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  1. This had me laughing. Nicely done 😂
  2. With her bag over her shoulder, Cassi exited the shuttle. Starbase 118 was massive. Sage immediately felt lost. She knew that she still had a few hours until her final training mission began, so she wasn't too worried about time. In fact, sage revelled in the idea of exploring the station a bit before she had to report. Cassi, a Bajoran, had long dark hair that fell onto her right shoulder, clear of her left ear where her traditional earring dangled. She had chocolate brown eyes and a longish nose ridged with Bajoran wrinkles that stopped abruptly at her brow. Her teal topped uniform was crisp and well groomed, her comm badge gleaming in the florescent lights off the station. After the long trip from Starfleet Academy, Cassi knew that she should find a quiet place to meditate and center herself, but the thought of finding the promenade and getting some good food, and maybe some shopping, pushed this thought aside. Cassi had always struggled with her faith. It wasn't that she didn't believe in the Prophets, far from it. But she never felt truly comfortable in her place as a Bajoran, especially where the Prophets were concerned. This oddity was increased as she studied medicine, a field far separated from religion. Her father had even tried to get her pulled from the Academy with the argument that she couldn't possibly serve the Prophets while engaging in such a deep scientific field. "Pardon me, can you direct me to the promenade?" Cassi asked a uniformed passerby. "There's a visitor console over there." He said, pointing at a bank of terminals. "Welcome to Starbase 118." "Thanks." She said. After reviewing a detailed map of the station, Cassi made her way to the promenade. She had noted the location of the Bajoran Temple, in the Ashalla sector, and promised herself to visit later, pushing aside a pang of guilt. She suddenly pulled up short as she spotted a Cardassian walking toward her. Cassi had never experienced the occupation of Bajor, as she hadn't been born yet. But her father, a formal resistance fighter, had frequented her with take after take off the atrocities. Cassi had never developed a strong hatred for the Cardassians, but she had never really been allowed to mingle with them either. Cassi's mother had been much more forgiving when the Cardassians turned a new leaf, and had played the angel on Cassi's shoulder opposite her father the devil. She smiled brightly at the Cardassian as he passed, and was happy that he returned it with a nod. Feeling that she had made some strange form of social progress that would surely send her father into cardiac arrest, Cassi continued on into the promenade.
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