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  1. M’rrirr’s tail lashed involuntarily as he materialized on the transporter pad. No matter how many times he did this, he could never get used to the feeling of being deconstructed and rematerialized miles away. It always left a faint buzzing through his body, as if he was full of bees. Of course, the anxiety rushing through him wasn’t helping either. It was his first day here, and starting his career was no small step. He stepped out of the transporter room and onto the Promenade. It was packed, but through the crowd, it looked just like he had expected it to. He had been on Federation starbases before, on his journey to Earth - and the Academy - four years ago. Thank goodness for that, he thought, bolstered by the small comfort of familiarity. At least he would know his way around a little bit. Grabbing his bag, he made his way through the noisy throng of new cadets toward the turbolift. Shockingly, it was empty. As the turbolift doors closed behind him and started transporting him to his temporary quarters, he relished the brief silence in his little sanctuary. M’rrirr fidgeted, a combination of impatience and nervousness. It had been a long, cramped ride in the shuttlecraft to get here. He had tried to sleep, but alas, the anticipatory chatter of the other cadets had kept him wide awake the entire time. All he had to do now was drop his bag off in his quarters, freshen up a little, and make it through his first briefing in the holodeck. Then he could finally rest. He tapped his right temple. He had turned off his ocular implant on his way here, trying to avoid getting a headache on his first day. It was time to turn it back on now that he was likely to meet people. He didn’t want to have one creepy, dead-looking eye staring back at anyone he tried to make a good impression on. The implant reinitialized as the turbolift doors opened. Everything was suddenly twice as bright. Even after four years of daily use his brain still hadn’t completely adjusted to the foreign input. M’rrirr was used to this brief sensory overload by now, though. It’s why he always made sure he was alone when he booted up the implant. To any onlookers, he would appear to be reacting suddenly to absolutely nothing at all. Finally finding his way to his quarters, M’rrirr tossed his bag on the bed. He stared longingly at it. It was more than tempting to lay down and take a short nap, but he knew that if he went to sleep now he’d likely stay that way for more than a few hours, missing his briefing entirely. He dragged his feet to the bathroom and splashed cold water on his face to try to wake himself up. I really should just replicate myself some coffee. He looked into the mirror, water dripping from his dark brown fur. His eyes stared back at him; one golden, the other the bright blue of his implant. He ran his wet hands through the dark mane on his head, trying to coax it into something resembling a professional hairstyle. Satisfied with his stylings, he headed for the replicator. “Coffee, hot. Two cream, two sugar.” The mug materialized in front of him, and he took it, taking a satisfying gulp. Surely this wouldn’t help his anxiety, but it was better to be a little nervous than to show up to his briefing dead tired. M’rrirr decided that when he was a little more alert, he would go explore the commercial sector. He had heard about it, its impressive size and holographic sky. Apparently, it was truly an amazing sight to see. ------------------------------------------------ ((I’ve written some other stuff about M’rrirr as well, some backstory and personality information. I tried to fit as much of it into this as I could, but I thought I would include this as well as a summary of his character.))
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Sal! I just got approved to start training. I’m looking forward to starting and making some new friends! My pronouns are he/him or they/them. I live in Ontario, Canada, and I’m a 20 year old college student. I’m hopefully going to be starting a creative writing program soon, so I’m sure you all will see my writing improve over the coming months 😜 And of course, I hope to improve my writing through this group as well! I found this group through Facebook, I believe one of your posts was suggested to me by the algorithm, and I liked your page to remind myself to check back later. That was a few months ago, and a post by your page finally popped up on my feed the other day and reminded me to look into this! I used to RP when I was younger (not Star Trek) but haven’t done so seriously for quite some time now. I’ve loved Star Trek my whole life and have been hoping to find something like this for years! For work right now, I’m technically unemployed, but I’m an artist and I take commissions. It’s not much, but at least it’s something! I plan on playing a Caitian science officer named M’rrirr. If I have the option to pick a specialization for him, his two areas of expertise are meteorology and geology, though he has a general thirst for knowledge in most any subject. I’ll write more about him in the character introduction thread, though. This post is already getting a bit long. I look forward to meeting all of you!! Sal
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