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    My hobby is collecting hobbies. Watch repair to gunsmithing. Blacksmithing to fine woodworking. Former motorcycle racer and competitive rock climber. Most recently a stained glass technician.

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  1. This scene has some amazing mental imagery and I thank @Hallia Yellir for including me!
  2. Congratulations! And a big thank you to every staff member for keep this place running.
  3. Congratulations everyone! It was great reading these citations, you all deserved these so much!
  4. A couple of us are getting some off-duty face to face time with our Captain and I was fortunate enough to get to ask the right questions to get some good reminiscing out of her.
  5. I loved every bit of this JP. From the images akin to "Best in Show" to the insane chaos at the end.
  6. Aine's wearing department colors with some Starfleet licensed earrings and necklace.
  7. Congratulations @Wes Greaves for you win! And to @Hutch! I enjoyed both of your entries. Well deserved!
  8. Our new medical officers first sim and it's like he knows us so well already, welcome aboard: Chaos, that was the description of his final exam and his first assignment.
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