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  1. Stepping off the transporter pad Harper sighed, all those years at the academy had led to this moment, all that studying, all the late and sleepless nights and now it was arms length away. So why did feel so....nervous? Watching the people pass by, the mix of starfleet personal and civilians all passing by, interacting, he suddenly felt very....small. As he stepped through the gates he was buffeted by the crowds, he felt like an ant in a colony, he managed to slide his way to the edge of the wall, out of the main flow of the crowd and kept there until he stepped into the main atrium. He looked over the banister. Still nervous and he smiled, he dropped his duffle bag to the floor looking out and all those people and to his side he could the many starships docked and those in orbit around the station, the shuttles whizzing past as officers and crew were transported between postings, leave and colonies. He knew that in a few short days he would be on of those shuttles headed to his first assignment and the thought of that scared him, it terrified him, more that the exams did and he really hated those, but amongst that terror was an excitement, a burning desire to be the best he could be, and be the best in Starfleet. Name: Harper Bennett Race: Human Age: 24
  2. Hey all, I'm Malcolm, Mal to my friends I live in the sunny exciting UK. Played a lot of role play games in my life, D&D, a few star wars ones. Love to write and been a big trek fan and I'm looking forward to starting training with you all.
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