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  1. I am truly happy for the welcoming. Thank you Captain @Oddas Aria perhaps after the Academy i get assigned to your care who knows. But i do hope we cross paths.
  2. For Appa it would be Bajor as he often visits i every 5 years with his family.
  3. Slowly approaching on a federation civilian transport, Jesmi Appa quietly contemplates his new life. He quickly finds himself daydreaming about his future in both Starfleet and for himself. He sees himself being a upcoming medical expert renown for his views in the medical field and sought by others. He was living and studying on the french campus of the Starfleet Academy. He developed a small passion for Federation politics while on Earth. and got used to living under Starfleet accommodations. Due to his species physiology Appa prefers to sleep underneath his bed. The top of His bed is filled
  4. Greetings children of the universe, My real first name is Sebastian. I live in Orlando, Florida nearby a magical place from where I can see dragons and wizards plus cartoon characters. As a 5 year roleplayer I am personally embarrassed to not find out this place before. Thanks to a few articles plus mentions around Memory Alpha. I am a fully paid wizard who works at a Tavern for non magical people at a themepark in Orlando wishing can cast a spell that can transport me to Deep Space Nine so I can meet Odo.
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