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  1. Looking out over the replica of the Golden Gate Bridge, Dr. Cassie Mason took in a deep breath as she twirled the end of one of her twin braids around her finger. Where to begin. This section of the base might look and feel like San Francisco, but it just wasn’t the same was it. Squaring her shoulders, Cassie looked down at the PADD in her hands, a map of the area staring back at her. Definitely not the same. She’d promised herself she wouldn’t let her nerves get the best of her. Afterall, adventure was why she’d joined Starfleet. The old her would have taken her time walking to the holodeck and gotten there way earlier than she needed to. Then she probably would have sat quietly somewhere and read. And right now the desire to pick a bench and just focus on her PADD was overwhelming. Swallowing hard and forcing her hand to stop playing with her braid, Cassie set a timer on her PADD to remind her when it was time to show up to the holodeck. This time she would let herself get lost. And maybe grab some lunch before the briefing. Now if only getting lost wasn’t such a daunting task. She had no idea that starbases felt this massive on the inside. Sure, most ships were big enough to act as self-sufficient cities on their own. But this. This was awe-inspiring; the exact thing she’d been hoping to get from travelling in space. And it was only the first day. If only her moms and siblings could see her now. On a starbase and at the beginning of her career. Picking a direction, Cassie made her way down the streets of the San Francisco District. With her shoulders tense, she moved through the small crowd of people. If she was used to crowds would she be that good at weaving her way in and out past people? Or did that come with living somewhere where every person had somewhere important to be? Was that what her ship would be like? Shaking her head, Cassie focused on the shops around her, all of them unique and eye-catching in their own way. Hm...she had wanted lunch.
  2. Hey all! I'm Emily and I just got approved a day or two ago and am waiting for my training to start. I can't wait to get started and am looking forward to joining a crew. I currently live in New York and am in training to become a court stenographer. I've only watched original and animated series and the new movies. I look forward to watching even more and broadening my horizons.
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