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  1. Hi Beth/Nora! Hope to read great things from you soon. Mark O'Bannon a.k.a. Alastriona DeTroyes
  2. Welcome T'Pam! If I ever get to the embassy, perhaps you can show me around? :)
  3. Hi Kettick! Welcome! Though we've already chatted on Discord, its nice to meet you on the forum! Best, Mark a.k.a. Alastriona DeTroyes P.S. lmk if you need anything like a pic, etc. I've never done an insect avatar before!
  4. All you need for flight is a good old fashioned anti-gravity belt! I chose, "Other".... I think the power TO INSTILL KINDNESS IN OTHERS would be nice.
  5. ::Arridor glanced at his companion.:: Arridor: Your phaser is set to stun, isn’t it? Groond: You want me to kill them? Arridor: No, you idiot. I wanted to know if the proprietor is still alive. Groond: Oh. ::He glanced at his phaser.:: Yes, it’s set to stun. ::Arridor relaxed somewhat.:: Arridor: Good. I don’t want to antagonize him. Groond: He won’t sue us, will he? Arridor: I hope not. There's nothing more dangerous than an honest businessman.
  6. Where No Man Has Gone Before My favorite episode.
  7. Alastriona's homeworld, Scylanthia, is a world full of giant balloons, who are the native's of the planet. Scylanthia is 151 light years from Sol in the Hyades star cluster in the constellation of Taurus, past Aldebaran.
  8. Hello, Who am I to improve upon perfection? Seriously though, It all looks very well put together. I'm sure you've worked out the bugs over the last several years. After I go through it, I might have a few ideas.
  9. Hello, Why did I join? I used to play PBEM games several years ago. I had to drop out (life stuff ya know). When I was writing for Star Trek PBEM simms, I did 5,000 words a day (several posts a day). I'm now an author (fantasy and science fiction), and I write only about 1,000 words a day. While the stories are better, I'd like to get my speed back up to 5,000. I had an art class where we warmed up with 1 minute poses... it was a great way to loosen up to get ready to paint/draw. I plan on using this game in a similar fashion. Okay... the REAL reason, is that I miss writi
  10. Hi! Can't wait to write with you (if I'm assigned to your starship)... though, we could still do one together for fun.
  11. ((Starbase 118, Main Dome, San Francisco District, Shari’s Cafe)) The Inquiry Raindrops fell onto the roof of Shari’s Cafe, bathing the intimate meeting place with a pleasant sound, as if a giant cat slept, just outside, purring. A woman as tall as a fashion model, Alastriona De Troyes, looked out a window. A single white dove sat by a fountain while little water droplets fell into the water. A cold breeze flew through the cafe. The door had opened. A man entered, wearing a tall black leather coat with the collar turned up. His white hair was cut short and he had piercing blue
  12. Hi, I'm an author and game designer. I've simmed before in 3 other Star Trek PBEM games and now I write novels and screenplays. Best, Mark O'Bannon P.S. I'm a Photoshop artist too, so.........
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