they were to evacuate Federation colonists on Ajilon Prime. That cluster was rather close to the borders. The cluster itself inhabited by species that were known very well, same as the region around it. Exploration, seeing new words, new species. That was why so many had joined Starfleet. :: Rajel: I understand. What is the new mission? Saray: You will receive the orders shortly. I suggest you to get on your way there right away. :: There it was. How to explain it? Oh yes. :: Rajel: I am afraid we can't leave right way, Sir. ::Before he could ask she continued.:: As you know Starfleet HQ has invited the families of the crew for a family reunion and they were promised more than just two days with their families. And now that we are to leave for a far away region who knows when they will see each other again. :: The Bajoran leaned back in his big chair and seemed to think about that. She wasn't sure if he was taking it as an explanation or if he knew that she was keeping something from him. The reason he gave her, wasn't a lie, just not the whole truth. :: Saray: We can't give them the full week we have first anticipated for the reunion. You will have another day to prepare the crew and give the farewells to the families, but then you will have to leave. :: A day. One day more. She hoped that would be enough. :: Rajel: How about two days, Sir? :: That had slipped out before she even noticed she thought it. :: That would at least be more than half of the time and this departure would be rather sudden.Saray: ::sigh:: You must have been a barterer in a former life, Captain Rajel. ::He paused and looked somewhere off screen.:: A compromise. You'll have the whole of tomorrow and the morning of the day after. I expect you to leave Starbase 11 at noon of the second day from now. Rajel: ::smiling:: I take that. Much appreciated, Admiral. :: It could still be a close call. It was a risk. But every minute could count towards them being back in time. And if not, well they would have to follow. But without a QSD, like the Conny would use, it would take a considerably longer time. :: Saray: Good, we are not on a Ferengi trading post here, Captain. ::Smirking:: Your new mission orders will arrive before your departure. Good luck out there, Captain. Rajel: Thank you, Sir. :: The screen turned black and she sacked back into her chair, exhaling a stream of air that felt like she had held it in forever. A hand ran through the fiery hair as she twirled back to the window. :: Rajel: ::mumbling:: You better make it back in time... and one piece. -----Captain Jalana RajelCommanding OfficerUSS Constitution BImage Team FacilitatorA238906JL0
  5. ((OOC Note: The song playing in the background is Tom Wait’s Rainbirds, if you’re curious you can hear it here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hrlK69wwWA . listening while reading might enhance the experience.)) ((Temporary Apartments, Starbase 118 Operations)) :: Liani walked through the front door of her apartment and let her pack slip onto the floor, a soft non committal thud. The door slides shut behind her- a clean sound of sliding metal. She baps at the control panel a few times until the lock engages and moves a few slow steps into the room. Her eyes slide over to the small table where Charlie had made a nest out of one of her better dresses- a half eaten cricket hangs out of his mouth as he cuddles against a stuffed tribble. A soft ball of white against pale blue and Andorian flowers. Liani let herself smile. :: oO At least someone’s day went to plan. Oo Liani : Computer- key playlist Tom Waits, Instrumentals, Rainbirds, repeat. :: Liani sighs as the piano notes keyed in and she slides off her uniform with the rest of the stress- and leaves it lying on the ground like someone else’s dead skin. She pads over to the replicator on bare feet- ::Liani: Water, hot… :: a pause:: with lemon. :: Hot water in hand, she moves over to the borrowed desk, the banged up Padd sits there blank as death. She taps on the screen and catches up on the news of the day- boring, dry details- until one bit catches her eye, an antenna bends- she reads the article. It’s a small blot on the news, but it’s a reminder to her of a broken promise. Or maybe, a promise that just hadn’t had a chance to be kept yet. Running one hand through her short hair she taps the computer screen and places the call- the monitor flashes, a busy signal- :: oO Leave a message? Oo :: Liani clears her throat and takes a sip of water while the computer records her, her voice, and tucks it all in a box for later on, for someone else, somewhere else. :: Liani: Hi, we haven’t talked in a long while, in fact you vanished pretty quick, yeh? Good reasons, sure. ::a small pause as Liani sips her water and looks at the screen. :: And I just saw the news and thought maybe I should congratulate you. Your own fleet, your own station. Damn impressive, yeh? :: Liani stand and stretches, long limbs reaching to the ceiling before settling back into her seat, another sip of the water. Lips puckering slightly at the taste of the lemon. :: Liani: Of course, I’m assuming you remember me as well as I remember you- do you remember me Renos? :: Pale eyes look into the scree, a hand grazes her jaw. :: I’m generally considered pretty striking- or maybe it’s just willful. :: a small smile:: I hope you remember me, you owe me for one slightly broken heart. :: a small sip of the water. :: Ah, the date you remember, with everything you’ve had to deal with it might have slipped your mind? :: She taps her head lightly. :: I remember though, and if I wait another year they’ll have made you an Admiral, or something even bigger, a governor maybe? :: A pause, a sip. :: The point is, it would be very hard to press an Admiral or a Governor to keep their promise of a date. :: Liani moves her face closer to the recording screen. ::Liani: Truth, it’s silly even now, but I would like to see you again Fleet Captain Renos, I would like to talk, maybe share a meal, a dance, get to know you. I hope you feel the same. You can reach me anytime, generally. I’m not always, as the news reports say, off murdering tribbles. :: Liani sits up. :: Liani: Anyway, best of luck! Liani out. :: A small salute:: Computer, send. :: As the screen flashed blank and the transmission went its merry way, Liani considered her empty glass while Charlie contemplates her from his nest.:: Charlie : Ch’rr? Liani: Why does that matter? Charlie : CHhrrr-k :: Liani’s face remained calm even as her cheeks turned a deeper blue. :: Liani: I'm sure Renos can handle seeing a bit of skin, we’re both doctors. - END- -- @~'~~~ Dr. Liani h'Rhendria lyr'Theel'zhiin, Lt. JG Medical Officer Starbase 118 Operation/ USS Columbia http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Liani
  6. ((USS Darwin, Deck 1, Captain’s Ready Room)) ::The door chimed bringing in the second interviewee. Ne was lucky to have so many capable officers serving aboard the Darwin and after one candidate had taken a career break unexpectedly to deal with an emerging family problem, it had thrust Emery Rhyn into the spotlight. So where ne’d previously thought ne would only be interviewing one candidate face-to-face, now ne had the pleasure of interviewing two. Renos was lucky to have worked with both candidates personally and know more about their capabilities but ne also had to be mindful not to give them preferential treatment too. Like with Icavoc, ne didn’t know Emery Rhyn particularly well, though she was a somewhat newer addition to the crew culture and psychology ne felt Commander Rhyn had a lot to bring to a command role as a joined Trill officer. She had lifetimes of experience to draw upon. The only question was how useful some of it would be. If one of her past hosts was a famous sculptor then Emery’s quarters might well be a work of art but ne wasn’t sure how that would help her deal with building relations with species that felt Starfleet being the (relatively) new kids on the block, weren’t to be trusted. Ne let the officer in and they started off with all the usual rote questions such interviews necessitated.:: Renos: While you have excelled in every task we’ve asked of you to date, you’ve not had a lot of opportunities to lead from the front. How would you describe your command style and how do you think people would react to you as commanding officer? ::Emery hated this question. It had come up numerous times in interviews with supervising officers, Academy instructors, and other commanding officers she’d had that were trying to help her along the path to command. The short and easy answer was - she didn’t have one. Not one she was conscious of, anyway. She’d never really been in a position of command long enough to try out different approaches to see which she was comfortable with and which would work for her. Obviously, she couldn’t tell Renos this. She was in an interview for a command position. She couldn’t come out and say that she couldn’t command.:: ::She relaxed and thought about her symbiont’s previous hosts. Ellaan had been a politician, and was used to dealing with people. But her strengths lied more in the diplomatic arena - diffusing problems, negotiating and such, and not in the command area. Yaren had been the captain of a merchant vessel. But he mostly had a crew of one - himself. He did what he wanted and never had to worry about ordering others around. Kilanda had been a university professor and was in charge of a large body of individuals daily. But teaching and command were two different beasts. The other hosts had nothing to offer either. Emery was on her own here. What kind of a commanding presence was she?::Rhyn: One thing they’ve taught us in Tactical, ner, is to always assess your situation. Know what and who you can count on, and where your greatest assets and weaknesses are. My greatest assets as a CO would be my crew. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses, I would be able to pull from their knowledge base, and not place personnel in situations that would set them up for failure. ::Emery wasn’t sure this answered Renos’ question, but it was the best she had on the spur of the moment. She waited nervously for nir reply. The captain nodded just a little. Having been at this now for a few years ne had learned a lot through trial and error. There were a lot of things ne had little to no knowledge of. No one could be expected to know it all, or handle everything alone. It was imperative a commanding officer know their crew, trust in them and know how to get the best from them and that was about tasking them appropriately. This was a good start.:: Renos: Do you see yourself as being someone who prefers to maintain a more professional distance, or would you be more open and approachable to your crew? ::There was no right or wrong answer here. It was a matter of style and each person had their own preference. Ne had served under captains who were more distant and unapproachable. One in particular ne had only ever seen in passing. Ne hadn’t worked on the bridge and since ne hadn’t been their physician they’d had no reason to talk. That had been strange to nem at first. Ne on the other hand was happy to talk to the crew. There was no question that you couldn’t be completely chummy with the crew. If everyone was your best friend it was going to be hard to separate the personal from the professional at times. That could lead to trouble.::Rhyn: By definition, a CO needs to have a certain level of professionalism. But being approachable by your crew allows for a bond of loyalty and trust to be developed. There’s a fine line between them, but I think I’d like to lean a little more to the approachable side. ::Emery hadn’t needed to think about that question much. She was a people person. She liked to get to know who people were, to invest herself in their lives, their hopes and dreams. Her parents had thought that she would maybe become a psychologist, or even a social worker. Took them by surprise when she applied to the Tactical track at Starfleet Academy.:: Renos: Sounds like you have a similar philosophy to me then. How would you deal with a situation in which one of your crew is not responding to your orders? It might be that they think because you are friends they have greater authority to shape a situation than is the case. ::Emery thought of those crew she was closest to. She had started a friendship with Isabel, and by association Shayne. She liked Logan, and knew what kind of a soul he really was, even if he didn’t show it openly. And she liked Brell and his family...suddenly she realized that all four of those people had been assigned to the Atlantis with her. A situation like the captain’s question suddenly had a lot of merit. She could very well be surrounded by people she considered friends, and have to order them to do something they didn’t agree with. How would they react? How would she react to their reaction?:: ::Alternately, what if it was a sticky situation? Would she send another crew member she wasn’t as fond of into a potentially dangerous situation just because they weren’t as close? Would she protect her friends, and sacrifice others? Emery liked to think that she was a bit more professional than that. That her training as a Starfleet Officer would override any personal feelings in matters like that. But when it really came down to it, how would she respond?:: Rhyn: Anyone under my command would have had the same training I did. Starfleet personnel understand that anyone can be called upon at any time to do anything. If we’re not prepared to answer the call, then we shouldn’t be in this business. They may not like my orders, they may even disagree with my orders. And I’d never order anyone to do anything I wasn’t personally prepared to do myself. But I’d remind them of who they are, what this uniform stands for, and count on their professionalism to see that they get the job done. ::Again, Emery wasn’t sure that was the answer Renos was looking for. She was being as honest as she could...she just didn’t know if she was understanding the meaning behind the questions. Was she too vague? Should she be more specific? It was hard to know what Renos was after without being able to read nir mind. Sometimes she wished she was telepathic.:: Renos: You’re right that everyone will have had the same training but how would you react when people choose to abandon it, to betray that uniform and all it stands for?::This was not something that should ever come up but unfortunately ne had been betrayed not once, but twice. As much as Recruit Iy’s betrayal had hurt nem, Lieutenant Logan’s was arguably worse because he had Starfleet’s training and lifelong exposure to Federation culture and ideals. To Iy, ne was entering a whole new world vastly different to what he was used to, where betrayal was expected by a lot of people. The reason ne had asked however was completely unrelated to nir own misfortunes. It was all very well saying ‘I’ll remind the crew of their uniform and the ideals they swore to uphold’, but what if that is not enough? Renos had made tough decisions, even unpopular ones that made nem feel isolated from the crew, especially from the more openly disapproving ones. It took a very strong personality and complete confidence in one's decision making to stand strong in the face of criticism and in the face of betrayal.:: ::”Betray the uniform.” The question screamed of Renos’ personal history. Emery could say she empathized, but it would really just be words. She had no idea how the J’naii had emotionally dealt with those situations. How would she deal with a situation like that? She’d be hurt, certainly. Would she keep it in? Would she explode? Emery supposed it would depend on the situation and the person, or people, involved. Renos was probably remembering the incident with Logan. He was assigned to the Atlantis. Was ne worried that something like that might happen again with her command?:: ::Emery had spoken with Logan, both before and after his meeting with the captain and Varaan. She had given her support to Logan’s genuine concern for Renos’ well-being, but had made it clear that she had to side with command when it came to the plan’s execution. If only Kurt had said something before hand. She would have even gone with him to present the idea. She’d also talked to Kurt during shore leave on Trill. She felt that the two of them were in a good place. She was fairly certain that she didn’t need to worry about him going off and doing his own thing again.:: ::But the question remained. And it wasn’t Logan-specific. Anyone could be anti-Rhyn, either personally or professionally. How would she deal with it?:: Rhyn: I guess it would really come down to how far they’ve gone. Is it just words? Or have they taken some kind of action already? If it’s only words so far, I think we’d have to have a little chat, just one-on-one, and try to iron out the difficulties. ::That was Ellaan, trying to the political track:: However, if something had happened...if action was taken...then ::Logan’s face unfortunately flashed through her mind:: appropriate consequences in relation to the action would have to be taken. That could be something as simple as a reprimand on their record, or incarceration in the brig. We’re not military, per se, but there are rules and regulations in place, and for a reason. Rules need to be followed and enforced, or there’s chaos. ::Renos had absolutely no concerns about Rhyn’s respect for the rules and regs or her ability to manage a crew and ensure they also had the same respect for it. While Emery had less experience than the other candidates ne was considering, they couldn’t discount the experience and knowledge that she had as a joined Trill. Her professionalism spoke for itself. There were some follow up questions - there were always more questions to be asked but like with the previous interviews it was from nir point of view a success. The J’naii had learned what ne’d hoped to learn and it was increasingly clear to nem that this was going to be another of those agonising choices.:: Fleet Captain Renos - Commanding Officer, Andaris Task Force * Executive Council & Captain's Council Member * Academy Commandant A238805EB0 & Cmdr Emery Rhyn - Chief Tactical Officer - USS Darwin-A, NCC-99312-A V237810V10
  7. ((Bridge)) ::As the two women walked off the bridge, the captain called out to the engineer.:: Rahman: Commander Walker, you have the con. :: Time froze with the Captain's words. Luna forced herself to blink.. :: ((Luna's Mindscape/Bridge)) :: Luna paced across the back of the bridge. Her bright yellow hair somehow writhed with worry above her head. :: F. Walker: NO! We can't do that! Dad was in charge.. he died.. Ben was.. and now he's as good as dead. What if something goes wrong? We tried this before.. and we ran from the Atlantis.. and look what happened to Capt. Blueheart. He's now just a doctor.. They are all going to see we don't know.. :: The terrified rant was broken by the sudden impact of a large water balloon, followed immediately by a maniacal laugh. Sitting at the tactical station, a rainbow colored Luna shook her head and slowed her laughter to a chuckle:: T. Walker: Are you crazy? This is going to be a blast! Everyone will be dancing to our tune. :: Chuckling:: And at worst? We blame something else for anything that goes wrong. Stop planning for the worst and look to what we can do.. F. Walker: Oh sure.. great chances for the trickster. But who has to deal with the fallout from your "brilliant" plans? Me. Maybe we can just avoid the damage for once? T. Walker: Heh. Hey, didn't you used to be taller? You look like someone's not been feeding you so much lately. Besides, aren't you going to panic if we don't take charge too? :: A quiet clearing of the throat came from across the bridge. At the science station, an aqua hair colored Luna stood quietly at attention. :: L. Walker: While I disagree with Trickster's methods, logically and historically her assessment is correct. Fear of both action and inaction is within your bailiwick. Further, we have no control of the results if we are not engaged. Therefore, logically, our only reasonable action will be to acquiesce to the Captain's order. :: The rainbow haired Luna pumped a fist in the air in excitement. :: T. Walker: Way to go Logic! :: Turning to the yellow haired Luna :: In your FACE fear.. :: Pulling her hair out of a dismantled console, face smudged with dirt, pink hair similarly smeared, Luna spoke from the engineering console. :: E. Walker: Someone make a decision here ok? The ship can't take this for much longer. A decision must be made. Then I can finally get back to work. Counselor? :: All of the other Walker's turned to face the blonde haired child with the similarly sized dark haired doll. She started to say something before stopping and putting her ear to the doll's mouth. After a moment, she nodded with childlike wisdom:: C. Walker: Danni says we can do it. She thinks we're a lot stronger than Fear says we are. She also thinks that Trickster is right. But she's being very naughty suggesting we transport water balloons on all of the senior staff. :: She turned toward the doll and shook her head:: No Danni! Including the entire ship is not an improvement. :: She turned to the others and smiled sunnily:: Listen, we can do this. All we gotta do is keep things running for thirty minutes.. F. Walker: You shut up! You don't know what we could do... :: Her hand swung out, preparing to slap the child as she'd done many times in the past. Only to find a strong hand stopping her. :: You? You can't do that.. :: Luna, in her normal uniform and style, threw her arm back and stood between them. Her face was calm, through obviously upset. :: Luna Walker: No. You may beat us all up for things we do wrong... And maybe we need that. But you will not touch her again. You know she's our heart, the best part of why we do things. :: She took a breath before turning to face the others. :: Fear is right about part of this.. we screw up.. people may suffer. People may question us. :: She reached out to the yellow haired woman without looking and pulled her in, unable to stop from shuddering slightly as she did so. Her eyes were a bit wild, but she forced herself to continue:: Luna Walker: :: She inclined her head slightly to the blue haired variant and walked over toward her. :: Logic has the right of it for the response. If we are involved, Fear's concerns are lessened. :: This time when pulling the other woman into her, her posture straightened and her eyes took on a more controlled look. :: :: She turned to face both the Trickster and Engineer:: Luna Walker: If we are doing this, we need to know what can go wrong, and a plan to deal with it. You two handle the details. T. Walker: Team supreme! Let's do this.. with Style! E. Walker: :: Chuckling slightly:: Oh why not.. physical laws are more of a guideline anyway... :: As the two high fived, she pulled them into herself with a smile before turning to the remaining Walker: C. Walker: :: Leaning in toward the doll, before turning to face Luna:: Danni says she's very proud of you, you know? :: Luna fought the tear that threatened to leak out, but nodded mutely. Her childlike avatar reached out and patted her hand:: C. Walker: You can do this you know. Everyone out there? They wouldn't do this just to prove you wrong. Besides.. Raissa's there. She's cool and will watch your back. :: She [...]ed her head to the side. :: Hey, Fear's haircut.. writhing hair and stuff.. how do you think she avoids tangles? :: Luna snorted in laughter and hugged her close, feeling warmed as she pulled herself together again. :: ((Bridge)) Walker: Of course Captain. I have the conn. ::As the captain and first officer disappeared, Raissa looked at Luna and smiled. She then pointed at the center seat.:: Moonsong: I promise… it will not bite. :: She smiled tightly at Raissa. Hopefully she'd not picked up on her initial response to the order. :: Walker: That's what they say. :: She knew the list she'd come up with and started giving orders.. she'd make mistakes, but she'd make them her way.. and find a way to make them work out for the best. :: ~Fin Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker Chief Engineer, USS Veritas I238010BW
  8. (( The Pulse Light Racing Platform - Main Stage )) ::The platform had come alive with the hustle and bustle of a busy city square. The sounds of engines, crowds, and celebration echoing through the various makeshift buildings and vessels. At the center of it all, the primary administrative tower stood sentry over the large empty stage and its army of speakers that had stood silently so far. A large crowd had already gathered at its edges with the anticipation of what was soon to come. Their wish was granted. It started out as just a slow thumping beat, but the crowd went wild. Those farther out stopped in their tracks and turned toward the sound as the beat became louder and escalated in volume. In a sudden shift, the bass began to slam though the group of jumping, dancing, partying fans. The floor of the platform itself began to vibrate with the weight of the music as a platform began to rise from center stage. On it, MC Crescendo stood with his arms raised, a golden microphone in his hand. His crew of makeup artists and designer fashionistas had graced his form with a whirlwind of artful elegance that was certain to hold up to the expectation his reputation demanded. His custom silk tunic cut just low enough to showcase his perfectly manicured chest hair, his masculine display offset perfectly by the deep purple scarf draped loosely over his shoulders. The energy from the stage soon erupted over the entire platform, demanding the attention of everyone in attendance. Giant view screens were splayed in every direction for the convenience of all, each blasting the fast paced kind of beat that made you want to move, and certainly the kind that made you have to shout to talk. Soon the face of the popular MC Crescendo was visible to all, jumping to the front of the stage to the roar of the party animals before him as fireworks began to erupt in every direction. The party of the year had begun.:: Crescendo: Welcome party people to the 2394 Pulse Light Grand Prix! ::The crowd responded with a roar of cheering. The Denobulan took it all in with his arms raised as he paced the stage, absorbing the thrill and energy that he had grown so addicted to.:: Crescendo: Ladies! Gentlemen! Everything in between and beyond! Strap yourselves in for the biggest, hottest, wildest, sexiest race in the Universe! ::He pulled the mic closer, barely able to hear himself over the all too familiar noise level, absorbing the blinding heat of the lights illuminating every inch of the stage.:: I am MC Crescendo and I will be your host, narrator, announcer, DJ and not-so-secret crush for the duration of not only the race, but the biggest party you will never tell your grand-kids about! ::He looked to the large security guards at the edges of the stage. They were certainly deterrents, but Pulse Light justice was much more effective than any muscle. It was time to explain the rules.:: Crescendo: Until the fun begins all racers are grounded until they are called to the starting line. While were all here, lets try to get along shall we? No sabotage, no murder, and for the love of Bolian bikini parties, control your fluids! If you break the rules, we all know what happens! ::He held the mic out to the crowd before him for their echoing reply and shouted it out with them as a single spotlight focused on him, darkening the rest of the stage.:: Crescendo: Crowd Justiiiice!! ::He pulled the mic back:: That's right you savages, if you break the rules the man on high. ::He pointed up to the tower behind him.:: Will mark you for crowd justice. That means you had better be really fast or really tough, because your vessel, your possessions and yes even your lives are at the mercy of your peers. So if your going to break the rules, don't get caught! ::He had seen it at least once at every race since they had implemented it. It was always gruesome, but it was equally effective. The best part? It saved them a ton on security, and that made the man upstairs very happy. That was a win for everyone. With the main security force now able to focus on the stage and the tower exclusively, MC Crescendo and his crew felt nice and safe. The Denobulan looked to an assistant at the side of the stage for a nod of confirmation and satisfied, moved with the beat to the other side of the stage as forms scurried in the darkness behind him.:: Crescendo: Our racers have arrived and their vessels are primed for one hell of a show! We are gathering them in our media hub now and will be giving you all a first look at the faces behind the races. Were blasting on all frequencies so if your not on the ground, get to a terminal, because you don't want to miss this! In the meantime, get down with one of the foremost bands of their genre, the dirtiest punks in the galaxy, The Prime Resistance! :: The stage was re-illuminated in a flash just as the now present band slammed into their instruments. Crescendo made a swift and subtle exit as the young and energetic musicians screamed into their microphones, their drummer in a flurry of motion behind them. While it was not his preferred style of music, he could not deny that the group had spirit. With phase one complete, it was time for one of his favorite parts. Meeting the competitors.:: MC Crescendo Master of Ceremonies The Pulse Light Grand Prix C239205AF0 as simmed by... Lt. Cmdr. Antero Flynn Chief Helm Officer Starbase 118 Ops C239205AF0
  9. (( Bridge- USS Discovery )) :: The last fight Hannibal would ever want to engage in had begun. Two massive starships were trading weapons fire.Hannibal knew it was tearing Tyr's heart out to fire on the ship commanded by his wife, and commandeered by his son. While Riverview and Tyr were having their conversation, he noticed Tye was no longer on the bridge...and on his panel, he saw that Tyr had locked down the hangar bay. Hannibal bit his lip...he knew Tye was going to try to stop the bloodshed, hopefully make his brother listen to reason... Sanuye would try to kill him again, just as he wanted to kill him on the surface of Duronis. He was going to have to wait it out, until they could board and stop his brother...and save the Thunder and Admiral Turner:: Waltas: Savan, I want you to go with Riverwind and Oddas and take your boarding team. Once you fire off the probe we'll open fire, and then you can transport into Engineering and take it over. Savan: Aye, sir. Mitchell: New contact. Showing it to be the Thunder's yacht. Parker:oo What the hell...Oo Mitchell: Targets are going to slip stream... Waltas: Take us into the stream. We'll use theirs so we don't have to wait to power ours up. Stay on their tail, Anders. Mitchell, what's your opinion on the yacht? Mitchell: Stay with the Thunder. The yacht is a diversion, Tyr. Waltas: I'd tend to agree but why? Parker: A few seconds' indecision on our part gives them time to escape, and,,,, Mitchell: Cause even you and I aren't crazy enought to try and survive a full power launch from a ship running at full impulse. Only an unmanned craft on remote could pull that off. Waltas::Nodding:: Makes sense. All the same I want it disabled. Target its deflector and fire phasers. :: The Discovery fired her phasers, catching the yacht in yellow-white fire, its shields overwhelmed. The yacht tumbled as it dropped out of slipstream, her deflector shredded as the ship tumbled:: Waltas: Helm, stay with them. :: Both starships came out of slipstream, the Briar Patch just ahead:: Waltas::Tapping his communicator:: =/\= Bridge to shuttlebay-Oddas, Riverwind, Savan, are you ready? =/\= Oddas: =/\= Oddas here, we are ready to launch. =/\= Waltas: Launch and good hunting. Anders, full impulse. Take us in as close as we can get. Stay with the shuttle. :: The Thunder was dead ahead, but to Hannibals' surprise, her torpedo bay outer doors were not open, preparing to spit hellfire in their direction. They were still closing on her. He could see the shuttle was hovering right in front of the Discovery's primary hull, then flew neatly under the Thunder. A beep told him the shields were down, as was the grav plating on several decks, Now, it was all or nothing:: Waltas: Looks like the probe worked. Their shields are down. Mitchell! Fire! Now! :: There were few things more devastating than the fire from a Sovereign Class starship...Hannibal had seen it during the Dominion War, his first assignment on board the Challenger-A, and now, on board the Discovery. The hits were devastating, Phasers carved into the Thunders'hull, peeling first the armor, then penetrating into the double hull. Torpedoes then slammed into the nacelles and hull. Hannibal the Thunder was badly wounded as he saw the lights on the Thunder flicker, then go out....she was dead in space:: Mitchell: Target hit. Showing power out across multiple decks. looks like we got the feedback into the main capacitors. Waltas: That should keep them down for awhile. ::Turning:: Major. Get our teams moving. Get Irina back up here. :: Hannibal nodded, then spoke:: Parker: Will do, Captain:: tapping his comm badge:: =/\= Major Pavlova, report to the Bridge.=/\=..:: low, so only Tyr could hear him:: We'll handle this Tyr. We'll bring Toni and the rest back...and make sure Sanuye hurts no one else. Your place is here, my friend... Waltas::Quietly, only to him:: I know that. I also know that I'm going over there and nothing you or anyone else on this ship do or say will stop me. Besides.. ::sighing:: Tye is gone and his comm badge is shut off. You know what that means. He's going to confront Sanuye himself, or at least try to. We have to get there first. :: Hannibal knew he was right, and also knew he was wrong. But he also knew that if the shoe was on the other foot, no one could stop him either:: Parker: I know, Tyr...I know....::standing up:: Let's go get him... ::While Tyr and Hannibal were making their way to the Ready Room to put on the grav boots and collect their weaponry, Irina appeared, armed to the teeth. Hannibal had his share of armaments as well, with the exception of his plasma cannon...it was simply too much firepower to use on a starship, especially a friendly. Hannibal checked his pulse phaser rifle and Desert Eagle phaser, making sure bother were set to stun, before placing it back in his thigh holster. His Bowie knife was secure in his boot, with an additional blade tucked in the small of his back. His 1911 .45 was in its holster on his left thigh. With a nod that everyone was ready, Tyr spoke:: Waltas: Mitchell, you're in command until we return. If the Thunder moves or powers up you're to open fire, whether we're on board or not. Keep our foot on her throat. Understood? Mitchell: Aye sir. Full salvo on stand by. Waltas: T'Minh, I want you to get with Dr. Hendon and prepare to receive the Admiral. We'll be back with her shortly. Hopefully. T'Minh: Understood.:: Standing up and turning to towards Tyr:: Good luck. :: On the way to the transporter Room, Irina spoke:: Pavlova: I won't kill him. I promise. Waltas::Darkly:: We may have no choice, Irina. Either way, I'm sorry for what I said earlier. Pavlova: You know me better than that. ::With that, the three teams beamed to their respective locations. The fight to retake the USS Thunder-A had begun:: (( Bridge-USS Thunder-A)) :: Arriving on the Bridge, they could see the carnage which had taken place just begore their arrival. Blood hung in the air, and they saw SAyune head toward the turbolift doors. Hannibal had drawn his weapon, and so had Tyr, their phasers lighting up the door as Sanuye fled inside:: Waltas::voice full of rage:: Parker! Irina! Go after him! Parker: We'll get him! Pavlova: Come on. :: The two raced into the turbolift, but not exactly sure where they were going to go. Hannibal had a good idea, but it was Irina who spoke first:: Pavlova: He’ll try to escape. Parker: Sanuye's plan is ruined, we're closing in, he's got only one choice for escape...the hangar deck.. Pavlova: response :: Just then, the ship rocked with another explosion:: Pavlova: Lets go. Parker: It was beneath us, but not sure where... Pavlova: Where was it? Parker: If he is blasting his way out, the Discovery will nail his [...]... (( Deck 6- Main Shuttle Bay- USS Discovery C )) :: the two Marines burst from the turbolift, weapons drawn as they ran down the corridor. They saw the long haired Sanuye look back at them:: Parker: SANUYE! IT'S OVER!! Pavlova: Hell with this. ::Irina put away both phase pistols and unslung the modern 24th century phaser rifle from her back.:: :: Still saddled with the grav boots, Irina and Hannibal made almost a dead run towards the doors of the shuttle bay, their superior strength had them gaining on the renegade before he dissappeared inside the hatch of the bay. Faced with a closed door and the possibility of ambush on the other side, Hannibal spoke:: Parker: I know, I know...you take point. I'll hit the emergency override... Pavlova: Ready when you are. :: Hannibal hit the panel, popping open the access to the controls:: Parker: We go one...two...three... :: Hannibal hit the override, and Irina stormed in, with Hannibal right behind her. From the other side of the bay, the other Discovery teams were also coming in, around the wreckage of a crashed yacht...and two men...the twins...grappling each other. It was impossible to tell them apart. AS the teams closed in, weapons drawn, Hannibal spoke:: Parker: Everyone! Hold your fire! That's an order! Don't fire until I give the order! :: Hannibal was banking on Tye to take his brother, but he was prepared to shoot them both if he had to:: TAG/TBC Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker First Officer USS Discovery-C
  10. ((Subspace Airwaves - between StarBase 118 Ops and the USS Constitution-B))::In his office, Captain Sal Taybrim gently flicked through the reports that had finally concluded in the wake of a full investigation into the actions of the so-called Jenatris Confederation (a clever cover name for the nefarious Orion Syndicate). He felt rather privileged - his place as the commanding officer of StarBase 118 Operations gave him a wide overview of the overall picture. The intel tower had generously given him a broad understanding of the puzzle pieces that had fallen into place, allowing them to focus in on some corrupted Starfleet officers and some Orion Syndicate fronts. And now it was his turn to give a call to a friend and offer her an expanded understanding.::Taybrim: Computer, please connect me to Captain Jalana Rajel, USS Constitution-B. Secured channel.Computer: Complying…::There was a flicker of the viewscreen as the interior of the USS Constitution-B came into view and focused in on the Trill he was seeking.::Taybrim: Captain Rajel? ::He offered a gentle, relaxed smile.:: Captain Taybrim from StarBase 118 Ops.:: Jalana had worked on some reports and requests after a few crewmembers had left the Constitution and was surprised to see that she received a call from Starbase 118. She had been there not that long ago and one of her crewmembers had been transferred to the station as well. There hadn’t been a problem already, right? The smile on the ginger’s face on the other side relaxed her though. Possibly not. :: Rajel: ::smiling:: Sal, such a nice pleasure to see you. Taybrim: It is good to see you, too! I hope things have been well with you? ::His dark eyes were smiling.::Rajel: They have been… ::It was that pregnant pause of a CO who had not found the right word to describe the chaos and insanity that was Starfleet life yet. :: … busy. How has it been for you?::Sal leaned back. Busy was...completely accurate. It seemed there was always more work on the plate of a Starfleet officer, a commanding officer even moreso.::Taybrim: Not bad. But things are moving - lots of change, for good and bad. It is sometimes exhausting to keep up with it all.Rajel: I believe I know what you mean. ::She paused briefly.:: Please tell me Rustyy hasn’t blown up the station yet. If he has arrived yet that is. :: She wasn’t sure if he had the luck to get there with a QSD equipped ship or not. :: Taybrim: ::That brought a smile to Sal’s face. Rustyy had, in fact, arrived and everyone on Ops was getting used to the unusual new chief engineer.:: He arrived safely and no, nothing has blown up. He’s currently shoring up a bunch of civilian racers for a very important intel operation. We are quite happy to have his help!Rajel: That is good to hear. I have no doubt he’ll be in good hands with you and your crew. ::She tried not to show how much she would miss that man and kept the smile on her lips. :: It is a surprise to receive your call. It is as if you knew that I’d want to call you as well. Taybrim: ::he offered a light chuckle:: I would blame telepathy, but in this case it’s just a canny coincidence. And a happy one at that. So, Captain, what is on your mind?Rajel: Please you first, what can I do for you, Sal? ::he offered her a reassuring smile, the sort of expression that said ‘I promise this is less painless than it could be.’::Taybrim: Ah, it is more a sharing of information. I hear you recently had a run in with the minions of a Nacien Rixx?:: Jalana raised her brows, and leaned back in her seat, possibly looking way more relaxed than she felt at the mention of the name she had only read in an after-report, received after delivering the detained members of the Orion Syndicate. ::Rajel: The head of the operation on Dagorin VI?::He leaned forward on his desk, nodding slowly.::Taybrim: Correct. Rixx is a high level power in the Orion Syndicate. He tends to operate out of the Trinity sector, but he has a far reach an sticky fingers for all manner of criminal enterprises.Rajel: ::A slight chortle came over her lips.:: Sticky fingers. Shouldn't have put them in those trees. ::Taking a shallow breath she got more curious.:: Did you by any chance have received any more intel about the tree sap they harvested on Dagorin?::The tree sap from Dagorin. As soon as the Constitution had reported to Starfleet samples of the sap were sent off to all manner of scientific and medical experts who swiftly returned interesting news on the stuff. In its raw form it was mild, but when refined through heat and the application of certain chemicals it was a terribly addictive and dangerous component of the street drug ‘All Time High.’::Taybrim: The refined sap is a key component in the street drug ‘All Time High.’ We’ve seen a marked increase in ATH use and abuse on the Federation border worlds and the independent colonies. It’s become a major problem in the last 18 months. The discovery and subsequent destruction of the Dagorin refinery had put a major damper on the ATH distribution in the Trinity and neighboring sectors. ::From everything he had heard the Dagorin mission had been hard on the Constitution, which meant Sal felt it was even more important to communicate what a big change they had made in the quadrant.:::: Jalana had heard about it being a component of the drug. She believed that Mark Two, their rather sentient EMH, and Alize Sorenson, the Forensic Doctor, had spoken about it briefly. Though the distribution and its extent had been unknown to her. If she was honest she had not heard about it before at all, which made her wonder if she just had missed it because of her change in position, or because it had not reached their ship. ::Rajel: These are marvellous news, Sal! I will have to let my crew know. It'll do them good to hear that their hardships have not been in vain.::Sal offered a gentle nod. He hated hearing that they had been caused hardships in the first place, but hopefully this was one problem that had been put to bed for a long time.::Taybrim: Certainly not in vain. There continues to be a decrease in the drug trade. Thousands, perhaps millions of innocents will be spared the spread of ATH.Rajel: What about Rixx? Any chance that he'll face ... how do human say? ... the music?Taybrim: Ah, that is the more curious outcome and the reason I really wanted to touch base with you. Starfleet intel tracked Rixx’s call to Dagorin - presumably in response to the Constitution arriving in orbit - back to the planet Raskor I. Raskor has a small Starfleet embassy and Rixx was allied with a corrupt Commodore named Allan Kinney. Kinney was the command officer over the majority of the Jenatris reach, including StarBase 118.:: The Trill blinked and stared at Sal blankly. A Starfleet Commodore was in cahoots with the Orion Syndicate? Why would anyone join a constitution like Starfleet and then turn around and work against them? For a terrorists organisation like that? Why not leave and then work with them? .oO Power Oo. She was pretty sure that several past lives in her just turned their back to Kinney and that behaviour. ::Rajel: That ... ::She let go of a trill curse word, before realizing something. She raised her head to look at Sal.:: Wait, you said was.::Sal drew in a long, slow breath. As with all stories involving villains, whether they were a criminal syndicate entrenched in a bunker or a Commodore behind a polished desk - all of them included hardships for upstanding crew.::Taybrim: Commodore Kinney ordered the USS Albion on a suicide mission to engage with a rogue Romulan warbird. Obviously we survived, but we were at a loss for evidence to incriminate Kinney until the information from your mission started coming in.:: Their information? Her heart beat a little faster. It was great to see a mission succeed, to know they had spent their time for a good goal. But to hear that it was part of something bigger, something that had an influence across the fleet, or even on one other person outside, was a thrilling feeling. She sat up straight her face lighting up. ::Rajel: It helped?::Sal leaned back and breathed a sigh of relief. Even thinking about that mission made him tense and he knew it had a happy ending.::Taybrim: Yes, with that evidence we were able to present our case to Admiral Hauke. And with the help of Fleet Captain - now Ambassador Kalianna Nicholotti - Commodore Kinney was forced into resignation.:: Kali. A smile washed over her face. She knew the woman, before and after her death and return. She hadn't had much to spend with her after but at least she'd met her on the Apollo, even though Kali didn't remember her. It was good to know that she had found a place to be. ::Rajel: I am glad to hear that. With the evidence and testimonies it may be possible to get Rixx where he belongs as well. Has he been caught yet?Taybrim: No, Starfleet Intel hasn’t caught Rixx… yet. But his main personal shield is now gone and he’s on the run.Rajel: ::Smiling she leaned forward.:: If there is one thing I've learned as a cop, it is that people on the run make mistakes. Sooner or later.Taybrim: That’s what intel said, too. ::he offered a slow nod of assent.:: I believe they will find him sooner rather than later.Rajel: I certainly hope so. Please if you hear anything about that, let me know?Taybrim: I certainly will. ::He promised with a gentle, but firm tone.::Rajel: ::leaning back in her chair rather casually.:: You know, if you always bring such good news, you should call more often. Actually... you can do that anyway ::chuckling::Taybrim: I will make a point of it! ::he smiled back in a wide, gregarious manner:: Now, you said you had information for me?Rajel: What? Oh yes, my call. I actually have a favour to ask of you. It's about Rustyy.::Sal’s eyes lit up. Rustyy Hael had quickly fallen in with the StarBase 118 Ops crew and had proved himself a valuable officer extremely quickly.::Taybrim: Ah yes, Commander Hael. ::Sal was a bit more formal - not knowing Rustyy quite as well. Yet. Give it time and a shore leave.:: What’s up with Rustyy?Rajel: Well, Starfleet has awarded my crew the Shadow of War Service Ribbon, but Rustyy left before I could give him his. I was wondering if you could give it to him for me.Taybrim: Of course I will. I will also happily pass on any messages.Rajel: ::Smiling broadly.:: Thank you, Sal. Please tell him we miss him, including his 'girlfriend' Conny. ::She made quotation marks with her fingers.::::Sal nodded and offered the Trill a reassuring smile.::Taybrim: Of course. And I promise, we’ll take good care of him. Rajel: I have no doubt you will. It's quite easy to grow fond of him and his uniqueness.Taybrim: All the more reason you should bring your entire crew to dock for a visit!::Starbase 118 wasn’t too much out of the way. Well, it was a bit out of the way; but they also had state of the art engineering resources and many ships stopped for upgrades, refits or just repairs.::Rajel: ::Exhaling:: Yes I really should do that. I can't wait to see the Ashalla District again as well. I don't know when, but I will return and bring a ship full of people with me. ::smiling::Taybrim: Anything else?Rajel: ::Leaning back with a relaxed smile.:: Not at the moment. ::Then she remembered.:: Oh, I have received your files for the Temple's Reflection pool configurations, but I haven't had the time yet to give it to our botanist. I should do that. ::Smiling::Taybrim: No worries. ::he chuckled a little.:: We had a ...small incident... involving a high profile pet getting loose and taking an unplanned bath in the pool, so the monks ended up draining it to do restorative prayers and cleaning. I’m sure they will greatly appreciate assistance when they fill it up again. ::He smiled, there was good humor behind his eyes. In the aftermath almost everyone could laugh at Duchess’ journey.::Rajel: I'll let you know how that goes. Now I shouldn't keep you from your work any longer.Taybrim: Thank you for taking the time to chat with me. ::He smiled gently towards her.::Rajel: Thank you again for updating me. It made my day.Taybrim: I’m always glad to make people’s days. Take care, Jalana - and may we see each other in good health again soon!:: She couldn't help it but that smile seemed to be on her face forever now. When the screen turned black again she leaned back and closed her eyes with a relieved exhale. This had to be the best outcome she could have wished for. ::-----JP byCaptain Sal TaybrimCommanding OfficerStarBase 118 OpsE239010ST0&Captain Jalana RajelCommanding OfficerUSS Constitution BImage Team FacilitatorA238906JL0
  11. ((Jansen Orrey Apartment - San Francisco Earth)) ::Jansen smiled and carried the plates to the table before returning to the replicator and returning with a pair of wine glasses with a light white wine that had a slight greenish tint to it. On the plate was a narrow fillet of fish paired with a creamy salad.:: Orrey: Lemon smoked salmon, with a creamy cucumber and fennel salad paired with a nice Chablis to go with it. A decent attempt at lunch I think. Sablone: It certainly looks good. Awful fancy for the likes of me. Orrey: :settling into his chair.:: Bah it is the least I can do for keeping you out so late yesterday. Sablone: No problem. Orrey: ::using his fork and knife to move one of the lemon slices off the fish before cutting into the fillet slowly.:: I still appreciate you the last few days. Even if there wasn’t any good news yesterday. Sablone: ::She popped a slice of the creamy cucumber into her mouth.:: So… While I enjoyed the area… you gonna tell me the results? Orrey: ::He laughed some covering his mouth as he finished chewing before lifting the wineglass up and taking a small drink before answering.:: I enjoyed the people down there. Direct, warm, it was nice. Sablone: :smiles as she continues through the salad. Waves her fork vaguely in the air.: I liked the feel. I might even go back and check it out further. See if they need any shrinks. Orrey: They would be lucky to have you there. ::He moved his salad around some with his fork before taking a small bite of it.:: Sablone: So..? Orrey: ::Again chewing to extend the time before he answered.:: There was no good news. I was nearly offered the services of his brother-in-law, a lawyer, to help start getting things in order. Sablone: ::winces:: Oh Janse… Orrey: ::Jansen shrugged some.:: It was a nice offer all the same. Sablone: ::puts her fork down.:: That’s not what I meant. ::pause:: What are you going to do? Orrey: ::Raising his head to look at her.:: What do you mean then? Sablone: Another doctor? Orrey: I will have to find one. The guy I went to see was one of the best on Earth. Sablone: What about off Earth? Orrey: I am looking into it. I have a few requests sent out, inside and outside of Starfleet. ::He pointed with his fork to her plate.:: Don’t let it get cold, it won’t agree with your stomach. :: Catalina stared at him with a slight frown.:: Orrey: Cooking I can fiddle my way through, but don’t think I don’t understand how to feed you, that is why I chose the Chablis instead of a Dry Riesling, or a malt whiskey to pair with the meal even though they would match the salmon just as well. ::smirking as he recalled the woman in the bar.:: Knowing how to care for the people around me...it's like my comfort food. Sablone: What does that even mean? Orrey: The same thing I tried explaining to you when we were in London for your birthday. You may not understand my ways of processing or dealing with things. But to me, I am most useful...I feel the best when I am helping someone else. Sablone: Till you can’t anymore, you mean. And then what? You go softly into that good night with a life well spent? Orrey: I doubt I will go softly, but a good night with a good life...I have had worse days. Sablone: You can’t be giving up. ::Jansen looked down at his plate and took a long moment cutting another piece of the fish away, carefully taking a piece of fennel and a cucumber slice on top before lifting it to his mouth, never looking up as he chewed, after another drink from his glass he raised himself up to look at her. His smile, that she had never seen him missing was gone, his eyes were wet and the lines on his face seemed heavy enough to weigh down a cruiser.:: Orrey: :quietly: no.. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Lieutenant Junior Grade Jansen Orrey M.D. Diplomatic Attaché/Counselor USS Gorkon O238506JO0
  12. ((Fight Deck - Shuttle 'Aiko')) Hasha: The bay doors are locked down as well. ::moving as to stand up:: I'll have to deactivate and open the doors from an external panel. Peeex: ::with a restraining hand:: There's no time. I'll take care of it. ::Peexed fired an armed and unleashed a micro-torpedo from the shuttle's fore launcher. The flash of the matter/antimatter reaction as the torpedo ignited was blinding, and the shuttle rocked and buffeted momentarily from both the shockwave and the rush of outgoing air before a forcefield was raised.The shuttlebay door was gone. It was superficial damage to the Za, easily fixed, but not before they left and returned with Mother.:: Peeex: ::to Hasha:: There. Now launch. Hasha: ::Sitting back down manning the navigation controls:: Acknowledge... hold on Lers: Just get us to Mother safely...::He sits back in his chair and holds onto the side of his chair as the shuttle pushes into safety of the cold space. It was no long before the Za began to move and forced the shuttle to halt when the tracker beam was used upon them:: ::The security officer launched the shuttle through the breached bay doors. The sterile light of the bay interior gave way to the inky blackness of space, and their swing towards the planet was smooth and controlled. Unfortunately, their forward momentum did not last long, as a jolt shuddered them to a stop in the icy blue hue of a graviton field. They had been tractored by the Za.:: Hasha: They are hailing us.... Lers: ::Taking a deep breath he was going to be the old selfish Lers again and stood up grabbing the other Security Officer pistol:: On screen...::Meanwhile he puts the phaser to vaporizing and points it at the Security Officer in the back, he sees the bridge crew appear on the screen:: =/\=Good day Captain...=/\= Rhani: =/\= Mr. Lers. You seem to be in one of my shuttles. With members of my crew. Care to explain this state of affairs? =/\= Lers: =/\=Yes, it seems that way, the shuttle is in temporal use for us ::He looked at the screen as he continues:: I would like to advise you to shut down the tracker beam or I am forced to do something I don't wish to do....=/\= Rhani: =/\= Can’t say as I’m rushing to let you just fly off, Mr. Lers. =/\= Lers: ::He shrugs as they tested his bluff, an ill choice to do so:: =/\=Then one of your man just died due your selfishness=/\= ::He fired without warning his phaser as the Security Officer vaporize with agony pain. Lers points his phaser to the pilot:: =/\=I wonder if you test my patience again Captain, shut down the tracker beam...=/\= Rhani: =/\= I was willing to talk to you, Mr. Lers. I am *now* informing you that if you do pull that trigger again, your lifespan will be as long as it takes for a torpedo to reach you. ::with a smile like razor:: Possibly less. You still have the chance to come out of this alive. I suggest you don’t waste it. =/\= Falcon: =/\= Shuttle is within torpedo launcher fire arc. =/\= Lers: ::Hishnend was not impressed with the counter and he did not even break a sweat over this:: =/\= That does not sound very Federation style, can I taste a bitter sweet Orion pressure tactic in your lines? =/\= Rhani: =/\= Believe me, Mr. Lers. If I was using Orion tactics, you’d be a lot less happy about the situation. =/\= Lers: ::He puts the phaser to the head of Hasha that reacted perfectly in panic and begging eyes towards the screen:: =/\= Miazra, please take the helm controls over, it seems that our Captain is willing to sacrifice yet another crew member....I believe the records state that you are new to the ship Captain? Well short career...you let two members of your crew be killed and at the same time letting your shuttle get destroyed. I believe that it is a court marshal or removal of those beloved pips of yours Captain. Listen to your First Officer and shut down the tractor beam=/\= Peeex: I've got the helm... Peeex: ::to Lers:: I've got control again, setting maximum speed. Lers: ::Gave a grateful smile at the Captain:: =/\=Thank you Captain for your solid trust in this matter, we will return this person back to you as soon as we arrive at the planet =/\= ::Meanwhile he tapped onto the console with his left hand while staring at the screen as he heard a beep and smiled =/\= Oh and beaming us to your ship, not going to work....I placed a jamming device here. We will meet again...soon enough Lers out =/\= Peeex: And I thought my plan was a gamble. Yours is positively suicidal, Mr Lers! Lers: ::Sat down as he looked at Hasha:: Sorry for the brute force, but we can't leverage at this time and time is against us... Hasha: Understandable, just did not expect to feel a phaser against my head ::he shrugs:: Lers: Desperate times, desperate measures.... Peeex: At least we finally are so close to our goal. Whether because of the actions of our brethren or because the Starfleet officers capitulated, we will soon have the mother in our midst! Lers: Good they got some sense in them... move with haste towards the planet. We got no time for any more delays! ::At maximum impulse, they were approaching the planet that they had sought for so long within minutes:: Peeex: ::nervous:: I can't find anyone, Mr Lers. After 30 years, is it possible... are we too late? Lers: ::Taking a deep breath he shrugs knowing that their cryo might have taken a toll on their fellow mates:: If we cease our search now, all is lost and we would not succeed in our plan. I will make some scans ::starting to start up some of the lower ground scans and thicken the array of the shuttle to get a better signal:: Peeex: ::only slightly mollified:: I know we wouldn't be - us - if the mother was no more, but still... What good is it if we can't find her? Lers: I got something, it is faint....weak but it still there...:: he stared, looking closer towards the scans:: Check the following coding 12.0049399, 79.81303950000006 ::Looking at Peeex:: Peeex: Yes... yes! I see it now. It's the mother! ::scrutinizing the scans further:: But... but her host is dying or dead. The mother is weak, I can barely make her out. Lers: The long years have taken its toll on her, she will need a new host to get back into life itself ::Taking a deep breath:: This is is a heavy burden to carry, but so far scans have indicated...she is suffering badly as her host is barely holding. Peeex: We can lock onto the mother and beam her directly into one of us. Then she will survive, and we can get her back to the Za. ::resolute expression:: Then all will be as we had always planned. We will finish what was started 30 years ago! I should take the mother. This host is genetically predisposed to co-existing with a large being within it, and the host will likely handle the transport and integration the best. Hasha: ::incredulous:: Why should you be the honored host? I can host the mother just as well as you! I should be the one to take her! Lers: ::Both offers were gracefully and noble by heart, he took a deep breath and nodded to conclude his judgment of the situation. The situation was dire and he could not waste time anymore:: Hasha you will take this honored duty, get ready in the back for transportation into your body ::He nodded towards the man that stood up and made his way towards the back as he looked at Peex that was kinda disappointed:: I need your skills and thinking for something else, the way back....if we return to you as new mother, it would only be logical to shoot you first. We can't take this gamble. Start the process.... =============== Hishnend Lers Engineer, Morning Star ~as simmed by~ Lieutenant (JG) Nak'aqi Socxo Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Za FNS & Podcast Member Z239308NS0
  13. ((USS Darwin, Deck 6, Personal Quarters)) ::Kael’s quarters was relatively bare. He’d always liked it that way. Things were ordered but not cluttered with everything he needed in easy reach and never out of place. It’s not that he had an obsessive nature where things had to be perfect he just hated having to search for things. In a functional sense his room worked. But in an inviting and warming sense it was cold. His walls weren't lined with his families pictures or even pieces of art or memorabilia that might help provide a superficial insight into Kael’s interests. They were bare bulkheads. :: ::Turning to his bed which was covered in the odds and ends that Kael had accumulated during this shoreleave. He had quite a few things and he realistically knew that not everything would find a home, but he was hoping to be a little more open about his room decorations. In there he hoped might be some gifts for others also. Not to say that Kael was just going to regift all the things he couldn’t find value in, but rather he bought them all because he liked them. It’s possible with some more thought he could gift them to others who would appreciate it. Possibly even give them encouragement to get to Trill. :: ::Picking up a large fitting button up shirt Kael lifted the navy blue fabric up to fold it into a useful shape. The smell of the natural fibres took him back to the warm summer day at the market where he purchased it. Sorting through the clothes he packed them away neatly and moved onto other tokens.:: ::Picking up a wooden object, he flipped it over in his fingers while moving to his desk. It was angled slightly and had a wooden recess on the bottom. Kael always thought about having somewhere to rest his PADDs on when reading instead of holding them and this provided a nice solution to that. A memorable item, but with purpose ticked all of Kael’s newly created criteria. :: ::Turning back to his desk, he saw a framed picture. Picking it up in his hands Kael admired the excellent reproduction of colours and feeling from the photo. As he moved to hang it on the wall, he could almost hear the waves from the photo as if he was right there.:: ((Backsim)) ((Trill, Aopdic Beach)) ::The coffee felt warm between Kael’s hands in the cool light air of pre-dawn. Kael had partaken in a few drinks with the crew for New Year's Eve celebrations but he kept them modest. Kael always liked to start off his New Year productively and this year he got to do it with amazing surroundings. Having transported here a few moments ago, Kael had taken up a spot up from the water line where the sand was still loose and remained dry. He’d thought about wearing shoes because he wasn’t doing a great deal of activity but he wanted to feel the sand under his feet. Sitting down his arms resting on his knees he waited patiently.:: ::Casting his eyes upward he got a look at the night sky. It was so different to what he’d been used to at home. He was obviously in a different position to Earth and as such the night sky was different, but still held the familiar arm of the Galaxy. With very little light bleed he could take in even the dullest of stars. :: Thomas: oO When I was a kid, I used to look at the stars and want to be among them. How strange, but gratifying to now sit here and say that I have been among many of them. Is that success? Oo ::There was no question that Kael had wanted to be a Starfleet Officer from a very early age. Owned in part to the some bleed from his parents who were also in Starfleet, albeit Earth bound, but also owed to Kael’s explorative and hunger for knowledge inner drives. He would never have been content on Earth, wondering what else was out there. What he was missing out on. As he looked at hte sky, he realised his place in the universe was so small. So insignificant. But as his Lecturer’s would also say, “Even the smallest fly has a role to play.”:: ::Getting lost in his thoughts wasn’t a problem because the Sun caught his attention immediately. It began to fill up the horizon and the night sky was in quick retreat. It’s amber light shone around Kael who couldn’t help but smile. This was a great moment and one he hoped to capture to remember. Bringing out the camera, Kael took a few photo’s. Happy with his work, Kael sat back and reflected upon just how blessed he was. He was in good health, he had family and he a was placed on an excellent ship. He was really content with where he was right now, and prayed that 2394 would also be a prosperous year. Kael remained well until the sun had climbed above the horizon, not wanting to miss a moment.:: ((Present Day)) ((USS Darwin, Deck 6, Personal Quarters)) ::The picture hung well on Kael’s wall, about eye height. Moving back a little to reflect upon his work Kael was happy with the placement. Furthermore, he was happy with the shot and the memories of that morning and what it represented. He would make sure he had a great year and without a doubt, it had gotten off to a great start.:: ===================================================== Commander Kael Thomas - Engineering Officer, USS Darwin, NCC-99312-A V238010KT0 =====================================================
  14. ((Lucaf’s, Arnmere, Trill)) ::Emery was sitting at a very nice table in a quaint little family owned restaurant in Arnmere, with Logan and Stennes. Kurt had recommended it, as he'd eaten here previously with someone else. After only a little bit of interrogation, he'd let it slip that his companion had been Doctor Lahr. What kind of soldier did he think he was, breaking that easily? Emery smiled. She enjoyed this kind of friendly ribbing between shipmates. It brought them closer, and helped form a more cohesive team. To his credit, he remained tight lipped about the depth of his connection with the good doctor - whether it was just dinner, or if there might be more come out of it later. It was none of her business, so she didn't press. You never wanted to take friendly ribbing too far.:: ::But the restaurant was nice. The lighting was low enough to make it comfortable, but not bright enough to remind you of being on board a starship, where the lighting in the corridors and non-personal areas was always set at optimal working levels...meaning bright. And the decor inside this place was fairly rustic, giving it a comfortable old world charm, rather than the sterile feeling one got in the rest of the civilized Federation. Emery liked it here. And the smells wafting from the kitchen did nothing to change her mind. Whatever they were currently cooking for the other patrons, it smelled wonderful.:: ::A waiter came and took their food order. Being a native of the planet, Emery knew all the dishes on the menu and had to talk Kurt out of ordering something she knew he wouldn't like. But she suggested some tralisom stew, and the table ended up ordering three bowls. It came with a salad and bread, and they each ordered a glass of something to drink. The waiter retrieved the menus, smiled in acknowledgement, and bustled off to deliver their orders. It was just then the ambient background music changed, and a sudden memory rushed into her consciousness.:: ((Timeskip backward - 223001.06 - 164 years ago, Avanyu, Trill)) ::Dinara was still sitting at her cliepestra, staring at it. She'd been here for hours. Well, no. She'd only been here for twenty minutes. But when you're trying to find inspiration and nothing comes, time seems to drag immeasurably. Nils was trying to keep the children busy outside, but the sound of their excitement was traveling through the closed window into the conservatory. Dinara could hear them. She'd been listening to them for twenty minutes, and smiling the entire time. She loved the sound of her children playing. Four of the five of them were frolicking in the wonderful spring sunshine with their father. The fifth, Aliana, was still asleep in her crib in the nursery.:: ::Dinara got up, and pushed back the cliepestra stool. She wandered to the window, gently held back the curtain and looked out onto their courtyard. Her previous compositions had made her famous and wealthy enough to afford a manor-house in the countryside. They had a courtyard, which bordered on several hectares of prime country real estate, and a 17-room, three storey home, done all in stonework. It was much too much for them, but as her husband had said, "nothing else they looked at was big enough, and you can't remove part of a building as perfect as this one." He was right. The entire family loved this house. It was incredibly peaceful. And non-intrusiveness was an attractive feature for a famous composer such as she was.:: ::She didn't like the fame. She didn't like all of the public attention. She just wanted to write her music. People said she had a gift. Whether that was true or not, she didn't know. But her music certainly was popular enough to pay for her current lifestyle. That was another thing she didn't like. Well, having money wasn't not to like. But she didn't need as much as they had. They did have five children, though. So she kept half of her earnings, and donated the other half to various charities. And they still had enough to pay for this manor. But the money certainly wasn't the reason she wrote her music.:: ::Just then a quiet knock came at the door on the far side of the conservatory. Dinara wasn't composing just now, anyway, so she wasn't upset at the interruption. She let the curtain drop back into place as she turned and strode across the polished marble floor to the double 6 meter tall doors. She grabbed the tall door handles and pulled. The doors easily glided open silently. Eliandra, their live-in nanny, was standing there with little Aliana in her arms. The baby was smiling and gurgling in joy. The smile already on Dinara's face seemed to grow even bigger. She reached out and took her daughter from the nanny, pulling the child in close.:: Eliandra: She only just woke up, and since I didn't hear anything from inside, I figured you were distracted again. Dinara: Yes, and you know the only thing I love more than my music is my family. Thank you, Ellie. Eliandra: If the children are distracting you again, I could take them into Avanyu for a few hours. I know they enjoy the Children's Exploratory Museum there. Dinara: Thank you, Ellie. But I think I'll give up for this afternoon. I've been having a lot of trouble focusing recently. Eliandra: If you don't mind me saying, ma'am, I think they're pushing you too much. Dinara:: I agree with you. Music must flow, it can't be forced. But I haven't written anything since before this little one was born. I think I'm afraid that I'll lose it if I don't write something soon. I think I'm pushing myself. Eliandra: Shall I go get her bottle ready? It's almost time for her feeding. Dinara: Again? My goodness she eats a lot! Eliandra: She is growing. Dinara: By all means then, Ellie. I'll bring her down momentarily. ::The nanny left on her errand to the kitchens. Dinara wandered back into the conservatory with her youngest daughter in her arms. She found herself back over by the window, trying to get all five of her children into view at the same time. The two-year old twins, Weren and Valdin, were running from their older brother Gram, who would be eight soon, and laughing at the top of their lungs. Renna, Dinara's five year old daughter, was being pushed on a tree branch swing by her father Nils.:: ::Just then, though, the sun shone in Aliana's eyes, and she started to cry. Dinara turned her to shade her eyes, but the crying continued. Dinara started to hum something, anything to quiet her. Dinara looked out out to her family again while she hummed. She didn't even notice that Aliana had stopped crying and was cooing again. When she did notice, she smiled down at her daughter, but continued to hum.:: Eliandra: That's lovely. What is it? ::The nanny had returned with the bottle when Dinara hadn't found her way down to the kitchens. Dinara turned and looked up to Ellie, still humming. Then she realized that whatever she was humming wasn't something she'd heard before. A look of realization came over her face. She continued to hum, so she didn't forget what the tune was, but rushed to put Aliana in the nanny's arms, then rushed back to the cliepestra. She started to play the tune on the stringed instrument as Eliandra smiled, inserted the bottle into little Aliana's mouth, and wandered out of the conservatory humming the tune herself.:: ((Timeskip 164 years forward, Arnmere)) Rhyn: I love this piece of music. It's called Aliana's Lullaby. ::Emery had always loved this piece. It was played to sleeping babies all over Trill. She hadn't realized that one of her symbiont's hosts had composed it, because even though Dinara had been Joined to the Rhyn symbiont at the time, she'd continued to use her family name of Krindon when she composed.:: ::Just then their food was brought to them and Emery's thoughts returned to her meal and company. Although the past was nice, her focus was on their future. Who could know what surprises it would hold?:: --------------------------- LtCmdr Emery Rhyn - Chief Tactical Officer - USS Darwin-A, NCC-99312-A V237810V10
  15. ((USS Darwin / USS Gorkon Subspace Call)) ::It had been a while now since Chythar’s return from hell. The strange sensation of a real bed, the full eight or so hours of sleep per night, the comforting presence of the beagle, and a working replicator still felt a wee bit alien. Not nearly as strange as it had the first night he was back, but still not quite routine just yet. It was a long re-learning curve, and it would take time before it all felt normal again.:: Computer: Subspace call from the Darwin. Lt Commander Icavoc, USS Darwin. ::Chythar blinked and scratched his head curiously as he pulled on a shirt and walked over to his desk. The name sounded familiar, but he could not place it.:: Skyfire: oO Wonder what they want...Oo Skyfire: Onscreen. ::The screen flickered to life and displayed a rather disturbing set of blue eyes, the kind of icy blue that reminded him of Azin. It was disturbing in the amount of resemblances: blue eyes, black hair, and Dokkaran. The two reassuring features that made this the more pleasant were that this one was wearing red and was a lieutenant commander. CD blinked once, but then found his tongue in short order.:: Skyfire: =/\= Commander. To what do I owe the pleasure? =/\= Icavoc: =/\= I would ask you the same thing. I believe you wanted to discuss a matter with me? =/\= ::Nicu Icavoc shifted his weight, his was voice serene and even as ever, but a faint smile and sparkling blue eyes conveyed a sense of friendliness and amusement. He couldn’t really blame Chythar Skyfire for being surprised. He had tried to get in touch some time ago, unsuccessfully. That was the way it was with Starfleet, people were always busy and the last year had been challenging for the Darwin’s crew from start to end. It was only now that they were on leave on Trill awaiting new orders that he finally had free time and was at a loss how to use it.:: ::Had he put in a request for that? Oh yes, now he remembered. Captain Reynolds had mentioned putting him in touch with someone who wasn't Azin but was of that species to aid in his search for comprehension. It made sense now, sort of. In a few hours it might make more sense, but for now it was enough.:: Skyfire: =/\= Right. Sorry, I momentarily forgot. Okay. =/\= ::He paused and took a breath before beginning to explain the basics of what had happened.:: Skyfire: =/\= So, what I'd like to know from you is: is it possible for an ancient memory to cause blindness in your species upon awakening from hibernation? =/\= ::With Dokkaran, each individual was born with all the knowledge they needed to get started in life. No two individuals were blessed with exactly the same knowledge. He had been born with botantical and zoological knowledge, and had a love of science. It was his thirst for knowledge and concern about the threat represented by the Borg that drove him to enlist in Starfleet and learn about the galactic threats beyond his own world so that he might bring back knowledge to his people of how to defend themselves. It took many years but he did achieve that goal and later retrained at Starfleet Academy to take up a career as a scientist. He had walked many paths and it was the knowledge bestowed upon him at birth that started him along it.::::He knew of others who were blessed with the knowledge of their young species history, indeed there were a few individuals from those early days who still lived! They were among the species eldest members and showed no signs of slowing down. No one yet knew the natural lifespan of a Dokkaran as none had died from old age. Disease and disaster had claimed them but not time itself. Nicu looked down and fell silent as he searched his memories. This was one of the most intriguing and unique questions he’d ever been asked. While he was no medic, his background in biology, alongside all the work he’d been doing with Doctor Pond and scientific colleague Merrick R’Ven gave him a considerable understanding of his species.:: Icavoc: =/\= I have never heard of it, nor can I think of any way it would be biologically possible given all I know of my kind. What makes you ask? =/\= ::Difficult question to answer, and to explain it would be just weird. Here’s hoping.:: Skyfire: =/\= My circumstances...I was told long after the incident that I had a predisposition to the genetic mutation for the possibility of becoming telepathic. It wasn't until after I assisted with this...thing...that I became such. One of your people came to me with sensory difficulties of sight and collapsed in my arms. My nervous system became linked with his, and he mentioned my mental resistance was impressive for a human. It took both of us a moment to recover from the inciting incident, but he wished my assistance in combatting a memory of someone named Vehsa. After that second melding, which was actually the one which rewrote my genome, that’s when... =/\= ::He paused and took a very long breath, silent for a few moments as he tried to recall the events which practically killed him the first time.:: Skyfire: =/\= When this link broke, I was...transformed, and the patient’s sight was restored. I received an initial rating of T2/E2, meaning that I was a non-contact telepath and empath with other humans. It wasn’t until later that year my abilities changed again to my current rating of T4/E6 through a different incident not involving one of your people, but the linking of minds with that patient had messed with me in ways I didn’t imagine. =/\= ::It was an incredible tale! One Nicu had to consider very carefully. His people were capable of performing what some had likened to a sort of ‘Vulcan mind meld’ He had melded once or twice with other members of his own race he was chasing or being chased by. It was considered a most intimate act, in fact the most intimate act between individuals. He knew it to be possible to meld with others not of his own species, all he had to do was attune his nervous system to theirs, though he had never done it. One had to be very careful with such things as most minds could be easily overwhelmed by it. He could see a situation in which a meld might occur through unintended or even involuntary means and perhaps that is why it had occurred in this case. It felt like he didn’t yet have all the pieces for the puzzle however and Nicu hoped Skyfire would not be offended by his questions.:: Icavoc: =/\= And you are human? Forgive me but there are so many distinct species who look alike on the surface but are different enough genetically for it to be significant. =/\=Skyfire: =/\= Correct. Full human, born on Earth with no history of reader ancestry, only the predisposition for a telepathic mutation somewhere in my genome which emerged after the...meld. =/\= ::He still wasn’t sure what it was called with Icavoc’s race. It was a bizarre experience he didn’t really know how to explain, but he’d experienced a few melds since. It was different each time.::Icavoc: =/\= Any hybrid DNA? =/\=::Humans were not known for being a species capable to telepathy or empathy and the brain anatomy of those that were had specific biological foundations that made such things possible. Skyfire’s direct parents might both be human, but if there was a telepathic species, maybe a Betazoid somewhere in the family tree above him then perhaps it would account for this genetic predisposition that had been mentioned. His brain might be just slightly different enough to a regular human with no hybrid family history to explain how this was physiologically possible.:: Skyfire: =/\= None that I know of. According to my colleague Dr. Saveron, he couldn’t find any; just the predisposition. =/\= ::Humans were not known for being a species capable to telepathy or empathy and the brain anatomy of those that were had specific biological foundations that made such things possible. Skyfire’s direct parents might both be human, but if there was a telepathic species, maybe a Betazoid somewhere in the family tree above him then perhaps it would account for this genetic predisposition that had been mentioned. His brain might be just slightly different enough to a regular human with no hybrid family history to explain how this was physiologically possible.::::One of the reasons Nicu had joined Starfleet was to learn more about the species his had been modelled on. At the birth of their species they had been granted forms similar in appearance to Lieutenant Evangeline Dell, and Ensign Christian Allanzar - the first individuals to meet The Lady. He was no human or doctor, so while he wasn’t aware humans had any predisposition for this type of thing he had to accept it at face value. He was sure both Skyfire and Saveron had looked into this extensively, so the only insight he could give was about his own kind, which, thankfully was what the human seemed to be after. The answer had filled in a few more gaps, allowing him to analyse the situation. After several more minutes of contemplation he could draw only one conclusion and perhaps this had already been considered too.:: Icavoc: =/\= It is not physiologically possible for telepathic abilities to be ‘passed along’ you might say, in the manner you describe - even with a genetic predisposition and a bad melding - that is to say one that was not deliberately and very carefully and purposefully executed. =/\=::Of this he was quite confident. A bad meld could turn someone into a vegetable and shut down pathways in their mind. He didn’t know the details about the memory concerning Vehsa - it was probably private and possibly traumatic. Knowledge was sacred among his people, he returned to the homeworld whenever he could to link with the lady and share all he had learned from academia and experience. The Lady would then pass that along to other Dokkaran. By communing directly with the lady he had on occasion gained insight direct from her that had first been learned by others among them.:: Icavoc: =/\= There would have to be something else - another, probably unaccounted for, third factor. Perhaps it was also affecting the individual in your arms. =/\=::It seemed most likely that if there was, Skyfire wouldn’t have been aware of it at the time with being caught up in the moment and the mind meld. Such things could take you so far out of your reality that someone could come in, climb on your back and you wouldn’t be aware of it. Of course, with all the time that had passed from the incident it was not something that could be easily checked either. It left him fearing that he could offer little help or closure about how exactly he had gained such fantastic abilities. Hopefully something he had been able to provide was of some use to the man.:: Skyfire: =/\= I’d say it was pretty purposeful and deliberate, given the scenario. I’d asked him the same question, but he neither confirmed nor denied I would be altered by the experience prior to it happening, nor had he seemed to consider the possibility it would be even possible to trigger the existing predisposition of telepathy polymorphing into limited abilities within my own species. The pain overwhelmed me and almost killed me, so whatever the third factor is...I hope you can figure it out and get back to me. =/\= ::Nicu doubted anyone could have known beforehand what the long term consequences would be so the response was hardly surprising to him. Nicu considered what he knew of the case and as much as he wanted to be able to help, the information he had about this case was limited and nothing jumped out at him. If something had been missed when the incident had originally occurred they may never find out what this third factor might be. Skyfire had called with questions about how a Dokkaran mind meld could bring out telepathic and empathic abilities in him and he had responded to the best of his knowledge as a scientist. Nicu did not believe the mind meld was the cause of Skyfire’s emerging telepathy, certainly not on its own as it was physiologically impossible.:: Icavoc: =/\= As much as I would love to help, I also don’t want to fill you with false hope. There is nothing more I can give, based on the information I have. Good luck with your search for the answer. =/\= ::As simplistic as the answer was, it also made Chythar rather sad to hear it. He was the first human he knew of with non-reader ancestry to have an “awakening” caused in this fashion. Since the commander could find no evidence in his species of this being what could only be described as a first time. He kept his expression neutral as he spoke, deciding to wrap this up before writing a log entry.:: Skyfire: =/\= Alright. Thank you for your time, Commander. =/\= Icavoc: =/\= ::Sincerely:: I truly hope you find the answers you are looking for. Good day Chythar Skyfire. =/\= ::Once the line closed, Chythar sat back in the chair and blew a strand of hair from his face. He now had something to report if Flt Captain Reynolds made an inquiry on whether the Dokkaran contact got in touch. Granted, it wasn’t particularly helpful, but it was at least contact. This made him the first case in Dokkaran history to have abilities awaken via such a meld. In any case, it was something to log for his next conversation with Lt. Uzoamaka. With a sigh, he glanced up at the ceiling.:: Skyfire: Computer, begin recording. Today consisted of a conversation with another Dokkaran who wasn’t Azin to discuss my unique abilities. Such an awakening, which is the name I’ve given it, is physiologically impossible. Bad meld or not. So, the third factor will remain a mystery and I’m the first human in the history of their kind to have this happen. End recording. ::CD contemplated going to bug Alex and talk it out, but he had woken up just for this call. So maybe it was easier to go back to sleep instead. He heard the inquisitive “raff” from the bed behind him, so it seemed like the answer was “go back to bed.” He left his desk and returned to the confines of his blanket and the reassuring presence of the beagle, leaving that mystery for another day.:: ::Meanwhile, on the Darwin, Nicu Icavoc stood and paced. Was he mistaken? Was there some detail he had overlooked? For the next three hours, Nicu reviewed all he knew about Dokkaran and human physiology and studied them both more closely, using the most up-to-date materials. The time he spent using advanced models and holoimaging techniques led him to one conclusion. There had been no mistake. Whether this unknown factor was environmental, or biological he could not tell from the information he had and the possibilities for what it might be were almost limitless. It was disappointing that he could not be of more help to the doctor. It would be wonderful to be able to point to something and say, this is it, this is the reason these wondrous abilities emerged. Perhaps one day he would find the answer he was looking for.:: PNPC LtCmdr Icavoc - Chief of Security Fleet Captain Renos - Commanding Officer, USS Darwin NCC-99312-A * Executive Council & Captain's Council Member * Academy Commandant A238805EB0 And Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire Chief Medical Officer USS Gorkon, NCC-82293 O239002CS0
  16. ((Bridge, USS Discovery)) ::The first salvos in what would likely result in the end of his career and possibly life had been launched. The scenario was beyond anyone could dream up for a work of fiction, much less real-life. He was in a command of a decomissioned Starfleet vessel, pursuing another Starfleet vessel, commanded by a Federation Admiral who was also his wife, who had just fired torpedoes at him. He had returned fire. The damage that both ships had absorbed was nothing compared to the wreckage left in his soul. He didn't have time to think, and his long experience taught him to put aside emotion, at least as much as he could, and deal with the situation at hand. Otherwise he, and possibly thousands of others, would die.:: RIVERWIND: Sir, I'm sorry for the pain that this is causing you, but perhaps when it comes to dealing with you one son, it might be helpful to include his brother.. ::pausing:: seeing as it his Twin. There's not doubt that he's in as muich pain as you are. He may have ideas that we haven't thought of yet, ones that would save both of them should either end up setting foot on Ba'ku. ::Tyr looked up and began to snap off a response akin to "stay out of my business", but the Ensign was already gone, and perhaps it was for the best. She was only trying to help, and the advice was solid. He turned to where Tye had been standing before combat began, but found him gone. A quick query to the computer showed that he had removed his comm badge.:: o O I know what you're planning, son. You won't be the one to do it. O o ::Quietly, he tapped in commands to the console on his chair arm, locking down all the shuttles and the shuttlebay, giving clearance only to the one Oddas and Riverwind were flying to disable the Thunder.:: WALTAS: Savan, I want you to go with Riverwind and Oddas and take your boarding team. Once you fire off the probe we'll open fire, and then you can transport into Engineering and take it over. SAVAN: response MITCHELL: New contact. Showing it to be the Thunder's yacht. ::Tyr frowned, realizing now he had two to chase.As Savan left the bridge, the attention turned to the Thunder, who somehow managed to leap into the slipstream while travelling at maximum warp.:; o O Damn you, T'Lea. That's got to be your handiwork. It figures you'd choose to shine when I want you to screw up. O o MITCHELL: Targets are going to slip stream... WALTAS: Take us into the stream. We'll use theirs so we don't have to wait to power ours up. Stay on their tail, Anders. Mitchell, what's your opinion on the yacht? MITCHELL: Stay with the Thunder. The yacht is a diversion, Tyr. WALTAS: I'd tend to agree but why? ANYONE: response MITCHELL: Cause even you and I aren't crazy enought to try and survive a full power launch from a ship running at full impulse. Only an unmanned craft on remote could pull that off. WALTAS::Nodding:: Makes sense. All the same I want it disabled. Target its deflector and fire phasers. ::The Discovery lashed out with her main phaser banks. The yacht's shields were no match and the deflector took a direct hit. The yacht dropped out of the slipstream and went spinning out of control, lying adrift far from the approaching battlefield.:: WALTAS: Helm, stay with them. ::Both ships emerged from the slipstream and the looming chaos of the briar patch was just in front of them.:: WALTAS::Tapping his communicator:: =/\= Bridge to shuttlebay-Oddas, Riverwind, Savan, are you ready? =/\= Oddas: =/\= Oddas here, we are ready to launch. =/\= WALTAS: Launch and good hunting. Anders, full impulse. Take us in as close as we can get. Stay with the shuttle. ::Surprisingly, the Thunder didn't immediately open fire. He wondered if there was something going on on the bridge-if the crew had possibly mutinied or..worse..if they were dead. Either way, the plan was in motion, and couldn't be stopped. The shuttle hovered just in front of Discovery's massive saucer section and flew neatly under the Thunder's hull. He looked down at his own sensor console and saw the shields drop, and the grav plating failed on multiple decks.:: WALTAS: Looks like the probe worked. Their shields are down. Mitchell! Fire! Now! ::Tyr had, on many occasions, witnessed the might of the Discovery, but he'd never been so terrified of it as he was at this moment. As precise and skilled as Mitchell was, he was still dealing with aspects that were uncontrollable. No one could direct explosions or tell weapons to hit only ship hulls and systems. People were going to be hurt, and there was nothing he could do about it. The Discovery's phasers slashed into Engineering and then torpedoes followed, striking the the hull and the nacelles. The lights on board the Thunder went dim, then went out completely.:: MITCHELL: Target hit. Showing power out across multiple decks. looks like we got the feedback into the main capacitors. WALTAS: That should keep them down for awhile. ::Turning:: Major. Get our teams moving. Get Irina back up here. PARKER: Will do, Captain:: tapping his comm badge:: =/\= Major Pavlova, report to the Bridge.=/\=..:: low, so only Tyr could hear him:: We'll handle this Tyr. We'll bring Toni and the rest back...and make sure Sanuye hurts no one else. Your place is here, my friend... WALTAS::Quietly, only to him:: I know that. I also know that I'm going over there and nothing you or anyone else on this ship do or say will stop me. Besides.. ::sighing:: Tye is gone and his comm badge is shut off. You know what that means. He's going to confront Sanuye himself, or at least try to. We have to get there first. PARKER: I know, Tyr...I know....::standing up:: Let's go get him... ::Irina appeared, armed to the teeth, as Tyr walked over to the ready room. He'd stored his gear from the Embassy here, and took a moment to regard the emptiness. The rosewood desk was gone, a gift to Raj, and the painting of the USS Discovery now hung in his new office on the Embassy. The medieval broadsword, from the Camelot mission, was gone as well, and he didn't know where. Strapping on his katana, he checked the ancient phaser given to him from Irina, making sure it was set to stun, and holstered it on his thigh. Returning to the bridge, he found the rest of the team assembled. All were wearing gravity boots, knowing that the Thunder's gravitational systems had been cripppled.:: WALTAS: Mitchell, you're in command until we return. If the Thunder moves or powers up you're to open fire, whether we're on board or not. Keep our foot on her throat. Understood? MITCHELL: Aye sir. Full salvo on stand by. WALTAS: T'Minh, I want you to get with Dr. Hendon and prepare to receive the Admiral. We'll be back with her shortly. Hopefully. ::The teams beamed simultaneously to Engineering, auxillary control, and the bridge. The true test was about to begin.:: ==================================== Captain Tyr Waltas Commanding Officer USS Discovery C237910TW0
  17. ((Sickbay, Deck 4 - USS Za))::With a yawn, Noros Tanna slowly allowed her eyes to flutter open. It felt like she had been in a deep, dreamless sleep, and it took her a few moments to realize where she was and why the environs were so bright. Once her memories resurfaced, she started with a jolt. The vivid recollection of the attack she had endured outside the guest quarters flooded in, and she was surprised to feel no ill effects. The Bajoran security officer had been in a lot of pain, both physically and to her pride after the small Trill survivor had bested her so spectacularly, yet all that remained was the bruises to her ego. The physical effects were no longer there.::::Tanna turned her head to see the likely source of her newfound well-being, the resourceful and kindly Femi Cattan. She was attending another patient, and as Femi sighed and turned towards Tanna, the prone security officer could see the object of her ministrations. Ezra, the sell-out dabo girl that was a disgrace to Tanna's outdated sensibilities, appeared to be held under an induced medical stasis. Absently, Noros considered the lapse of time during her unconsciousness, and wondered what had brought her countrywoman to this state.::Cattan: How do you feel?::The medical officer was looking down upon her, appearing harried and concerned, but still tempered by a sweet demeanor. Noros felt first and foremost an affinity towards Femi for her effortless ability to project a cheerful and outgoing vibe, though there was a slight twinge of jealousy. These traits of Femi's were ones she herself had never owned, nor was she ever likely to obtain them. At this time and place, however, Femi had all of Tanna's gratitude.::Noros: Better. Much better. ::moving around tentatively to ensure that all her pains had fully abated:: You do great work, Ms Cattan. ::a bit more seriously, and with a hint of a scowl:: Good enough to give me a rematch with the waif who bested me, I hope.Cattan: ::nods:: I understand, your experience with Miazra can be of use to us ::to Porus and Soxco:: how do we proceed?Soxco: While I don't tend to agree with my culture way of life, they do have a valid point of knowing first who or what we are dealing with::Noros was about to object that she knew exactly who she wanted to deal with. Miazra Peeex, formerly an occupant on the Morning Star, soon to be an occupant of the Za's brig. But common sense shortly prevailed, and she realized that there had to be more to the story than just a common misdemeanor. No Trill that Noros had ever heard of possessed the superior strength and reflexes that she had witnessed in Peeex, and there was no telling what new information had come to light during her unconsciousness. So, she bit back the bitter retort borne of shame and frustration in the circumstances beyond her control, and decided to listen instead.::Porus: Agreed, found anything of use in that database?Cattan: ::she nods:: did something like this happen before?Socxo: We are dealing with a being that can take over a person mind and force it to its will. The USS Enterprise had to similar situation and dealt with it swiftly by finding the source of its problem ::Looking at the others:: If you push the head of the infected person aside, and lower the collar down you will see a green tail stick out of the neck. This is how you notice the person to be infected and it can be removed by precize point to point transport. But it requires some time and effort.Noros: So there's aliens controlling these survivors?::The information actually gave Tanna a small measure of relief. She had been ashamed to look her fellow security officer Porus in the eyes, thinking herself a fool for allowing herself to be bested by Peeex. But, if Peeex was under the influence of an undetectable performance-enhancing alien, then Noros could be forgiven for underestimating the situation that had led to her being overwhelmed. At least with this knowledge, she could ensure it wouldn't happen a second time.::Porus: I guess that means we stun them and remove the buggers?Cattan: ::she turned around:: I don't think it's that easy. 2 phasers on maximal stun, fired three times didn't work out as we thought either. ::she showed them the monitor with the brain activity on display:: These parasites are still “awake” but the host is knocked out.Socxo: ::looked at the file:: The Enterprise seemed to have contain the problem by taking out a being called the Mother? I got no real idea what it is...but it neutralized all beings and hostNoros: So no problem, then. We frag this Mother. Where's my phaser, I'll happily do the job.::Tanna sat up and swung her legs off the side of the biobed, and instantly regretted her bravado. Though she didn't swoon, her head swam a little at the rapid movement, and her hands had to grip the padding of the bed tightly for a moment in order to regain her equilibrium. Had she known about the introduction of anesthazine to the atmosphere during her incapacitation, she wouldn't have been quite so concerned.::Noros: oO Just how long had I been laying here? OoPorus: It might solve the problem but if I understood correctly it won’t remove the beings from their heads right?Cattan: with precise point to point transport we can remove them from their hads but it is risky. ::she thought for a moment:: do we know where this Mother is?Socxo: That ...::He shrugs a bit::... we don't know as the files indicated that the Enterprise crew were guided towards it.Noros: Well... okay then. When we DO figure out where this Mother is, let me know. I'll gun her down. I'll even gun down Peeex. ::shrugging, with a smirk:: Y'know, as a precaution.::A new entry to the sickbay was heralded by the opening of the main doorway, and an escorted officer entered the room. The escort, a fellow security officer by the name of Carritaro, stood at attention at the doorway. Noros gave him a friendly nod, which he returned in kind.::DeVeau: Hey, it’s just us!Porus: ::Lowering the phaser again:: Sorry…Cattan: ::to Porus:: No need to apologise. Since she could've been taken over we have to be very cautious.Socxo: It is a precaution to our own safety, we do not know whom to trust or whom we can't. But thanks towards the Enterprise files we can see it to their necks ::pointing to his own neck below the collar::DeVeau: oh no, I totally get it. Just not quite the welcome I was expecting. Noros: Wait, did I miss something during my beauty sleep? Not only is there an alien presence in some, if not all of the Morning Star arrivals, but they have been infecting the Za crew?Porus: That is correct… unfortunately, we are not sure how they spread their influence. We could be looking at a dozen casualties right now. It's seems to be spreading and give those under their control a lot of stamina too.Cattan: Yes, it makes them very dangerous.::Tanna nearly did swoon this time, but it was an emotional response instead of a physical one. The thought of another creature entering her body and using her as a puppet... it was more than she dare to consider. She looked pleadingly at Femi.::Noros: Was... Is... Am *I* infected?Cattan: No luckily you aren't. Peeex flew before she had the chance. If you didn't call us it could've been too late. ::she looks at Noros:: But Pandorn and you were both talking about the same kind of creatures.::The relief was palpable and overwhelming, though Tanna still felt herself gingerly touching the back of her own neck subconsciously looking for a protuberance that wasn't there.::Noros: Well, that would explain Peeex's words and actions. By the Prophets, that was a close call! PNPC LtJG Noros Tanna Security Officer, USS Za ~as simmed by~ LtCmdr Maxwell Traenor Chief Science Officer, USS Za =/\= Top Sims Contest Facilitator =/\= A239111MT0
  18. ((Main Computer Core - USS Za)) Losak: And now the bridge has been sealed. ::smiling:: Which means they can't get out, either. Well, then, let everyone fire away! Petras: ::finally looks up.:: What did you do? ::She shrugged.::Losak: Wasn't me. The bridge must have done something... But since they can't get out, it shouldn't be a problem. Lushington: which means they’re trapped…no time to lose. Don’t forget we still got a brother up there. Wouldn’t like to lose him either. Petras: And he will understand the sacrifice we may all have to make to achieve our goal. ::Her console beep. And she turned to look.:: Clever girl… ::He rolled with his eyes. He had made some sacrifices himself. With his hand he softly rubbed his swollen chin and cheek. It stung a little bit but the swollen parts were numb and speaking became more difficult. He shakes his head:: oO That damn Romulan gave me a good beating, he even kicked out my tooth. I will get my revenge on him Oo ::The bleeding luckily stopped quick enough but he couldn’t understand that his beautiful Faran still gave him a kiss. That she still showed some kind of interest in him though he looked hidious:: Lushington: ::He looked on her console but couldn’t understand one thing:: Whas hapfened? ::he knew that it sounded weird but it was the best he could do for now:: Losak: What's that, Nicky? You want to know what's happened? ::she didn't intend to sound like she was speaking to a young Tumerian prairie pup, but she didn't change the inflection of her voice either:: Someone has launched a set of probes. Unmodified, by the look of it. Petras: I warned you they would take action and they have done so. Lushington: Witw ‘they’ youw ean thew weowle on the bridge wighthh? Losak: ::sharply:: Who else would 'they' mean? Petras: They began by attempting to restrict access to personnel on the bridge only. ::pauses and then types rapidly.:: Oh… very clever girl… Lushington: vefy cwever indeed…what awe we going to dow abous it? Losak: Not much. There's no point. We weren't going to the bridge anyway. Petras: The captain has sent out probes… ::nods to herself:: I can make use of this… Lushington: awe we lucky to hawe yous onboarwed. ::he looked agry at th’Enise who was laughing at him and grabbed him by his collar:: dowt laugh at me owe I will woop youw [...] pfall!! Losak: ::she chuckled at the thought, then scowled back at Nicky, chiding in her voice:: Now, now, boys. We have work to do still. No time for fighting among ourselves. :: The console chirped tentatively as afraid to give more bad news. ‘Petras’ cursed in a manner which didn’t suite her Vulcan no-emotion look:: oO DARN IT, they trampled all our ideas down before we could even come up with another plan Oo Losak: Well, that doesn't sound good. What now? Petras: The captain has locked out slipstream, warp and long range communications. ::shakes head:: It will take too much time to bypass. Lushington: ::he didn’t understand it at all. She was talking about systems he never heard of:: so we hawe to be qwick and take ofer the sjip… ? Losak: If it were only that simple, little simple Nicky. ::sarcastically:: What do you think we've been trying to do? th'Enise: ? Petras: ::looks at the Andorian:: They will move the ship to follow the probes. I can access them. Send the signal. ::To Lushington and Losak.:: Connect with the rest, we need to regroup if we are to salvage this mission. Lushtington: Yesh good pwan Ma’am ::After what happened earlier in the turbolift he tried to be as kind as possible to Petras. He knew that she was his sister now, but the amazing strenght she had wasn’t something he wanted to feel a second time:: Losak: Does anyone know where the others are? :: He grabbed Losak’s hand and they walked towards the doors. He reminded himself that finding her was probably the second best thing that happened in his life. His Casino was of course the first thing but still. Before leaving trough the doors Losak’s comm.badge went off, but the call wasn’t meant for her:: Lers: =/\= Lers towards Lush....boy it is now in your hands to take control of this situation. Both myself and Peeex will be not available a certain amount of time...."=/\= ::He leaned in so he could speak trough her comm.badge. He tried to keep his distance but he felt, especially one cheek, blushed a little bit.:: Lushington: =/\= Mr. Hish. We wewe about tow m-m-meet up withs you. ::paused for a moment and glanced at Faran:: But you can fuwwy twust on me…and ush! ::pause:: wiw you be back again? =/\= Lers: =/\= Don't worry we will be coming...just hold your ground=/\= Lushington: =/\= whatewer you awe up to…be savw and pfrotect Lady Miazwa! =/\= ::The conversation ended and he looked up into Faran’s beautiful eyes. This called for a change of plans:: Lushington: So, whaf do we do now? Losak: Relay the news, obviously. ::Nicholas turns around to the others. He had to discuss this in the group. Their options changed quite a bit and he didn’t know how to achief it without losing lifes from his siblings:: Nicholas: so, Mr. Hish and Miazwa are up tow somefing….we have to twust them of couwse but our pwan to meet up withs them ish gone now. ********************************************************** Nicholas Lushinton Sadly, a former Morning Star member and a proud Casino Dealer (missing a tooth) As simmed by, Ensign Femi Cattan Nurse Officer USS Za Z239308FC0
  19. Welcome to Top Sims Contest of 2017! All announcements for the entire 2017 Contest will be posted in this thread. The Top Sims Contest allows members of our fleet to be recognized by their peers for superior writing ability. This contest allows only sims that have been used in a current plot to be considered. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES You can submit ANY sim -- from your ship, or another ship. You can submit your own sims if you wish. All sims are welcome, including staff (Captain, First Officer, etc.) sims. The sim must be written with good spelling, good grammar, and be in the correct format. Poorly structured sims will be disqualified. When a sim is submitted, it must have been created within the current submission period, or the previously lapsed submission period. Put another way: do not sims which are any older than a month. Submitted sims may not have any open dialogue tags. (i.e.: [respond here]) All dialogue in the sim must be filled in. (Just find the responding author's sim and fill in the blanks.) Sims must not include any "canon" characters. (i.e.- no characters who have appeared onscreen.) Please find a balance between nominating too many, or too few sims. Don't submit every good sim -- instead, post every great sim! Encourage your fellow crew-mates to submit at least a few sims a year. If you want your crew-mates to win more, you have to nominate the best sims, and encourage others to write higher quality sims! HOW TO SUBMIT A SIM First: Click the "Start New Topic" button. The format of the topic title should be as follows: "Character - Sim Title" For example: "LtJG Tristan Wolf - Everywhere you go, there you are" Note: Please do not clutter the topic title with an endless list of NPC or PNPC names or "JP" designations. Instead, simply include the primary character's rank and name. If it's a joint post, just include both rank and names -- no need to include the "JP" in there. Second: Choose from the "Topic Prefix" box the correct round number. (To check what round we're currently in, see the contest calendar below.) Third: Copy into the message box the complete sim. You don't need to worry about column width. Check to make sure that the sim is readable. You can click the "Edit" button to fix any issues, but don't delay -- you'll be barred from editing the post after 60 minutes. COMMENTING ON A SIM Everyone is welcome to comment on submitted sims. If you're going to provide constructive criticism, you are required to employ the "hamburger" criticism method: first, mention something you like; second, something you didn't like; third, something else you liked. If you just want to provide praise, no hamburger method required! Commenters who are rude, unfair, or overzealous in their commenting will be barred from future comments in the contest forum, and will have their actions brought to the attention of their CO. CONTEST CALENDAR Set 1, 2017 Contest Round 1, 2017 submissions: Monday, October 31 to Sunday, November 13 Round 2, 2017 submissions: Monday, November 14 to Sunday, November 27 Round 3, 2017 submissions: Monday, November 28 to Sunday, December 11 Round 4, 2017 submissions: Monday, December 12 to Sunday, December 25 Round 5, 2017 submissions: Monday, December 26 to Sunday, January 8 Round 6, 2017 submissions: Monday, January 9 to Sunday, January 22 Run-off Round 1: Monday, February 6 to Sunday, March 5 Set 2, 2017 Contest Round 7, 2017 submissions: Monday, January 23 to Sunday, February 5 Round 8, 2017 submissions: Monday, February 6 to Sunday, February 19 Round 9, 2017 submissions: Monday, February 20 to Sunday, March 5 Round 10, 2017 submissions: Monday, March 6 to Sunday, March 19 Round 11, 2017 submissions: Monday, March 20 to Sunday, April 2 Round 12, 2017 submissions: Monday, April 3 to Sunday, April 16 Round 13, 2017 submissions: Monday, April 17 to Sunday, April 30 Run-off Round 2: Monday, May 15 to Sunday, June 11 Set 3, 2017 Contest Round 14, 2017 submissions: Monday, May 1 to Sunday, May 14 Round 15, 2017 submissions: Monday, May 15 to Sunday, May 28 Round 16, 2017 submissions: Monday, May 29 to Sunday, June 11 Round 17, 2017 submissions: Monday, June 12 to Sunday, June 25 Round 18, 2017 submissions: Monday, June 26 to Sunday, July 9 Round 19, 2017 submissions: Monday, July 10 to Sunday, July 23 Round 20, 2017 submissions: Monday, July 24 to Sunday, August 6 Run-off Round 3: Monday, August 21 to Sunday, October 23 Set 4, 2017 Contest Round 21, 2017 submission: Monday, August 7 to Sunday, August 20 Round 22, 2017 submission: Monday, August 21 to Sunday, September 3 Round 23, 2017 submission: Monday, September 4 to Sunday, September 17 Round 24, 2017 submission: Monday, September 18 to Sunday, October 1 Round 25, 2017 submission: Monday, October 2 to Sunday, October 15 Round 26, 2017 submission: Monday, October 16 to Sunday, October 29 Run-off Round 4: Monday, October 30 to Sunday, November 26 FINAL RUN-OFF OF 2017: Monday, November 27 to Sunday, December 24 - this run-off selects the Top Sim of 2017. Set 1, 2018 Contest Round 1, 2018 submissions: Monday, October 30 to Sunday, November 12 Round 2, 2018 submissions: Monday, November 13 to Sunday, November 26 Round 3, 2018 submissions: Monday, November 27 to Sunday, December 10 Round 4, 2018 submissions: Monday, December 11 to Sunday, December 24 Round 5, 2018 submissions: Monday, December 25 to Sunday, January 7 Round 6, 2018 submissions: Monday, January 8 to Sunday, January 21 Run-off Round 1: Monday, February 5 to Sunday, March 4
  20. Please use this thread for any general discussion or questions about the Top Sims Contest. Do not post praise or criticism for submitted sims in this thread. Instead, post those praise or criticisms in the submitted sim's own thread.
  21. ((USS Discovery Bridge)) ::Ceilidh had gripped with all her might her station, and it seemed that time slowed down. It had first started when she alerted the Captain of where the Thunder was. What happened next was surreal. Love that had shined the day before, was now bitter cold darkness. One pleaded with his heart, while the other used her words as a weapon to hurt where it would do the most damage. Within a short period of time the Discovery was hit by torpedoes. The bright flash of each one of those 6 torpedoes caught everyone's attention and seemed to hold their gaze. What followed next was the ship jolting to the side, people making a mad dash to grab on to whatever they could, or tuck and roll in the hopes of avoiding major bodily damage. It was a picture painted dark, where despair and desperation were quickly replacing hope and love. Where what had to be done was neither comforting nor fulfilling. It reminded Ceilidh of old Earth paintings she had seen while back on Earth at the academy. Pictures of war painted in bold and dark blacks, browns, reds, greens and blues. At this very moment, if someone from that time on Earth were here today, that is how they would paint this brief moment in time. :: Waltas: What's their projected course? ::Ceilidh looked down at her console and realized where the Discovery was headed...the Ba'ku homeworld. She glanced up and things began to click from her academy days. Capt. Waltas was Ba'ku, the first if her memory served her to enter Star Fleet. WALTAS: What’s their projected course? Riverview: Sir, he's headed for the Ba'ku homeworld. ::The look that came from the Captain was both surprise and hurt, and from the rest of the bridge staff, they echoed that surprise. Ceilidh listened to what was to take place next. This was a new situation for her - missions were normally get in, get what you need, get out. This was different, there was a deep emotional aspect to this mission, and every decision that was made, had to be considered deeper than before, fully knowing that one, if not more people that were on the Thunder, would pay with their lives, and that this time, hearts were involved, and hearts complicated matters much more messily than anything else. Ceilidh was brought back from her thinking when she heard an unfamiliar voice over the comm system.:: Pavlova: If we get that close, will there even be anything left to board? Riverview: Sir, would it work if we could modify a probe and then take it by shuttle? They'll be looking for the discovery, and perhaps will ignore a shuttle. Ensign Ceilidh Riverview Diplomatic Attaché Duronis II Embassy - USS Thunder-A ID number: C239209CR0
  22. This is it, the final round of voting for 2016's Top Sim! The winner of this vote will be considered the Top Sim of 2016 -- one of the most highly coveted writing awards in our community. Voting closes automatically at 23:59 Pacific Time on Sunday, December 25, 2016. Please read all four sims before choosing the one you like the best in the poll above: Set 1 winner: Merrick R'Ven, "Past Goodbyes" Set 2 winner: Doctor Saveron, "There, but for the vagaries of chance, go I" Set 3 winner: Capt Tyr Waltas, "Showdown" Set 4 winner: LtCmdrs T'Lea & Rune Jolara, "Defying a Direct Order" These sims were submitted by members of the community. A panel of judges, consisting of one judge from each ship, voted on the best sim from each round. The sims they selected from each round were then voted-on by members of the fleet. You can see those votes here: Run-off round 1 Run-off round 2 Run-off round 3 Run-off round 4 The 2016 Hall of Fame archive contains all the sims submitted in 2016. Pinned sims are the winners from each round. FAIRNESS AND VOTING For a vote to win the final round, at least 10% of its votes must come from a ship other than the one the sim was created on. Your vote in this poll is public so that we can ensure that one ship's crew is not "stuffing the ballot box." If we find that any one crew is trying to force someone from their crew to be the winner, that sim will be disqualified and the ship will be ineligible to participate in the contest for all of 2017. Similarly, if anyone is found coercing members of their crew to vote for them, or a sim on their ship, that sim will be disqualified -- before, or after the vote. That does not mean that you can't vote for a sim that was originally simmed on your vessel. You just shouldn't vote for a sim from your ship simply because it's by your crew-mate. Instead, choose the sim that you believe is the best written, most engaging, and embodies the principles of good simming that this community values.
  23. (Shuttle bay- USS Discovery-C) ::Mitchell awoke with a start and a throbbing head. As he tried to get his head to stop throbbing, he felt his hand hit something and then the sound of hollow glass rolling across a deck.:: oO Ugh! My head hurts…Oo ::He slowly opened his eyes and found wherever he was, it was brilliantly lit. He let his eyes focus, and found himself looking out at open space. As panic started to set in, he noticed the wavering effect of a mag-con field in place. That meant he was in a shuttle bay and a Starfleet one at that. He pushed himself to his feet and fell back on his face. Groaning, he rolled over and spotted the massive logo of the USS Discovery-C painted there.:: oO That giant eagle Tyr put up there is still scary…Oo ::Before he got to his feet, he noticed the empty whiskey bottle he had knocked when he woke up. That brought back a flash of last night…:: oO I was sitting there with Perin…I made an [...] of myself and started an argument…Oo ::He forced himself to his feet and stumbled to the bay’s exit. Lucky for him his quarters were only one deck up and a short distance around the saucer’s curve thanks to the old days when he was XO.:: oO Things got a little heated I think… I said at least a couple of things I will probably come to regret…Oo ::He stumbled into his old quarters which were still assigned to him for the duration of the special trip. He stripped off what looked like the stained remains of this dress white as he headed into the bathroom.:: oO She had it coming after all….she’s the one who left me and dropped out of contact…Oo ::After a long hot shower, he shaved carefully and felt a lot better than when woke up. He pulled on a pair of jeans since he’d only brought one duty uniform. He was pulling a long sleeve t-shirt over his head when he noticed another ship moving by outside. He recognized the familiar lines of an Akira class ship getting underway. And there was only one Akira in the system, the Thunder-A assigned as Embassy’s support ship.:: oO They put us in a parking orbit right in back of her but plenty clear. After all, an orbit pattern can only hold so many ships. I wonder where why she’s changing orbits at this hour…Wait, she’s leaving orbit..that’s weird. Oo ::Walking over to the replicator, he ordered up a mug of his preferred double strength mocha coffee blend in its travel mug with the Discovery’s logo on it, before setting in at the desk, as the flash of a warp translation reached his window.:: oO Was that the Thunder? Stranger and stranger…Ugh, I really don’t want to find out what exactly I did last night. But I better check on the ship. Oo ::He called up the ship’s s status reports and started going through them. Since he was one of the two people responsible for the ship on this run, and as far as he knew, Raj was still down on the surface, one of them had to take care of it. Everything looked ok and ready for departure when the time came.:: oO Well…she did a good job on the flyby. Nothing got broken and diving that far into atmo with a ship this big could break a lot if done wrong. Oo ::He was finishing off the last of the reports when Suddenly the sound of an incoming call on an open com line sounded.:: WALTAS: =/\= Waltas to Embassy senior staff, Commander Mitchell and Ambassador Ghyurn. Report to the Admiral’s residence immediately and take the Embassy to Red Alert status. =/\= oO Wha…what?? Oo ::He slammed the coffee down and ran and grabbed socks and his old flight boots. He pulled on the socks and the old boots with their special accessories of his old slug thrower and a spare magazine. He hadn’t worn these in quite a while, and felt like slipping into an old pair of slippers. He quickly dung through the track of discarded clothes on the floor and found his com badge.:: MITCHELL: Computer, one to beam directly to the Admiral’s residence. COMPUTER: Stand by….Command authorization needed… MITCHELL: ::tapping the com badge:: =/\= Mitchell to Waltas and Parker. Tyr, I need you, Toni’s or Major Parker’s authorization to beam down to the Admiral’s residence. =/\= PARKER: =/\= Where are you Commander?=/\= MITCHELL: =/\= I’m aboard the Discovery and Red Alert prevents beaming through the Embassy’s shields. =/\= PARKER: =/\= Roger Commander. Stand by.=/\=:: Tapping his commbadge again:: =/\= Computer.Command override for Commander Rode Mitchell. Authorization code Alpha Romeo Epsilon Baker Alpha.=/\= Commander Rode Mitchell Unassigned C238005RM0
  24. ((Kitchen - Waltas’ Residence)) :: After finding Tye had come visiting, Toni invited him into the kitchen where she was preparing breakfast in bed for Tyr.:: Turner: Have a seat at the bar and I'll pour you a cup of coffee. Tye: No thank you, Admiral. Turner: Your dad mention you were not acting like yourself yesterday. Are you not feeling well? Tye: No, I wasn’t. It’s difficult but,:: he lied:: perhaps you’re the best person to talk to. There’s this girl.. :: he paused:: this woman. Her name is Samantha. She works with the Security forces and we, well. Turner: Let me guess, you two broke up. Tye: ::Nodding:: Yes. Well, we broke up and.. I didn’t realize how much I felt for her. :: He pitched a crack of emotion into his voice, lowering his head and seeking sympathy. Turner, being the sympathetic woman she was, fell for it, hook line and sinker.:: Turner: Oh Tye, I'm really sorry to hear that. Tye: :: Head still down:: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to darken your day with my behavior. :: Taking a deep breath, he stood from the stool and stepped over to her.:: The reason I came over first thing this morning is that I realized how selfish I was last night. I wanted to apologize. Please, forgive me. Turner: :: Moving closer, giving him a motherly hug:: There's nothing to forgive, Tye. I understand your feelings more than you know. :: He stepped into her embrace, then gripped the sides of her head with both hands. All pretense of emotion gone, his eyes grew cold, the smile disappeared, and a searing darkness entered his voice.:: Tye: You are mine. Turner: :: Trying to break away:: Tye, what's wrong with you? Let go of me! :: He pushed hard against her formidable mind. This was no wet-behind-the-ears youth, and he found mastering her thoughts difficult. She attempted to cry out and he let go with his left hand, covering her mouth as he martial all of his mental acuity to the surface. He felt the love she had for his father, the confusion at the attack, and the realization as she saw who he really was.:: Sanuye: ::Smiling wickedly:: Yes..now you see me. But it’s too late. :: With one final, crippling push, he cast Toni’s mind into the darkness and imposed his will upon her. Instructions followed as he uncovered her mouth.:: Sanuye: You will board the Thunder with a minimal crew and set a course out of the system. You will tell no one. Especially your husband. Turner: When? Sanuye: Leave. Now. Turner: :: Something seemed all wrong, but her mind surrendered to his control, making it right.:: Alright. :: When he was satisfied she was firmly under his control, he broke the hold, feeling a rush of weakness from the effort. He watched her as she walked glassy-eyed to the comm panel and issued orders. :: Turner: =/\= Turner to T'Lea, Jorey, Frazier, and T'Leria meet me on the Thunder's Bridge immediately. We have to leave the system at once. Turner out! =/\= Break =/\= Turner to USS Thunder-A, Two to beam up now from my coordinates. :: Within a few moments, she and Sanuye disappeared in a transporter beam. The last thing heard in the now-empty kitchen was a cold, menacing chuckle, and the smell of burning biscuits.:: :: Plunged into the familiar setting of the Bridge, she went to work on his orders, not really knowing why or where they had come from.:: Turner: Pelzer plot a course out of the system, We'll leave as soon as Jorey, Frazier, T'Lea, and Doctor T'Leira are aboard. Pelzer: Yes, Ma'am. Any particular direction or destination? :: Now confused as to what to say, she glanced helplessly at Sanuye.:: Sanuye: From what you told me Admiral we would be given specific course headings once we reach the other side of the sandbar. Turner: Yes, that's correct. We won't know until we're underway. :: aggravated by her confusion:: Just follow the damn orders, Janzen. :: In all the years Kim Janzen had served under Admiral Turner, she had never been so short with her, and it seemed out of character for her to be so curt, but then it could be the mission they were embarking on that was infringing on her honeymoon. Given that, Kim dismissed it and plotted a course, then waited for the rest of the crew Toni had cited to come aboard. :: TBC Tag ~Toni Rear Admiral Toni Turner Commanding Officer Embassy Duronis II - USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A Author ID number: E238209TT0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Turner,_Toni ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Executive Council Member Wiki Admins Team Featured Bio Team - Deputy Facilitator ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be." ~ Roslynn Carter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  25. ((Bridge, USS Veritas, 0900 hours)) :: Mei’konda hadn’t gotten much sleep. It was hardly his first experience in assisting a starship’s departure on a mission, but this was the first time he’d felt this combination of excitement and anxiety. Excitement, because it’d been a year since his last deep space assignment. Anxiety, because of what was going on with Evan. :: :: He hadn’t had as much time to get to know the Bridge crew as he would have liked, but as he understood it, he’d have the better part of a month to get to know them while the Veritas traveled to Shadow’s Edge. Being limited to Warp 5 was going to be interesting. He’d settled at the Operations console, logged in, and spent the better part of the morning chatting quietly with Lieutenant Maravosh, the helmsman, as well as reconfiguring the console to his exact preferences. :: :: The Caitian’s ears rotated as the turbolift door slid open. He didn’t have to look in order to recognize Rahman’s footsteps, but still turned his seat and bobbed his head toward her. :: Rahman: Notify the station we are heading off on our way to Shadow's Edge. Blake: Aye, Captain. Flight plan logged. Esperance is standing by. :: Rahman’s eyes turned toward him. :: Rahman: Final pre-departure systems check please, Mr. Mei'konda. Mei'konda: Final pre-depaarture systems check. Aye, Captaain. :: Spinning his chair briskly back around, Mei’konda let his hands dance across the ops console as he began the automated level five diagnostics that would supplement the more intensive ones that the crew had been running, in preparation for departure. One by one, major systems blinked green on his screens. Moments later, he heard the telltale whistle of a shipwide announcement, and the Captain’s voice. :: Rahman: =/\= All hands, this is the captain. We are making way for Shadow's Edge. You've all done an excellent job getting the ship ready during this difficult transition. We're going to find answers, I promise you. =/\= :: Tradition. The Captain preparing the crew for this mission. Considering what had happened to their previous commander, certainly a smart move. :: Rahman: Departure check? Mei'konda: All systems reporting nominaal, Captaain. The Veritas is ready for depaarture. Rahman: All right, get us underway, Commander Blake. Blake: Standby for clearance from Esperances Ops. :: Mei’konda glanced toward his right, where the Lieutenant was working through the departure procedures. He remembered being at the helm. It was a lot to keep track of. :: Maravosh: Star Station Esperance confirms we are a go for departure. Blake: Engage thrusters. Steady away from station docks. :: Mei’konda’s ears perked and rotated as the Veritas began to move slowly away from the station. For a moment, he was surprised. On the Garuda, his human crewmates hadn’t been able to pick up the sound of maneuvering, and on the Invicta, engine sounds were muffled completely, often replaced with something natural played through the hull. But the Veritas was very different. Less well insulated, much more power for her mass. She wanted to MOVE. He was starting to understand the attraction of a smaller, tougher ship. :: Rahman: Ahead to Shadow's Edge, warp... ::She raised an eyebrow.:: five. Maravosh: Warp five, confirmed. Mei’konda: Full power traansferred to navigaational sensors. Tetryon fields chaarted. It doesn’t look liike there is anythiing out of the ordinaary in our path. At least… not for the Shoals. Blake: The Mother Road's current trajectory has been confirmed, but we'll need an additional check once we get into Coalition space. Long range sensor calibrations will likely be required with drifting from the road. All departments are green. Rahman: Engage. :: Stars streaked in front of them, Mei’konda instinctively leaned back in his seat, and let out a short breath. They were on their way. :: ========= Lieutenant Commander Mei’konda Operations Officer USS Veritas
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