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    I like reading, writing, roleplaying/simming on various platforms. I like to learn new things. I also like Star Trek on a fairly casual level, and am happy to be here.

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You can call me Cecil. I'm 23 years old. I'm trans, nonbinary, or genderqueer, I use all terms comfortably and interchangeably in my particular instance. Generally prefer neutral pronouns, but all pronouns are good as long as it's done with respect. As for other identities I consider myself Ace, and romantically queer because it's complicated in some ways, but it's not straight.

I love animals with all of my heart, especially cats and birds. They make me happy. (In fact, I have 7 cats, and 4 birds at home.) I work in a group home for adults with mental disabilities in my day to day life.

Also puns? They're my heckin' jam, friends. I will out pun you. I'm just your friendly, neighborhood pun-slinger.

I also love reading, and writing just in general. When I'm in the mindset, I do a lot of both. I have been writing for a total of probably ten years in various forms. Used to write short stories, then moved to roleplaying elsewhere for nearly seven of those years. Hell, I still do that frequently, as well as independently writing for fun when I have the time and energy to do so. I don't consider myself a professional by any means, but in comparison to my past self I think I can say I'm pretty decent at writing. Have a lot of work to do to improve more, but I have improved, and am happy to allow this to help me improve as well.

I also love learning new things even if it takes me a while to properly process what it is that I'm learning. One of my favorite things to look up is psychology, especially mental disorder related things. It's all very fascinating. And I know quite a bit about a good number of things because of it.

As far as Star Trek related content and the like, I'm a pretty casual Star Trek fan. In the long run I almost consider myself a little new to it in some ways. Even though I've seen at least a few episodes, to a season or so of every Star Trek iteration except Discovery. I'll get there eventually. But I always feel really good after I watch it, so I really do like it and am glad to be here. And I hope it doesn't make me the odd one out for being so casual and a little less informed about a lot of details. I'm always happy to learn whatever knowledge you wish to impart upon me about it.

If I'm a little quiet, sometimes, I apologize. I have some generalized anxiety, paired with social anxiety, and mad ADHD. Which does tend to make me a little skittish, forgetful, and unfocused. But I'm working on it as best I can. Sometimes makes it difficult to talk, though. I promise I'm not ignoring you if you're trying to talk to me and I'm taking ages to say anything back.

Really hope to make friends here, mostly. You all seem right swell.

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