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    Shows: Star Trek, The X-Files and Outlander. Books: InCryptid, most books by John Scalzi, Outlander. Other stuff: Cryptids, conspiracies, true crime, that kind of stuff. I enjoy Psychology, Geology, Meteorology, Animation, and Art.

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  1. M’rrirr’s tail lashed involuntarily as he materialized on the transporter pad. No matter how many times he did this, he could never get used to the feeling of being deconstructed and rematerialized miles away. It always left a faint buzzing through his body, as if he was full of bees. Of course, the anxiety rushing through him wasn’t helping either. It was his first day here, and starting his career was no small step. He stepped out of the transporter room and onto the Promenade. It was packed, but through the crowd, it looked just like he had expected it to. He had been on Federation st
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Sal! I just got approved to start training. I’m looking forward to starting and making some new friends! My pronouns are he/him or they/them. I live in Ontario, Canada, and I’m a 20 year old college student. I’m hopefully going to be starting a creative writing program soon, so I’m sure you all will see my writing improve over the coming months 😜 And of course, I hope to improve my writing through this group as well! I found this group through Facebook, I believe one of your posts was suggested to me by the algorithm, and I liked your page to remind
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