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My character’s name is ‘Kivik’. Kivik is J’naii and, as such, is androgynous and does not experience gender. Their preferred personal pronouns are ‘ne/nir/nem/nirself’. They understand many species are primarily binary and won’t be offended by incorrect pronouns, except on a continued basis.

My name is Keegan and I’m from Vancouver, in BC, Canada. I work in post-secondary education administration.

I’ve watched Star Trek from a young age - my Dad was a casual fan and we’d often watch TNG together. When Voyager started airing, I followed the series and also followed Enterprise and some of Discovery. I’ve also seen some (though not all) of the other series - i.e. TOS, DS9. I’ve not seen any of Below Decks yet.

As a teenager, I played a considerable amount of Table Top RPGs (mostly the World of Darkness system) as well as a number of online text-based RPs (Lord of the Rings, Battlestar, and others). Recently, I’ve been re-discovering TTRPGs with Dungeons and Dragons (5E) and have been enjoying DM’ing a couple campaigns. I was interested in exploring an online sim as well - getting a chance to play again - and after some research came upon this community, which seemed really awesome!

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