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  1. While Major Kira was not in command of DS9, she was effectively Sisko's equal in influence specifically because she was Bajoran and could speak to Bajoran history and culture that was so important to the planet the station was attached to. Given the background that we learn about her through the show, I find that Kira Nerys is the exemplar of a strong, resilient woman.
  2. I'm surprised that the very French organization called The Maquis was not one of the poll options. The Maquis was the name of the French resistance movement during WWII, and they continued their resistance to oppressors of all nations in the DS9 era as well. Just because they are frequently cast as the bad guy extremists does not mean that they should be viewed as villains. (Didn't Sisko commit a near-genocide to arrest one Maquis leader? That sounds like a villain to me.) My vote in this poll: Other (The Maquis)
  3. I'm in full agreement. This is very high quality world building and it deserves appreciation from across the fleet. Brava!
  4. I'm new to the fleet, but it is good to know that I am surrounded by so many truly excellent writers and contributors to this community. My hearty congratulations and thanks to one and all!
  5. I'm very new to the SB118 fleet, but I just read a wonderful story in six parts via the USS Gorkon group. I did not recognize any of the characters or locations involved, and I'm honestly not sure if I was supposed to, but the skillful writing and character building made all of that irrelevant! I was caught up in the narrative and the emotions of the characters in a way that is rare even in professionally written fiction. My sincerest appreciation to @SerrenTan for this extraordinary contribution to our fictional 'verse. Part I: https://groups.google.com/g/sb118-gorkon/c/u-4LPm6MsiU/m/n92asqVkAQAJ Part II: https://groups.google.com/g/sb118-gorkon/c/p1o21om-xsU/m/rX6eNqlkAQAJ Part III: https://groups.google.com/g/sb118-gorkon/c/sKWp52W9FIs/m/iM9zXKtkAQAJ Part IV: https://groups.google.com/g/sb118-gorkon/c/13vp720m0e8/m/hcqCWbRkAQAJ Part V: https://groups.google.com/g/sb118-gorkon/c/r3K5k813AuQ/m/dLTslrhkAQAJ Part VI: https://groups.google.com/g/sb118-gorkon/c/Sw1LCIcKJ6Y/m/Cd1_8LtkAQAJ
  6. I'm going to refrain from voting since I still haven't seen Discovery or Picard. However, I would like to put my unofficial vote in for the Trill as a species. Even before DS9, the very first appearance of the Trill on TNG showed that basically all Trill are bisexual (because it's not the host body that matters when it comes to love, it's what's inside you). It also showed that Dr Crusher was unable to overcome her sexual preferences, and when I first watched that episode, it seemed clear to me that Crusher's inability to see past that surface level was a failing on her part.
  7. Those figures would make the average posts per ship just about 160; the USS Gorkon is closest to that mean. The median ship would be the USS Juneau (5th out of 9).
  8. Good YT channel. It's on my radar now.
  9. I would absolutely accept Q's powers because I have some ideas for how to improve the universe that would be hard to accomplish without omnipotence. When I'm satisfied that I had done all that I could to make life better, my last use of such power would be to eliminate omnipotence from existence (because then some being could undo all my good works). However, I think the more interesting question might be: What would my character, Mallora Vossti, do with Q's powers? That is something that I think I might like to explore in greater depth. May she have them for a time, please??
  10. Is there RP-wide standardization in formatting? For example, in my own writing I use italics to indicate that the character is thinking to themself without vocalizing, and I use <<carat markers>> to indicate that a character is speaking in a non-common language (such as speaking Klingon on a Federation ship). Have such standards been adopted or discussed here on the forum or elsewhere?
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