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  1. Going Odyssey class simply because the term Dreadnought inspires fear and shows visions of awesomeness.
  2. Have to go with Enterprise as it sounds different to the others and fresher being new at the time. I do like the others though
  3. Martin looked around as he got closer to the academy. He was nervous but keen to finally get started on this big adventure. Standing at around 6ft 4 with a slender but firm build he had traveled all the way from Australia for this moment. As he walked he carefully studied the crowd around him, he could tell who the other “newbies” were they all had that wide open expression on their face that he probably had as well. ”Well Martin” he thought to himself “Straighten your back, look presentable and maintain calm... and hope and pray like anything that a helm position is available at the end of this”.
  4. Thank you google for showing me this site. Love Star Trek, rpg and writing so was looking for something different. Looking forward to seeing you all and playing the “game” 😁
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