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  1. Ensign Sarah Phillips was nervous. This wasn't uncommon for her, though. Most things made her nervous. Her shuttle had been disabled by an ion storm, so instead of being early, Phillips was actually a full week late. Her ensign placement officer assured her this was fine, but she knew she had already made a bad impression with her training program regardless. She hiked her duffle strap up higher on her shoulders and stepped out of the shuttle and into the receiving bay of the Promenade. She would never get over how diverse and… futuristic the Federation was. Her ‘primitive’ upbr
  2. Hi folks! I'm Patrick, I live outside of Philadelphia with my dog. I'm an online educator currently working on my masters in Plant Science, and have only recently fallen for Star Trek, but I've fallen hard. I've role played since high school (mostly DnD and PbtA), but I've never done something this freeform! I actually started roleplaying on a sh*tposting group on Facebook ("a group where everyone are crewmembers on the same starship", it's a hoot) and decided I wanted to try something a little more serious. I'm excited to get to know everyone and find my place!
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