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  1. Kral must have fallen asleep at some point in his journey to Starbase 118, having only been jolted awake when the ship he was on docked to their destination. He took a deep breath as he stretched his arms out, it would be a few moments before they were allowed to depart the ship so he wasn't in any particular hurry at the moment. He looked around the room for a moment longer before pushing himself up out of his chair and grabbing his bag to head for the exit. As he stepped off the transport and found his way through the station and down a few flights of stairs, up a few others and eventually he found his way into the main promenade of the station. He took a deep breath and looked around and in true Tellarite fashion he blurted out, "The air smells....stale, don't they circulate the air here?" He scowled, much to the dismay of a nearby maintenance worker. His snout drooped for a moment as he continued on to the station directory to begin looking for the places he needed. His quarters while he finished his academy courses, check. The holodecks, check. Academy offices, check. Food, check. Knowing his way, he set off for his quarters first. It would no doubt be a spartan accommodation with no windows but he came to see that was an incorrect assumption. One desk with a computer terminal, one basic food replicator and a small table to eat at, one locker and a bed in an adjoining bedroom, and a small washroom off of the bedroom. A little more immersive than he expected. He set his bag down on the bed and moved to the terminal on the desk, tapping the touchpad to wake it up "Computer, time." He terminal offered a beep before that familiar voice chimed out "The time is oh three thirty three hours." He let out a sigh and considered catching a few more hours of sleep before he had to report to the holodeck for training, but a grumble in his stomach had other plans. Should he just replicate something or head out to do some exploring? Explore it was. Kral stepped back out into the stale corridor and looked around, completely devoid of activity. But it was early, or late? Depends on your point of view, it was early for Kral since he had just arrived. He made his way down the hall to the turbolift, and with the quiet hour the lift arrived in no time. He stepped into the empty lift and leaned against the wall, "Commercial Sector, Shi'Kahr district, Hurutam Sub-district." The lift chimed in acknowledgement and away it went, a steady hum as the lift traveled to the Tellarite-styled sub-district. He might as well see what tastes of home were available on the station. The lift finally came to a stop in Hurutam after a few minutes, and when the doors opened it gave a view into a sight to behold for the young Tellarite. While he had only been on the station for nearly an hour and a half, nearly everywhere he had been was devoid of life but here, life but bustling even in the middle of the...night. He had to remind himself that there was life at all times of day on a space station, if you could even call it a day. Kral went ahead and stepped off the lift, the smell of fruit immediately filled his nostrils and he came to be reminded once again that he was hungry. His footsteps let him in the direction of that fruit, eventually finding a vendor around the corner will all sorts of fruits from all corners of the Federation. As Kral looked over the display of fruits, a very stately Tellarite watched with a scowl of his own. Kral knew, he could feel the shop keep's eyes burning through him. But the young Tellarite had a weakness, a weakness for one particular fruit. Terran Pears. Insane how one fruit, one small fruit out of the billions in the galaxy, could have such an effect on him. But alas, he could not find the delicious fruit he looked for. Just when he was about to walk away, that cold voice called out "What are you looking for boy?" Boy? BOY? Kral looked back up at the man, a scowl of how own forming "I'd have found it by now if this stand was any good, but there isn't a thing here I would even consider touching." Kral scoffed at the man, waiting for the argument to continue and sure enough, "You wouldn't know what was good if it hit you in the face boy!" Kral's anger grew by the second, no doubt fueled by both men being Tellarite, such debate was just a part of their culture. But just when he was about to snap, he looked down to that Cadet's uniform and he was reminded of why he was there. As much as he wanted to yell at the man, he didn't want to end hid career before it started. Kral took a small breath then let out a chuckle as he looked back up at the man "I may be young, but I'm not a boy. I am at the start of a lifelong career and you're here, tending a fruit stand in a stale air market." He scoffed at the older Tellarite and turned to walk off, the Pears were calling.
  2. Hello everyone! My name is John, I hail from the Great State of Texas. I came across the site for the Federation News Service one day and that led me here so I am going to give this a try. I have been a Trek fan all my life, starting with TNG and through to the rest, I am an experienced roleplayer, though I haven't done anything Trek before so we'll try to adapt to this style for it. I decided to make a Tellarite character because I didn't come across any others in the community, so I will try my best to make him argumentive and somewhat stuck up, don't take it personally.
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