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  1. “Call me Jeriko”

    Dr. Jeriko Eilari smiled as he looked out over Little Risa. Passers-by on one of the busy intersections leading back toward Mak'ala District looked at him in surprise, as he didn’t seem to be addressing anyone in particular. Nothing could have been further from the truth, although the Trill was not speaking to a who, but a what.

    Stretching out in front of him was Freedom Beach, a pristine shore with a swell better than any he had seen in the last six years. He had a few hours before having to report to the holodeck for briefing, which would lead to assignment, which would lead off into the darkness of the galaxy. Exploring the unknown did not frighten the doctor: he’d rebelled against his family by not applying to the Symbiosis Commission and joined Strafleet Medical precisely to voyage into the stars. However, the stars had limited white water, and the peeling of holodeck waves never had the right feel.

    Apart from his basic supplies, Jeriko had only brought his Risa Powerboard to StarBase 118, which he kicked into action as he reached the water. Some of the more veteran sun-bathers thought that the laughing surfer had the look of a young Benjamin Sisko about him, aside from the dreadlocks. They wondered what the future held for this young cadet, what thrills he had in front of him, and the friends he would love and lose along the way. 

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